Personal freedom, political liberty, and free speech.

Defended by force of arms, if necessary.


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  1. Hello WRSA,
    I’ve read your site for years, appreciated it and the many links available. Is there a reason Liberty’s Torch dropped off your link column? I like Fran’s work also. “http://bastionofliberty.blogspot.com/” I am not a techie, so if there are platform issues, I’m ignorant to such.
    Best Regards, ML27

  2. Image just emailed to the WRSA address.

  3. http://saintpetersblog.com/hillsborough-sheriff-hopeful-chad-chronister-says-ms-13-gang-not-much-threat/

    The majority of Hillsborough Republicans asked him about guns. Kathy Brown said that if he’s appointed sheriff, he’s sworn to uphold the Constitution, but wanted to know what he would do if the “edict comes down from the federal government to take away your guns.”

    “If it comes down from the federal government, my jurisdictional powers won’t overrule the federal government,” he responded. “I have to follow the law, and I know that’s not the answer you want to hear,” he said.

    Brown walked away slowly.

  4. Your site has not been updated in days. Are you guys still active?

  5. If you want to know what the people who want to destroy history are really about just watch this new movie!


  6. Wicked Uncle Ernie

    Breakdown in civil order, coming soon to a neighborhood near you:


  7. Blue Collar Renaissance

    I think every patriot and blue collar American should stay home November 1 and do a John Galt type protest to all of this PC un American give me free stuff crap. Let everyone know who really runs the country and also it will let you know who you can truly count on if everything goes south. But if you chose to do this please do not share on social media or talk about it in public. Just share with like minded people and let it come as a surprise to the ignorant masses.

    Blue Collar Renaissance
    Semper Fi

  8. You have an email from FL Guy. Worth the watch ……

  9. CA, check out this link.


    Cat 5 shitstorm is brewing. Looks like an Article 94…but I defer to a better qualified assessment. General Ripper was right.

  10. Son of Virginia

    Please check the WRSA email address for an “over the transom” comment.

  11. Virginia Reenactors threatened – 14-15 Oct,
    We would like to make everyone aware that the Cedar Creek Battlefield Foundation has received a letter threatening bodily harm to attendants of this event.  With this in mind security has been increased and we ask that everyone work with us for a safe and enjoyable event.  Please pardon the inconvenience as you may experience increased security measures when enjoying the event.

  12. NOTICE for members in good standing of Oath Keepers, Open Carry Texas, Texas Three Percenters and ACT For America:

    The Safe Streets Project is conducting Ground Dominance training for patriot groups dealing with street unrest in their area. Taught by a former SWAT team leader, rendition interrogator and former PMC and “train the trainer” certified LEO instructor, the first event is in Austin, Texas on October 21-22.

    Please review and consider if your group would benefit from this training:


    CATI Armor (http://catiarmor.com) has generously donated a plate carrier and trauma pads to be raffled off at the event:


    For more details on the primary instructor Mr. Swift, you can review his bio and credentials here:



    Ivan Throne

  13. sent an email just now

  14. Probably the best interpretation of the field seviceable rifle I’ve seen. I have my own switch caliber using shouldered and prefit barrels. Even the action is serviceable without tools.

    With that concept in mind I build lt a take down ar15 using a drd tactical upper receiver and custom bartlien barrels in 223 Wylde and 6.5 Grendel. Takes about 20 seconds for me to break down and stow in a backpack.

    If interested I can post the results for accuracy and repeatability.

  15. A lot of good info on this site. Keep up the good work.

  16. Garry F. Owen, Trooper

    Sent an email with an attachment that I hope you find amusing

  17. A couple of updates to the blogroll at left:

    DumpDC: This link now points to a spam website.

    Jerry Pournelle: Sadly, Dr. Pournelle passed away in September. It’s up to you how long you want to list his blog.

  18. Matt Bracken on Hagmann – taped 11-14-17

    Jump to the 1:04:08 point

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