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From Chris Muir.

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  1. like the boobies on the right

  2. federal license to transport gun and ammo

    cannot buy ammo for another person, like your wife or brother

    poor won’t be able to afford the license

    background check reform: outlaw private sales

    can’t gift your guns without paying transfer fee

    7 day waiting period

    minimum age for purchasing firearm and ammo – 21

    you have to securely store your gun – one size fits all

    extend gun free school zones – all schools and everywhere that students go

    red flag gun laws

    silencer ban

    assault weapon ban

    bump stocks ban

    outlawing 80% guns – every gun must have a serial number

    dealer reform- require dealers to use lock metal cabinets and safes and anti theft alarms, security gates, more

    industry reform

    30% tax on guns on top of sales tax

    50% tax on ammo

    gun safety initiatives (anti gun groups)

    can only purchase 1 gun a month

    “You really need to hand it to the Democrats. While the American people are concerned about their health and distracted by the coronavirus, the Democrats proposed the most sweeping anti-gun legislation in American history.”

    “It’s like the old adage, and one Law Enforcement Today has been warning about…when politicians, especially liberal ones are holding something in their left hand, in this case the coronavirus, watch out what they have in their right.”

    -Create a nationwide gun registry

    -Universal background checks

    -Seven day waiting period for gun purchases

    -Ban almost all semi-automatic rifles

    -Institute a federal magazine ban

    -Implement national “Red Flag” gun confiscation

    -Tax guns at 30% and ammunition at 50%

    -Ban people under 21 from exercising their Second Amendment Rights (keep in mind, Pelosi wants to lower the voting age to 16)

    -Ration guns by making it illegal to purchase more than one firearm in a 30-day period

    -Force “Safe Storage” requirements on gun owners

    -Ban home builds

    -Ban suppressors

    -Force FFL’s to spend massive amounts of money to comply with new “security requirements”

    -Expand “Gun Free Zones”

    –Establish a national database of gun owners

    “That is not even the worst of it. FPB reports that HR5717 would require gun owners to obtain a permit from the government to purchase guns and ammo. In addition, in order to obtain this “permit,” gun owners would be required to submit to a live-fire exercise.”

    Now the tricky part. How can one participate in a “live-fire” exercise if that’s a requirement to purchase a gun in the first place? This legislation basically makes it impossible to purchase a gun as a first-time buyer.

    Think about this. The government is certainly not going to provide guns and ammunition for first-time gun buyers. See where this is going?

    The legislation would also repeal the law which excludes product liability for firearm manufacturers when weapons are used in the commission of a crime.

    • NorthGunner

      The globalist jewish bankster class can have their bought
      and paid for “district of criminal” employees legislate and
      enact whatever crapaganda they desire.

      enforcement, on the other hand, is an absolutely
      different matter entirely….

      The only people that WILL comply with any of the
      above bullshit are those who have already decided
      to give into their own fears and ‘caved’ long ago.
      Many of them are Fudd’s…they were unsalvagable
      from the start because they were and are Fudd’s.

      Does the current crop of ‘Mureican’s’ have the base
      testicular fortitude to flip their enforcement orcs and
      orcettes the middle finger in response along with a
      hearty, “FOAD!! feeling froggy? first motherfucker!!”

      Folks have been buying up both ammo and guns like
      there’s no end in sight…it remains to be seen if they
      have the same will to ‘drop the hammer’ as they did
      with ‘dropping the credit card’ on the gunstore counter top
      (if they were smart, they paid cash from a private seller
      with NO paperwork).

      We all will die eventually…it’s what we do before that last
      heartbeat and last breath (often much before) that matters.

      The proper response is: pass whatever bullshit you want –
      let’s see YOU personally try to make it stick!
      Your turn shitweasels!!..feeling froggy?

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • Bonaventure

        • NorthGunner

          Well, bondo, do you and your ‘stay in place it’s a pandemic!’ gf, Spackle have anything to actually rationally add to the current discussion?…..

          I didn’t think so.

          Go take a flying fuck at a rolling donut Tradsimp, especially while you read you Chick comix to yourself.

          NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

          • i don’t think i’ve ever read anything from this guy except his religious drivel

            stupid as a lump of shit

            hope he moves on to someplace that he would fit in better

            i see ‘a follower’ finally left 🙂

            • Bonaventure

              Imagine that.

              Dollbanger and tFat espousing their infinite knowledge and wisdom. They’re both so successful, mind you, that neither of them could choose a proper woman (with the former now preferring the rubberized kind).

              Forget about the two peas in a pod, now we have….

      • It’s already been answered. Parks and beaches closed. Still we do nothing. Obvious Bolshevik final clampdown. Still we do nothing. Won’t even force local (((retards))) to open the fucking park. Pigs enforcing. Any pushback results in loan wolf making kid children fatherless. Paine addressed this problem.

      • “Folks have been buying up both ammo and guns like
        there’s no end in sight…it remains to be seen if they
        have the same will to ‘drop the hammer’ ‘

        i think they will

        as long as someone else who just doesn’t give a fuck anymore leads off…

        they just have to see that Black Flag raised and witness the spectacle of their tormentors laid out on the ground- guts ripped open, bleeding out, and moaning for their mothers 🙂

        that should give the side-liners the shot of needed testosterone to start chasing down the remainder of the orcs and giving them a much deserved taste of BFYTW

        the springs wound, the clocks ticking…

  3. I wonder if the people proposing HR 5717 have ever heard the old axiom, “Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.”

    I know they probably haven’t heard the phrase, “Unintended Consequences.”

    NOBODY could be THAT stupid….oh, wait.

  4. one thing for sure: if it gets to his desk, Jew-stooge Drumpf

    will sign it.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Yup, gun control for everyone, except (((Israel))).
      Brought to you by the dual citizenship politicians of America, and their stooge.
      Yet all the scorn from the 2A crowd is being heaped on the Democrats only. Denial and brainwashing work so well when properly administered.

      • Bonaventure

      • tfA-t’s appalled by the sheepish docile NRA Fudd types and normies

        one only has to observe how they comment on social media (((FB))) always so PC, law abiding, and willing to go along to get along- fucking shit weasels

        they’ll be as easy to knock down as the zombies in the movies…

        somebody’s got to play that part 🙂

        their wymin are finally gonna get to see what cucking cowards they gave their pussys to

        • Don’t forget “I’m not racist, I have a (black/latin/indian/gay-paraplegic-autistic-alcoholic-inuit) friend, but (Nazi-holocaust-gas-chamber-Demonrats-atheist-RetirementFund)!


    • TheAlaskan

      Learn how to spell and use proper punctuation. Then maybe people would take you seriously, but I doubt it.

      The most dangerous liars are those who think they are telling the truth.

      • NorthGunner

        You, are a pussy!
        Now go back to queefing your shitty overpriced Starfucks
        latte, tradcuck mangina boy.

        The adults are talking in the room, go back to your corner.
        WE got this soyboi.

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

        • Bonaventure

          You, are a p*#sy!

          What would you know about that?

          You’ve admitted to preferring rubber dolls.


        • TheAlaskan

          Triggered are we?

          “Now go back to queefing your shitty overpriced Starfucks
          latte, tradcuck mangina boy.”

          Make me.

          There are no Starbucks in the bush. I drink chaga…which I harvest from birch.

          “The adults are talking”


    • you are spot muddaphuccin on Haxo. he’s a flim flam man.

  5. Sometimes politicians will propose a bill that they know will never pass. The purpose is for a fund raising opportunity for both sides, just before an election.

    • NorthGunner

      It’s called “Testing the waters”…very similar also
      to the practice known as “Recon by fire”.

      If one has already long ago decided to live as free
      as they can, then NOTHING the globalist jew bankster
      owned and operated “district of criminals” does or says
      matter…they have never had any more legitimacy than
      a common mugger and no one is obligated to obey or
      bow to their edicts or dictates.

      It really IS that simple.

      On a slightly different note, it’s sad to see that the folks
      at Dillion Precision here in Arizona have bought into the
      current ‘covid-19 Scam-demic’:

      “For the health of our customers and employees, we are closing our retail store to walk-in customers. We are offering parking lot delivery. To purchase from our retail store for pickup, you MUST phone our retail store at 480-948-8009 to place your order. They will enter your order, process your credit card over the phone, and pull your order. Once you arrive, phone the retail store, let them know which vehicle is yours, and we will bring your order to you. This does limit sales to credit card purchases only. This is the best compromise to allow us to continue to provide product to you, and limit accidental exposure to the COVID 19 virus. Thank you for your understanding.”

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • Bonaventure

        • NorthGunner

          It’s obvious that Tourretts is your definite strong (and only) point.

          HMT is coming, and you don’t even have one….

          Not surprising for a Tradsimp and Fudd…

          NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

          • Bonaventure

            Did your rubber doll sweetly whisper that into your ear last night?

            Or are you two fighting again and not talking to one another?

      • i really don’t blame them

        even though it’s just a nasty flu and ‘could’ kill you, it’s not worth risking getting laid up for a week or two..