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  1. “Been following this guy Sean D, he lives near the Dam and has been posting live videos on Periscope about Oroville’s situation.

    You can follow him here…”


  2. Trump’s Melborne Florida Speech:

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  3. Oroville Damn – Live Feed

  4. I emailed wrsa at hushmail with photos of posters advertising for paid protesters, in Oakland CA.

  5. I emailed to your hushmail account links regarding Denver March 4th Rally/protesters

  6. This has application to current events in FUSA. The myth/fable of ‘The Time Between Dog and Wolf’. That is, twilight. Liberty.

    ‘A famished wolf meets a well-fed dog and compliments him on his sleek appearance. The dog describes his life of ease and invites the wolf to join him. As they go on their way, the wolf asks why the fur about the dog’s neck is worn away. He replies that it is merely caused by the collar he has to wear at home. The wolf then leaves him, declaring that a full belly is a poor price to pay for liberty.’

    An example of the tale, in song. Falkenbach ‘The Time Between Dog and Wolf’. Viking Metal/Black Metal

    ”Flocks of birds forsake the barren lands
    I’m following suit with idle heart and empty hands
    However strong a rock, time and tide will grind it down
    To sand and the ground wears its burial gown

    With gloom-ridden eyes and shrouded in grief
    I shoulder my past to find my final relief
    Each winter ploughed deeper furrows in my face
    The next one is sure to leave it’s terminal trace

    …terminal trace

    Whomever I owe my life to, it’s time now to pay back

    Yet all I have to offer is this battered human wreck
    I gave more than I had but I’m still willing to give more
    I swear this oath to me and I swear it with a roar

    Salvation awaits but the simple in mind
    As for me I can fight, I leave nothing behind
    Trapped in the time between dog and wolf
    I am trapped in the time between dog and wolf

    …between dog and wolf”

  7. Dear Editors of WRSA,

    Would you please post this video regarding Cultural Marxism? Thanks from the Burning Platform.


  8. Shot you an email about contacting Lineman.

    Thank you.

  9. The “Happy Acres” link in the Blogroll is a dead link.

  10. “The wolf then leaves him, declaring that a full belly is a poor price to pay for liberty.”

    A little bit of the wolf will always remain part of the dog,and the door will always be open for the wolf to embrace the man-dog coalition.Live and let live.
    The comfort and advantage of a full belly cannot be dismissed,and it is seldom so simple a choice as a full belly or freedom.Even then,as with Czarist Russia and the suffering of the hard-done-by peasants,it may have been a case of two evils.Now that may be the extreme,but it does belong on the continuum.
    Sure there are costs to freedom,but freedom on a continuum embraces Anarchy to the Nordic example to the freedom to open carry in some States.Where freedom stops and tyranny begins may be a tricky example of the slippery slope scenario,which is a good reason to protect the freedoms we already have,eg,Press,Assembly,Dissent,Impartial Courts,etc.

  11. Americans love and respect the Freedom of wolves so much they try to wipe them out again whenever/wherever they are re-introduced,all to aid the farmer/rancher to fill our bellies!

  12. CA, just so you know…

    I just spoke with Jake Ryan. He was found guilty of “Depredation of Federal Property” (or whatever the exact phrase is), but not guilty on conspiracy charges and not guilty on gun charges. That one guilty verdict could result of a sentence of six years. There was much malfeasance. Such as not allowing defense witnesses to testify. There are many bases for appeal and they intend to pursue all of them.

  13. “I just spoke with Jake Ryan.”

    These causes are not winnable.Never.The Cowboys will meet the same fate as the Indians.Their motivations seem strange,with a sprinkling of religious fundamentalism,anti-conservation,Idiot Fringe Militias,all with little local popular support.At the end of the day,the monied vested interests will have their way.There is no longer any space in America for Daniel Boone or Davy Crockett.Pity.

  14. http://www.allenbwest.com/allen/lefts-assault-second-amendment-just-got-personal

    I am a member, Cole McCulloch is a friend of mine too, and he is under assault by these dirtbags. He needs our help.

  15. What happened to Mosby? Did I miss something?

  16. Why are comments closed on the main page?

  17. Oh. Off his meds again?

  18. RE: Mosby… “Guerrillamerica is dead.”

  19. sum up the whole obamacare debacle in congress , heads i win tails you lose

  20. You guys will love this:

  21. Nathaniel green

    Hey CA, I’ve never commented, but enjoy lurking and reading what the smart people here write. For the past week, or so, I haven’t been able to access comments. I’m on android. Is it something on my end or did you turn off comments?

  22. Comments are off until I calculate cost/benefit ratio. Thanks sincerely for your input.

  23. Nathaniel green

    I sincerely hope you’re able to get it worked out. For what it’s worth, your site and comments section is like a beacon of sanity, in a world turned upside down, for me. I’m up in yankee, political correct, insanity land. I know exactly zero liberty minded people, outside of the few that I have direct influence on. My sincerest thanks for all you do.

    N. Green

  24. Concerning “Campus Carry” in GA. BTW, Comments are a pain, but essential for the communication of ideas like this:

  25. Looking at the poll results I am not surprised at the outcome so far. I have viewed comments on a website like being in someone’s home. The owner may do what they please at residence. As a guest I should refrain from doing anything that reflects badly on the host. Besides using the Nazi/Zionist/Racist/Expletive Deleted charges against others generally does not have the desired outcome. May comments return.

  26. Dear Editors of WRSA,

    I have recommended essays to you before (I think they were by Porter of the Kakistocracy blog).

    In any case, there is a very powerful essay by Chateau Heartiste about the Ruby Ridge Massacre that I posted at The Burning Platform. Please repost it if you find it worthy. It really is deeply moving.



  27. Saw this on one of my feeds. Looks like something that could work but I’ll throw it out for review on the homepage:

  28. After visiting a retired friend who is waiting to die in a nursing home, I felt compelled to compose the following. Watching a once strong Warrior lie in bed wasting to nothing and wearing a diaper loaded with own stool,almost sent me over the edge. Post if you like on main page. This friend is a Marine scout,sniper\Army Ranger and has more than paid his dues in Korea, Vietnam and Desert Storm.

    I am a WARRIOR
    You took my youth and vigor and sent me to fight your wars in lands far away. Your wars, not mine, but I stood proud and accomplished what was asked.
    Many of my brothers did not return home, some came home, but only in parts. I came home but with physical and unseen scars.
    My eyes and mind have seen and recorded the brutal horrors of war and the killing fields in Korea, Vietnam, Iraqi and Afghanistan.
    I am flooded with images and sounds that will never be erased.
    You gave me awards and great songs of praise then threw me away.
    The only comfort that remains is the understanding of brothers and sisters who have likewise dedicated their lives and well beings in the name of the cause, right or wrong we stood together.
    I am still a WARRIOR; it is a will of spirit and mind that does not end.
    Today I am broken physically but my mind, the mind of a warrior, is still intact.
    I remain proud but unable to stand on my own.
    Today you look at me as an expendable item of no use to your world, a world that would not be if I and my brothers had turned our backs on you.
    I am today a throw away left and ignored by you, left to die without honor or respect.
    Those who surround me and ironically are to care for me, have not the slightest concept of who I am, nor do they give a damn. To them I am just a hunk of disabled rotting flesh that needs to die, the sooner the better.
    Why is there no respect, no honor, no true caring???
    One wonders if this is the end, then the better part of valor and honor would have been to die on the fields of combat with so many of our true brothers.
    Why did we cling to life so hard to come to this degrading and distasteful last run?
    I am a WARRIOR let me die as a WARRIOR and honor me as a WARRIOR, grant me an honorable death

    April 2017

  29. Shockingly interesting observations from a Communist on the (((transhumanists))): https://godsandradicals.org/2017/04/11/what-the-wealthys-quest-for-immortality-means-for-you/comment-page-1/#comment-11360

    and yet…

    “And the serpent said… you shall be as gods, knowing good and evil… And to Adam [God] said… In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread till thou return to the earth, out of which thou wast taken: for dust thou art, and into dust thou shalt return.” Genesis 3:4-19

    And still the (((transhumanists))) listen to the serpent while mocking, “defeating,” and commanding God… so (((they))) think.

    Scroll to “Tribal megalomania—“defeating God,” commanding God, & self-worship”: http://judaism.is/torah.html

  30. Missed posting this movie named “1612” about Russia
    on the post regarding Russiaphobia:
    “1612 is a 2007 Russian epic historical period drama film about the 17th century Time of Troubles and the Polish–Muscovite War with the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. It was directed by Vladimir Khotinenko and produced by Nikita Mikhalkov. The film was released on November 1, 2007, to coincide with the celebrations of National Unity Day on November 4 that marks the expulsion of Polish troops from Moscow.
    The film is set in Russia during the Time of Troubles, a period of civil disorder, famine and Polish invasion that followed the fall of the Rurik dynasty, which had ruled Russia in various capacities from 862 to 1598. The protagonist, Andrey, had been a servant at Tsar Boris Godunov’s court while he was a boy, where he became the sole witness to the murder of the tsar’s family by the order of plotting boyars. Andrey is sold to slavery. Now, seven years later, he is bought by a Spanish mercenary, Alvaro Borja, who seeks to profit over this war by fighting for the Polish invading army. The company falls prey to a band of robbers and Alvaro is killed. Andrey and his friend Kostka know that serfs without a master are considered like runaways and will be hanged. Andrey disguises himself in his dead master’s clothes and assumes his name, taking the guise of a “Spanish knight.”

    Andrey is hired by the Polish Lord Osina, who wants to capture Moscow and use Princess Xenia Godunova to raise himself to the Crown. As they approach a city, Andrey protects a Russian girl from the Polish soldiers. Andrey’s true identity is discovered and he is arrested. Kostka however frees Andrey and steals Princess Xenia (she drank sleeping medicine) and with the help of his Russian girlfriend, they sneak over to the Russian garrison. Unfortunately the Russians tell them that Prince Dmitri Pozharsky had led most of the troops to Moscow with all the city cannons. Andrey then makes a cannon of leather. At dawn, the Polish army demands the city’s surrender. Andrey fires a hot cannonball into the Polish ammunition storage, which explodes, killing most of the army surrounding the fortress. The next day, more Poles arrive and attack the city, but the Russians hold firm. Osina orders all the cannon on the gate breaking a way into the city. Meanwhile, Andrey moves their cannon off the wall and to the gate. The Husaria begin to charge. Andrey loads a chain shot into the cannon and they fire as the enemy closes, decapitating the Polish Hussars. The gate collapses and the rest begin to flee. Osina calls Andrey to negotiations, saying that if Xenia does not come out herself, he will kill her daughter. Andrey himself leads her out of the city.

    Soon Andrey joins the Russians at Moscow. The Battle for Moscow lasts for three days. The Polish flee in defeat and Osina is captured. Andrey calls him to a duel and kills him. The Russian nobles are angry at Xenia because she had converted to Catholicism, and send her to live in a monastery. Soon, a new Tsar is elected, Michael Romanov, whose dynasty rules Russia for the next 300 years.”


  31. “And so apparently do the American people, a population stupid beyond all belief…”


  32. It was a crisis for me when my father was having a seizure after a stroke in the emergency room but every nurse on staff was needed because a gang of 12 illegal Columbians had come to ER all bloodied up and beaten after a fight. The nurse told me this happens AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK and there’s nothing they can do about it. My father was a WWII vet who paid his taxes and never broke a law or asked anyone for anything and there he was lying there without even a sheet on him, shaking and moaning and no one could attend to him for 30 minutes because a worthless bunch of criminals decided to cause trouble. And guess who pays for their medical care? You and me. Yes, there are very bad illegals that come to this country. There are also good people, I get that. But the laws need to be enforced so that we can get the bad ones out. I don’t think that’s a unreasonable position.

  33. Hee… Pretty damn close to Divorce Related Malicious Mother’s Syndrome:

    Ira Daniel Turkat, Ph.D.

  34. Your readers might find this to be a good read:

    View story at Medium.com

    I’m a friend and colleague of Jordan Greenhall

    here’s an excerpt from my story:

    …The Battle of Pottstown

    RPX news: July 28, 2017 5:25pm EDT Pottstown Pennsylvania
    Late this afternoon, gunfire erupted during a pro-Trump rally in Pottstown PA when Trump supporters where attacked by counter-demonstrators. At least 20 counter-demonstrators are down and police are reporting multiple fatalities.

    Twenty-six anti-Trump demonstrators were shot in Pottstown. Twelve were dead; three more were critically wounded and in intensive care units at area hospitals.

    There were no injuries among the Trump supporters.
    But — as soon became apparent — this was no random clash….”

  35. An article for your consideration : the poisoning of Robert Spencer.


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