New Woodpile’s Here!


4 responses to “New Woodpile’s Here!

  1. Lester Diamond

    There’s a winner in the Woodpile! Used my free peanut butter coupon earlier and there was a wymyn reminding a comrade about their mask slipping.
    Coffee filters! Good thing I have a small cardboard box full of them and a few containers of coffee.
    The ten dollar coffee maker is up there with the printing press for all around goodness.
    I’m surprised no one has robbed some place of business while wearing a mask.
    The dullards have grown so dependent that even the criminal class has become subpar.
    There are some sketchy looking police forces at the Sack N’ Save with Highland High School police with red shirts and some from towns several counties away.
    The local hospital has its own police force but they are busy babysitting cultural enrichers at this time.
    Peanut butter, toilet paper, potable water, protein rich foods, these will be the new currency of the Great Leap Forward redux.
    Are you not wildly entertained by the equality über alles banana republic in action!

  2. There goes the Upper…

    “Detroit hospitals have asked War Memorial in recent days to send health-care staff to provide relief and to also take on some of their patients”

    At least 617 people had died of COVID-19 in Michigan, nearly triple the 233 deaths in (ALL of) Canada.

  3. lolzozozozoo. (((it’s))) all so blatantly obvious

    So hard after one wakes up. Can’t unsee it.