Point/Counterpoint: The WuFlu, Not SNL, Variety

Bill Bennett: We Need A Second Opinion

Ezekiel “Doctor Death Panels” Emanuel: The US Should Stay Closed Until June [And Pay No Attention To The Impact Of Such A Decision On The Upcoming Election, Where My Party Is Running A Cognitively-Declining Stooge For POTUS]

Helluva long title on that last one.

And in candor, it is not as bad as it could have been.

Especially if you start the process in April.

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  1. Berglander

    Ezekiel Emmanuel Oy veh soap and lampshades.

  2. after reading some of the comments there


    the murkins are deathly afraid to live

    they pretty much all want to finish the job of economic suicide

    unreal- so many cowards

    yes 10s of thousands die of the flu each and every year

    are the people that fucking stupid? is life that fucking precious?

    huh? what? really? try washing your damn hands more than once a week and don’t snuggle up so close to strangers that you suck some scumbags exhaled breath

    i don’t remember shutting down freedom or industry because people died

    it’s a fucking flu that you have a 2 out of 100 chance of dying- and there’s very little you’re going to do about it- eventually you’ll either get it or not- PERIOD

    this is fucking insane

    in MI the AG finally came out and admitted

    No, Michigan police can’t pull you over for driving during the stay home order, AG says


    i had one of those rotten cocksuckers pull behind me yesterday while traveling and just hang there. i was doing the posted limit 75 mph using cruise.. then the fucking cum drinking loser sped off at a VERY high rate of “speeding” ahead of me into the distance- fuck them, i hope his family dies 🙂

  3. Oldtradesman

    I very much look forward to all you Rush Limpdick/Tammypaul cuckservatives and Alice Rosenbaum libercucks putting everything right after the coronavirus expedites your inheritance. Really. I’m gonna consign your 56 year track record of failure to the past, ’cause I have faith in ewes.

  4. @Haxo (from an earlier thread)

    Indeed the Synagogue of Satan does envisage themselves as “the universal hegemon” and they even deify the Judaic male, “defeat God,” etc., but that is how they see themselves, not how God, you, I or, in my opinion, how the Chinese see (((them))).

    I have looked for evidence that the Russians are knowing shabbos goyim and from a continent and ocean away I can still see Putin’s nose up Chabad’s ass (Berel Lazar). If you can make a similar case for the CCP, I am interested.

    I have looked for evidence that the CCP tyrants are knowing shabbos goyim and I find no convincing evidence. In fact, the Chinese (like almost everyone on the planet) have plenty of reason to hold a grudge against the Jews. After all, it was the “Rothschilds of Asia” (the “British” Sassoon opium dealers) who subjugated China for at least a century.

    When the CCP lobbied for inclusion of their yuan in the (((BIS))) SDR’s, i took pause that might be the CCP working to serve the Jews, but decided that it was just the Chinese “asking nicely” before “going their own way” (Shanghai Gold exchange, lots of side deals undercutting the (((dollar))), putting a finger in the eye of the Jews’ military (lasering US satellites, aircraft, etc.).

    If this thread dries up before you can respond, I’ll look for your response in a subsequent thread

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. A good point of view to consider from REASON…….
    If History doesn’t repeat, it sure as shootin’ will rhyme……..

  7. Oh, the guy that wants everyone locked up for Weed has an opinion on the Rona’? Hey Bill, FOAD!

  8. yeah, well, (((Ezekiel Emmanuel))) aside, the shut-down of Main Street by

    (((Wall Street))) and a Jewbuck-owned political class has nothing to do with

    Corona-chan in the first place. It’s a cover for the conclusive economic phase of a genocidal war the Jews are waging against the Whites. Next up:

    cash grab, gun grab, food grab. That’s Y (((they))) are callled


    • This

    • You didn’t happen to notice Bill’s co-author, the other side of The Kosher Sammich, Seth Liebsohn?

      In 2011, he was selected by Rick Santorum as his senior advisor for policy, and served in Santorum’s PAC.[4] He was a vice-president of two of the nation’s premier think tanks, Empower America and the Claremont Institute. His is also a senior editor at American Greatness, a conservative online journal.[5] He was also the former director of policy for the Jewish Policy Center.[6] In 2015, Leibsohn became the chairman of the anti-legalizing marijuana advocacy group, “Arizonans for Responsible Drug Policy”, which opposed the attempt to get a legalizing marijuana referendum on the 2016 ballot.[7] The group was credited as being a primary force in defeating an attempt to make marijuana in Arizona legal in 2016.[8]

      It’s almost like they want to circumcise at tge base, then shove it up your ass.


      It’s like you get to choose between a false pandemic or a false economy, nyet, tovarisch?

    • SemperFi, 0321

      The takeover is almost complete now and the masses embrace their Judeo-Christian relationship, they will enjoy their servitude to the Bank of Israel for many generations to come.
      And they even got their goyim to circumcise themselves.

      • ha!

        they love their copz even more

        i can’t wait to see the looks on the normmies faces when johnny cop fucks their shit up and takes their guns and food.. maybe even gives them a boot up into the cattle cars 🙂

      • World-Wide Stockholm Syndrome

      • Bonaventure

        Quit saying Judeo-Christian; there is no such thing.

        It’s Judeo-Protestant.

        Or, (((Protestants))) for short.

        • Sterious Stuff

          Actually, catholicism is a perversion of biblical Christianity by the talmudics. Claiming that the poop is GOD’s man on earth exemplifies that, along with the demon loyola – a “former” jew as the poop’s enforcer.

          • …and yet the Apostles and Disciples who sat at Jesus’ feet made no complaint whatsoever against the Church, the hierarchy, the sacraments.

            And 2,000 years later you think you have the inside scoop.

            And you provide no evidence at all.

            Shocking. Shocking, I say.

            “The Church hierarchy was established while the Apostles were still alive. The Apostles who walked and talked face-to-face with Jesus formed and participated in the hierarchy and teaching authority, “the Magisterium.” The Apostles neither rebelled nor spoke against the hierarchy or teaching authority. …St. John the Apostle submitted to 4 popes in his life (St. Peter, St. Linus, St. Anacletus, St. Clement I) without one word against them. St. Clement’s letter in about 95 A.D. exercised his papal authority against a troublesome faction in Corinth. The Corinthian Christians, like the Apostles, respected and obeyed papal authority then and after.” http://judaism.is/private-interpretation.html

          • Evidence. See the hierarchy from the first days here:

            History of the Catholic Church,

            Vol. 1 (of 8) Period of Early Expansion

            by Rev. Fernand Mourret (translator: Rev. Newton Thompson),


          • Bonaventure

            Biblical Christianity? Ah yes, the tired old Martin Luther heresy of sola scriptura, because all of the early Christians in the first several centuries walked door-to-door with a Bible in their hand, extensively quoting scripture in order to get converts.


            See: https://www.fisheaters.com/solascriptura.html

            See also, regarding the early Church (and not the one Martin Luther created from whole cloth some 1500 years after Christ): https://www.fisheaters.com/marksofchurch.html

            But I will quote you some scripture here responsive to your anti-papal baloney: ” And I say to thee: That thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. And I will give to thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven. And whatsoever thou shalt bind upon earth, it shall be bound also in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose upon earth, it shall be loosed also in heaven. Matthew 16:18-19.

            Peter was the first pope, and he helped set up the one, true, Catholic and apostolic Church.

            See: https://www.fisheaters.com/rock.html

            • “Biblical” “Christianity” is blind to dozens of verses.

              Therefore, brethren, stand fast; and hold the traditions which you have learned, whether by word, or by our epistle. 2 Thessalonians 2:14

              And we charge you, brethren, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that you withdraw yourselves from every brother walking disorderly, and not according to the tradition which they have received of us. 2 Thessalonians 3:6

              But there are also many other things which Jesus did; which, if they were written every one, the world itself, I think, would not be able to contain the books that should be written. John 21:25

              And He said to them: Go ye into the whole world, and preach the gospel to every creature. Mark 16:15

              And the things which thou hast heard of me by many witnesses, the same commend to faithful men, who shall be fit to teach others also. 2 Timothy 2:2

              Now I praise you, brethren, that in all things you are mindful of me: and keep my ordinances as I have delivered them to you. 1 Corinthians 11:2

              “Neglect not the grace that is in thee, which was given thee by prophesy, with imposition of the hands of the priesthood.”1 Timothy 4:14

              “ For which cause I admonish thee, that thou stir up the grace of God which is in thee, by the imposition of my hands.” 2 Timothy 1:6

              “And when they had ordained to them priests in every church, and had prayed with fasting, they commended them to the Lord, in whom they believed.” Acts 14:22

              “Take heed to yourselves, and to the whole flock, wherein the Holy Ghost hath placed you bishops, to rule the church of God, which he hath purchased with his own blood.” Acts 20:28

              “For this cause I left thee in Crete, that thou shouldest set in order the things that are wanting, and shouldest ordain priests in every city, as I also appointed thee:…” Titus 1:5

              “These they set before the apostles; and they praying, imposed hands upon them.” Acts 6:6

              “He said therefore to them again: Peace be to you. As the Father hath sent me, I also send you. When He had said this, He breathed on them; and He said to them: Receive ye the Holy Ghost. Whose sins you shall forgive, they are forgiven them; and whose sins you shall retain, they are retained.” John 20:21-23

            • Bonaventure

              I’ll also add this, re: the Primacy of Peter: https://www.fisheaters.com/easternfathers.html

              • Sterious Stuff

                Pharisees, quoting yourselves.
                Luther was at best not a reformer, but a partial restorer of Biblical Christianity, rejecting the traditions of popes.

                For laying aside the commandment of God, ye hold the tradition of men, as the washing of pots and cups: and many other such like things ye do.

                Still worshiping your obelisk?

  9. Captain Witold Pilecki

    Jane, you ignorant slut!

    Back was I was in high school and SNL was hilarious. My brother and I watched re-runs of Monty Python on Public Television, SNL, and then SCTV on Saturday nights/early morning. On a 12 inch B&W with rabbit ears in our bedroom.

    Blazed, of course.

  10. (((Hoax)))

  11. State of Emergency Declaration, Washington State, Gov. Jay Inslee 2/29/20:

    As a result of this event, I also hereby order into active state service the organized militia of Washington State to include the National Guard and the State Guard, or such part thereof as may be necessary in the opinion of The Adjutant General to address the circumstances described above, to perform such duties as directed by competent authority of the Washington State Military Department in addressing the outbreak. Additionally, I direct the Washington State Department of Health, the Washington State Military Department Emergency Management Division, and other agencies to identify and provide appropriate personnel for conducting necessary and ongoing
    incident related assessments.

  12. Hope you folks in Idaho are ok. 6.5 earthquake at 10 km. Shallow.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Unless you were in the Sawtooths, no need to worry. My sister in Hailey got rattled a bit.

    • Berglander

      It shook my house in Missoula…I had literally just sat down to take a shit. Pulled up muh drawers and looked outside to check the ponies, they’re all eating like nothing was going on.


      Some folks felt it over in CDA. Nothing rattled in my A/O. My niece down in Meridian felt it and said it was long and slow. This morning’s DAILY FISH WRAP is, of course, borderline hysterical. But then it is run and owned by red-diaper-doper-baby girly men and feminazis.

    • I thought the cat was shaking my chair again wanting to play 🙂

  13. I won’t give (((SNL))) a click.

  14. Berglander

    The goyim know. Shut it down.

  15. The Anti-Pope… again. Señor Bergoglio himself is a plague, a plague that Catholics deserve for their tepidity and their tolerance of heresy, perversion, and the Synagogue of Satan. “Dialogue” is the Novus Ordo’s fake sacrament.

    Rome’s Miraculous Crucifix “at Risk of Bursting” after Francis exposes it to Rain in St. Peter’s Square

    The 16th-century wooden crucifix was not shielded from the rain in St. Peter’s Square

    God is making things very obvious if only we are willing to see.

    This past Friday, Mar. 27, 2020, the false pope in Rome, Jorge Bergoglio, held an extraordinary prayer event in the Vatican to petition God for an end to the Coronavirus pandemic. To that end, the blaspheming apostate https://novusordowatch.org/2014/03/bergoglio-jokes-about-crucifixion-of-jesus/ had had the 16th-century Miraculous Plague Crucifix brought from the Roman parish church of San Marcello al Corso to St. Peter’s Square.

    But Almighty God, whose divine providence governs all things, decided to send rain for the event (cf. Job 38:28). Francis, who does not believe in God’s punishment https://novusordowatch.org/2017/10/last-judgment-according-to-francis/ , had not ordered the wooden crucifix to be shielded from the water, while for himself a large canopy had been arranged.

    The result of the Miraculous Crucifix being exposed to rain for almost two hours, was reported in the Italian newspapers Il Messaggero and Il Sussidiario. They state that the crucifix was damaged considerably by the rain, and this was discovered as soon as it was returned to San Marcello’s:

    The almost two hours of rain have inflated the centuries-old wood. In several places the ancient plaster has swelled up. Then in some sections the tempera paint used by the anonymous artist to draw the blood gushing from the side [of Christ] has loosened, the wooden surface of the hair has rippled, and the arms have also sustained damage.

    (From the Il Messaggero article, quoted by Il Sussidiario article; our translation with help from Deepl and via German.)

    The Il Messaggero article has pictures of some of the damage (but is behind a paywall). At this point the Vatican’s press office has — understandably — not cared to comment yet.

    Vatican News has released a video clip with the highlights, as well as video of the full ceremony:

    As is quite evident from the video, the Miraculous Crucifix could easily have been moved to a dry spot, or a canopy could have been provided for it.

    Apparently it was not considered important enough.

    The Miraculous Plague Crucifix up close

    With regard to the history of the Miraculous Crucifix, a report by Catholic News Agency gives some background:

    The crucifix was venerated as miraculous by Romans after it was the only religious image to survive unscathed from a fire that completely gutted the church on May 23, 1519.

    Less than three years later, Rome was devastated by the “black plague.”

    Upon the request of Rome’s Catholics, the crucifix was taken in procession from the convent of the Servants of Mary in Via del Corso to St. Peter’s Square, stopping in each quarter of Rome.

    The procession continued 16 days, from August 4th to the 20th, 1522. When the crucifix was returned to St. Marcellus, the plague had disappeared from Rome.

    (“Miraculous crucifix moved to St. Peter’s Square for Pope Francis’ ‘Urbi et Orbi’ blessing”, Catholic News Agency, Mar. 25, 2020; underlining added.)

    Back in the 16th century, Rome of course was filled with real Catholics, people with deep Faith and great love of God. Today, the Vatican is filled with faithless blasphemers, heretics, and sodomites. No wonder that the crucifix that once miraculously survived a fire succumbs to the rain in the presence of Bergoglio.

    It makes sense that it would. In his special Urbi et Orbi meditation, Francis announced that the virtue of Faith “is not so much believing that you [God] exist, but coming to you and trusting in you.” Lest anyone fear that maybe the Holy Trinity was punishing the world, he assured his hapless online viewers that this is not so. Addressing God, he brazenly declared: “It is not the time of your judgement, but of our judgement: a time to choose what matters and what passes away, a time to separate what is necessary from what is not. It is a time to get our lives back on track with regard to you, Lord, and to others.” A few days earlier, Francis had opined that Coronavirus was nature’s punishment https://novusordowatch.org/2020/03/gaias-revenge-francis-coronavirus-environment/ for man’s ecological sins https://novusordowatch.org/2019/11/francis-ecological-sins-catechism/ . So at least he believes in some kind of retribution.

    But the real Catholic Church prays in her Prayer in Times of Epidemics:

    We beseech thee, O Lord, grant us a hearing as we devoutly raise our petitions to thee, and graciously turn away the epidemic of plague which afflicts us; so that mortal hearts may recognize that these scourges proceed from thine indignation and cease only when thou art moved to mercy.

    (Source: Pope Pius XI, Rituale Romanum, Titulus IX, Caput X; translation taken from here; underlining added.)

    God scourging a faithless people? What a concept! “The Lord is with you, because you have been with him. If you seek him, you shall find: but if you forsake him, he will forsake you” (2 Para [2 Chr] 15:2; cf. 2 Tim 2:12).

    On Mar. 15, Francis had already visited this Plague Crucifix in San Marcello’s to pray before it. While this is obviously a pious and traditional act, in the case of “Pope” Francis it must be considered a mockery, since the man routinely commits blasphemies and heresies https://novusordowatch.org/francis/ and even sanctions idolatry https://novusordowatch.org/2019/10/golden-calf-vatican-idolatry-francis/ . In fact, for the Benediction part of his rain-drenched prayer service on Mar. 27, the false pope again refused to kneel, despite his kneel-ability https://novusordowatch.org/2019/04/francis-kisses-feet-of-african-politicians/ demonstrated on other occasions.

    Why would God allow Francis to damage, perhaps forever ruin, a miraculous crucifix that survived fire and put an end to the plague in Rome?

    Let’s answer the question this way: If saints work miracles as divine confirmation of their preaching and their works, what does a kind of anti-miracle testify to? https://www.reuters.com/article/us-pope-naples-blood-idUSKBN0MH0MK20150321

    • Cue the demonic rage of the possessed one.

      • God,
        you one-trick ponys sound stupider every day.
        You really think you are the most informed and enlightened ones?
        It’s sad you are so scared of one, single,race.every.single.time.
        You’re either mentally ill, or feds.
        Sucks to be ewe, either way.
        Now, copy and paste your little Hitler loving asses off. Proving YOUR TRUTH and how I must be from “the tribe” and a “goyim” or some other bullshit.
        Fucking scared little ,Hitler-loving children.
        BOO-ITS a JEW!!!!

        • Berglander

          Do you disagree that the 2% has a far greater influence in the media, banking, and politics, than any other 2% of the population has? Do you disagree that the 2% of American society make up 40% of the richest 1%?

        • It’s an article about a guy who bends his knee to men, but mocks God… repeatedly.

          Points off for your reading incomprehension.

          • For everything you believe and post, a counterpoint could be posted.
            Moral here, most people don’t care.
            You highly enlightened human you.

            • For years you have spent your time here alternately whining and raging, but have never posted a factual rebuttal.

              Shocking. Shocking, I say.

              • Never raging. Never whining. Actually, I pretty much talk weapons. Which are based on facts. Unlike your hateful myopic bullshit. Get a hobby, possibly learn something useful to society. This worn out anti Jew tripe ain’t it. I spend my time and energy on constructive things. And helping others. You, just bitch about a tiny fraction of humanity, and somehow believe that they control the world. You’re either stupid, or so blinded by hatred it’s probably clinical by definition. And you don’t strike me as stupid. Use your intelligence for something positive. Now, I’m done with you Hitler loving types, no need to respond, I won’t.

                • Nope. NO facts yet. [yawn] Wake me when you bring some of your “facts” to the table.

                  In your blind rages perhaps you missed seeing that Catholics are bound to oppose all socialism, national, international, democratic—ALL socialism. What part of that don’t/can’t/won’t you understand?

          • I’ll leave it at this. You are the one who is not comprehending.

            Rational people don’t pay attention to anything you post because you inevitably frame everything through your warped lens of Jew hatred. It makes you come across as a half wit retard.

            You are hurting any position with any person who is also not a knuckle dragging, mouth breathing Jew hater, and there are more than a few here who believe the same stupid shit you do, and sound equally as stupid as you.

            No one is reading your links. The point was made that you can have no claim to the Church due to your blind, stupid narrative and world view that centers on the hatred of God’s chosen people.

            Talk about reading incomprehension.

            I only waste my time on this for the other readers who look at the anti-Antisemitism and wonder WTF is wrong this these people?

            You taint a valuable resource.

    • oh shit

      the 700 club is on again

      • Berglander

        lol good one

      • Brothas ‘an Sistahs put your hands on the radio and FEEEEEEEL the power of the Laud !
        FEEEEEEL the love of the Laud to help Brotha Billy to protect y’all from the debil and bring y’all peace and salbation !
        And pray that Brotha Billy accepts VISA and MasterCard……!!

    • You cannot claim the blessings of the Church, while spewing your vile bullshit.

      You have fabricated a fantasy world in your tiny brain, and you truly come across as an idiot.

      If you want to hate the ‘jooooss,’ carry on cowboy, but you should stop tainting and infecting every single thread with the same, repetitive stupidity.

      It adds nothing. Zero.

      • An article with links to verifiable embedded quotes and actions from a guy who bends his knee to men, but mocks God… repeatedly… is “vile bullshit.”

        More reading incomprehension.

      • This exactly.
        I don’t care what the Nazis feel. But does every.single.thread. have to be loaded with their myopic bullshit?

        • same goes for the “god” bullshit

          beleeeevers are only making it worse on themselves

          pretty soon it will be considered sport to end their days, so they can be with their lord.. and oh the peace of not having to endure their drivel and spew

          • Bonaventure

            • when will you stop beating the dead horse of religion?

              no one cares but a handful of impotent’s such as yourself

              go jack off in the corner loser

              or add something other than your weak fucked up lie of a god

              what an asshole

      • “blessings of the Church” ?

        Rather blessings, mercy and forgiveness of the Lord.
        I need no church as an intermediary.
        Your relationship with the Lord is personal, intimate and profound
        Find your own way. Not what anyone else says.

        Anyone who claims one way or another is lost themselves and tries to cover their insecurity by tearing off pieces of Joseph’s cloak to cover themselves.

        One should stand back and admire Joseph’s cloak in it’s entire glory

        Fear makes people grasp at straws…..which provide little warmth….if any.

        • Bonaventure

          I need no church as an intermediary.
          Your relationship with the Lord is personal, intimate and profound


          And Satanic.

          “And I say to thee: That thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”
          [Matthew 16:18]

          See also: https://www.fisheaters.com/marksofchurch.html

          • newsflash idiot

            you and your church are pissing in the wind




            not even your pathetic deity.. LOL

            • Bonaventure

              I know, I know…. you, SemperJarhead and Dollbanger are coming to save us.

        • If you don’t need the Church, why did God Himself found the Church?
          Matthew 16:18-19

          Do you think God wastes His time doing useless things?

  16. I have been watching some youtube videos of people asking questions at hospitals and of the people working at the Covid 19 testing centers. Paramedics start laughing Military start smiling and laughing

    Is this G-D flu for real or not?

    Some of the pictures of Hospitals being over-ran with patients are actually Fake or From Italy.

    In Mexico people are not doing a damn thing for the so-called Killer Flu.
    In fact they are laughing their arses off at us Stupid Gringos

  17. Fuck ventilators, how bout tests. Lets test EVERYONE. I mean motherfucking everyone. That is NOT happening and that’s firsthand accounts of people who have symptoms and clear potential exposure. WTF is that? Someone brighter than me tell me what that does to our stats. I watched the presidential pony show yesterday again and it seems they are all starting to retreat toward “Mission Accomplished Banner time”. There are two potential reasons to lean away from testing IMO. One is you don’t want to expose the lowish nature of the CFR, or alternatively you know the public will panic if you report how many people are getting this fucking thing.

    What I know for certain is that having the economy shut down this long WILL/IS nuking the fuck out of everything (and I’m not referring to the fiatdebtbux casino, i’m talking real small businesses). Miles and miles of bad road ahead. It would be nice to have a free independent non partisan press corps right now eh?

    • We’re probably just shy of the other requisite 325 million tests to do that right now.
      I have no idea if such is even possible, in any sort of reasonable and timely fashion.
      Let alone if we had someone competent, rather than the CDC, in charge of this.

      That doesn’t mean it’s not a good idea, just that it’s functionally impossible, this side of who-the-fuck-knows when.

      If we had 330M tests, this minute, the whole thing could be over on May 1st; quarantine everyone for 14 days, and the infected for 30, and it’d be gone, coast to coast.

      Then just test/quarantine everyone else attempting to enter the country.

      But we don’t have that capability. Nor, probably, the will.

      So instead, you get what we have now: the least-bad choices, between shitty, and shittier.

      Putting the people in charge at CDC who fucked up the testing kits against a wall and executing them may feel good somewhere down the road, but it won’t get us to working test kits in quantity anytime in the near future.

    • Imagine if everyone is tested and found +……just saying…..

      Did anyone say Tommy’s FEMA Gulag happy ‘oliday health camp ?

      (never mind the weather! When you come to Tommy’s….the ‘olidays forever!)

  18. And yet they STILL wonder “Why Auschwitz???”

    • Berglander

      Why was there a maternity ward (a MATERNITY WARD!!!!) at a “death camp?”

  19. Local mayors the worst of all now. Everyone trying to out stupid each other: closing parks and beaches so health minded people are crowded onto sidewalks trying to get exercise. Parkes, beaches, parking lots closed. Of course flights still arrive from New York and everyone goes to the same grocery store. So ALL have already been exposed to it, if it’s even a real thing.

    All mayors are retarded. Takes a special kind of asshole to even want to be the mayor.

  20. Legal advice, CA: by moderating comments, you are making yourself the author (publisher) of every comment published. Basic CDA law now well established. No comment is published unless YOU approve it.

    If you had no moderation at all, this blog would simply be a “street corner” and you would not have liability for what is published. I was at the forefront litigating one of the key cases back in 2008.

    Not sure we’ll have a functioning court system in 3 months, but my comment is assuming we have “normal times” law like we had until 2 months ago.

    • Case and statutory citations, please.

      • Bonaventure

        Just like maff is hard to some, so too is law-r-ing to others.

        But we have a few self-professed pro se experts here. I’m sure they’ll gladly represent ya.

    • Plant – fuck off. End the shutdown!

    • fuck you

      bullets coming inbound on your pos- soon enough copsucker

    • You are part of the problem.

      Most of the comments are the drunken rants of idiots. These words have no meaning, and are, of themselves, no threat to anyone.

      A pasty ninny in a courtroom, however has the power to ruin lives, careers, reputations, families – on and on.

      I, for one, don’t really want to go back to ‘normal times,’ where the government and it’s minions in the courts and police states have far more control and influence than is morally acceptable.

      If you are working in that system, you are part of the problem, even if you ‘warn’ CA out of any sort of real concern.

      Liability is a bullshit term.

      Look at the idiot Al Ligori above, who literally vomits out every day how evil ‘the jooosss’ are, how they are responsible for every single problem, including diarrhea, we experience in our daily lives.

      Anyone who could state that the owner of this website would be ‘liable’ if he actually practices what he preaches and harms one of the evil, terrible ‘jooosss’ is part of the problem.

      • ‘the jooosss’ are, how they are responsible for every single problem, including diarrhea, we experience in our daily lives.”

        i’ll take ‘because they control the currency, the media, the narrative, and the government’? for $1,000. Alex

      • More points off for reading incomprehension.

        Interesting that you and those you defend quail at the thought of an international court already established with jurisdiction over crimes against humanity to fairly prosecute crimes against humanity under international law that is already established.

        Do you advocate that crimes against humanity should not be investigated, prosecuted, or punished? If crimes against humanity can be proven in open fair trials what have you to fear or complain about?

        Besides, Alinsky, isn’t it really “da chiiiiinkz” “every day”?

      • You have to understand Seamrog that Al is either a jew or a gov plant because his message method clearly isn’t working unless he wants people to be turned away from this site because of the hate directed at the jews…You have to look at the big picture…

        • Many are glad that your incisive intellect [snickering] is in charge of… nothing that matters.

          • Got that hook in their deep didn’t I…How much they paying you these days…

            • The Nazis on here have to be feds. The feds live them some anti .gov right wing evil doers. Hell, only a fed is stupid enough to think people on here would be worked up enough to be a problem to society. Nobody cares about your Nazi shit you retards. You aren’t going to recruit Nazis on this site. Go start shit on Reddit, BLM or antifa, they actually ARE a fucking problem in these United States.

              • Bonaventure

                Go start shit on Reddit, BLM or antifa, they actually ARE a [sophomoric expletive] problem in these United States.

                I spend no time defending National Socialists; they can burn in Hell for all I care. But I am curious. You seem so concerned about fed subversives, while at the same time really do not appear willing to be doing anything about the problems you identified. Instead, that’s to be left up to others?

        • Please don’t get a swelled head that you inspired this:

          I see its considerable generic applicability.


      Anon: It’s that pesky First Amendment. It’s still working. And, whether you believe the comments of some of us or not, truth is its own defense. A lot of folks here will disparage Ayn Rand, because of her ethnic heritage. However, when she made the statement: YOU CAN IGNORE REALITY, BUT YOU CANNOT IGNORE THE CONSEQUENCES OF IGNORING REALITY; she was spot on. That statement is certainly appropriate, given this current pandemic.
      In my 30+ years as a Peace Officer, I have watched several Kalifornia black-robed Druids totally mess over men in divorce cases, rule in favor of rapist school teachers, and hand down other decisions which had no bearing on true justice. Amerikan sheeple, normies, and cucks are too stupid to admit they have been in the thrall of a Godless oligarchy since 1861. You could even make the case( as did Kenneth Royce) that the fix was in at the Constitutional Convention.
      Now, try telling that to the average Mall Zombie. Try standing in front of a civics class full of high school students in the “American Public School System”. See how far you get. I’ve been there because I’m also a credentialed teacher. And, after they canned me, I was only able to find part-time work as a Sub in a Charter School which is now closed.
      So we all have this forum, which is protected by the First Amendment. Foul language and ethnic and religious slurs may bother you. But when you look at the content, ask yourself: Is this poster telling the truth? If he or she is, then RES IPSA LOQUITUR. Bleib ubrig.