Aesop: Report From The Western Front

You aren’t going to like it.

Plan accordingly.

Hang tough.

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  1. Ohio NG here now feeding more than “students” in Eastern part of state at the local abandoned High School in Mahoning County.

    Also, even having the OH NG “take over” local food banks and pantries is creating problems: i.e. Uncle Sammie’s USDA ORDERS that red tape be filled out FIRST by these previous effective and generous food banks before the first can of beans is distributed!

    Is there NOTHING that FED GOV does without fooking things up?

  2. Bonaventure

    O’Keefe/Project Veritas confirms what the National Guard all know: “It’s just the flu.”

    If anything, it confirms what the NG is being told by management.

    • Bonehead FTW.

      Most sane people would get tired of running face-first into a brick wall after a week or two.
      Mad propz for not being that kind of quitter.

      • @AesopI respect your job and dedication and I normally don’t give people shit on here. Basically conduct myself as if I was face to face, but really you are a fucking joke. There is a tidal wave of evidence (which you refuse to acknowledge) showing this is a fucking joke.
        The PCR test is a joke and the increased testing and positive tests yield a lower percentage of fatalities which is an inbuilt incentive for the Political,Medical, and Media cartel to glom onto anything remotely close as ‘coronavirus”
        No refutations – just unfunny memes. The ship in NY is for ‘overflow’ ordinary patients from the hospitals which are waiting breathlessly for the ‘surge’.
        I won’t bother citing your many other flop predictions.
        The virus is the least of our worries. Our ancient enemies will use this to push prison planet measures that would make Orwell and Huxley blush and blame it for the greatest financial swindle/depression in history.
        Good luck and if it isn’t too much trouble explain all the videos(or one) of hospitals with normal activity.

        • have 2 cousins living in Brooklyn. They don’t have it; they don’t know anyone who has it; the local ER is as per usual.

          • and Denninger today pins the tail on aESoP again:

   aESoP!! You and all the other

            health care workers ARE THE PRIME VECTOR!!


            when…will you apologize to the world?

            and to the lovely Corona-chan??

            • Denninger has a giant gaping head-up-the-ass hard-on for health care, which he frequently opines on, but about which he knows or understands functionally Jack and Shit.
              You two probably have a lot in common in that regard.

        • from my extensive research- DITTO

        • Gotcha.
          So…which of the (currently) 932 people reported as dead from this in NYC didn’t die? Show your work.

          There are 62 hospitals in NYC. More in one city than in any one of 20 entire U.S. states. And they found some that aren’t getting their ass kicked? Color me shocked. Not. That just means the ones that are, are getting more than their fair share of the load.

          500 planes didn’t crash into the WTC on 9/11.
          Ask the 2600 people dead at the WTC (or their surviving nexts-of-kin) if they care more about that number, or the 2 that did.

          This is level of math you’re doing.

          Some 16,000,000 men were serving in U.S. uniforms in WWII. Telling someone WWII is a hoax because 15,600,000 of them didn’t die in combat is the height of delusional bullshitting, but that’s exactly what you’re attempting here.

          Let’s break it down for you another way.
          Annual flu kills 20K, give or take, in the entire U.S. In a bad year, 50K.
          NYFC’s fair share of that (5.6%, based on their population as a percentage of the entire country’s population), in an entire year, would be 1129 dead, and 2823, respectively.

          They’ve had almost as many dead as the low end number there from Kung Flu in one month FFS. At the rate they’re going, they’ll hit the upper number in another month, two at most, less than another month at worst, unless this ever starts to peak.

          Something killing people 6-12 times harder and faster than “just the flu” isn’t a hoax, unless someone is delusionally psychotic and detached from all reality.

          All I’ve got on my side is reality on the ground and math at the 4th grade level.

          All you’ve got going for your narrative is tinfoil horseshit and hokum.

          Hmmm….which to trust; which to trust…?

          • from what i gather, anyone and everyone who dies lately are classified as corona victims. frankly, i’ve never seen anything like it. i’ve read accounts where people have died of 20 year late term cancer and right away- corona virus.. almost like a conspiracy or sumting.. the fact is, the murkins are unhealthy as fuck, and it may well be, their piss poor choice of lifestyle, diet, and circle of friends has finally caught up with them- shit happens to shit heads
            i always say 🙂

            let me know when the Fusan “confirmed” Covid deaths hit 49k

            and i’ll want to see autopsy reports

            and pictures or it didn’t happen

        • Vermillion

          I agree. Aesop makes some good points at times. But responding do different opinions with cartoons, memes, insults and just utter bullshit to make his point versus talking about the numbers and the facts and getting to the point gets boring and predictable. He argues HIS facts as he sees them in his own small universe and projects them out as the gospel truth. Medically conservative real world stupidity. This most respected gentleman, in my opinion, unfortunately suffers from constipation of the brain and diarrhea of the the mouth via keyboard. You are a good man Aesop but try to help instead of dishing out plates of insults with a side order of how great thou art. I guarantee you that your perceived audience are not just lowly sheep waiting for your guidance. Step back and realize WE have to try to pull together regardless of what we think. Stay well sir.

          • Berglander

            People disagree with each other. So what. People attack each other. So what. It’s the internet. Anger doesn’t need to be met with anger. It’s easy enough to say your piece, have some disagree, and counterpoint constructively. Everyone stays happier.
            None of us know how this will play out. Aesop may be right, Aesop may be wrong. He may be partially right and partially wrong. Same goes for the rest of us. Regardless, the world will still turn. We have enough enemies out there without us being at each other’s throats.

            • Look at how many people were feds at Malheur Mess and you will understand why this site is the way it is Brother…

      • Bonaventure

        I count ~15 bags in there.

        Wow. That’s a lot.

        Now consider this, based upon the most recent available data (2017).

        According to the NY-CDC, NYC has ~52,000 annual deaths. That comes to, on average, ~1450 deaths per day. In other words, what is shown in your shocking photo above is about 1% of what NYC loses each day, every day.

        In other words, more shock, less awe, again, from A-Sop.

        • Bonaventure

          Ok… I screwed up. Comes to ~145 per day.

          Point still stands.

          • You’re a genius.
            They lost over 250 yesterday in NYFC, just to Kung Flu.

            Use one of your lifelines to help you figure out which number is greater, the number of people who die every day in NYFC, or the number of people who died from Kung Flu.

            Maybe take you shoes off for some help with the math.
            You must know a fifth grader somewhere who can help you out with this.

            • 250 yesterday in NY – says who? The media that told us we should invade and occupy Iraq based in a lot more believable bullshit than six empty trailers that some friend of DiBlasio got a no bid contract to park there.
              Meanwhile Kuomo is decreeing all kinds of unrelated shit while the State house critters are MIA.

              You can’t or won’t remark on the multitude of videos of hospitals going about their business. Show us one hospital that is ‘getting it’s ass kicked’. I am 2 miles from Elmhurst ( known as the meat market as it covers Northern Queens and handles Rikers Island inmates.) right now and my neighbor works there,’It’s like a ghost town’- her words.

              • ditto again

                i was at a hospital yesterday in St Ignace MI

                ghost town, as i drove thru, there were employees all wearing MOPP 4 and one approached me thinking i needed assistance. we chatted for a moment, he said there are no operations happening and any patients were being moved. the hospital was being converted into an all ICU care facility

                HUH? for who? it’s fucking St Ignace… no one lives there for fucks sake.. it’s a closed down tourist town during winter

                something is really fucked up

            • 250 dead cretins who lived in cardboard boxes curbside and shared dirty underwear and needles isn’t a stretch of the imagination.. seriously, i know i don’t live the typical murkin existence, which, from my POV is pretty fucking shitty and on my rating scale is somewhere between 1 and WTF? i really want to see these victims and what physical condition their bodies were in at point of death. for some reason, murkin film shows bloody gory zombies with heads being blown off, but no actual deceased covid victims.

        • Wow, you’re competing for Fucktard Of The Year now, aren’t you?

          Those are the first 15 bodies, the first day they were set up. Not all the bodies the truck can hold, nor does currently.

          Excuse me, I meant to say “…all the bodies six trucks can hold, at just one hospital.

          Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, man.
          You’ve long since shot off all your toes, and then both feet (while they were in your mouth), and not content with that, you’re seriously going to reload, and start shooting your way up both legs until you get to your own junk?
          Please, have some basic self-respect, and just stop.

          Every time you try another witty riposte, I feel like Deadpool chasing your broken and crippled carcass down across the ice rink with a Zamboni speeding flat out.

          If I didn’t have someone as blisteringly stupid to sell my side as you, I would have needed to invent you. You think you’re a one man Dumbledore’s Army, but you’re just Gilligan. Or his slightly retarded distant cousin. The awful secret is, the best thing you could do for your argument is to get off of your own side of it, go fishing for a couple of weeks, and hope for a miracle. The more you talk on this topic, the deeper the hole you’re in. You should stop immediately, before you dig all the way to Wuhan.

          That shit could kill you.

          • Bonaventure

            Wow, you’re competing for F[]tard Of The Year….

            Well, considering you’re the current and past holder for more than a decade, I can see why you’re scrutinizing the competition.

            But have no fear….. the award is safe in your hands for the foreseeable future.

            • I know you are but what am I?
              Wow, great comeback. Second grade flashbacks are totally selling this for you.

              And the entire basis for your posts is “You can believe me, or your lying eyes…”
              First it was a hoax because it was just China’s problem.
              Then it was a hoax because Italy had it coming.
              Then it was a hoax because America wasn’t seeing much of a thing.
              Now, it’s a hoax because nothing is happening in NYFC.
              And Atlanta, Nawlins, Detroitistan, Chicongo aren’t happening.
              Seattle was nothing. Denver, SLC, Dallas, Houston? Trifles.
              The reports from the Philippines? Imaginary.
              The loss of the entire industries of professional sports, travel, tourism, airline transport, cruise shipping? Whatever.
              250M Americans home for 6 weeks (or more, TBD) no college, no K-12, no damn near anything. Meh.
              The entire auto manufacturing industry halted, and shifting to making ventilators? No big deal.
              Stores stripped to the bare walls in 50 states and seven U.S. territories nearly overnight? Irrational exuberance, and a TP fetish.
              The stock market taking the biggest shit in world history? Pffft.
              Sending both military hospital ships (including pulling one out of programmed dockyard maintenance virtually overnight on an emergency basis) to send them the two largest US metropolii, because they need the help? Happens everyd…, just a stunt.
              Police arresting people for leaving their house?
              The Notional Guard stopping interstate travelers?
              Happens everyday, because of nothing.

              You are the internet version of that stupid bimbo licking a toilet seat, who now has the virus.

              You go, man. ROWYBS.

              Nothing I’ve told you would happen, hasn’t.
              Except how big this gets, and how bad it can become, which was and is open-ended, and affected by how smart (or stupid) everyone is.

              Everything you’ve ignored, has happened.
              You’re not seeing it? Noted.
              That says a lot more about where your head is lodged than it says about reality.

              The entire world is shutting down, and you’re the seven-time winner of the Chip Diller “Remain Calm. All is well!” Award, for six weeks running.
              As if the posse taking your side on this forum, by itself, shouldn’t be a cautionary tale to anyone.

              So keep on ignoring not only the primary cause, but also the second- through five hundredth order follow-on effects, and let us know how psychosis works for dealing with reality.

          • you are one funny mofo

            if nothing else- you’re a great writer 🙂

  3. “I’m from Da Goobermint, and I’m here to help you!”


    From National Guardsman At NY Testing Center Says Media Has Overblown COVID19 Pandemic “It’s the Flu!”

  5. this whole thing is a damn scam

    so it’s an especially virulent flu and kills 2Xs more than normal

    pffft so fucking what?

    these are the people who should die according to nature

    yet modern medicine is determined to keep these types alive

    tfA-t asks WHY?

    a 20 cent bullet or a shot of morphine would solve thousands of problems most riki tik

  6. What in the actual fuck is going on in this country?

    • Grey Ghost

      The intentional busting of the “everything and sovereign debt bubble” economy that the banksters @(((FedRes))) inflated from 2008/9 to 2020. The pin prick for these two massive economic “bubbles” was a virulent bio-engineered flu that is causing a double black swan event (Wu Flu and economic deflation). Leviathan thinks it can throw money and resources at both and fix both. Not gonna happen.

      The only way out is through and what we have on the other side will not be remotely like what we have now both in terms of economy and liberty. Will it go kinetic? Fourth Turnings are almost always violent, and your guess is as good as mine, but I’m ready if that’s what it comes to. The Demonrats are emptying the jails and CA has rightly upped the national status to: FRISKY.

      Grey Ghost

  7. Alfred E. Neuman

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    • So your new argument (still waiting for you to show us that no one in NYFC has died from Kung Flu, BTW) is that because dogs sometimes piss on fire hydrants, because they’re dogs, buildings never catch on fire?

      Work that answer, and tell us how that comes together to make your point.

      It’s one thing to say (accurately) that CNN’s Peter Arnett once lied his ass off about the U.S. using nerve gas in Vietnam.
      But you’ve just jacked that into “Therefore, the Vietnam War never happened either, because CNN was being CNN.”

      This sort of thing is why good teachers want to drink heavily, and the bad ones should want to kill themselves. And/or kill certain parents.

      Back in the day, a good part of the reason for requiring a marriage license was to insure that morons didn’t breed.
      We’re watching, in real time, the fruit of the decisions to do away with that sort of civilizational common sense.

      If that shellfire lands too close to someone’s perimeter, my sincere apologies their parents and cousins. But I repeat myself.

      And some folks still have the gall to complain because I make some of my points using big pictures and simple themes with small words?
      I’m thinking the bigger mistake was not using more crayon drawings, to hit the sweet spot of widest possible reception.

      I’m really past caring whether you believe me or not.
      Suture self. Do whatever gets you through your day.

      But FFS, learn a Life Lesson from Gene Roddenberry:

      Don’t Be A Redshirt. It never ends well.