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  1. Just sent a picture of an antenna attached to the telephone pole in front of my house. Thought you’d know the right people who could identify it for me.

  2. Goggled EFP and stumbled across this from Sweden tonight.

  3. PDF sent to your email.

  4. the murkins are weak and unable to separate their feelings from reality…

    ha ha ha

  5. An article about Google/YouTube’s response to UK PM May calling for increased censorship of the internet. Main issue: Google is creating a new category of content :

    “…we will be taking a tougher stance on videos that do not clearly violate our policies — for example, videos that contain inflammatory religious or supremacist content. In future these will appear behind an interstitial warning and they will not be monetised, recommended or eligible for comments or user endorsements. That means these videos will have less engagement and be harder to find. We think this strikes the right balance between free expression and access to information without promoting extremely offensive viewpoints.”

    ZH link: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-06-19/google-promises-bury-questionable-content

  6. Shinmen Takezo


    Please post this on the main board ASAP….


  7. Just a quick note to let you know SiriusXM channel XMU has brought up Trump and Republican healthcare, framed as a train wreck, with the message to call your representatives in DC.

  8. just wanted to give big thanks, never thought i would see bob marley lyrics in your banner. much Respect to all you provide. im not an “operator”, ex militry, first responder, weekend warrior, or anything else other than an american that values information of all kinds, thanks

  9. Review of book written in the 90s. Scary stuff

    You may have posted it before


  10. Email just sent from FL Guy. Cheerio.

  11. New dollar coin coming ? – email sent to WRSA – July 2

  12. Email from FL Guy sent. ( image )

  13. A pic of 2 CNN dogs sayin the Russians pooped in the hall

  14. Michael Gladius

    Here’s a video worth watching:

    Western bankers financed the soviet union. Who Knew?

  15. Two emails sent.

  16. I used to have a crush with Ellie May 🙂

  17. FL Guy has sent his personal review of Matt Bracken’s latest novel to the WRSA email address.

  18. FL Guy has sent you an email about Bracken’s latest interview on Hagman.
    OUTSTANDING analysis of what’s really happening in the deep state snake pit. Taped yesterday – 07-27-2017

    Matt starts at the 31:20 point….

  19. Would you rather your country be defeated through the slow cold conflict of cultural “revolution” or the hot chaotic tempo of kinetic conflict? In the cold conflict, the individual doesn’t stand a chance of survival and will die on their knees. In the hot conflict, there is the opportunity to die on ones feet.

  20. FL Guy has sent you an email on old and brand new reviews of the 15 + year old, proven and fleshed out SERBU .50 cal. BMG rifle. MOA accuracy for 1200 bucks. Made in Tampa, FL

  21. FL Guy has sent you an email concerning the WIS TV story that now confirms a group of black youths was specifically targeting young white women in Columbia, SC for kidnapping.

  22. Email sent. AU taskforce wants to nano-chip cash, make notes “expire”.

  23. Just emailed you an image.

  24. Emailed WRSA an updated image.

  25. email is enroute…..

  26. Civilian owned – really nice TA-4 photos emailed to you.

  27. Matt Bracken states that there will be shooting if the deep state forces Trump from office. Published Aug 8th – 11:35 min. interview.
    ( Matt does most of the talking here.)

  28. Florida Highway Patrol Major issues a two traffic citations per hour quota to his officers. One small problem, ticket quotas are illegal under state law.



  29. “Revolutions come from the left because that is where dictators are born with the desire to rule people. The right fosters the drive to freedom and the desire to be left alone.” Martin Armstrong 08-14-17

  30. FL Guy has sent WRSA an email

  31. FL Guy has sent WRSA an email image on “kit”.

  32. I heard on the radio that the Red Cross has taken up the antifa/BLM banner and is boycotting fundraisers at Mara Lago. I think this is a good time to suspend both monetary and blood donations to the Red Cross.

  33. FL Guy has emailed the WRSA address.

  34. Military’s annual physicals now require mental health assessments


    Starting this month, all members of the U.S. military will undergo mental health assessments as part of routine annual physicals.
    The assessments, which were mandated by Congress in the 2015 National Defense Authorization Act, started Aug. 1.




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