Open Thread 0925E 29MAR2020

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Insty: Checkpoints set up along Florida-Alabama border to keep COVID-19 from spreading in the sunshine state

Armed vigilantes in Maine chop down tree, block driveway to force neighbor to self-quarantine amid coronavirus pandemic

700 NJ State Police Test Positive For WuFlu

1st Wall Street WuFlu Adieu: Jefferies CFO Cashes Out Bigly

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  1. robroysimmons

    Anyone doing anything positive today or is it going to be the usual cranks doing the usual?

    I’m thinking range time, in my free(er) state I can still “legally” go to my range that I pay good dollar for.

    • we are. wifes gonna get some time in with her glock 43. then i’m a gonna have her spot for me whilst i recheck 300, 500 and 800 yd dope on the 270. no doomin and gloomin shit here.

      • Snowed a half-foot or so of basically slush. Power was intermittent overnight, went completely out around 10 AM.

        Nice test-run for when it goes completely off-line.

    • Cast a 20lb pot into #4 buck, 7/8 oz 12 gauge slugs and .575 round balls for 20 gauge last night

      I ran my supply of shot dry last week using my newly bought roll crimpers. Dammit, I wish I had learned about those fifteen years ago, they’re a freakin breeze compared to fold crimps. Not to mention you can just trim the end off of a dove load and then add buck/ ball.

      So yeah, trying to stay productive. Good luck guys.

    • Berglander

      I got out into the woods for a four-hour hike/land nav/creep. Checked out a new rig I put together too. Some dudes are building a cabin in a spot that they must have walked into; the main road still has the gate closed and I couldn’t see any vics.
      Amazing how many problems become insignificant when you play in the forest for a while.

  2. ghostsniper

    As usual, the US out does the rest of the world.
    Is there anything in this country worth saving?
    Maybe a 50% reduction in assholes would be a decent reset.

  3. Quiet morning at our cabin. Yesterday had much activity on the lake. Lots of folks out on docks, getting back to some sense of normal. Adjacent county ORDERED LOCKDOWN. People doing what they can to try and slow the spread, but still making runs to get groceries. Stocked up a liquor store before the free government money hits mailboxes or inboxes or however the hell it goes to people.

    Pollen is a bitch right now and trees are starting to flush out. Sore throats from normal allergies have lots of people worried.

    I will go into work tomorrow morning, despite the LOCKDOWN. If employees are worried, we can set them up to work from home.

    No school, keeping kids away from other kids, keeping a structured weekday for them with online learning. It is as good as it can be, but certainly not ideal.

    About to start Mass online, and will pray for my family, our country and the faithful decent men and women here.

    • Seamrog, curfew from 9pm to 5am in Georgia? What about them coon hunters? Run, Pete, run!

      • No one is paying attention really. I needed a sheet of plywood and ran to home cheapo. Parking lot was packed, people everywhere. People out everywhere doing ‘stuff.’

        I rolled right out of here. My little project can wait a couple of weeks.

    • Went paddleboarding yesterday. 100+ trucks/boattrailers in ramp lot at the lake. So much for 3+ gathering prohib. Yeesh.

  4. One more tidbit for folks who planned to have bug out locations at second homes:

    From the AJC:

    “Fannin County is one of many that made an emergency declaration this week amid the coronavirus pandemic.

    County sheriff’s officials are now clarifying that this means people from Atlanta with cabins in the area cannot go to their cabins at this time. The Fannin Sheriff’s Administration posted this on Facebook Thursday:

    “I have received multiple inquiries wanting to know if people from Atlanta can come to their cabins. The answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT!! Atlanta is under a “Shelter in Place” order. Our ordinance specifically prohibits this.”

    According to the ordinance, a curfew is imposed from 9:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. effective 9:00 p.m. March 26, 2020. Residents, unless “exempt individuals” should stay in their homes or on their property during the curfew period.

    Additionally, no person who is a resident of a state, county or city subject to a stay-at-home order or stay-at-home restriction and who is not currently physically present in Blue Ridge, Georgia is allowed to enter the city limits.

    Violation of any term of the ordinance is punishable by a civil fine of $1,000 per violation.”

    • Charley Waite

      “I have received multiple inquiries wanting to know if people from Atlanta can come to their cabins. The answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT!! Atlanta is under a “Shelter in Place” order. Our ordinance specifically prohibits this.”

      Who the Hell is asking permission????????

      • Ya sounds like BS . Unless he received inquiries from locals trying to block outsiders. Mass insanity is what is spreading not the virus.

      • “Who the Hell is asking permission????????”

        Very likely no one. Truth or honor are traits not typically found in despotism. I think either way, it demonstrates that when it (being whatever) hits the fan for real, outsiders will not be welcome.

        Either leave sooner before the barricades go up, or be prepared to shoot your way in.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      And how many normies will ever figure it out? The gov’t doesn’t have your best interests at heart, nor the authority to deny you travel.

      During the Cuban missile crisis we were living in Van Nuys, my folks had the camper van stocked up and ready to flee to my uncle’s in Mammoth Lakes. They found out later the plan was to lock L.A. down, close all roads in and out of the city. (gov’t must have been worried about unauthorized traffic jams during a nuclear blast)
      During the cold war this nation didn’t even have 10% of the civil defense shelters it needed for it’s citizens, those air raid signs we used to see as kids were a sham. They had no intention of protecting us, while the gov’t dug massive shelters for themselves, like the Greenbriar Hotel.
      It’s a big club, and we ain’t in it.

      • even funnier is the damn morons aren’t drawing a paycheck while their masters are getting 100% of theirs

        HA HA

        tfA-t truly will rule the world

        he’s simply smarter than most…

        • SemperFi, 0321

          Not to give you all the credit, but that’s not too hard to do. The masses might possibly be dumber than sheep even.
          When you look at today’s voters, even a sheep will leave the herd when being abused. Humans get pulled in with bonus checks and false promises.

          • tfA-t is still wondering just how far that GINORMOUS check for $1,200. jewbux is going to go towards supporting payments, food, and fuel past say- a week or two?

            easily the 8th wonder of the world

    • And just what are those “elite” going to do when they stop you and you shoot their ass?

      Yup, thought so.

      • no Premature Kinetics. This

        is not the collapse we are waiting for; that’ll

        be when the Jewbuck dies. Which

        is a lot closer now than it was a few weeks ago.

  5. National Status: Frisky!. Dammit, spit coffee up again. Good one Pete.


  6. Five by five.

  7. aConsensualist

    “The mind is man”s basic means of survival”

  8. Gif for the cause, coming your way by email.

  9. Adolf Swearengen

    Enemedia queefs are still prattling while showing some foreigner doctors who have white coats and cunty fresh ideas of how they are going to solve this man made crisis.
    Thanks zipper heads and it’s a good thing that our external enemies are such feckless queefgoblins because this country is like a great big pussy just waiting to get fucked.

    • “Flu Manchu”, I believe is more apropos, or “Flu Man-Choo”, for that matter.

  10. Two weeks without beer. This means war! Bakers Square was closed today. Couldn’t get my cherry pie. Didn’t have my Warrant. Somebody post it.

  11. Frisky indeed. Lifted (arms). Morning session was good nice pump and pain. Squats this afternoon. No reason to not be doing two a days atm.

    Continuing resilience planning continues.

    Fuck bob dylan btw. Qtards are waiting for the rapture and apparently this dirtbag is one of their signals. Hope is not a strategy (although I would argue it’s essential for survival) and for these folks it’s unfortunately a form of crack.

  12. i shoot at my own private range nearly daily- soon as the snow melts i’ll be running my rugged terrain tactical course

    no neighbors and lots and lots of heavily wooded acreage surrounding the place

    must sound like a training area for those around- i bet the canadians freak out…

  13. Check this wacky lady out…

    Wait for it… 🙂

  14. Anybody here in or near Phenix Az?. Been told by a friend their that heavey military equipment movement via the railroad. Mostly EB, long, multiple trains day and night.

    can anybody confirm this, I’m not sure where the main railroad tracks are EB, anybody along those routes have any info regarding movement?


    • son in law is a marine. they are getting out of the tanks armor business. tanks are all being sent back to the army. its almost like we are planning to fail.


      Large rail shipments of “heavy military equipment” is, (and has been) ongoing and normal INCONUS, well before you first mounted a sparkling tin-foil hat.

  15. Just reminising about what was happening prior to the issue. Just wonder if the same call to disarm, coming from the same political mob, had ever happen before? Yada yada. Wondering too about real rebellion breaking out over the charade. Yes, have to wonder about a bio weapon with an extended cycle, but also wonder if there’s a “LSD” effect with it too? Wondering about whether the degrees and certifications journalists depend on require much more than the remedial math modules in order to get their holier than thou degrees? Have to wonder though about the initial estimates, that seriously wreaked havoc on the models, coming from the same group who at least wanted to disarm us over climate change by the way. If only they could get rid of those guns you know – because they must be so unsanitary or something? Made you forget all about Northham’s ham handedness just prior didn’t it. There is a big effort to destroy capitalism – and they might have succeeded. Climate change was getting too well understood as a communist ploy and now, we’ll see how much we’ve given up over this fear mongering. When I last looked, around 80,000 or so across the world have died so far -just before noon today- for what-ever reason….INCLUDING STARVATION. Watch yourselves! Go play poker!

  16. Dirk, read that the Marines are downsizing their armor units. Plus, there is the usual training nation wide. So they ship their equipment.

  17. Walter Sobchak

    I’ve been more productive since the Kung Flu lockdown. Working in lots of extra PT mostly. My usual range is still open, at least supposedly, according to the website. It’s a 45 minute journey and I think I’m going to pass on the trip this weekend. I’d hate to drive all that way and find out they’re closed. So instead Time for another ruck with this crazy wild Dingo I adopted. Also working on comms quite a bit, and actually practicing with that equipment. Around here 146.52 is really active and popular. The local philosophy is we all talk on 52 so out of town folks will be sure to hear that other amateur operators are out there, give them someone to talk to. It’s giving people under quarantine others to talk to, and I think that’s a good service at this time.

  18. The decoupling of physical metals and the Jew paper swindle is becoming known to the goyim.

  19. Bonaventure

    • that account is saying drumpf is prepping for war

      which i wouldn’t doubt

      corona is a scam

      thinking the chins have SunTzu’d the murkins and are ready to launch missiles

      i’d attack murka if i were them- they can lose more than we can and still invade afterwards- somethings up and it ain’t corona

      just spitballin

      • missiles unlikely for the time being. A more likely move, little bit down the pike, will be Russia/China shedding their remaining Jewbucks and T-bills, then backing their own currencies with gold….of which they have a lot and ‘Murka doesn’t anymore: all or most of our supposed 8,000 tons, sometime during the (((Greenspan-Bernanke))) regime at the Rothschi-, ‘scuse me “Fed” – made aliyah to a small country at the eastern end of the Med. That would precipitate a global flight from the dollar and, w/in days, hyperinflationary collapse in the Jew-SA. THat’ll be sporky-time allright.

        • SemperFi, 0321

          The masses here don’t have a clue how bad the gold situation is for the US, I heard they sent it out during the Nixon era from Ft. Knox to Belgium to be sent out from there to it’s respective new (((owners))).
          We don’t have any gold of our own and the Russians/Chinese have been hoarding for years, hence the FedRes lying and cooking the books (and trying to steal from smaller nations storing their gold in the US). The US has no gold to back up it’s failing banking system, having been robbed blind by the owners of the (((FederalReserveBank))). HaHaHa
          It’s too crazy to even describe.

  20. before he exited, perhaps Jeffries coughed on Messrs.

    (((Handler)) and (((Friedman))). One

    can hope, anyway. Yesterday, in the same vein, the Finance Minister of one of the German States (Hesse, I think) was found mangled and dead on a RR track.

  21. Thanks, didn’t ask if the train movement was specifically tanks, that would make sense.


  22. Coronavirus Caused By 5G?

  23. there’s only 1 thing that’s more fake than coronascam- the ridiculous idea of some imaginary god

    where is your retarded god now?

    show your face god- CRICKETS


    tfA-t will RULE over all because…

    it’s too easy

  24. Berglander

    Where’s my $1200? I’ve got bitches, beer, and blow to pay for.


    A man in Maryland was arrested after police say he refused to shut down a party with 60 guests despite restrictions due to coronavirus:

    …..and as NYC Mayor de Blasio battles allegations in the press that he botched the city’s coronavirus response by dithering too much on critical decisions like closing schools, the mayor decided to crack down on Sunday and empowered cops to issue major fines for those caught violating ‘shelter in place’ orders.

    Now he’s reportedly OK’d fines of up to $500 for New Yorkers caught violating social distancing orders:

  26. Still a hoax.

  27. NorthGunner

    All quiet on the extreme Western Arizona front (85344)

    Went into town earlier as I needed to replace my work shoes
    (having to work an extra shift today – 1800hrs to 0600hrs).

    Got to Wally-world; saw that about 2% of folks there were
    either masked up/wearing gloves or both. Still very low
    or out of:
    TP, handsanitizer, alcohol (not drinkable), anti-bac soap,
    canned meats (just a few tins of Spam(((TM))) on the
    shelf along with some Vienna Sausages.

    Found the shoes, picked up a few sundries (got a package of
    double chip choc chip cookies..milk at home was lonely,lol).
    Drove over to my fav sandwich shop (NOT Subway(((TM)));
    they were open (take-out only), ordered a double pastrami
    and provalone sandwich with a fresh baked desert to go for
    later. Thanked them for staying open. Other ‘fast food’ places
    are also currently ‘take-out only’..did the 2 for $6 on some Whoppers
    and then headed home (very light traffic both coming and going).

    BlueWater Casino is still closed for the duration, most of the
    snowbirds have left the town/area (few remaining..mostly hanging
    out in the Wally-world parking lot)…folks working the indian casino
    have been told that they WILL continue to be paid during the

    Looking forward to getting the order of Lake City .308; should be
    coming in this week, then have to throw them on strippers (can
    do a count to see if the amount shipped = the amount purchased).

    That’s all for now; weather is perfect for shooting, going motorcycling.
    Listening to TFM’s latest podcast from yesterday…always interesting
    and entertaining.

    The TFM Show: 3/28/2020

    Signing off for now, gotta get ready to go…got to get
    that overtime!

    Stay well and keep prepping and training, wherever you are.

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense

    • “Got to Wally-world; saw that about 2% of folks there were
      either masked up/wearing gloves or both. Still very low
      or out of:
      TP, handsanitizer, alcohol (not drinkable), anti-bac soap,
      canned meats (just a few tins of Spam(((TM))) on the
      shelf along with some Vienna Sausages.”

      and how is this NOT a complete and utter failure of drumpfs murkin leadership?

      bet that fat fuckbutter licker has asswipe and soap…

      and his whore is laughing even louder as she wipes her crack with 24 kt gold foil

      how can the murkins continue to look at themselves in the mirror?

      tfA-t ponders what’s it’s like to be so cowardly and loathsome as to suffer deprivations of such basic needs as the peoples elected officials enjoy the simplest and most extreme luxuries?

      tfA-t would never allow this to happen during his rule

      • NorthGunner

        Nope, just goes to show one how the sheepule are still being directed by the enemedia..herded to and fro…

        Dumb panicky animals indeed….

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • Chuckwalla

      Lake Havasu, Parker?

      • NorthGunner

        Definitely not the thriving metropolis of Earp or Ehrenburg, lol.

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  28. A Fistful Of Dollars

    Capitalism tries for a delicate balance: It attempts to work things out so that everyone gets just enough stuff to keep them from getting violent and trying to take other people’s stuff.

    — George Carlin

  29. Anyone care to explain the run on hydrogen peroxide? I know a fair amount of topical medical uses for the chemical. But I cannot for the life of me figure anyway that this can be useful for a treatment for CoVid. As a disinfectant boiling water is just as good.

  30. Solo Acoustician

    The Virus may turn out to be bad but there’s NO NUMBER that can justify the Government’s actions with bankrupting all small businesses and people and taking down our economy. There would have to be 50 Million dead for the Govt to get away with this. We are are at the beginning of what will ultimately unfold into this government coming down and this country splitting apart permanently over the actions of this government. You can’t take everything from just about everyone that they have worked for their entire lives, hyper-inflate our currency and expect no repercussions.

    After this I fear the Government in a effort to save their own asses primarily, will take us to war with china with devastating and advanced weaponry no one knew we had. They know they fucked this whole Virus thing up and then bailed out all the banks and corporations while bankrupting every small business and most citizens. Bullets will flly and heads will explode when the shock of the Covid deaths starts to subside, RIGHT to war we will go and it will be a world war. British, Us and their subsidiaries. China will be crushed and we will take heavy losses. Our country in its current form will not survive. Sit back and watch because we ARE in a 4th Turning right now.

    • “We are are at the beginning of what will ultimately unfold into this government coming down and this country splitting apart permanently over the actions of this government.”


      this turd was hired to manage the bankruptcy of Fusa and bring it into the NWO

      this concludes today’s lesson of reality

    • SemperFi, 0321

      For every one of us that’s awake, there are 9 normies who still follow the gov’t/media brainwashing.
      Tried to explain to my little sister 2 nights ago what’s happening right now, the phone got silent on her end, she was getting very irritated with me since I’m crazy and she’s the ultimate normy, listens to Faux news 24/7. She’ll be the first one to line up for her WuFlu shot and her bailout check.
      We keep expecting the masses to rise up and do the right thing, we’re the dumb ones for expecting reason from these folks.
      Shame on us.
      The Fed wins again.


    After $25 Million Bailout, Kennedy Center Pulls a Fast One:

  32. Lockdown Guidelines Extended to April 30th:

    Put the bong down, and stop shooting up hopeium.

  33. After two months of zerohedge fear porn and endorsing rock-solid prognostications of Millions of dead littering the streets by Dr. Aesop, this website, its admin and 90% of it’s commentariat have beclowned themselves.

    I’m sure the guardsmen, police, and actual military (not medics) who are going to knock on doors to ensure quarantines and “social distancing” are shitting their pants at your talk of glocks and range time and training and pt, and ‘resets’.

    Your time came and went and you quivered in fear of the flu and voluntarily sheltered in place.


    • you’re a punk

      i’m thinking the losers you speak of are more spooked than you give them credit for

      i sure as fuck wouldn’t want to go door to door anything..

      great way to get killed for a paycheck


      and fuck thier kids- get rid of ’em..