Good News

GOA: Gun Facilities & Personnel Are “Essential”

CSIS Letter

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    And the drumpf admin’s designation will translate into jack and shit, at the (DPR) local level.

  2. Bitching, whining, denying, pissing, moaning, demeaning, criticizing, castigating, writhing, gnashing of teeth and rending of garments by the usual and varied assortment of one note fanatics commencing in…
    2, 3, 4….

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Aren’t you the gunmaker?
      Friend of mine found this a few weeks ago, sent it to me. I built it back in Dec ’94. Was surprised to see one show up on the auction block.

      • Sig, that is a very fine piece of work. I’ve never made a flintlock or other historical replica. I’m basically a gunsmith, but I have built several Classic American hunting rifles on Mauser military and commercial actions with fine walnut and metal work, closely inlet, finely hand finished. Wish I could share some pics but I’ve been derelict in documenting my work. I’ll see if I can figure this out… I probably could email something to you if you would allow. Send through Pete if agreeable. I know how to do that and I could use my phone for pics and transmission.

        Again, that is a fine rifle. Good work.

        • SemperFi, 0321

          Yeah, I’m fine with sharing emails.
          I spent decades making around 100+ muzzle loaders and a couple dozen hunting/safari rifles too. My .416 Taylor is built on a gorgeous 1909 Mauser Argentine action, they were built like a Rolex.

          • 1909 Argentine, my first full on custom hunting rifle, 338 Win Mag…and still one of my best. Weeks of painstaking work. The guy it was bullt for fell on marital troubles and skipped.After giving him two years to answer me, pick out the wood, all else but the bluing having been done, I traded for a nice piece of fiddle back Mo. walnut and finished it to fit me. Still have it. It’s as beautiful in its way as your Colonial flinter, if not quite so elegant of form. Few guns have ever been made more graceful than those are.

            Look forward to hearing from you.


      • That’s a nice rifle Brother…

    • in other words

      the ones who are focused


    • Berglander



    However, without fail, still nothing is forthcoming from drumpf regarding this:
    “Rhode Island police began stopping cars with New York plates Friday. On Saturday, the National Guard will help them conduct house-to-house searches to find people who traveled from New York…”

    • My Bet is on these “Checkpoint Charlie” ops being the Trigger for the real Chaos to start. With the ‘cover’ of ‘quarantine’ the (p)Orcs damn for sure will begin arresting people for having Guns or Hoarding Buttwipe, and every other ‘violation’ of their ‘code’.
      I Wonder if any of these oathbreaking .Mil types know how a ‘Checkpoint’ is also a ‘Reverse Ambush’… they”ll soon find out.

      • Vermillion

        Gry, Correct. The govt institutes controls, for our safety, under the guise of pandemics, national emergencies, tornadoes, hurricanes habitual bed wetters et al in order to protect ” WE the PEOPLE”. They keep doing this incrementally without push back and exception by the PEOPLE. There is not a peep to make a difference. Ergo, the govt now sees this as tacit approval by the People. If WE allow the govt to decide what is best for US, regardless of the so called disasters, well then WE give up our freedom……forever. WE will always be one disaster away from the FEMA gulags and a plea to the feds for help. A thousand years of darkness. Once implemented, never gone away.

  4. maybe GOA(t) should also thank MangoMan for

    authorizing Red Flag gun grab murders in his last budget bill.

  5. Big fucking deal…… did the orange man put it? i like that…take the guns first,due process second? i think trump blurts out his real thoughts first. doesn’t strike me as a deliberate thinker. good at playing the crowd. fuck em all. throws us a bone now, but will ratfuck us later. thanks GOA, but i will pass. thank God the NRA is back in the fight in Kali now too! we got em all on the ropes boys!

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. Tim McCann

    I belong to two ranges here in Hampton Roads. I received letters from both that Governor Northam had declared indoor ranges as “entertainment” and ordered them closed.

  8. It’s a no brainer. No need to grovel over it or doubt. We have been @ a War within since 9/11.

  9. Read all this CISA Memo BS. What the hell is NOT “essential critical infrastructure?” THAT ship sailed to be manufactured by The Chinaman.

    Other than bullshit ops, like pooch parlors giving Fifi the poodle a latest coif from Paris–America–get your asses back to work.

    Hey! Critical jobs? Yup–how’s about typical UNION PRICE GOUGING? No N95 face masks to be had at any (prior) price of $1.20, yet. all of a sudden, the SEIU Union “finds” 39,000,000 N95 masks, which they will “let go” for $5.00 per, crying “we have no skin in this game.”

    Hold your horses (and noses) , mebbe they will “find” 39,000,000 lost votes come this November. just sayin’…

  10. Arpad Deli

    Hi Shooter,
    ‘Just caught over at Brock’s Place!!!!!

  11. They should have locked down NYC two weeks ago. Rats leaving a sinking ship, infecting and infesting their neighbors.

    • They should have NUKED NYC two weeks ago. Rats leaving a sinking ship, infecting and infesting their neighbors.


  12. Even a broken clock is right twice a day

  13. Two thoughts;
    1. The list is only a recommendation as stated on page one of the letter.
    2. After reading the list, is there ANYONE whose job is not ESSENTIAL?????

  14. Vernichtungsschlacht

    I’m not a slave so official decrees are about as worthless as tits on a boar hog.
    All that shit is out the window as it is Law of the Jungle time.
    The time of the hot seasoning has gone live. Plan accordingly.

    • CA Warrior

      My associates and I are in agreement that this charade will never make it to Apr 30.

      Either: .gov says things went from bad to much worse and they now have declare medical martial law,


      People who are paying attention figure out .gov s real game and initiate a premptive strike.

      Weather is warming here in CA. Outdoor activities will commence soon. Working on contingency plans with friends and neighbors for either occurrence. God help us all.