CHS: Eras End

And the changes are wrenching.

Be tough.

Be wise.

Be a builder.

Not a destroyer.

There are enough of those already.

13 responses to “CHS: Eras End

  1. sorry

    everything will and must be destroyed- no matter who wins..

    there’s nothing worth saving at this point as it has all proven not to work.

    from the ashes there will rise a phoenix

    a new beginning will take hold

    the only question is what version that will be

    enslavement or enlightenment

    it’s really up for grabs at this point. the establishment has ideas- but ideas never work out exactly as planned. one misstep,
    one unforeseen event- one man with a rifle…

    tfA-t will be there to witness it all

  2. CA Warrior

    Sitrep from here in the central highlands of Eastern CA:

    People in my AO are on fire furious with gov nuisance and his minions. At the start of this he had the nerve to put out that over 25 million people would be infected and hospitals/medical centers would be overwhelmed. Did not happen. In fact our county of over 130K has a grand total of 30 cases. THIRTY! The most dishonest part is that co health will not say if any of these 30 required hospitalization.

    You all may have heard something about alleged asymptomatic carriers who will spread the virus like wildfire. That’s the whole reason for entire state lockdown, right? I have personal knowledge of two incidents that directly disprove this. Both involve visits to medical facilities. In each case, the patient arrived and was triaged outside the facility for temperature, heartrate, general appearance, etc. Screeners were fully outfitted with PPE and gowns. Both patients go in for their appointments, and once inside, NO ONE, not even the doctor, PA, and techs are wearing PPE. Gloves only.

    Wait a minute, WAIT A DAMN MINUTE!! How can they be sure these two patients are not carrying the virus, and infecting everyone in the facilities??

    The answer is this is a false narrative designed to keep We The People locked down in fear and anxiety. More and more people are out on the road and around town each day. No one knows anyone who knows anyone who is the least bit sick. People are figuring out the lies, and are ready to explode.

    Also I am going in for a followup prodecure at the local hospital next week. They called me yesterday to schedule and put me on for next week……as in 7 days from today. Hey wait I said to the scheduler, I thought your facility was overloaded and was not handling routine cases. No she said, we are operating normally. No delays, no overwhelming patient load.

    My associates and I call BS on this entire event. Interesting that Trump election, Trump collusion, Trump Ukraine, Covid19 all come one right after another with no overlap and no gaps. HHMMMM said the people who are paying attention.

  3. “Be a builder, not a destroyer.”
    Masthead material for time immemorial.

    Godspeed, All.

  4. “every living unit will of course have its own bathroom and kitchen”

    sorry, Charlie….the Eternal Jew intends for Whites to not live at all.

    “….that the pandemic has unleashed”

    no, Charlie….since there is no “pandemic”, it cannot have unleashed anything. The “pandemic” is a convenient cover for the latest multi-trillion debt-buck bailout of (((Wall Street))) and shifting all the bad debt from private to public,

    and a simultaneous wipe-out and debt-expropriation of white main street by the Jew-owned central banking system and shabbatz goy political class.

    proof? while Main Street strangles and tens of millions of ordinary people go broke and unemployed, the (((Wall Street))) top-down debt-monetized Jew’Ponzi is now spiraling back upward.

    Drumpf: “best economy Evuh!”

  5. “QE Forever! Buy all the things!” -Zombie Jerome Powell

    BTW allegedly the beaners balked at production cuts in yest opec deal. Brent hasn’t cratered so not sure if the headline is a lie or folks waiting to see if AMLO really does flip off oil cartel.

  6. local local local

  7. Can we truly end globalism? Do we really need it to prevent another world war with 80 million of the best white men dying?

    Can we nuke China and the brown Middle East countries, cut off Africa from all contact, let the bottom 40% of useless eaters starve, and thereafter have a white utopia?

    Would China obliterate us in a real war?

    Can we ever get back to a system that only lets white men who own property (or pay taxes) vote?

    I don’t know the answers.

    I do know that the problem is that we are a world ruled by hysteria women and jews. Neuroticism is the official law of the land. Think about it.

    Neuroticism IS Judaism.

    Book of Esther. It’s all right there. Purim.

    • What vapid bullshit.

      I can’t imagine a life miserable enough to blame every problem on an imaginary boogieman.

      Flipping pathetic.

  8. The Sanhedrin is not imaginary, but the Jew experts focus on only that. They obtusely refuse to look beyond to the other heads of the hydra.
    Same with the Muslim experts, Chicom experts and on and on. Multi-disciplinary study is a thing.