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The Burning Twenties edition of #Faction is live!

@owenbroadcast created a truly incredible cover that captures the spirit of the novel – “I’m going for a cross between a ’70s pulp novel cover and a ’90s concert poster”

The paperback is much cleaner than the RARE first edition that many of you now own, which was created using default settings suggested by Amazon – I shrank the font, bumped out the margins, and added more aggressive kerning. A more comfy tone.

Get the print edition, I implore you, so that you can enjoy Owen’s art in your home – and check out his profile for links to his other excellent work.

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  1. We have 19 or 20 patients who are intubated. And 18 of the 20 are diabetic. And two are prediabetic. We don’t have anybody who’s been intubated in our group of over 80 now that was not diabetic or pre-diabetic that was intubated. We’ve seen younger patients with severe disease that have a very high BMI. We have patients that are over 300 pounds. We’ve seen a lot of it. And just now I think the world is catching up to this. A Seattle group published their data in the New England Journal of Medicine saying 58% of their ICU code patients were diabetic and that their average BMI was 33 which is morbidly obese. That fits with our data. What people haven’t focused on yet is that pre-diabetics are also at risk, especially if they have a high BMI. We haven’t had anyone under 70 who didn’t have a high BMI or was pre-diabetic get seriously ill.


  2. Berglander

    So far, this book is


  3. “Mao once said, “Everything under heaven is in utter chaos, the situation is excellent.” And so it seems at present, as seen from Beijing. Chinese diplomats stationed all over the world spend their time raising the stakes to a dangerous level. Following instructions from the very top, they have taken to the media to issue a challenge to America, to point out its failure, and to compare the chaos in American cities and hospitals with what they see as a singular success in stopping the epidemic in China.”


    tick tock

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    so what a bunch of fat unhealthy fucks die

    they can always self-isolate and use the time to think about their poor choices in life

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  5. Tfat makes a good point . One trip to Wally World drives it home . 400 pound welfare queens with their horde of niglets in tow . And losing a few of them is gonna’ do what to the economy ?

    • THOSE are not the real source of the problem. Look instead to the tribe who elevate them to your Masters!

      • no, but these parasites are helping the jew drain the blood of the productive class and both must be eliminated if the host is to survive

    • …just so you and everyone else knows, we went briefly to town yesterday (zip 87901): wife went into the local Wal-Mart (with gloves and mask) and I sat in the parking lot – have to say when Tfat becomes president (I’ll vote for him) I i’ll petition him to bar older people from wearing shorts, tank tops and ‘flip flops’ (getting warmer here in southwest central New Mexico). I am thinking that if this is the best ‘they’ have to offer locally here, we out here in very rural NM (with farms/cattle) don’t have too much to worry about (re-adjusting my appraisal of future possibilities). Don’t misunderstand, I am 73 (retired) but own a small ranch (life choice) and work my ass off here and wonder about those who made the choice to live ‘easier and softer’. One always has to pay the butchers bill I suspect. Town dead (probably a poor choice of words) with most local business’ closed. Went into the local Tractor Supply Company to pick up some chicken scratch: asked a clerk how business was and he said better than it has ever been (locally). Too many people with not enough to do I guess – just wait until summer if the shit storm keeps going at the same ……

      • tfA-t asks not for your vote- only your support

        there will be no more “representatives”

        only men who will lead their own lives- unmolested by agents of tyrants

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    • Johnny Paratrooper

      Hurt Foreigner Leaders and Corporations.

      Which is exactly what started the first revolution in the USA.

    • Hoax Spotter

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  6. Sorry Karl, you lost me when the “Hero” of the book turned out to be a Pot Head Dope Fiend. I chucked the book in the trash half way through.

    I have spent enough time dealing with dopers to know they would have a tough time organizing a goat rope.

  7. Cheezwhiz76

    I bought the kindle editon of Faction (based on CA’s last post about this book) and I absolutely loved it. Read it in a week or so each night before bed, and was left wishing Dahl writes another terrific book like this one. If you like Matt Bracken, John Ross, prepper fiction in general, you owe it to yourself to check out Karl Dahl’s Faction NOW!!! Loaded with interesting, useful info for the upcoming festivities. You won’t be disappointed!