Open Thread 0900E 1APR2020

ZH Daily Doomer w Updates: WuFlu Total Passes 100k In Spain; Japan Closes Border To US & UK Citizens

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Is The WuFlu An Opening Phase Of China’s Global War Of Conquest:


Mises: End The Shutdown

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  1. Fauci is a member of the mad scientist guild. They have killed millions with cancer treatments’ alone.
    End the shutdown!

    • He’s a Jew. Of course. Purim. That’s all you need to know. Book of Esther.

      • He’s Italian and Catholic, dumbass.

        Trivially disprovable accusations like this are the best way to make yourself look like a false flagger.

        • It’s exactly why these idiots are hurting a good thing here.

          It is hard to steer other reasonable people who see the light here because of all the “It’s the jooosss and niggers” bullshit.

          There is to much good information here to be dragged down by the morally compromised, but hey, I’m not paying the light bill.

        • I have no idea what the Fauci is. Nor do I care, since Jew-stooge Drumpf is making the calls, not Fauci. But you, Rollory, are conflating the categories of nationality and religious affiliation with genetic race.

          • If you have a genetic test to back that up, let’s see it. Or geneological evidence. Or any evidence at all, really.

            Is being a Jew now a matter of being possessed by evil spirits? Is that where you’re at?

            People who happen to be doing and saying things you don’t agree with are not automatically Jews. That attitude is precisely why “name the Jew” always drives itself into its own isolated and impotent corner of loserdom, despised by all the ordinary people it claims to champion, and absolutely ineffective at addressing any of the real problems it might happen to trip over.

      • Berglander

        I’m always ready to name the Jew, but Fauci doesn’t seem to be one.

  2. I am curious about the concern on the economy. There was international trade before FRNs, and will be after. We will still make and sell and trade things and commodities. This has the potential to reset everything many of us wish did not exist. Let it burn.
    I see schools not able to indoctrinate. I see a complete ignoring of celebrities and sports. I see a govt afraid of its own irrelevance in the face of this,
    I see families being forced back together and rediscovering each other. There is a hell of alot of good that can come out on the other side of this, but a lot of pain in between. Too many here and out there talk a good game, but have money and wealth in the system and dont want it to end. 44 , father of 3. I know the anarchy coming when this goes FUBAR. the local hunger driven violence that will occur as the FRN economy tanks and burns. But aren’t we here ready for that? Aren’t we working to be the people in our AO that others look to? Or have we been an asshole for to long?
    Whether you think SARS-covid19 is fake, and this is a NWO takeover, or it is being exaggerated, or it is a real plague with all of the ramifications of that, people are scared and are looking for guidance. this is an opportunity to help others in our AO get ready and guide what comes out the other side of the clusterfuck this is going to be.
    Humans have been killing, fighting, living, loving, being born, dieing, working, and trading long before the US of A got here and will be long after it leaves.
    Let it burn out and take the rot with it. Good luck, get strong, stay strong, so your values survive to affect what comes after.

    • It’s change.

      People are afraid of change, and after reading all the books and watching the movies about EMPs, alien invasions, sudden global economic shocks or nuclear strikes, and then preparing for any of the above, inertia is with them.

      Even so-called accelerationist anarchists howl to “turn the machines back on” even though it feeds the very system they want brought down, because it is a change.

      I know my “job” is bullshit and I am OK with that, knowing I have many other skills to barter with. I’d hate to be someone in or around a city that only knows cubicle “work” and realizes they’re now useless.

      Embrace the suck, and especially embrace the CHANGE. It’s never going back, but why would you want it back?

    • Well said.

    • I totally agree.

      This obsession wtih restaurants and hotels. Fine, for the people running them and working there, who’ve put their heart and souls into it, it sucks. But. Why do they have any right to orient their existence around good times? Pandemics happen. Disasters happen. The whole point of prepping as a concept, at every level, is the awareness that sometimes bad things happen that we can’t control and one should take some actions beforehand to mitigate the consequences.

      Why are a particular class of business owner suddenly exempt from that basic requirement of living?

      They’re not.

      The American Dream, once upon a time, was the idea that you could go to America and have your own house and land and be largely self-sufficient off that land – to be INDEPENDENT. That’s what Thomas Jefferson had in mind – a nation of small farmers, inherently unable to be controlled by the money power in cities, because small farmers can feed themselves. That’s what the Homestead Act was about. That’s what “40 acres and a mule” was about. That’s what some of my own ancestors were all about, setting up farms in New England or Iowa or the Dakotas, and living off their own land. That kind of living is largely immune to all the moaning and groaning about the economy.

      As much as Dirk’s “smug on the mountain” act annoys me, he has a point.

      I’ve been laid off or fired a few times in my life. It happens. The first time, I wasn’t really prepared for it and went through a lean year or so. Since then, I’ve known what to expect, and always had it in the back of my mind as something to watch for. I don’t depend on corporate America. Why should corporate America depend on me?

      Why this expectation that this huge sector of the economy devoted entirely to disposable luxuries that nobody really needs – and believe me, having somebody else prepare your food rather than doing it yourself is one hell of a luxury – should be somehow untouchable and exist by some natural law?

      Why this panic over a hothouse plant version of economic activity, that cannot survive in difficult times? Does it deserve to survive if it’s that fragile?

      Yes, it’s NICE to not have to scratch your living from the soil (and I know what that’s about, just yesterday I spent the morning shoving stuff around with a pitchfork), and subcontract that work to a specialized corporation who can do it more efficiently. It’s nice. But it’s maybe not so wise to offload the responsibility entirely.

      Just like offloading the responsibility of educating your kids onto communist bureaucrats isn’t that smart either. Like Aaron Clarey says: people who send their kids to public schools do not love their children. Like he says: it doesn’t matter how offended you are at that statement, it’s the truth. Suck it up.

      If your entire existence is dependent on a luxury activity that vanishes like the dew at the first serious crisis and you have no backup plans or alternatives to keep yourself fed – that’s your own damn fault. Suck it up.

      If your government budget is entirely premised on excessively rosy projections of tax income from stuff that everyone has been saying for years couldn’t last much longer, but it always managed to last at least to the next election, and NOW all of a sudden things fall apart – this is the price of political dishonesty. Suck it up.

      The whole point of this site – which has existed for something like a decade now – was that everybody KNEW there was an oncoming crisis and probably several at once.

      Now, an event that might well be minor in the grand scheme of things is triggering those crises.

      Why is everybody acting surprised?

      • “As much as Dirk’s “smug on the mountain” act annoys me, he has a point.’

        ah. dirts full of shit

        that fat old traitor and his wife are solely dependent on the (((system)))

        they both depend on .gov pensions and retirement investments

        that’s why he’s always defending the rotten to the core everything

        burn the entire motherfucker to the ground and we’ll see who truly is a survivor

        betting it ain’t dirt

        • Vermillion

          tfAtt I do not know Dirk. I don’t give a shit about his political views. However, the point is NOW WE have to take advantage of the govt gimmes. LOL this is going to end soon. Very soon. Patriots take what you can from the feds. Because very soon all, and I mean ALL the govt bullshit ends. Forget being altruistic. Go get what you can, What the fuck the minorities are.Top off your supplies and stand ready. If you don’t take the govt hand out now, lol well then that is just more for the niggers, refugees, half wits, white trash, muslims and the chilldn’ of the negros.

          • agreed

            take everything not nailed down and after that, bring a damn crowbar and sledge

            fuck these pricks

            everything they have they’ve stolen from the people

            i receive VA disability ‘hush money’

            i see it as they are buying my calm and cool :I

            that will end also- i’m sure of that 🙂

            one thing fo sho

            any and all gubmint workers are a legitimate target unless they lay in the prone and beg for mercy- if they pick up arms GAME FUCKING ON

            the clock is ticking

            tfA-t has no fear no worries


    • In a twisted sort of way, this insanity makes sense. But at the expense of how many people ? Oh, that’s right……we’re the dirt people…..we don’t count.
      Kind-a reminds me of a poker game – time to cash in the chips. Aren’t poker chips like FRNs – fiat ?
      The slate is wiped clean……and it’s a Brave New Game !
      But will the debts, car loans and mortgages of us dirt people be wiped clean ?

      • once the cops are gotten rid of and out of the way, who’s gonna try repo’ing anything?

        a judge? a banker? some bubba with a truck?


  3. Stars and Bars Forever

    “The consolidation of the States into one vast republic, sure to be aggressive abroad and despotic at home, will be the certain precursor of that ruin which has overwhelmed all those that have preceded it.” -Robert E. Lee, 1866

  4. The Hall Of Archives

    “The powers of financial capitalism had a far-reaching aim – nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences. The apex of the system was to be the Bank for International Settlements [BIS] in Basel, Switzerland, a private bank owned and controlled by the world’s central banks which were themselves private corporations … Each central bank sought to dominate its government by its ability to control Treasury loans, to manipulate foreign exchanges, to influence the level of economic activity in the country, and to influence cooperative politicians by subsequent economic rewards in the business world.” — Carroll Quigley in his book “Tragedy and Hope”

      • you wanted a reply from Haxo to yours on 3/31 @ 20:10:

        the Chicoms and the ashkenazic Jews are basically birds of a feather: high-IQ asiatic collectivists. But, if white FreeFor loses in north America, I expect the Jews to come out on top eventually because the Chinks, while smart and equally vicious, are less innovative and less able to improvise. So: a thin Jew ruling element with a thick Chinese administrative stratum, and masses of low-IQ brown sludge doing the drudgework. Whites? extinct.

        as to Putin, Russians and Jews: yes, even though the Jew population in Russia is down 75% since the 1990’s, (((they))) are still dominant in media and banking, so he has to tread carefully. The fact that Putin has substantial room to manuver (unlike ‘Murka where the Jews have completely captured the poltical class), though, is indicated by the fact that he stiffed Zion but good in Syria. Whites might just survive – see also Hungary – in eastern Europe and Russia. For awhile.

    • I wonder if what comes next might explain why the IRS bought so much ammo last year?

      • SemperFi, 0321

        The IRS is the collection branch of the FedResBank, they will do whatever necessary to back up their bluff, including killing people to keep the fear alive. As long as 2 sheep still fear them and continue to pay, the scam is working.
        But…..looking at the new stimulus bill, they are now ensconced inside our Treasury Dept. and will never be removed from our gov’t. The war is lost, and they won.
        Enjoy the debt slavery.

    • Quigley was mistaken. The (national) Swiss banksters cannot hold a candle to the (international) Jew banksters. And the outcome of a direct confrontation between the 2 during Bill Clinton’s second term proves my point.

  5. mistermisfit01

    I heard an interview yesterday with an attorney general of some State I didn’t get but they are planning for Mass civil unrest due to food shortages.
    Prepare yourself for the final exam because it is upon us.
    Still monitoring 7.242 MHz.

    • Tried 7.242 @ 1422Z from 45N, 107W, LSB. Barefoot. No joy.

      The antenna used, goes West real well. Don’t know where you’re at.

    • Will this finally cause Ebola to spread now too?

      • Bonaventure

        Ebola-Chan? That was last month’s “the sky is falling” news for A-Sop.

        Hmmm… wonder where that went?

        • In West Africa, it got stopped by major social changes (systematic washing in dilute bleach multiple times a day, no more touching dead bodies, less running around madly in the jungle) after everybody resistant to those changes ended up dead.

          In East Africa, it got stopped by the vaccine.

        • That fucking loser is just hand wringing the current events. He’s been foaming at the mouth for something to be right about since all his other bullshit has gone vapor ware. At least we kind of got rid of that Joo loving Bracken after his buffalo jump off the cliff of reason. Seeing less of that dude is a plus.

          • agree about brackish

            what a cuck

            cuck cuck cuck

            they cuckss always want nice and polite

            obviously never lived in Detroit

      • No idea, soopergenius.

        Call back when you have 12 cases of it here.
        If you can’t count that high, take your shoes off first.

    • Berglander

      In the time it took you to make this meme, in response to something that wasn’t even directed at you, you could have done something positive. We need your mind around here. Be a force for unity, not discord. Help bring us together!

      • Mountain Cracker

        Well said. That’s what I meant about “delivery” as distinct from “message,” but then I have a way with people don’t I? This thing is a game changer, and we need to change what we’re doing. We either need to be planning to ride things out in the hope of restoration, or planning to tip things over and starting anew. I know where I lean.

        Time for a bigger decision than is realized by most folks.

        Anybody have encrypted comms set up?

        I for one will try to do better if Aesop and his cohort in here (you know who you are) will step up to the plate and mentor and guide with wisdom (bonus points for tact.) Or is my conciliatory gesture wasted?

      • Speak for yourself my friend. I don’t need a fucking thing from Aeslop

      • Whether people unite or not is their own business, isn’t it?

        If they’re stupid and united, however, they will merely prove the adage
        Beware of the power of stupid people in large groups.
        I can’t help them with the former, but I damned sure can help with the latter. The responses to that generally underline the adage in red ink, and add several exclamation points.

        And it took me a lot more time to type that than to post either of these:

        because for certain timeless truths, I keep the memes on speed dial.

        It may or may not have escaped your notice, but some people hereabouts have even stopped bloviating mindlessly, and actually begun to share opinions like decent human beings. It works marvelously, IMHO.

        Other people are simply trolling, because Obvious Troll is Obvious.
        I’d much rather interact with the former than the latter, but once again, which type a person is, or chooses to be here, is entirely beyond my control. I merely respond appropriately to each type.

        FWIW, people who can respond with reasoned analysis backed up by actual facts will always engender a much more civil response than people who open the ball with assgas and contempt, backed up by jackassically stubborn stupidity, but as always, one can never argue a person out of a position using facts and logic, which they did not use facts and logic to get themselves into in the first place. In most cases, because of the failures of twelve or more years of their upbringing and education. In some non-zero number, because of basic mental deficiencies which cannot be overcome by anything less stout than a good 2×4 upside the head, whether actual or merely metaphorical.

        Either way, not my problem.
        Not my circus, not my monkeys.

        People who can use hypothesis, analysis, and synthesis based on facts to come to rational conclusions are my allies, even if we disagree on details.
        People who can stick to the relative merits of points under discussion instead of kneejerk descent directly to ad hominem, are at least possessed of basic common courtesy.

        People who cannot do either are cannon fodder and village idiots, which is its own reward, always and everywhere, throughout human history, but I’ll happily pile on when necessary. (Dulce et decorum est.) The free speech afforded by this board allows far too many of the latter to flourish, but that’s the unavoidable consequence of giving absolute freedom to any baboon with a keyboard and internet access.

        My kindest counsel to the latter is to please stop doing that, and being that.

        And after enough slack has been granted, and no improvement in behavior is observed, from the Usual Suspects (there will always be the 10% at the left edge of any bell curve), any further tact is the most useless thing on the planet.

        But whack-a-mole is always good sport.

    • aConsensualist

      What’s the problem? Anyone who would, should.

      Yeah it would be cool if they woke up. So what? What do one person’s fantasies have to do with anyone else? Oh, now I see the handle.

    • Bonaventure

      A-Sap “logic” is a false dichotomy.

      • Berglander

        Bonaventure- We need you and your ideas-we don’t need to attack each other. Be positive, be constructive-let’s all move forward and stop being divided. God bless ya brother.

        • SemperFi, 0321

          Sorry Berg, I disagree. We don’t need his ideas. He’s brought nothing to the discussion here but trolling with his memes and names.
          Unless you’re a Catholic saint like he sees himself, you’re not fit to walk this planet, he wants you dead.
          Folks can call me a Nazi all they want, I’ve never told people to be a National Socialist, but rather, wake up to the lies told against them by the Zionist media.
          He’s telling all of us we’re not fit to live if we’re not Catholic. Only he and the church can offer salvation.
          So why call him brother, unless you’re also a Catholic, which I don’t believe you are.

          • Bonaventure

            Unless you’re a Catholic saint like he sees himself, you’re not fit to walk this planet, he wants you dead.

            I’ve never once said that, you bald-faced liar.

            Convert, revert, atone and repent. That’s ALWAYS been my message.

            Folks can call me a Nazi all they want, I’ve never told people to be a National Socialist, but rather, wake up to the lies told against them by the Zionist media.

            No, you’re an atheist and a Fourth Reich-er. The epitome of anti-Christ and anti-Catholicism. You cannot be a bearer of Truth when you yourself lack the ability to comprehend it. Instead, you spread your falsehoods of atheism and National Socialism under the guise of claiming it is simply uncovering Zionism. Again, as I’ve said before, this is a false dichotomy. I accept neither Godless National Socialism, nor Zionism, nor Judaism. Period. Full stop.

            Moreover, you proudly go about this by hitching your wagon to the likes of sexual deviant degenerates, such as tFat and Dollbanger. (Regarding the latter… um, HELLO! HE. BANGS. RUBBER. DOLLS.—WTH is wrong with you people????)

            Only he and the church can offer salvation.

            Not me; I myself can offer nothing but speaking Truth. But the Church, the one, holy, Catholic and apostolic Church, yes, that is the ONLY path to salvation.

            • SemperFi, 0321

              BTW, I’ve stated on numerous occasions there is no such thing as Judeo-Christian, but you must have missed that memo, since you’re new here, FNG.
              Enjoy your servitude to Israel sucker.

              • Bonaventure

                FNG? I’ve been here nearly 9 years.

                Good comeback.

                • SemperFi, 0321

                  Then why the sudden nasty attitude change? You tear into Aesop, me, tfA-t and others like you suddenly decided you want top billing and everyone else gets a slapdown and a new nasty meme as a nametag?
                  You sure didn’t act like this in the past.

                • your god has proven totally worthless and impotent

                  as all gods do

                  it has failed in every respect

                  it. has. no. power.

                  it never did because it is imaginary

                  the weak minded types of humans need something more than themselves to compensate for their inadequacies

                  hence those who keep banging the drum of a make-believe god

                  now be a good slave and get down on your knees loser

                  LOL LOL LOL

              • He was Randall Flagg before becoming Bonaventure so he has been here awhile SemperFi…

              • Berglander

                Thanks Semper

            • No boot here, nor will there likely be.
              The amount of “fuck you” cushion I have at the moment takes me through just about anything year-long.
              Anything that lasts longer than that means Kung Flu is the least of anyone’s problems.
              And at that point, the most important canned goods are in the olive drab cans.

          • if bonnaveture wants to survive- he will have to have a “come to tfA-t” moment

            if not….

      • (((experts))) are the reason I can’t even take my kids to the park or beach right now. (((experts))) have us all crammed onto the sidewalk, in traffic, and in the grocery store, but not in the fresh air in parks and on the beach. but (((experts))) are still letting planes fly out of Jew York.

        fuck the (((experts))) once and for all.


    • Aesop is right

      there’s nothing to return to

      there will be no ‘back to normal’

      this is the best you’re gonna get right here today

      there are ZERO cars being sold..

      • Bonaventure

        What do you care? Unfit to live in polite society, you’ve already holed yourself up on your own Island of Dr. Moreau.

        Stay there. And nothing of this will matter to you.

        • god



          • Bonaventure

            It’s as plain to see that, despite your façade to the contrary, you’re a tortured soul. This is obviously manifested, and evinced, by your constant $hitposting and assertions of self-grandiose.

            I’m not the only one here who notices it.

            Like I’ve said before… it’s never too late to repent and atone.

            Even for you.

            • your mother can rot in hell

            • Useless wasting your time on this faggot. He’s either a Fed that comes to sites like this to sew despair as a sort of agent provocateur or some manic depressive middle-aged alcoholic/drug burnout that LARPs on survivalist blogs to dump his misery on fellow travelers. Anyone he might know that’s worth a toss in his personal orbit has probably cut ties with his worthless fuckin ass a long time ago. Any DECENT or civil person would be too ashamed to associate with a cretin like him based on the way he talks on here–every post, every day, spewing his hateful, vile invective like a mouth foaming Linda Blair. If he is able to manage keeping a lid on his putrid shit in real life it only confirms the obvious and that’s he’s a schizo nutjob. He’s not a leader just an energy vampire that lurks around the net hoping for the world to end so it can erase any living memory of his inability to live as a functioning member of society (ie. miserable fuck). tFa-t or whatever your stupid fucking name is–do yourself and the world a favor and quit white knuckling it and scratch that itch between your ears with one of those hollow points you brag about.

      • I considered buying a new truck about 3 weeks ago, when it was obvious this was going to happen, but it was not (((official))) yet. asshole brainless manager would not even consider the fact that I would be the only one able to pay cash for said truck in about a month. luckily I have a lot of money saved up, but most don’t.

        so I didn’t pay $40k for a $28k truck.

        now they are sitting there selling nothing.

        • SemperFi, 0321

          They’re not interested in cash customers, they make their money off selling the loans.
          They buy the vehicles for about 1/2 the sticker price, so they have leeway on dickering, but they don’t like guys like you that offer cash. They want a dumbass who pays full prices and buys into the monthly payment plan.
          I used to pimp cars in Boise ID for Dennis Dillon around 1984. Couldn’t take the unethical scamming any longer than a few months, they’re crooks from the gitgo.

          • Semper Fi, ten four on that. And they’re not looking for the lowest interest rate.

        • NorthGunner

          Most people DON’T even understand what “Banks” are,
          let alone HOW they function. Even worse, they have been
          intentionally led to believe that the “money” they have to
          trade with each other is valuable when in reality it’s not
          (certainly not since the financial coup of America by
          ‘The City of London’ in 1913).

          How do banks ‘make’ money?
          By creating debt.
          DEBT = “Money”

          Here’s a short video that explains it (great for sharing with
          the younger generations, especially if they’re “forced to stay

          The American Dream – Full HD version

          And here’s M.S. King’s book to help explain it further:

          Bancarotta – An Allegory About Central Banking – Or –
          What Ron Paul Didn’t Say In “End the Fed”.

          There’s a definite reason that the banksters and their
          affilates DON’T like seeing regular people able to pay
          off their debts, let alone be able to pay for things
          WITHOUT becoming ‘indebted’ to them in the first place.

          It’s also why they like us to remain ‘wage-slaves/tax cattle’.

          NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

          • Berglander

            MS King wrote some good stuff. Thanks for sending “The Bad War” my way.

  6. There have been three unmistakable signs that war is coming to the United States very soon. Those signs have all emerged in the past week, all with a sense of urgency that goes far beyond any concern about a pandemic:

    Sign #1) President Trump activating one million military reservists with medical skills to treat battlefield injuries. Details of this order are found in the EO text at

    Sign #2) The Pentagon ordering high-level staffers into deep underground bunkers in Colorado. This was announced by NORAD and NORTHCOM in a Facebook town hall meeting. Obviously, you don’t order military staffers into a 2,000-foot deep bunker just because of a virus.

    Sign #3) Secretary of State Pompeo just ordered all Americans living overseas to return to the US “immediately.” The cover story for this is that the coronavirus is collapsing international flights. But that alone would not justify all Americans returning from living overseas, since many Americans would just hunker down where they’re living. But Pompeo wants all Americans to return immediately, which is the kind of thing you do before a war breaks out (with China, most likely). Via The UK Independent:

    Secretary of State Mike Pompeo urged Americans abroad who still wish to return to the United States to do so “immediately,” saying commercial and government-chartered flights could soon cease amid the coronavirus outbreak.

    Donald Trump’s top diplomat urged any Americans abroad who want to get back to US soil to contact the American embassy in the country where they currently are to begin making plans “immediately” to get a flight back to the States.

    That’s because Pompeo doesn’t want to end up negotiating for the release of American prisoners being held by the communist Chinese regime, obviously. Any American reading this who is still in China or Hong Kong should strongly consider bugging out. By the way, we were also told weeks ago from another source that China has already begun executing anti-communist leaders in Hong Kong, which now seems to be preparation for the global war that’s about to happen next.

    These three events are unmistakable signs that high-level officials within the Pentagon and US State Department anticipate actions of war in the very near future. China is the most likely adversary, especially given that China probably released the Wuhan coronavirus in the first place, knowing that America would have a much more difficult time locking down cities compared to China itself, which we now believe may have lost millions of citizens despite its best efforts to contain the virus.

    Notably, the Wuhan coronavirus, released by China, has managed to cripple the US Navy by infecting sailors on aircraft carriers and other vessels. This is not an accident. It’s part of the “softening up” phase to weaken America in advance of the attack.
    Expect an attack on America when the nation reaches “peak pandemic” health chaos and economic disruptions

    The ideal time for a foreign enemy to attack the United States would be when our nation is in the throes of economic collapse and a pandemic medical emergency. According to estimates announced by the White House today, coronavirus-related deaths will peak in the USA on April 12th, but lockdowns will continue through the end of April, causing financial reverberations to echo across the nation for many months yet to come.

    The White House currently expects up to 240,000 Americans to die from the coronavirus over the next several months. (Our own estimates top out at just 90,000 fatalities, by the way.)

    Due to the coronavirus crunch, joblessness, homelessness and rising social unrest will sow chaos across the landscape of America for the remainder of the year (and well into 2021), and that doesn’t even count whatever political chaos might be added to the mix surrounding the coming November elections. Plus, there are food shortages that are starting to become very real, while a massive wave of price inflation for consumer goods will appear soon thanks to the trillions of dollars in bailout money that Trump and the Fed just threw at the economy.

    With one-third of the US Congress now run by communist China — and most of the left-wing media making excuses for China and trying to shift the coronavirus blame to Trump — it’s clear that China’s longstanding desire to infiltrate and destroy the United States of America has reached a tipping point. They will likely pull the trigger soon, which could mean economic warfare (selling all US debt and announcing a new gold-backed world reserve currency), kinetic warfare (an actual land invasion of Chinese troops hitting the beaches in California), nuclear warfare (or an EMP weapon detonated above North America), or even new waves of biological warfare (SARS-cov-3, SARS-cov-4, etc.). And don’t forget cyber warfare, a favorite of the tech-savvy communist regime.

    We don’t know exactly what’s coming, but we know the leadership in America believes something big is about to happen. Otherwise, none of the actions listed above would have been taken.

    • Hoppe's Number 9

      Showed the steel some lovin’ last night and got the last box of Black Talons ready.
      Because we live here that’s why.

    • Berglander

      A war against a country that isn’t afraid to lose millions of people, and can replace those losses. What could go wrong?

      • For now, much more than the chicoms than for America. Though they are building it at breakneck speed, they do not have a blue water navy.

        They have missels tipped with nastiness and a very serious homeland defense, among other things, but no real way to invade us – for now.

        • you. are. wrong.

          they have every fucking way to invade

          just because you don’t think so means nothing

          they have just rendered an aircraft carrier helpless

          they probably have a vaccine, we know they own the fusan congress, and they surely have some more shit up their sleeves none of us know about

          shit, a lot of them are already here on the mainland

          china is the land of Sun Tzu for fucks sake

          no doubt the (((jews))) have their bets already placed…

          • well, if the Chicoms try to invade central-coast Mexifornia, they’ll have to reckon with Haxo (an Army of One) with an M1A and hiding behind a blade of grass. The Chinx are thus doomed.

            • dude! you made me spew pepsi outta my nose ! that hurt !

            • I’m not worried about the Chinese invading. However, they don’t have to invade. At least not at this time. While few were looking, the Chinese have moved to control all strategic waterways.The Straits of Mollucca, The Panama Canal, the southern tip of Africa, etc. They’re currently building a military base on the Zimbabwe/Mozambique border. Just a short hop and a jump to the Indian Ocean. They’re tricky little devils. What if they promised Mexico first dibs on Texas, and California in exchange for a Chinese base in Mexico? Tempting.

        • Berglander

          I’m not worried about them invading us.

        • Wonder what all the suddenly-empty container ships could be used for?

          Never mind that nobody could ever live in a shipping container…

          • I have thought about that, but IMO, even with that, China is still not anywhere close to ready for a land invasion.

            Unless of course, a virus were to wipe out enough of the population here that they could simply walk right in, but I don’t think that is going to happen either.

            • How ready would they have to really be?

              45% of “meriKa would gladly give up
              another 30% would try to make a deal just so that Football or Baseball would be back on TV ( and that includes a lot of Cuckservitives)

              Not many left to stop the invading force. Hell all they have to do is stop shipping everything we use (as we make very little of anything) and they may win by attrition.

            • Nope. Not even with a cyber-attack on all the SCADA systems sending the US back to the 1800s, after an economic collapse brought on by a virus.

              Inconceivable, like planes taking down towering buildings or battleships being sunk in port.


      Teef: That is my take also. There is more and more evidence the treatments involving the malaria drug, Azithromycin, and zinc are working to cure those stricken with COVID-19. If this treatment really starts to flatten the curve, then the Deep State and the (((Banksters))) will have to come up with some other scam to get them off the hook, vis-à-vis this catastrophic global depression which (((They))) have created. War is the obvious answer. BTW, thanks for the info on Selenium. I take a small amount in pill form daily. Bleib ubrig.

      • get yourself some Zinc too

        i’ve been doing all the vitamins and minerals lately

        although i eat very healthy, most food is still not what it used to be

        • Vitamin C infusions are the bomb…

          • I started Chaga mushroom tea when this started . A worrying scab on my temple flaked and I pulled it off. Was it the tea? Fucked if I know.
            Chaga, Vit C ,D and zinc are a good idea whether this is real or not.
            Just don’t go nuts as all this has to go through liver and kidneys.
            Kidney stones are the last thing anyone needs now.

    • Zero argument against any of that. Mirabile dictu.

      There’s also the non-zero possibility that all of this is equally related to the possibility/likelihood of civil unrest within the United States, as this continues.

      And/or both.

      Flip a coin or consult Magic 8-Ball for those answers.

    • aConsensualist

      Oh, the war starts when they say so? That’s news, I thought maybe it started already. “Defensive” is not synonymous with “reactive.” OTOH most of us with half a wit make it close to that anyway, at least right now. In all best scenarios, they kill themselves off. All on their own, ideally.

    • Strategy wins battles. Logistics win wars.
      How far is the US from China? How far can the US stretch the supply line ?
      Japan, Okinawa, Guam, Australia would have to be the depots.
      Can you say U-boat? The Chinese practically own the South China Sea
      The Chinese also have an aircraft killer missile to which we have no counter.
      What if the Russian navy just happens to sail by out of Vladivostok.
      Not to mention the Russian AF also have AEGIS killing EMP capability.
      (which the Chinese might have also)
      The Chinese are not going to invade the US. But American hubris is such that we think we’ll be having espresso in Beijing the next day.

      Don’t kid yourselves. It’s bottom of the 9th. US is down by 4 runs.
      Casey is at bat with a 3 & 2 count. Any bets ?

    • And to think some self righteous, Catholic asshole was saying you contributed nothing to this blog. Good with the bad I say.

  7. I think Tfat is correct . Military helo overflight today. No markings from what i could see just olive drab and some doo dads on the bottom. Center doodad looks like FLIR etc and a side loading bar doodad that i’ve not seen before.

    PS- I did not assume they were coming to save me.

    • aboout a month ago

      at daybreak i saw some crazy shit in the sky headed east

      i counted no less than 20 something in a line of VERY high flying aircraft

      and that was when i actually looked up

      could have been many more

      never seen anything like that before

      i’t’s not like i’m in a populated area- at all

      • Has anyone noticed that the overhead spray-painting had stopped about the time the virus hit the US? I also concur. China is a problem. I would still count Islam in the mix somehow. They are well established in .gov. Just a hunch.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Folks here have noticed engine noises in the sky, (we’re out in the middle of fukn nowhere) myself included, mentioned it to my sister in s.Idaho and she confirmed it too.
        Everyone agreed, strange turbine noise, almost like a massive vibration in your house.

        • Roger dat, Semper Fi. 0321. We’re here in central Ohio. The sound is like a dozen GE diesel locomotives just sitting at idle and then revving for a while. My hootch was built on the 80s, with poor windows–when that “music” starts, the freaking panes in the windows vibrate. wtf?

      • Insurance Agent

        A buddy and I were deer hunting around Thanksgiving 2019. Central Wisconsin area.

        I saw the same thing with the aircraft. I counted into the high 30’s in number. It was roughly 515 am. They were flying roughly southwest to northeast by my compass.

        There is a YouTube Channel; Bear Independent. He’s had a daily intel brief for the last week with what his subscribers have observed.

        In the first few that he gave, the same thing with the aircraft was reported.

        I wondered at the time if they were satellites. But there were too many and they seemed too low in the sky.

        • ’30’s in number. It was roughly 515 am. They were flying roughly southwest to northeast by my compass. ‘

          sounds about right

          i’m in that general direction going northeast from your pos

    • Live close to airbase in Missouri, more flyovers in the past 3 weeks than I ever remember. Probably because I’m home but my wife who is a stay at home housewife(still around although she is German) says they are more than normal too. Lots of multiple nightly helicopter formations going overhead too. Got the email wanting volunteer return to duty retired medical or any other retiree based on case by case.

    • nothing to see here……those are not black helicopters (is that wassist?)

  8. mistermisfit01

    Se new Mexico. I am mobile with a tarheel 400. 7.240 has a Bible net going.

  9. “Smith, who had worked for the prosecutor’s office since 1993, is charged with 10 counts, including conspiracy to commit forgery, embezzlement, tampering with evidence and criminal enterprise, according to court records. He faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted of conducting a criminal enterprise, which would be one of the longest sentences ever given to a Metro Detroit public official.”

    this is very typical of the american’t just-us (((system)))

    the courts, politicians, and the police that serve and protect them are your enemies

    always were

    always will be

    find them, and make them pay for destroying your country

  10. thank u 4 Woke necessary!😎
    keep up the good work & awesome memes*

  11. Has anyone seen any data or stories coming out recently with the symptoms of US Wuflu victims? So much of what China and the WHO have put out and continue to put out is BS. Every week you hear about new symptoms that magically didn’t exist in victims of other countries? Is it because they are different strains or maybe different viruses were released in different countries. I don’t trust anything China, WHO or CDC says. With all the cases and deaths in the US now we should be hearing about specific symptoms they are showing.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Has it ever once occurred to you that your entire life is a lie?
      You’re still looking for answers from pathological liars, people paid to lie to keep the sheep docile, to lower your awareness and IQ.
      Stop being a sheep!

      • Has it ever occurred to you that your a miserable asshole? I really don’t care that you don’t think the virus is a real thing. You are one of the few people convinced it isn’t real. You can have whatever reason you think it is happening, but pretending it isn’t happening only shows how damn ignorant you really are. I asked a legit question about symptoms. You don’t know a damn thing about me. Believing there is actually a virus killing people isn’t believing a lie bud.

        • SemperFi, 0321

          I didn’t say there isn’t a virus. There is.
          But you’re wanting answers from sources that only deliver disinformation to blind and dumb sheep.
          Don’t be one of those, open your mind to finding out for yourself instead of waiting for the evening news to fill your head with mush. Obviously asking for something above your pay grade for sure.
          This really is a lost cause.

        • Ask your God uncle sam what to do then. In case you haven’t noticed dude nobody really knows a fucking thing about any of this. Uncharted waters.

        • Bonaventure

          Has it ever occurred to you that your a miserable asshole?

          That occurs to SemperJarhead every day. But, like his fellow sociopaths, DollBanger and t-Fat, he don’t care.

  12. covid is a “Red” Herring

    • SemperFi, 0321

      and everyone is still turning to the feds for help. Our nation just got hijacked and these idiots look to their executioner for help.
      What could possibly go wrong?

      • That’s because most don’t have Community Brother so they look for what looks like safety and security even though it’s a lie…Hope you’re doing well snowing again here today…

        • SemperFi, 0321

          The only community I know of here are a few church groups, won’t go there so it’s not an issue for me.
          Snowing here too, tomorrow night is 10′ again, wish this shit would go away, but we have about 6-7 months of winter here.

      • Vermillion

        WE can still fight back. Iff WE want to.

    • Now China is on lockdown again. WTF over? A new strain ?The next wave?
      Russia closed their borders. Japan also to US/UK citizens. What do they know? Something epic is brewing.

      • or they are prepping for invasion of some poor nearby island? and don’t want civies letting the cat out of the bag?

        those videos that leaked out last month of the chins being hauled away as they were resisting didn’t look like sick people… and there was a couple where the people were yelling “it’s fake!” out of their winders

        the chins are on the move- militarily

      • Grey Ghost

        As Gerald Celente has said for years:
        “First are currency wars, then come trade wars and finally world war.”
        He’s been right on with the first two so it follows he is probably right about WW. The real trick is in forecasting the timing and impetus.

        Grey Ghost


    New Jersey Man, 99, Charged With Violating State’s Coronavirus Emergency Rules:

    • NorthGunner

      And how many remember these images?

      So much for “Lock her up!! Lock her up!”…

      It’s no different from the Kabuki Theater fantasy created
      for the WCW/ECW/’Cage Match’ going public. On stage,
      folks are bitter enemies, is portrayed as ‘the good guy’
      and the other as ‘the bad guy’,..when the shows over and the
      t-shirt/swag buying sheep go home, everyone of the
      actors are best of friends.

      Psychology repeatedly played on the sheep.
      And the sheep buy it up, time and time again….

      People bitch about the “gov” and how much they’re being taxed, etc.
      Now something a billionth of their size is paraded before them by
      the same parasite class…and they obediently begin lining up in
      que ‘at the appropriate distance’ and following the psa delivered
      dictates from the same parasite class that they bitched about in
      the first place….

      Dumb panicky animals doesn’t even begin to cover it!
      Patrick Henry, Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson and
      others would be utterly disgusted.

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  14. Somebody on here today is most definitely back on their medication.
    Its almost peaceful.

  15. Alfred E. Neuman

    Reblogged this on FOR GOD AND COUNTRY.

  16. Took a ride today. Illinois. I went southwest this time. Got through Willow Springs and surprise! Road block. All traffic had to detour. This is on the border of Cook County. Where Will County and DuPage and Cook County come together. I’m thinking it’s quarantine nonsense. Follow the detour and another road block. Take a longer route around and get back to Rt. 83.Northbound. Road closed off. No quarantine. Just a big smoky fire. Recon lessons learned. Spontaneous road blocks can happen any where. Have a plan. Rt. 83 and Archer Avenue in the 70’s and 80’s was a mob dumping ground. Junk yards were every where. The stories that came out of there.

    • That’s why it’s good to carry a good chainsaw, a cordless grinder/cutoff tool, a few extra generic padlocks, logging chains, bolt cutters, and if you have the money to spend maybe a concrete chain saw…

      • SemperFi, 0321

        And Super glue gel for those pesky padlocks. If I’m not supposed to get in, neither are they.
        Be aware they use lots of trail cams now, wear mask and keep license plates mudded up.

  17. If Fauci is in the high ranking position he is (and we can see that he is), it means the same thing as it means for all others in high ranking positions in government. It means he has done a LOT of two required things:

    1. Gagged on a lot of cocks.

    2. Caused the deaths of people.

    In order to get to a high ranking position, those are required, and in high numbers. And I’m not using euphemisms. He literally has sucked a lot of dick and killed a lot of people.

  18. Phx report via amigos:
    Last week on edge due to lack of food and people attitudes, some being frantic. Conditions improved this week as stores got stocked back up.

    X_mil amigo has two ng friends that have been training at luke for crowd and transport control.

    Overall a high leverage opportunity for something else is a major concern. If the power goes out, be on point and leave immediately.

    Prob the same for many cities, esp if the heat turns up.

    • NorthGunner


      Thanks for that update.

      Have one of three sisters and a female cousin that
      currently live in ‘La Ciudad de Pajaro Inferno’; have
      told both of them to have a plan in place to either
      bug in or bug out from there if things begin to spiral
      down the communal toilet, regardless of the cause.

      Their response? Life is beautiful and such thinking
      is fear mongering…nothing bad will ever happen and
      (wait for it….wait for it….) if anything bad does happen
      then the government WILL save and protect them.

      They don’t even believe in having extra water or
      canned food put away..just in case. And that sister
      is a committed Vegan…thinks more about how her
      cats are fed than her and her boyfriend….

      I’ve done my part in trying to wake them’s on them.

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  19. Bonaventure

    The implications are quite clear: If you want to create a totally false panic, about a totally false pandemic, pick a corona virus. They are incredibly common, and have many different varieties. A very high percentage of people who become sick by other means, like flu or bacterial pneumonia, many other causes, will have a positive PCR test for COVID, even if you’re doing the test properly, and ruling out contamnation, simply because COVID’s are so common.

  20. NorthGunner

    Meanwhile, in a town..possibly close to yours….

    Lockdown Parade In My Hometown us ~ Rex Reviews

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • NorthGunner

      And some truthful, if loud, commentary issues forth
      from ‘La Ciudad de Pajaro Inferno’ (aka Phoenix, Az)
      from RazorFist.

      Fear is the law – A Rant

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!