Codevilla: The Tipping Point

Rise of the Permanent (Losing) War Class.

Fortunately, the PRC just faded away, along with MacArthur.

War With Russia?

ZH: Is The Us Preparing For War With Russia?


Aesop: Latest Thoughts On Ebola

Where The Problem Is

Do The Math – 2019 Version

Scoff or incorporate into your plans.

Choose wisely.

The Leeches In The Limelight

Some great quotes here.


– We’re screwed
– There’s gonna be a fight
– No one is coming to save us
– Let’s win

Any questions?

Best To Have Some Alternate Plans For 2020

Via Gab.

Open Thread

Have to go make the doughnuts.

More later.

Aesop: Trust But Verify

His latest.

Z Blog: Regulating The Public Space

Changes in form.

The socialist substance remains the same.


CHS: The Self-Destructive Trajectory of Overly Successful Empires

Deputy Commissar For Public Delusion Greenwood says not to read this demoralizing piece.

America will always be the greatest nation on Earth.

Just like Britain.

Or Rome.

GoV: Stoking Herkimer

The Baron takes a big-picture perspective on The Brave New World now under construction.

What are you doing now to teach resistance thought and skills to folks 20 or even 40 years younger than you?

Here’s one idea.

What are others?

Tempus fugit.


VD calls BS.

How does Iran benefit by such an attack?

Who does benefit?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Aesop: Told Ya So

RTWFT, including comments.


Stone: Michelle Obama Will Be The 2020 Dem Nominee

Tell me Globohomo would not grand mal orgasm over the first black trans Prez.


Nothing but clowns.

But…But…Who Will Pay The Road Pirates?

above and below:

History’s Frivolous-Heroic Cycles and “Ranczo”

An interesting view of a traditional land, via a (for the Poles at least) Peak Globohomo television series.

May the rural American South and West retain its soul as Poland (and the other Visegrad nations) are doing.

Lind: The Costs Of Threat Inflation

Madness, in Iran and elsewhere.

Meanwhile, FUSA’s southern border is porous and virtually undefended.

This is imperial decrepitude.

And it always ends badly.

Fully Automated Luxury Communism

Beyond parody.

FUSA and the West will get fully-automated AI/robotic Bolshevism, for sure.

And the Party oligarchs will get the luxury.

Current Year

Via Gab.

Fred: On The Stupid

“Idiocracy” was prophecy.

Plan accordingly.

New Woodpile’s Here!