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  1. Ryan Bundy beaten and forcibly taken from cell to remove bullet evidence from his shoulder.


  2. speedmonkey 405

    Looking for recommendations for books on the Russian revolution, the Spanish Civil War & Bosnia per the suggestion on the banner several days ago.

  3. Gun Control – Coming Soon To Your Locale
    ~This is how it will happen~

    They won’t be going door to door as they’re too cowardly for that.

    Everybody will receive a certified letter in the mail stating that you must turn your firearms and ammo in to the nearest law enforcement establishment within 180 days and you will receive a tax voucher for $200 for each hand gun, $300 for each shotgun, $400 for each long gun, $100 for any amount of ammo or reloading products.

    When you renew any license you will sign a document stating you possess no firearms.

    When you renew any insurance policy you will sign that document.

    When you enroll your child in a school you will sign that document.

    The banks and the state and federal tax collectors will require you to sign that document.

    The media will broadcast a message continuously that if you are caught with a firearm or supplies you will be incarcerated at hard labor for a period of no less than 10 years in a federal penitentiary.

    The media will also run PSA’s that a reward of $1000 will be given to anyone providing direct information that leads to the conviction of any and all violators of the gun ban. Your family and friends and neighbors will become Quislings and turn your ass in. There will be many false alarms, revenge calls, etc.

    In 1 year the entire country will have become completely pussified and all of the honorable patriots will have been exterminated.

    Criminals from top to bottom will reign supreme.

  4. Hi CS,
    Red Ice Radio once interviewed Matt Bracken.
    They just published this interview today at:

  5. Howdy,
    Here’s a quote for your daily top banner:

    “He who can destroy a thing, controls a thing.”
    Paul Atreides, in Frank Herbert’s novel Dune.

  6. What happened to the links on your homepage?

  7. Does anyone but myself remember these guys? Seems Ryan has had a little accident…


  8. Hi. This is an article from The Burning Platform that you may want to publish.


    Thank you very much.

  9. Michael Grant

    Big club, you ain’t in it #794; AKA sure, $15 an hour will make us equal:

    FBI Director Comey was appointed a director (£95k a year) of HSBC in 2013, with a term through 2016. HSBC, if you recall, was convicted of laundering billions in drug money. HSBC gave $80 million to the Clinton foundation. One assumes Comey stepped down to become FBI Director.

    Yet people wonder why I don’t vote…

  10. Things are shaping up to become a true federal police state. Just as the whole show is seemingly on the verge of mayhem.


  11. Thane Eichenauer

    I recommend updating your blogroll. Radley Balko’s (The Agitator) probably should be pointed at:

  12. Dear Editors of WRSA,

    There is a writer you should be aware of named Porter. He writes at http://www.kakistocracyblog.wordpress.com. There are times when he is superb.
    Please look at this latest essay. I posted it at The Burning Platform.


  13. This is happening in “France.”
    “Who should guard the guards themselves?”

  14. Regarding secure computing devices (appropriate story is closed to comments on 2nd day): All of the modern mid- to top-end processors have built-in management capability that can double as a backdoor. Intel’s version is called “Active Management Technology”; AMD has something similar. Cellphones are likewise problematic with hardware and firmware typically designed to make push-updates easy for service providers and anyone who can coerce them.

    Using older devices may be an acceptable compromise for now, such as Thinkpads which have had their firmware reverse-engineered and replaced by open-source advocates. In the future, however, new devices will need to be used as the old break down.

    The best hope as I see it is to be aware of and if possible support the development of open hardware development where the user truly and fully owns the computing device. One promising enterprise is “Rhombus Tech”, working on very unexciting-looking hardware, but using a standardized approach which will not require vendor lock-in and allow competing manufacturers to improve the computational capacity as well as the rest of the benefits the use of an all-voluntary market provides.

    Security is hard to do right, and a false sense of security, I find, is the worst choice.

    http://rhombus-tech.net/ (EOMA68, best future plan)
    https://minifree.org (last-gen, open firmware)

  15. A twist of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels and the Sting


  16. Dear WRSA,

    Ive started a cottage holster business and would appreciate any feedback you may have on the product offerings.


    Should you see fit, any mention on WRSA would be greatly appreciated.

    (sent to hushmail as well)

  17. It would seem that all hell is unfolding at this point. ja?


    Exposed: FBI Director James Comey’s Clinton Foundation

  18. There was a open posted not too long ago called ‘stand’ it’s no longer on the website it was linked to. Anyone have it?

  19. Great top banner quote:
    Whatever civil disaster you’re prepping for, you’ll be right. – Ol’ Remus
    Woodpile Report 444

  20. This invite goes out to all readers of Sipsey Street Irregulars, from Dennis Olson, owner of TimeBomb2000.


    I just saw that your website has been shut down without notice or recourse. If any of you read this post and would be interested in joining here, you would be welcome. Simply send an email to:


    Use something like “membership request” in the subject, and in the body, supply two choices for board name, and an email address where you would be okay with occasional (once or twice a year) global emails from the site, as well as posting notifications.

    I hope at least some of you might decide to come over.

    We are entirely private, we own the server, and are beholden to no one. Membership is by request only to keep the trolling down. You can discuss any topic you like here. Speaking for myself, I would love to have you aboard.


  21. https://investmentwatchblog.com/corruption-fbi-director-james-comey-exposed-received-millions-from-clinton-foundation-on-their-corporate-partner-board-brother-works-for-law-firm-that-does-clinton-foundation-taxes-everyone-is-co/

    “…we’re moving on to other ways of managing the ionosphere, which the HAARP was really designed to do, was to inject energy into the ionosphere, to be able to actually control it.”


  22. long piece describing how the country is lost…. angelo codevilla’s analysis.http://www.claremont.org/crb/basicpage/after-the-republic/

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