Post-COVID Thinking

Those who imagine and then work towards a better future have a chance.

Those who think otherwise?

Good luck.

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  1. Son of Woodpile Report; OK at that level. As for myself, after watching ZOG-stooge Drumpf befuddle white flyover country ‘Murkans for (lessee, June 2015 to date…) almost 5 years now, I fear neither fear….nor hope. If that’s blackpilling, so B it.

  2. I’m going with Post-CoVid Christendom.

    Catechism of the Social Reign of Christ the King

    Cue the demon possessed one(s).

    • Bonaventure

      Return of Kings and Christendom

      St. Louis IX


    • you guys are delusional

      there will be a purge of christians- to the man

      they were nothing more than useful idiots to their masters

      your (((system))) is FUBAR

  3. lees talk and more action 2020

  4. Fuck that, we know who the enemy is, just kill them in your AO…..

  5. Berglander

    Really good article. Thanks for sharing!

  6. The m4 pictured is nice, ashame the driver doesn’t understand the need of great backup sights, I’d carry it, only if I had nothing else.

    Other then I’m sick as a dog, life’s good, nothing changed today, weird I know. No idea if I have the bug, I won’t know won’t be going to the Dr. Think it’s just a bad cold.

    Post bug, we’re going to be fine. Life is what we make it!. Life IS, the lesson!.


      • disclosure time: I had this thing, OR something like it, last Sept. Felt like having a kidney stone…one in each lung. Could not inhale AT ALL while standing upright, but – after brief consideration of applying Mr. Glock – discovered that I could get just enough air to stay alive if I bent over at a 90-degree angle when inhaling. This went on for about 3 days, then faded back to normal. I think there’s multiple Corona-chan’s going around.

  7. As Frank & Fern said: “You can’t print food”
    There’s some who think they are going to get away with outlawing growing your own.
    Fuck em’.

    Make 13 knot neckties and lamp posts great again.

    All because of the utter hatred of one man, his policies that have put paid the lies and myths of Socialism and Globalism, and by extension those who support him and put him in the position to bring it about. – JJ Sefton

    Shitload of us hired Trump as “our murder weapon”.
    64 million armed to the fucking teeth Deplorable’s are not wrong.
    More hunting licenses where issued last year than all the solders of the 10 top militaries in the world combined.
    50,000 armed to the fucking teeth Shitlords and Shitlordettes, who showed up are not just a plurality, we are Legion.
    We showed up.
    How do you think the birth of Liberty happened?
    The fucking tooth fairy left it under our pillow?
    Tyranny is barely a pebble in the shoe to freedom.
    Tyrants can’t abide even one Freeman.
    It requires a worthless piece of shit to be a tyrant in our country.
    Trump is the great revealer of that.
    Everything else is fucking bullshit.
    Its why they pulled the plug.

    My Rules for BFYTW
    Basic Fighting Rules For Life:

    No matter what they throw at us, it’s all about guns. Everything else is a fucking joke.

    The most lethal & effective Weapon is the one between your ears.
    (Max Velocity taught me that and this: You don’t got to be a trained solder, but you got to have a warrior mindset. 1st dictum of combat: Never loose your cool, it will kill you every time)

    (1) Nobody is coming to save you.

    (2) Everything is your responsibility.

    (3) Save who/what needs to be saved.

    (4) Kill who/what needs to be killed.

    (5) Always be working the problems around you.

    (6) Always be improving your kit.

    (7) Don’t waste nuthin’.

    (8) Thinking always 2-3 steps ahead, don’t forget your six. Shit sneaks up where your not watching.

    (9) Most Important: Never lose your nerve. It’s The Great Thing. The Really Great Thing. (Jose Wales understands)

    (10) If your shooting, shoot till the target stops moving or changes shape. Then go back give it a security shot. Or two. Nuke it from orbit if you can.

    (11) Never say die. Never Quit. There’s always a way. Cheating is not. Only winners win. It is the Action is what counts. If there’s no way out, make one. You can’t get any deader than dead. Boolits are cheap.

    (12) Sharpen your Hatchet. Keep it sharp. You sharpen your mind. Don’t forget nuthin’.

    ????: Bayonets are never obsolete they never jam or run out of boolits.

    Mumsy Where The Burrow Groves:
    “But I don’t want to go among mad people,” Alice remarked.
    “Oh, you can’t help that,” said the cat. “We’re all mad here. I’m mad, you’re mad.”
    “How do you know I’m mad,” asked Alice?
    “You must be,” said the cat, “or you wouldn’t have come here.”

    And according to Bukowski:
    “Wherever the crowd goes run in the other direction”

    According to Ol’ Remus:
    “Stay away from crowds”

    Feral Mic:

    Ms. Ann Barnhardt: You don’t have enough ammo

    Me: Cold Anger never forgets, it waits for the optimum sight picture.

    Me: The Ruthless scumbags running shit don’t understand how mean good folks get when they fuck with our lives family and codes. Our Liberty.


    Max: BFYTW

    • My little black book is full……so I started another one.
      There is one solution. We all know it. We talk around it.
      Soon, my Precious…….
      I fear neither Gods nor demons……why should I fear any man ?
      My soul is at peace. I know what must be done.
      Lord help me hold my soul and sanity safe. Give me the strength and courage to tear into those with evil purpose with savagery and annihilation.
      Lord make me an instrument of you peace. Give me the company of just men with which to cleanse the earth and bring joy and life anew.

      • Give me the company of just men with which to cleanse the earth and bring joy and life anew.
        That’s the key Brother…Hope you’re doing well…

        • We are doing well. Standing by. Getting the word out. Trying to recruit some younger men to teach them dirty-deeds-dun-dirt-cheap as well as to steel their minds. It’s what’s between the ears that counts.
          The work that needs to be done requires the mental preparation to commit the utmost savagery on those who desperately deserve it.
          At some point I think those of us here in western MT will get some FTF. Need to know the men to your right and left donchaknow.
          Those of you in western MT – how about a rendezvous ?
          Hope you and your family are doing well.

          • Then again……we don’t need to know what anyone looks like, or names, or anything else.
            Perhaps better to organize in three-man cells.
            So how do we coordinate ?
            C’mon guys we need to get an OPORD together.

          • We are doing great Brother and yea we need to do an old time rendezvous here in MT and invite some ID and WY Brothers as well…

      • Aphorisms as target reticles.
        Target rich field of view.

        We leave our cause to God and our Rifles.
        Wherefore take unto you The Whole Armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

        The State is operating to protect itself, by any means necessary.
        Act: act accordingly.

        “In the event of an apocalypse, if you aren’t armed, you are just collecting supplies for somebody who is…
        America’s abundance was created not by public sacrifices to the common good, but by the productive genius of free men who pursued their own personal interests and the making of their own private fortunes. They did not starve the people to pay for America’s industrialization. They gave the people better jobs, higher wages, and cheaper goods with every new machine they invented…” – L(arry)L(ambert)

        Said by another who fought:

        John Adams:
        “You have rights antecedent to all earthly governments; rights that cannot be repealed or restrained by human laws; rights derived from the Great Legislator of the Universe.

        then there’s this:

        The power to hurt people unaccountably is tyranny’s quintessential tool, competent tyrants limit such agencies’ powers by periodically purging them.
        – Angelo Codevilla

        The power to hurt is difficult to implement, regardless it is used often, yet sparingly, as it is most destructive to the illusion of legitimacy of the State. It is always once applied the path to it’s use in ultimate terms. As certain as the law of gravity. It don’t take rocket science to grok this. But it does take some mighty fine cognitive dissonance to not acknowledge it.
        Which makes the tyrants power possible.

        Be that as it may, that power to hurt bucks stops with tyrants, no exceptions, they would not be tyrants then, and they come in a myriad of shapes and sizes. Whatever benefit a Freeman such as myself see’s in this, the crumbs falling from the table of spoils is infinitesimal trickle down. A fart in a mitten. Who in their right mind & heart wants anything to do with that anyways?
        That is, as it should be, you do not profit from wealth you created thieved from you and your labors then parsed out as pennies from helicopters by the very vultures who stole it. There is no liberty in that, no self reliance, certainly unfettered economic activity nor liberty, not even ordered liberty, a very difficult thing in itself, exists under that gargantuan attainder of writ. We all see it, it’s called The USofA. Better to throw the scum and villainy out of helicopters.
        Paradoxically we who possess freedom between the ears are Freemen in a sea of tyranny. The truth is Gobsmacked. Are we ever feared, oh brother, are we ever, we are not an existential threat, we ARE the existential. Jamestown 1601 to today.
        Trump deserves his due, he has bought time none of us could garner, a great paradigm in the form of a great revealing. Call it a force multiplier for our Cause and our Rifles. That time is fleeting.

        Into the breech with us all. As it is apparent we are all like the pig now, committed.
        It is, and always has been thru time, ever and only the purview of the dirt people, to effect positive change on this mortal coil. There is no one else.
        Look around, you see anyone?

        Watching vultures, closing in for the carcus of what they created in 1859.

  8. Now (((they))) see they can close the parks, gyms, and beaches and order people to be prisoners in their homes. No pushback. The my will lock us down even further towards Orwell’s future. And still all 100 million guns in patriots’ hands will remain unused. Anyone who does anything will be a loan wolf — he dies and his family suffers on without him.

    The state of the second amendment is … dormant.

    • NorthGunner

      As Kenneth Royce/Boston T. Party once said,
      “We’re serfs with guns.” He also said of fellow
      American’s, “We’re slaves with the weekend’s off.”

      How many ‘Americans’ ACTUALLY have the grit
      to, if necessary, draw their weapon, sight a threat
      that’s wearing either a local police or military uniform
      and INTENTIONALLY squeeze the trigger, repeatedly
      if necessary until the threat/s is/are either no longer moving
      or has changed shape..and then pay an extra ‘insurance
      shot’ or two to the head?

      I’d venture, actually very very few.

      “People will act ONLY when their anger and pain of inaction
      overwhelms their previous fear of action, not before.”
      — T. F. Monkey

      It WILL soon become HMT*…decide beforehand WHAT
      you will have to do and how..and make peace with that,
      because life is going to really suck for everyone once
      TSHTF as Selco can tell you.
      *Hockey Mask Time

      Do I look forward to the above?, no sane man does.
      But the globalist bankster parasites that actually control
      this country BELIEVE they can pull off their endgame
      with little to no personal repercussions or negative
      consequences (they don’t imagine that they will be
      experiencing ‘enemy fire’ upon themselves), so they’re
      going to go for it…it’s what tyrants ALWAYS do…overreach.

      So be it….challenge..accepted!!

      “The first one’s expensive….ALL the rest are free!!”

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  9. Point of interest: DSA in Texas found some “Halbeck Devices” laying around in its warehouses. These are the clip-on muzzle devices for your 7.62mm FN-FALS, (R1s) which allegedly damp muzzle climb when you flip the fun switch to full auto. Used a lot in the South African festivities a while ago.

    So DSA sends out an email offering them for sale, and I inquire. BAM! Within a few minutes–the entire inventory of these critters–SOLD OUT! Just like most 30 round AR15 mags these days–be they PMAGs or GIs.

    WHAT, Gentlemen, is THAT kind of a response from the full-auto crowd at FN-FAL tellin’ ya? STAY FRISKY & STAY FROSTY!

    (the good ole “Gun Jesus,” Ian McCollum.)

    • Neat device. Don’t remember seeing any in Rhodesia in 1978. It was 42 years ago, so my memory might be at fault. Also, I think most of our FN FALs were semi-auto. In the US Army, in 1966, I did fire my M14 on full auto, in basic, one time. Got chewed out.

  10. It’s a tad early for “post covid” but I agree that this is a paradigm shift moment. The gloobalist movement just took one on the chin. The financial wizards currently suddenly appear as the ponzi grifters they have always been. People are realizing in droves that no one is coming to save them. Near as I can see this thing disproportionately impacts population density, ie hives. The LA riots were a partial hive collapse. Perhaps we’ll see a full one here, who knows. Again to early.

    Lot’s of things to find joy in as far as I”m concerned.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Sorry, but I’m not seeing any normies waking up yet. Still the same stupid emails and comments as usual from the brainwashed fools.
      None of them aware of what the stimulus bill is really about, they still think Trump is our patron saint of Team America.
      Watching us turn into 1984 escapes them all.

  11. Morning, spooked myself. I’m back to normal, a kick ass head colld. We were in Reno earlier this week, went to Costco to fill a pain script, had a fuckimg annoying Chinese guy, roughly my age, standing behind me, hacking a wiping his noes in his sleeve.

    Mother fucker, would not get away from me. I’d move, and he would move, to within 2 ft. I told him once to get his gook ass away from me, politely he smiled and said something. But didn’t move. I told this fucker again to step away from me, and he smiled and stepped even closer.

    I spun and with my left had slapped him on the side of his head, trying to pop his ear drum. I smacked this fucker hard. Told him to get the fuck off of me, or I would stomp him into worm dirt. The hit did it, he took off like a shot, hands over his ears.

    About 12/15 folks in line, in substance they told me he was at the end of the line, he walked up on each of these people and pulled the same shit, the people stepped back, and he moved forwards in the line, until he got behind me.

    My wife was horrified, that I would smack some shit stain like that. The counter folk saw it, and said nothing, well they smiled, we were exiting the store, and as I was loading my car, I see this mother fucker pointing at me, to his friends, I spun and started towards him, if we’re going for it, I’m gonna bring it, they all three took of running, I’ve not been that pissed at another in awhile, I also didn’t like the looks of the two younger guys he had with him. I recovered my short shotgun and placed it for easy access, we loaded, headed home.

    We have a habit like to share. If your driving distance where your gas tanks low, the absolute first thing we do is stop and top the tank off.

    I’ve switched out my car rifle from an AK and ten mags, to a FNFAL, with ten mags, and when traveling also carrying a keltec 15 round shotgun, with 100 extra buckshot.

    Carrying three gallons of water, a bugout pack, and since the bug arrived, a case of freeze dried foods, in the back. The Bob, has water filters and 10 individual mountain house meals. A small three season tent, in case we gotta hoof it, all the other tools.

    Life’s good, why you guys make it harder then it is, amuses me. Your all better men then portrayed in some of your posts.

    Lastly, going after this dude, was a poor choice, I did take the cart, as I was going to push it to the empties slot. Figured the cart would occupy the bigger of the three while I had the advantage of momentum and directional control. A last second heavy push into someone buys time.

    File that for a rainy day.

    Awesome day here on the mountain. O yea we did break open a box of m95s, passed em out to our neighbors who didn’t have any. We have 600 left. Should do.