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Waco 25

Bovard wields the flamethrower. Never forget the USG’s lessons learned from Waco: 1. There is no such thing as too much cover-up. 2. A massive fire solves many issues. Remember both lessons for the Coming Excitement.

PHS: ATF on the Chopping Block Again, So Brace for Waco 2

An important post. Read it and share it. It ain’t over. It ain’t even started yet.

Waco Biker Massacre: 48 Indicted

Guess how many were police? WROL.

Codrea: Secrecy surrounds Waco biker shootout investigation

I am sure it’s because of officer safety. Or something. #ifthecoverupisitselfacoverupwhyisntitthetruth UPDATE 0950EDT 15SEP2015: See also this piece and the embedded links below it for current and historical information.

More Waco

Where there are gag orders, there is injustice. Your tax dollars at work, eh, Texicans?

Codrea: Waco Biker Autopsy Reports Released – Without Ballistics Reports

Surprised? You shouldn’t be.

Breitbart: Waco PD Story Re Biker Shootings Unravels

Only one person is surprised:   BTW, if you are so naïve as to think that Team Freedom cannot and will not be targeted using the same tactics as LE uses against bikers, please adminster a mild curative to yourself: … Continue reading

What Waco Police Still Won’t Reveal About the Biker-Gang Shootout

There’s only one reason not to be releasing information. It will be harmful to Wa-co-po-po. Maybe Hillary’s server farm has some disk space. Otherwise, the memory hole beckons….

Supplemental To Waco Biker Story

From over the transom.

Waco Biker Outrage: Promise Not To Sue Waco PD Or We Won’t Reduce Your Bond

H/t MB via Twitter for this snippet of Blue Gang shenanigans: Update Waco “Twin Peaks” Shooting – Waco Authority Demanding Liability Waivers Prior To Bond Reductions… Don’t you expect to be treated any better.

Mike McNulty, Waco Mythbuster – RIP

H/t to Ms. Wolfe for the link to this Jim Bovard obit on the man who did the most to trash The Official Narrative about Waco. Murderers. Who have and will again do more of the same. Doubters need to … Continue reading

>Vanderboegh: A Quick Note to Waco Jim

>13 July 2008 Special Agent in Charge James CavanaughBureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and ExplosivesNashville Field Division5300 Maryland WaySuite 200Brentwood, Tennessee 37027via email: re: Taxpayer Complaint Dear “Waco Jim”: I am writing you this evening to complain about the … Continue reading

>Why Waco Still Matters

>From this article, posted at Bill St. Clair: ***So long as public opinion regarding such incidents as Waco remains as pro-state as it is, we have a long ways to go toward recapturing the spirit of the American Revolution in … Continue reading

The Cuck Screams As He Wishes You Deplorables Dead

Wimp womp womp. I’d be a lot better disposed to moderates if they would honestly account for what both wings of the Uniparty did to the America of my birth over the past 25 years. It’s dead now. And they … Continue reading


Thread on the FBI, Waco, and an utterly-corrupt FedGov institution that needs to be razed like Mt. Carmel two days after the assault.

Crimes Against Humanity

Via Gab.

Another Great Design

Maybe for delivery to the SAC of your local BATFE office? It is a holiday for them, after all. Order info here.

Never Forget

Order yours here.

Book Review

Here Backgrounder from Hardy, plus buying info. Another classic from Hardy: Google ebook Waco backgrounder by Hardy

Attkisson: As The Walls Close In, The FBI Lashes Out At Its Antagonists

NKVD lite. For now.