Let’s See If The Joisey Guys Are As Tough As They Claim

Fox: New Jersey Department of Health shuts down Atilis Gym

Listen, damnit.

You are being transformed from a citizen to a resident to an inmate in the continental prison system known as the former USA.

You are already marked and in process.

And you had better realize that not a single damned politician or politician’s enforcer fears you in the way they must if you are to survive.

Prison rule #1: Never, ever let somebody make you his bitch.

Hypothetical application:

– Mobility kills on the vehicles (tire valves and on up on the force spectrum); warn the local cops to go home.

– Next level of escalation: Accelerant wetdown of responding officers without ignition; advise local cops that such is their last warning.

– Next level: When the ass-kicking police response is effected, counter as circumstances require on guilty parties in the executive, judicial, and legislative branches.

These people are willing to beat you unconscious, imprison you for assaulting an officer, and go after your families by any means available.

BAMN ’em right back.

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