Two From Aesop

Go Clean Your Garage

Math Update And Ventilator Numbers

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  1. Sound advice.
    Stop being morons, get with the program and let’s fuck this thing.

  2. I had posted a link to my blog post on pressure canning that I had posted in 2016. Now might be a good time to revisit that. And a caveat as I had stated over at Aesop’s blog – a pressure canner for safely canning food for long term storage is NOT the same as your Insta-Pot “pressure canner”.
    The blog post also has a link to community run commercial canning sites, and how to go about accessing that resource. Using a community commercial site would be most effective for groups that can make best use of the time and large scale equipment.

  3. Regarding case counts and ventilators, the goat in the anaconda has always been the staffing, as Aesop continually points out, but which none of TPTB that love to bloviate on teh TeeVee ever address.
    Similar to the “Troop to Task” ratio of trying to lockdown all of the FUSA, which people with actual military service tell me is the goat in the anaconda for that.

  4. For homeschooling, if you can find it, I would highly recommend the “Nebraska Curriculum for English”. It was a series starting in Grade 1 all the way to the equivalent of AP/Honors Grade 12. I was not able to buy all the years, some people donated to me, and I had been able to find the missing years/units in the ERIC database. I now see that the ERIC database has been updated, and that any resources published prior to 2001 have been deleted/removed. The Nebraska Curriculum incorporates alot of Western Civ and even bible passages for essay writing. I have not seen physical copies available on Amazon for a while, a few were available on EBay, but this is what you should keep your eye out for:

    For primary school math, I recommend the Singapore Math series. Other homeschooling families like Saxon Math, but I felt Singapore Math set them up better for future STEM studies.

    We in the Redoubt need to start archiving, saving and sharing digital copies of pre-1965 Western Civilization oriented curriculum for our children and our grandchildren. I have saved alot of materials, and would definitely consider contributing to the project. Pre-fuxated public school history and civics books would be worthwhile additions as well. I am happy to scan and save, but I am not the technical go-to person to make this happen for a wider audience.

    • Maffs B Hard Fo Niggas

      Saxon was my freshman year college algebra instructor. He had his own publishing company because “the math establishment” as he put it was loathe to actually train kids to do math because his method is built on repetition, not arcana, so he couldn’t get his books published by the textbook establishment so he did it himself, and the rest is history. As far as Saxon not suitable for STEM, that’s 100% horseshit. I’m a BSME and nearly all the kids in my class were STEM majors, and that was in 1978. He was an Air Force officer, WW2 and Korean War pilot and was hard-ass squared away and G2G. His curriculum is highly recommended. Maffs is a tool and Saxon’s method is exactly what’s required to train maffs practitioners.

    • I thought you were back east when did you make the move out west???

  5. The guv actually put up the barricades on my street (and everyone else’s street) this morn. There is no more prepping. We are basically in a concentration camp now. Time to break the glass. When do they come for the guns.
    How many more days of the internet.
    So long.
    It’s been good to know ya…
    Rain man…….

  6. Follow the medical mafia who have presided over the American people going from virile to slobs in two generations? This is their record on life-expectancy –
    To be sure individual choice has an effect too,but we do not have a health care system but a disease care system.
    Not a cent is spent by the Medical/ Pharma combine on education related to nutrition or prevention.Trauma care here is outstanding still.
    None of these talking heads from Fauci on down has a thing to say about building up the immune system. It couldn’t be that they are Malthusians and want us all dead right?
    No, it’s get with the program, be a good slave and turn in your neighbor. Old Stasi and KGB relics are sitting in their rocking chairs hanging their heads in shame thinking – ‘ a fucking virus – why didn’t I think of that?

  7. “In perspective, it’s nearly a year’s worth of U.S. combat deaths from WWII, in just 2 more weeks, if it rolls out that way.”

    This doesn’t put it in perspective, it skews perspective.

    • Yes it does.

      This is all about skewing perspectives for political gain, and Americans of good will are trying to do the right thing, while those that want power are exploiting them.

      It’s tragic. It is proper to try and beat this virus, or slow it down until a vaccine can be developed. My family and I will continue to do our part, FWIW. Thankful it is Sunday, and we can still worship our God, even if it is over the internet.

      • “we can still worship our God, even if it is over the internet.”

        This is so f’n retarded…
        Fake and gay, like everything else these days

        • peepul who still believe in some all powerful god have not only IFF’d themselves as fools and suckers, they will also be the ones to turn you in “because the right thing to do”

          kinda folks…

          there is no wrong thing to do if it works…

  8. Supercharging a SARS virus in order to study it and then it making it out of the lab makes sense. Also the government funded research that is going on in these labs have both the labs and the government having an interest in not telling the people that it was a bio-engineered virus.

    There is a counter-narrative to the bio-engineered virus theory:

    Theory that Coronavirus Escaped from a Lab Lacks Evidence – The pathogen appears to have come from wild animals, virologists say, and there are no signs of genetic manipulation in the SARS-CoV-2 genome. (Mar 5, 2020 article)

    NYTimes and others are calling this a “Fringe Theory of Coronaviruss Origins” (Feb. 18, 2020 article)

    There is obviously still a lot of denial out there about how bad this is.

    There are also Twitter posts with the hashtags #FilmYourHospital and #FilmYourHospitals that appear to show empty hospitals with the implied message that ‘If there are a lot of sick people then where are they?’ that are being posted around on Twitter and on Facebook:

    Obviously filming the outside of a hospital does not tell you what is going on inside the hospital and walking around the outside of the hospital for a while isn’t the same as sitting outside where you can see the emergency entrance and tracking the ambulances that pull up over a 12 or 24 hour period.

  9. 80,000 dead in the US by April 19th. Marked it on the calendar.

  10. 2 words for gubmint troll known as Aesop, OK Doomer!