A Fresh Perspective On The WuFlu Numbers

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And yet…


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  1. Velocity is the first derivative of confirmed cases. Confirmed cases are much more a function of testing than the actual number of infected, a bogus number, so it’s a poor predictor of outcome. Otherwise, we could not test anyone, we wouldn’t have any confirmed cases, and there would be no fatalities. The US tried that in January and February. We’re currently seeing the result of that strategy of undetected community spread. Watch the trend of fatalities if you want the real data. Fatalities spike 14-21 days after an effective quarantine is in place. We’ve already seen that in other countries. We’re in for a world of hurt, particularly in big cities.

    BTW – I just made a meme. Under the CDC logo that has “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention”, I added a large bold subtitle: “You had ONE job.”

    • send that meme along, svp

    • You just nailed it, chief. Full marks: 10/10.

      As a bonus, it’s the velocity of testing, and places that have run out of tests (e.g. L.A. County) have taken their foot off the gas pedal. They’re simply not looking now, like the CDC wasn’t looking for the first two months of this year. How’d that work out for ya?

      Look at the death numbers, in light of Fauci and POTUS both telling you 100K-200K dead, with us at 2500 now, and tell me you’re not still just in the first inning here.

      If it only doubles every week, that takes this for another 5-6 weeks, which is mid-May. Whenever deaths start to taper off, and we’re testing, but new cases drop, then you can start to celebrate.
      If that doesn’t happen by mid-May, stand the fuck by.

      New York is bad now.
      Detroit, Chicongo, New Orleans, and Atlanta are on deck, saying “Hold my beer”. Dallas, Houston, and SLC are warming up after that.

      • Haxo is celebrating now: more

        dead urban boomers, Jews, shitskins, other invasives

        is excellent. Love ‘ya,

        Corona-chan. Just today I came up on a fat suburban boomer couple walking down (and blocking) both lanes of my bike path; husband about 6’ tall/4 ‘ wide, wife about 5′ tall/4’ wide. Executed a fast, violent S-turn between the 2 lardasses, thus enforcing the current separation rule. I could hear the cries of dismay from a block away.


    From Drudge:
    Armed ‘vigilantes’ on Maine island ‘cut down a tree and use it as a roadblock to quarantine’ three men from New Jersey


  3. reported case counts yesterday are LOWER than the day before. If this trend continues, that would be good. Too soon to celebrate but worth keeping an eye on.

  4. There are no solid numbers, period. I don’t trust anything except reports from trusted, vetted sources. This thing has been gigged from the get go in regard to the numbers (don’t interpret me as a flubrah as I’m not). With regard to the numbers though, it’s been clear since China that numbers would be fuzzy if not false. So all these pretty graphs are fudged depending on who’s adding in the sticks of butter. Watch what they do not what they say. They have slaughtered their beloved golden calf, der stawk markets. They have started to work with each other despite being from differing somali pirate gangs. They are openly complimenting each other. This is not normal behavior for these psychopaths.

    BTW you can make a graph say a lot of different things just by tweaking it’s visual elements nevermind fucking with the actual data (which is clearly taking place). If you don’t test at all, then you test a lot, then maybe skip a day or two….well you get the picture. Now qui bono? Shit that list is long right now: POTUS, his frenemies (the demoncraps and repubes), the illusion of ROL etc, drug companies, oil companies, banks.

    Personally I believe that the mitigation measures we put in place will work. They probably are working. Deceleration is likely occurring. That said I have first hand reports that this shit is slippery and cliff like. If you have any co morbidities (including IQ) you are out the door bad. Drowning sucks. Drowning in your own lungs?

    Who’s ready to go back to the 1800’s? Cause if this shit keeps up that’s where we’re heading. The Sauds and Russians twisted the noose a bit tighter. Brent oil is down over 2 bux almost 9 percent. This bullshit paper market may not handle two plus weeks added to the score. Now scuse me i need to go dry fire.


  5. Captain’s Journal had a similar chart yesterday. Site seems to be down now, but he’s not the only one saying this, as this post shows.

    It didn’t have that sharp downturn, but it showed a much slower rate of infection. Media won’t talk about any of that , and Trump won’t either for fear they will bludgeon him over the head with if it does not work out exactly how he said it may or may not work.

    Have hope, keep your distance, wash your hands often, don’t touch your face, and get back to work.

  6. NorthGunner

    “Aesop on March 26, 2020 at 14:41

    Much like 9/11.
    Instead of simply identifying the countries that wished us ill, and announcing a 24/7/365 carpet bombing campaign of all of them, until the rubble bounced, and they were suitable for re-introduction of buffalo and endangered species, to start over from scratch, which only would have had people lining up around the block to build the bombs for that, we went the route of the Constitution-shredding Patriot Act, the DHS, and the FISA court charade.

    If government was serious, they would have destroyed terrorists’ right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, not that of you and me.”

    Don’t tell me that you ACTUALLY believed the “9/11 Report” and the rest of the government owned (read Bankster owned) horseshit that was ginned up faster than a syphlititic whore putting on foundation to pass muster at the brothel in bad lighting?!?…

    If you did and still do, you absolutely need to watch the free documentary on YouTube by Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

    As for “government”, as a fellow adult you should already know that such a grouping of narcissistic sociopathic parasites have NEVER “had our best interests at heart”. To them, we’re just “groceries on the shelf to be used/consumed” as they desire (mostly as tax cattle and cannon-fodder).

    To belive anything else about “government” puts one on the level of a Downs Syndrome idiot.

    You’re smarter than that, I know it and you know it.

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • NorthGunner

      Here’s the link to the AE911Truth Documentary:

      9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out (Free 1-hour version) AE911Truth.org

      Time to face the evidence and facts. “Government” withheld information
      and outright lied about what really happened to the World Trade Center

      And “Government” wants everyone else to trust and believe
      it when it talks about a ‘pandemic’ (yet it took no such action
      in 2008/9 during the mexican swine flu).?

      Not just no, but HELL NO!!

      “Government IS the disease – covid-19 is just the convenient excuse!!”

      “Government” and everyone involved with this hoax, and that includes
      the completely feckless cdc and who can go drop their drawers and
      immediately attempt to impregnate themselves on the nearest cholla

      They can ALL “Eat Shit And Die!!!”

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • And what did any of us do ? not a GD thing. Business as usual.
        When I see armed legion of Patriots swarm DC…..then we have a chance.
        Otherwise I have no faith in “mah fellow ‘mericans”….all talk….no walk.

        Seriously? I don’t have the balls or logistical support to lone-wolf this.
        Besides I’m not a young man any more and I would need a kitchen pass.

    • The best use of the 9/11 Report is as a TP substitute, or leveling a broken table leg.

  7. I created my own super simple data analysis plan for the coronavirus, based on watching the data at the John Hopkins web site.

    By close-of-business on 3/20 we had just his 10,000 dead world wide. I remarked that if the 4 to 5 day exponential doubling rate was true we would be at 20,000 dead on 3/25. Sure enough we crossed the 20,000 dead milestone on that day. Five days from 3/25 is today, and I said “OK, we’re not flattening the (exponential) curve if we hit 40,000 dead on 3/30. As of this morning the Johns Hopkins sight shows 35,114 – ;it seems likely we’ll get very close or pass 40K in the next eight hours or so.

    What I like about this metric is that it isn’t impacted by various test strategies or problems.

    All numbers are worldwide. Next Milestone: double to 80,000 dead in the next 5 day period, so ending Saturday 4th of April at the end of day. There are five additional doubling periods in April. So, if that stays on the path it’s on those would go: 160K, 320K, 640K, 1.2M, 2.4M.

    I’m sure hoping that the social distancing and quarantine stuff works, or other mechanisms slow the kill-rate of this thing. Otherwise April is going to be a very terrible month.

    • no, it’ll be a very good month. Most of the dead are

      a) geriatrics
      b) urban chaff
      c) both

      Corona-chan is saving FreeFor the trouble of dealing with them later on. Couple days back, fr’instance, she nailed a 63-year-old NY Jew (((Guggenheim))) museum curator who wrote books about “White Privilage”.

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