TBP: Fools In April

Springtime for Commies – and the economy!

Don’t be stupid.
Be a smarty.
Come and join
The CC Party.
– Mao-Tse Brooks

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  1. he’s still fantasizing about the “‘Murkan People”; the Jews intend to kill you and yours, White boy. And each and every day (((they)))’ve got thousands of new shitskin tools to apply. He’s right about the “Drumpf vs Deep State” dog-and-pony show tho.

  2. 11 minutes ago

    Great News! Less than 1% of reported deaths are directly tied to CV-19 according to NYC government report published on 4-2-20, here’s the link to the government website


    Where is the report comparing those…

    Testing positive for regular influenza?

    Natural deaths?

    There are none, all deaths and flu are being tossed into the CV-19 numbers to continue the hype and money grab

    10 minutes ago

    Corona Virus = Common flu/cold. I hope people know that.

    This is a global psyop the size of which the world has never experienced before. They’ve gone nuclear on the propaganda and fake news. It is obvious when you look at how western governments in particular are going full darth vader across the board. They know this is it, the entire world’s financial system is about to completely implode and they are grabbing as much control and power as they can now because once the implosion cannot be hidden anymore all they have left is full on tyranny and I don’t think that will even be enough. People will hang these parasites across the planet, if they are lucky.
    8 minutes ago

    Exactly. Funny how the regular flu numbers just disappeared from all the reports.



      • Fred also supported the Kew-Forest School,[3] where his children attended and he served on the board of directors.[68] Trump was so active in Jewish and Israeli causes that some believed that he belonged to the Jewish faith.[35] This including donating the land for the Beach Haven Jewish Center in Flatbush, New York,[69] supporting Israel Bonds,[70] and serving as the treasurer of an Israel benefit concert featuring American easy-listening performers.[67]

        Apple, tree…

        • I guess didn’t lie when he stated (several times) that he is “the least anti-semitic person you’ve ever met.”


        • Sterious Stuff

          Donny Drumpf got his miraculous start in real estate after Freddy gave him an apartment complex in the Cincinnati suburb of Golf Manor/Roselawn/Amberley Village – an area overwhelmingly populated with talmudics.

  3. Perfect article. Nails it.

  4. Even better – “Enjoy your tribe!!!”

    THEY have been behind most of the evil in this world for AT LEAST the past 100 years. With their own Holy Trinity: Lenin, Stalin, and Mousey Tongue!

  5. If you live near any East Coast “urban” center, any midwest Rust Belt dump, I suggest you be prepared to rapidly exfiltrate if you can’t reasonably defend your AO. The North American Pavement Ape is a violent and unpredictable species when denied its gibs.

    • lol they can’t shoot. they’re scared of guns. they’re even scared of a white man who looks them in the eye. I’ve seen them at my range. lolzozozoozozoz. they don’t have the money to spend on ammo to train. they pay $40 for a box of 50 9mm at the range once a year (rented gun).

  6. thread idea: Discuss the movie V for Vendetta. Q is like V?