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  1. We are beginning to hear voices of those who are opposed to the private ownership of firearms propose that the Second Amendment be repealed, imagining the Federal Government to then be free to infringe on the right to keep and bear arms. This is a misguided notion uttered by those who either do not understand the intent of both the Founders and the written Constitution, or those whose intent it is to deceive the populace. In the case of former Supreme Court Justice Stevens, I suspect it is the later.
    Were the Second Amendment repealed, or even if it never existed, the Federal Government would still be restricted from the purview of gun control. Well, that was the original intent of the Framers of the Constitution, and “original intent” is supposed to be the guideline when the Supreme Court (and it’s lower courts) makes an “interpretation”.
    James Madison, the “Father of the Constitution,” was initially opposed to the idea of a “Bill of Rights” being amended to the Constitution. Not that he was opposed to the provisions of the ten amendments that comprise the Bill of Rights. Madison’s view was that if a power was not specifically enumerated in the Constitution, then it was not within the purview of the new central government he and the other Founders were creating. Madison considered the addition of a bill of rights would be redundant. Madison stated, “The powers delegated by the proposed Constitution to the federal government are few and defined…”
    Still, knowing a government’s tendency to usurp powers not specifically denied it, the faction demanding that a bill of rights be amended to the Constitution (The Anti-Federalists) stood their ground, and The Bill of Rights was amended to the Constitution.
    Today, the majority of citizens do not understand the true purpose of The Bill of Rights, and this shortcoming can be laid directly at the feet of the public education system that promotes the leftist notion of rights being dispensations from the government. Take for example, how often do you hear someone say, “The First Amendment gives me the right to say….” or “The Second Amendment gives me the right to have…”? No, neither Amendment gives you the right. According to the Founder’s vision of America, you already have the right. The Amendments are actually restrictions on the new central government the Founders were creating, prohibiting it from infringing on your right to speak your mind or to keep and bear arms. In fact, the Bill of Rights could more appropriately be called “The Bill of Restrictions”. Outside of protections in the realm of jurisprudence, where a citizen may find himself contested with the government, the Bill of Rights confers no rights. Instead, each of the Amendments that comprise the Bill of Rights is restriction put upon the government, binding and limiting it’s power to those enumerated within the Constitution, and the Tenth Amendment sums it up by telling the government, “And if there is anything we have failed to mention, you are restricted from that as well.”
    The Bill of Rights was an additional safeguard added to the Constitution, designed to protect the inalienable rights citizens of the United States are presumed to have. It’s what makes America unique. A repeal of any Amendment would not change that. Those who are calling for a repeal of the Second Amendment, with the notion that the Federal Government would then be free to regulate the right to keep and bear arms, are the ones the Anti-Federalists were wary of. And they obviously were right. – DARoberts

  2. Was unable to leave a reply to your March 30th article “A Huge Caravan Of Central Americans Is Headed For The US, And No One In Mexico Dares To Stop Them” so some of my thoughts regarding Pueblos Sin Fronteras are old news by now.

    However, I did follow a bunny trail, from the Buzzfeed link
    (https://www.buzzfeed.com/adolfoflores/a-huge-caravan-of-central-americans-is-headed-for-the-us?utm_term=.lg3M6jNGE#.ljDM160z4 )

    which mentions the director of Pueblos Sin Fronteras, Irineo Mujica, and two organizers of the march: Rodrigo Abeja, and Alex Mensing. Looking for more details on those names, we find an article (https://www.telesurtv.net/english/news/-A-Refugee-Caravan-from-Central-America-Set-to-Confront-Trump–20170502-0043.html ) which tells us that Mensing is also a paralegal at the University of San Francisco’s Immigration and Deportation Defense Law Clinic.

    A search for their website brings us here, https://www.usfca.edu/law/professional-skills/law-clinics/immigration-deportation and I urge you to peruse the list of full time faculty.

    Pueblos Sin Fronteras seems to be a strong hand in this enterprise, but the faculty of the USF Immigration and Deportation Defense Law Clinic may well be the brain, or at least the intellectual underpinning. Alex Mensing, styled as a paralegal at that institution, may also be one of these professors’ graduate students, or a post-doc doing an internship. These are very smart and dedicated people, and they are sending their influence out into the world in the form of the students they reach.

    This caravan may be getting broken up piecemeal now (https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-04-04/daily-dose-irony-mexico-deports-400-caravan-marchers-entering-country-illegally ) , but will it be the last?

  3. Hi CA,

    It looks like the deepstate is making it’s move only against American’s Freedom of Speech and association via this:

    (Backpage and affiliate websites have just been sized by the ‘just-us’ department and related orc central parasite class tentacles)
    You will see the blanket statement pop up in place of the website.

    They’re most likely using the ‘we’re doing it for the children and to stop prostitution/’trafficking of women’ bullshit. What it really accomplishes is to put an immediate freeze on Free Speech and the right of association. It also puts an immediate freeze on the ability of gunowners to contact each other to engage in private sales via advertising their guns online.

    As Martin Neimoiler might have said:

    “They came for the prostitutes, and I did not stand up and speak out for them…then they silenced the gun culture and there was no one left to speak out for me.”

    IMHO this goes way beyond a “shot across the bow” for all of us that love Freedom and Liberty, it’s a declaration of war by the parasite class!

    Whay say you?

  4. Let’s recognize that it was indeed communists who are responsible for the demise of our American nation and the dire evils introduced by them in order to divide our White American people, and we should not forget that the founders and almost of the communists are jews, a part of international jewry, and international communism. Don’t overlook the “Similar documentation for Canada | Britain | France | Holland | Ireland”, with more countries shown at the bottom of that page linked below.


  5. We need to get the word out;


    This can happen anywhere. It is an act of war!

  6. Codrea should restore access to his blog. The ISP may have a problem, they need to get on fixing it. They’ve probably been hacked.

  7. European American

    Trump is a Genius and miles ahead of everyone, except for his team mate, V. Putin, who he planned out this false flag attack with, brilliantly.
    Don’t believe me? Here, let Dave explain how it worked and why. Wake up, folks, get on board. (Those who believe that Trump is a traitor have been brainwashed by the same cartel that they claim to be so strongly opposed to.)

    What you see and hear is NOT what is happening…

    And while we are on the subject, let SGT explain why the Zionist, Satanic Deep State is totally freaking out. Trump is about to expose (25,000 indictments) their vile, hideously Satanic ways. Ever heard of “Pedovore”? Get used to it, it’s running rampant around the globe and HRC has been first in line…
    Pedovore: The Horror is systemic and global

  8. “Capital Chatter: Reflections from a 2nd Amendment rally….

    The tone.

    That’s what struck me about Saturday’s Second Amendment rally at the Oregon Capitol.

    The tone was gracious.

    Unlike so many political or social-issue rallies at the Capitol, the organizer didn’t set out to demonize the opposition. And because gun rights is such a fractious yet important issue in our society, I’m devoting most of today’s column to the rally.

    Kevin Conzo, who founded Good Guys With Guns, began the midday event by apologizing for “any negativity I have shown the opposition.”

    Speaking about the young people who mobilized for gun control following the school massacre in Parkland, Fla., he said: “These young, energetic youth are our future. We can disagree with their viewpoint; however, at GGWG we will not tolerate bullying of any kind. After all, their cohesive push, their stand for what they believe in, is giving them a common purpose to be inclusive.

    “This is what the country needs. This is what Oregone needs – Orygun.”

    Conzo, a recent transplant to Oregon, hails from Boston.

    He went on: “GGWG disagrees with their assessment of the issues. We feel a person’s individual liberty guaranteed them under the Second Amendment is the right to protect oneself. If they so choose to do that with kung fu or a firearm, that is their personal choice, not the government’s.

    “I urge you, do not take the tools of defense away from the millions of good guys by continually restricting or eliminating the sales of any tools of defense. They’re constantly being used by criminals on an offensive level. When there is a threat to our safety, these are the very tools good people need … whom you will wish had the means to protect you.”

    That is a legitimate viewpoint, regardless of whether you agree. Yet too often, people on either side of the guns, Second Amendment and public safety debates are characterized as extremist by the opposition.

    Opposing ballot measure: Saturday’s rally drew about 300 people to the Oregon World War II Memorial in Willson Park on the west side of the Capitol. A string of speakers, ranging in age from high school to retirement, spoke for the Second Amendment and against a potential state ballot measure — Initiative Petition 43 — that would require registration of currently owned semi-automatic rifles and high-capacity magazines, and would ban their future sale.

    Despite universal support for gun-ownership rights, not everyone spoke favorably of the NRA.”


    This article is not from a pro or anti gun site. Fair reporting is so rare today.

    IMHO this is an example of how when done right rallies can work for our cause!

  9. Anybody having trouble accessing Bill Bupperts site? I keep getting err name not resolved. It appears it’s only me but it’s odd, never had trouble before.

      • Thanks Pete, sure do miss the comments (just found these yesterday!) but have a lot more time for important stuff now. Just got word I have TWO new grandbabies on the way! I will direct them in the old paths like all the rest. Keep on keepin’ on!

        • Congratulations and blessings to all.

          • Not only do I miss those comments but the back and forth was very entertaining . My Fat Bastard Scotch/Irish humor was tantalized more than a few times by the playful banter . The most humorous thing though is CA’s avatar . There has to be a story there . The pic cracks me up every time I embiggen it . Spell check has apparently not yet jumped on the Trump Train . They highlighted Embiggen . Damn ! My belly hurts . Humor can be a curse but I take it as a medicine . Enjoy the decline and go with your boots on .

  10. “More than 2,000 people rallied at the Washington State Capitol in the “March for Our Rights” to defend the Second Amendment, open-carry freedom, and voice their opposition to gun-control proposals….

    Aryeh Rohde says he’s been called a gun-crazy racist and a potential shooter for promoting gun rights.

    The junior at South Whidbey High School organized a counterprotest last month on Whidbey Island when other students participated in a school walkout over gun violence. He said the principal shut down his protest and told everyone to go back to class.

    Rohde was invited to speak at a pro-gun rally Saturday in Olympia, where demonstrators filled the north steps of the Capitol and called for resistance to new gun laws.

    “I come out and see people like this and it gives me a lot of inspiration. This feels amazing,” said Rohde, 16……


  11. Any vehicle for article submission? This latest piece on grip pods and their awesomeness is a hefty display of lack of knowledge, for example.

      • Do they swivel (cant)? If not, how useful are they on uneven surfaces?

        Is ideal mounting location (for “grip) forward enough to have a respectably long distance between front and rear support (for “bipod”)? If not, how negative is their influence on accuracy? For accuracy, bipods are mounted as far forward as reasonably achievable, and should allow as low a shooting position as possible. I have seen people using grippods and they seem especially ineffective as bipods.

        Article on riflery inbound sometime soon. Thanks!

  12. Link to americanpartisan.org is not working, says “site not found”

    • Never mind. It appears the link was not working in Firefox nor Chrome browsers for awhile, working now

  13. so much for the “hero” status of the once vaunted special farces commymunity…


    i never thought much of those guys and don’t think they’re worth the taxpayers $ that’s wasted on them.

  14. I see that all posts are now “Comments are closed”.

  15. I figured you’d handle WRSA properly…ha, right again. I think you did; ‘course I don’t know the stats nor the individual goals. So now there’s AP, but at least there’s division of labor there. Looks great too; probably that’s important.

    No doubt that’s how it’ll go when these guys finally settle on the Big Plan…different but the same. Plan for everyone else, natch. More likely they’ll never settle and just keep waiting. See what the other guy does. Doesn’t sound like living to me but hey, to each their own.

    Anyway, nice to see nice. Kudos, General.

  16. Dear Editors of WRSA,

    Would you please publicize the candidacy of Patrick Little, who is running against Dianne Feinstein for Senate in CA? He is running FIRST among the Republicans, and if he gets the Republican spot, he can really bring attention to two important issues – our Zionist Occupied Government and the USS Liberty attack. This guy is red-pilled that the Israelis control our government, and he is pissed about the USS Liberty. He is a Marine, and I wrote a post about him. I would love to see him debate Dianne Feinstein on stage and bring up these issues.



  17. Bonaventure

    Is it me, or is this place just not the same w/o comments? Completely understand the reasons why they were disabled, but a little color commentary goes a long way.

  18. I have articles if your interested – Was told to ask for Pete, the moderator…

  19. Have sent you an email.

  20. Worth watching and re-posting:
    “The Tyranny Agenda: Complete EXTERMINATION of all conservatives” by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger.

  21. Hadenoughalready

    I may have missed it but why are the comments closed on so many recent articles?

  22. Attention all lovers of history as it happens! You won’t see this reported in the deep state press but there’s a nationwide John Galt moment occurring in Brazil where the truckers, all of them, have been on strike for over a week and major commerce has ground to a halt. The only materials claimed to be let through is medicinal. Gas, food, milk, useless and useful goods are not moving from the point of manufacture or import. Why? Because the deep state here wants to tax diesel fuel in daily increments until it’s risen by roughly 48%. The powers that be took a serious hit when the scams involving the national petroleum company was unvered and the increases are to “balance the ledger” to accomodate the billions stolen. Seems like they went a bridge too far on that one. Snug up your Portuguese goggles and wander over to redeglobo.com

  23. Keep up the good work – 🙂

    “Every man to his family and his possessions”

  24. Looks like The Zman is suspended:


  25. I’ve been searching for fictional short story I thought I read here.
    The basic plot is Hillary is president and a number of states have succeeded from the union. The “new” Hillary army tries to prepare the millennials to fight. but are way out of their league.
    Any links anyone can provide would be appreciated.
    Thought it might be a Matt Bracken short story, but i just cannot seen to find it.

  26. To the Editors of WRSA,

    I wrote another post about Patrick Little, who is running for Senate in CA against the witch Feinstein. The election is in 5 days. If he comes in second (which he is in now), he can bring up issues like the USS Liberty attack for 5 months with the MSM. Would you please ask your readers in CA to vote for him? Thanks.

  27. Remember about going slow with the normies?

    Here is the audio book:
    Hillary’s America/Chronicles Shocking Documentary/Movie!!

    “Every man to his family and his possessions”

  28. ghostsniper

    OK, why are there no more comments here?
    Yes, I’m late to the party.

  29. More on the Killdozer, there’s a number of videos of it in action. This one has more extensive narration.

  30. James Laffrey

    A brother goes the next and necessary step.
    Please see

    If you once visited him and thought he went “too far,” please re-assess reality — theft by banking, theft by mandated insurance, theft by government, all the big media and government as partners in lies about 9/11, about what Israel is and does, immigration-invasion.

    And please think: When the enemy is killing us, what is our only path to permanent victory over that enemy?

  31. I’m sorry you deleted comments. I assume you had to. I wanted to mention that Suvorov has a more recent book out than Icebreaker (which is expensive and rare) called “The Chief Culprit: Stalin’s Grand Design” which covers the same material. I’ve read it and it’s a good read and well researched.

  32. Wow!

  33. Heh…

  34. Remember the West Point graduate with the “Communism Will Win” message in his hat? He’s no longer in the military: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/06/19/west-point-grad-who-posed-with-communism-will-win-in-cap-discharged.html

  35. Gun control HaHaHa

    Well worth the 8 minutes on 3D printing

  36. This is on point… The self sabotage people want to take
    others with their wretched lives.



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