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  1. hiramsmaxim

    muy excelente on ANDROID

  2. Dear CA- Perhaps my DumpDC post on the FairTax would be of interest to your readers. Ran it on Tuesday. Russ Longcore

  3. Russ: Will use on weekend. Thanks!

  4. Does Western Rifle Shooters Association have an email address or contact form? I did not see one on this blog or on the old WRSA site.


  5. You got it, OBD. What’s up?

  6. Oath Breaker Dude


    What is your email address or email address for Western Rifle Shooters? Or can you email me at oathbreakers2011@gmail.com and I can reply.

  7. My recent interview.

  8. This is coming from Mexico soon. Extremely graphic. Get the word out CA. God bless.


  9. Hi! I follow you on my blog. I decided the Patriot movement needs a fight song so I changed a few words of “Chester”. It’s here: http://pennypincherpersonalfinance.blogspot.com/2011/05/patriots-need-fight-song.html

  10. My Memorial Day post at DumpDC is a barn burner.
    Russ Longcore

  11. Ashley Peacock

    You mentioned they have no reason to stop. You were right. Now they’re after defaulted student loans.


  12. AnHourOfWolves

    Think you might find these interesting…


    (the improvised weaponized robots are particularly cool

    And John Robb linked to this recently



  13. I see you’re using Husmail. Have you a PGP/GnuPG public key?

  14. Nah….from what I understand, encryption is a flag.

    Hushmail is easy to set up….but I don’t rely on the encryption feature.

  15. Just posted a review of Sam’s CAT Tool (both 5.56 & 7.62) here:


    We would love to be on your blogroll.

  16. CA,

    Email when you get a chance. I wanted to discuss an opportuniy on my forum.


  17. Grenadier1

    From our Buddies At Suarez International

    Advance Notice – Warrior Skills Camp 2011
    October 27 – October 30

    Blairsville, GA

    This year’s Warrior Skills Camp will be held in Blairsville, GA from October 27 – 30. It will be an exclusive SI event where you can choose from several classes consisting of 2-day blocks of time. In addition, there will be an evening lecture and/or presentation series on warrior topics of interest. Those participating in this year’s event will bunk together, eat together and train together in the beautiful north GA mountains. In addition, you will have the option to compete in various programs such as climbing wall, zip line and challenge courses. A white-water rafting excursion is also being planned. To date, the following classes have been finalized:

    Eric Pfleger > HRO – Patrolling I and II
    Dr. John Meade > TMCO (Trauma Medicine for the Civilian Operator)
    Rick Klopp > Force on Force – Interactive Gunfighting

    Additional information will become available over the next couple of weeks, but now is the time to mark your calendars.

    Solid training, good food and great fellowship – it doesn’t get any better.

  18. I just saw this on http://www.stevequayle.com
    “Law Enforcement Listener’s Alert

    I am hearing from ATF sources that the “Joker Tut” is going to sign an executive order that regulates hi capacity mags to 10 rounds or less and prohibits any and all personal firearms sales that do not go thru an FFL dealer. The fees for transfers could be extremely high to discourage firearms sales. This will be declared as necessary due to the shooting of the Arizona Representative. I am told that we are weeks away from this being put in place.”
    Please find out if this is true!

  19. I read this and thought of you…

    From the comments:
    It is interesting to me that a blogpost about disinformation has morphed into an insurgency discussion. We live in an unsettled time in which the probability of major economic and social upheaval is non trivial. That so many people are thoughtfully contemplating this potential development is indicative of serious social anxiety.

  20. Mail on the way, a link I think is important to get out there.

  21. You guys featuree My Country My Ass last September after Karl Denninger put it up. Make it an ongoing effort. It’s been played on some radio stations. Help get it on more. Everyone who can’t make an event, go here
    Or make your own event every time you read about a lemonade stand getting shut down.

  22. Hello.

    I’m contacting you about Dyerpalooza; this is a nationwide fundraiser and celebration for the American political dissident and fugitive Charles Dyer/aka July4Patriot. I know he’s not your regular beat but he had his home and all his exculpatory evidence burned the Friday before his court date, so rather than submit to being railroaded he’s on the run.

    Tentatively it’s set for September 9th or 10th-don’t have a on site venue or internet venue either, but provided would you consider participating either where you’re at with cyberlink to the central node, or perhaps at the main venue?

    Our twofold goal is to raise enough money to pay off the bond on the Dyer’s farm, their legal bills and to raise awareness on just how he’s been screwed-there’s a silence on the media as they want to murder him.

    If interested reply at my e-mail.

    J. Croft

  23. Howdy,

    Would you be interested in helping promote Project Appleseed?


  24. Hi, been following your site for a while and just thought I’d share this will you, sent via e-mail.

  25. a Western Freeman

    Thought you might be interested in this. Does this mean socialism makes people crazy?


    Of course there is a proposed solution at the end…..More money for more drugs to folks sooner…….

    A problem caused by gov’t can always be solved by more of the same…..

  26. Please consider reviewing 7 SEP 11 essay @ NIA’s site: inflation.us

    PLEASE review. NIA very reliable IMO.


  27. Here’s the link for the National Inflation Associations website: http://inflation.us/

    Review the 7 SEP 11 essay regarding Marshal law soon.

  28. Ace of Spades blog has a very revealing video of Dem. Obama apointee and US Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren threatening business with labor mobs, a theme michael moore is now vamping on. The FSA is organized by “progressive” generals like this woman.

    (The blog has some pretty spicy language and weird bloggy terms.. such as “morons” which is self-depricating term of endearment among AoS blog commenters)


    and, addtional comments and the Michael Moore link:



  29. Lawrence Auster’s View from the Right blog has an article very much on today’s theme:

    Is American Too Far Gone To Bring It Back?

    Both the article and comments seem to indicate that yes, it is.

  30. Thanks for your blog and the work it must take.

  31. Submitted for your consideration:


    “…the infection underscores the ongoing security risks in what has become the U.S. military’s most important weapons system.”

  32. Can I make a suggestion:

    There is an old Army adage that says, amatures study Tactics & Strategy, but the Professionals study logistics.

    A couple of additions that you might want to consider are



    Just a Thought,

  33. email inbound, thanks

  34. Officer who tazed 14yo girl in the groin receives the stanceforfreedom.com treatment

    home address and personal phone number PUBLISHED. map included.

  35. Just want to say I appreciate your efforts on your blog. I can’t imagine the amount of work you invest to publish your blog. Thank you. Merry Christmas.

  36. Noticed the quote under the heading 12/28.
    You’re welcome 🙂

  37. It’s wonderful. Thank you.

  38. I found the Senate’s companion bill to HR 3166, it’s S 1698 introduced by Joe Lieberman and co-sponsored by Scott Brown of Massachusetts. See, that’s bipartisanship.


  39. I hope you can cover this expose’!

    Cop who got caught planting drugs gets internet VIP treatment.
    Personal Address Published

  40. Wanted to submit this for your readers:



    “Things have changed so dramatically in the last 6 to 12 months that I now believe you are being irresponsible ,no matter who you are, if you do not have a bagged packed and are ready to move at a moments notice.”

    Nothing most of us don’t know I guess>
    Thank you for your efforts.

  41. Larry Wright

    hushmail inbound

  42. http://www.proprofs.com/quiz-school/story.php?title=cop-soldier

    Here’s a little visual quiz that Radley Balko of “The Agitator” put together to illustrate the way cops and soldiers are increasingly difficult to tell apart. There are 21 images. All police photos are from domestic U.S. police agencies. A couple of the “soldier” photos are from foreign military. He blurred or blacked out insignias that would give away the answer.
    His website is http://www.theagitator.com/

  43. “Personal freedom, political liberty, and free speech. Defended by force of arms, if necessary.” I am already signed on to the intent of the first phrase, but lack the wherewithal to execute the intent of the second. Never did get the knack of firearms (I found this out in US Navy bootcamp). But, I do feel safer (for my progeny, given I’ve already logged 75 years) knowing there are folks who will and can defend the country within the original intent behind the second amendment.. I’ll sign up for your articles, but I perceive a steep learning curve for your jargon and acronyms. No matter–I’ll ask a question here and there if things get too obscure. I feel I am making a small contribution to the effort by writing articles in my own blog on concepts of freedom and liberty, hubris, essays on some of the Founders, and relevant world events, current and historical. I try to make it as non-polemical as possible. Best wishes, Ron Pavellas: pavellas.com.

  44. Radley Balko posted this today:


    It links to here:


    If the CBAD folks aren’t complete dicks, this is a great tool for education (Constutional issues/restoration), countering the lefty propaganda that schoolkids are exposed to, getting various messages out using both pictures and words, and to produce maintenance and field-stripping instructions similar to the one used by the Army in the late ’60’s for the M16.

  45. Thanks for linking to our piece on Darknets. We just published a new short piece about perception management which you might find interesting.


  46. Email inbound.

  47. caroline@nospam.com

    Years ago (on the old site) you periodically offered a grid-down medical course. I would so like to take a class like that now. Do you still offer a class like that? If not, could you supply me with any links or search terms so I could find the equivalent of that kind of training?
    Thanks kindly for your time and help.
    C. near Clackamas, OR, retired R.N.

  48. caroline@nospampls.com

    Holy cow. I didn’t realize my email would be posted for every spammer in the world to see. Could you please delete that from both these posts, pleeeeeese.

  49. Email inbound. Thank you.

  50. Just posted this to Facebook

  51. Sorry about the length but this is the actual text of Indiana Senate Bill 0001 which is in response to our supreme courts decision that we don’t need a 4th amendment anymore From what I understand it has passed the house by a screaming margin of 3 to 1. I love it!!!
    John H.

    Self defense. Specifies that a person may use reasonable force against any other person in certain circumstances. Provides that a person is justified in using reasonable force against a law enforcement officer if the person reasonably believes the force is necessary to: (1) protect the person or a third person from unlawful force; (2) prevent or terminate the law enforcement officer’s unlawful entry into the person’s dwelling; or (3) prevent or terminate the law enforcement officer’s criminal interference with property lawfully in the person’s possession. Specifies that a person is not justified in using force against a law enforcement officer if: (1) the person is committing or is escaping after the commission of a crime; (2) the person provokes action by the law enforcement officer with intent to injure the law enforcement officer; (3) the person has entered into combat with the law enforcement officer or is the initial aggressor; or (4) the person reasonably believes the law enforcement officer acting lawfully or is engaged in the lawful execution of the law enforcement officer’s official duties. Provides that a person is not justified in using deadly force against a law enforcement officer who the person knows or reasonably should know is a law enforcement officer unless: (1) the person reasonably believes that the law enforcement officer is acting unlawfully or is not engaged in the execution of the officer’s official duties; and (2) the force is reasonably necessary to prevent serious bodily injury to the person or a third person.

  52. Mail Sent, FYI.

  53. Simon Jester

    Want to read some interesting “Stuff” about how FedGov enables foreign “terrorists” to further their control of the flock? Check out the blog of one of the underwear bomber’s trial witnesses and the lengths the government went to in order to hide their involvement in getting this moke through customs, etc. Read earlier and later entries for the complete story.

  54. i sent an email!

  55. hey bud, I just started a new blog. Take a look at it and drop em a line letting me know what ya think. It’s @ https://thelizardfarmer.wordpress.com

  56. Email headed your way

  57. Just moved to Hart County. Any Patriots up this way? I’m Viet Vet, flew Cobras along DMZ. I can be contacted at my email or through my blog, http://www.redhillkudzu.blogspot.com. Needing like minded people.

  58. That’s Hart County, GA.

  59. Thanks for the mention of The Union Creek Journal! I’ve added your blog to my blog roll.

  60. Here’s a good article worth a post and a read:


  61. Based on some comments from the last post, I think people need to consider more deeply comsec on the interwebs. Here’s a good resource: https://security.ngoinabox.org/en

  62. I thought you might be interested in the new video just released for the single, I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK.

    Keep blogging!

  63. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/guest-post-military-rolls-tanks-st-louis-streetsbut-why
    Some addtional info on the current situation
    As Elvis said, 1 for the money…

  64. check out this book: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0374519323/ref=as_li_qf_sp_asin_tl?ie=UTF8&tag=counterpane&linkCode=as2&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=0374519323

    McPhee describes two things: how Switzerland requires military service from every able-bodied male Swiss citizen — a model later emulated and expanded by Israel — and how the Swiss military has, in effect, wired the entire country to blow in the event of foreign invasion. To keep enemy armies out, bridges will be dynamited and, whenever possible, deliberately collapsed onto other roads and bridges below; hills have been weaponized to be activated as valley-sweeping artificial landslides; mountain tunnels will be sealed from within to act as nuclear-proof air raid shelters; and much more.


    To interrupt the utility of bridges, tunnels, highways, railroads, Switzerland has established three thousand points of demolition. That is the number officially printed. It has been suggested to me that to approximate a true figure a reader ought to multiply by two. Where a highway bridge crosses a railroad, a segment of the bridge is programmed to drop on the railroad. Primacord fuses are built into the bridge. Hidden artillery is in place on either side, set to prevent the enemy from clearing or repairing the damage.


    Near the German border of Switzerland, every railroad and highway tunnel has been prepared to pinch shut explosively. Nearby mountains have been made so porous that whole divisions can fit inside them. There are weapons and soldiers under barns. There are cannons inside pretty houses. Where Swiss highways happen to run on narrow ground between the edges of lakes and to the bottoms of cliffs, man-made rockslides are ready to slide.


    McPhee points to small moments of “fake stonework, concealing the artillery behind it,” that dot Switzerland’s Alpine geology, little doors that will pop open to reveal internal cannons and blast the country’s roads to smithereens. Later, passing under a mountain bridge, McPhee notices “small steel doors in one pier” hinting that the bridge “was ready to blow. It had been superceded, however, by an even higher bridge, which leaped through the sky above — a part of the new road to Simplon. In an extreme emergency, the midspan of the new bridge would no doubt drop on the old one.”

    And another gem:
    “In the words of Divisionnaire Tschumy, “The foremost battle is to prevent war with a price of entry that is too high. You must understand that there is no difference between the Swiss people and the Swiss Army. There is no difference in will. Economic, military— it’s the same thing. For seven hundred years, freedom has been the fundamental story of Switzerland, and we are not prepared to give it up now. We want to defend ourselves, which is not the same as fighting abroad. We want peace, but not under someone else’s conditions.”
    McPhee, John (2011-04-01). La Place de la Concorde Suisse (p. 13). Macmillan. Kindle Edition.

  65. Here’s another blog post on the same book topic:


    Read the comments too!!!! Good ideas and information

  66. RabbleRouser

    An online friend of mine recommended me to this place. So he tells me I write rather well when I put my mind to it. What does it take to be a contributor here? Samples available upon request 😉

  67. I wrote a blog post about Catholic teaching on the use of firearms for self-defense. Would you be interested in linking?

  68. Grouch, MD

    May want to have your readers review the book “The Most Dangerous Superstition” by Larken Rose. First 50 pages at http://www.scribd.com/doc/86174715/The-Most-Dangerous-Superstition-by-Larken-Rose

  69. Check this out: 3D printable AR lower – (excellent for caching)

    All you need – Makerbot : http://store.makerbot.com/replicator-404.html
    Plans: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:11770
    Upper and lower parts kit

  70. Sir, would you consider posting this? A great comment out there in the Internet wild. Hopefully some barometer of gun owner sentiment.

    I think there are three points which need to be understood about people who are uncomfortable with or unenthusiastic about the Second Amendment:
    These people still believe there is some kind of democratic accountability in the political system, and it horrifies them to imagine a bunch of militia nuts deciding unilaterally that is time to overthrow this system and take control of it themselves. Timothy McVeigh is one of the more obvious examples of what they think of when you indicate that there comes a time to use violence against the government. Think of the stereotype most people think of when they think of people taking up arms against the government. Right-wing loonies have been a serious PR liability in this regard. The incessant paranoia from much of the Right feeds into this stereotype, and makes it seem like such an armed uprising is more imminent than it is. Most people see the current system as broken but not a complete failure – myself included. The idea that someone might try to overthrow it in favor of some kind of wacky right wing ideology alarms people.
    People have little sense that they are living in a historical bubble of prosperity. War and tyranny have been the norms through most of human history, and the period following WW2 has been fairly unique in many ways. They have a difficult time imagining true tyranny triumphing in an era when democracy has sort of triumphed as the default “desirable” system in most of the world. They cannot imagine people being stuck in concentration or internment camps domestically. They think that time is over, at least for the West. Accordingly they cannot envision a scenario where armed resistance would be appropriate. In other words, “It can’t happen here.”
    I think people are uncomfortable with the idea that you can and should resist attacks on yourself or others, because it creates a responsibility many of them are too cowardly to contemplate. This sounds harsh, but there it is.
    As to this last point, consider the arguments which inevitably take place every time a mass shooting occurs.
    People stampede onto online forums saying, “If a law-abiding citizen had a gun, he might have been able to stop the attack!”
    The response generally is:
    “No way, he would have hit other people or made it worse. The last thing we need are more guns!”
    And then both sides repeat this endlessly at each other. With due respect to the idea that pulling a gun and shooting someone in a high stress scenario with a pancked crowd running around is an unpleasant one, consider the psychology of resistance:
    If I believe that there is nothing I can do to resist (“The government has a vast military with missiles and helicopters and planes and microwave weapons, and no way can people with small arms ever resist that!”) then I can maintain my self respect while standing there and just being a victim. I can’t be accused of being a coward because there’s nothing I could have done. It is only sane for me to let the government (or shooter) do what he is going to do. Only a fool would resist. I maintain my dignity by not resisting.
    If indeed resistance may stop tyranny, then I am morally obligated to do so. Which means, in so doing, I may be mowed down by the opposition. Which means I may die. Man I didn’t even like touch football, and now I have to risk my life to defend my freedom or someone else’s?
    Therefore it is really important, for those who lead passive lives, who don’t like standing up to bullies in a way which which might lead them to bleed a bit, to insist that there is no way to resist. It is the only way they, who cannot imagine themselves ever picking up a gun in self-defense, to maintain their own dignity.
    Here’s my thing:
    I don’t care what people do. I’m not such a brave guy myself, but could I live with myself, wondering forever (this is the Braveheart speech basically) whether I could have secured my liberty or life, or that of others? How will I feel about standing down?
    I know how I’ll feel because I was once a teenage boy and backed down from some fights, and in others stood my ground and fought.
    I don’t ever think of the pain of being punched in the face these days, but I regret every time I didn’t stand up. I know this about myself.
    Owning a firearm in the context of the Second Amendment is far more than the assertion of a right (or privilege, as some unfortunately see it). When you make that claim – and you don’t have to, because owning one for sport is just fine — you don’t have to bring the Second Amendment into the argument – you are also signifying intent.
    There might come a time when you will have to stand and deliver. Probably not. It is highly unlikely. But not impossible.
    The implications of that scare the shit out of people, and it should scare the shit out of every American who claims the Second Amendment.
    Much is made online over why the Australians just handed over their weapons en masse to their government, or how badass the British were a centuries ago, only to turn into a passive, pussified society today.
    My theory is they never had something like the Second Amendment. There was never a conceptual “line in the sand” like the Second Amendment. Neither society conceives of the idea that government itself exists at the pleasure of its citizenry. Rather, in those as in other places (even among far too many people in the US), the government is omnipresent and omnipotent. Sometimes the government goes wrong, and someone jumps in the seat and starts driving it, but government…capital-I, Is.
    People who understand the Second Amendment also understand that there comes a point where you drag the fucking government out back and put a bullet in its head. Not only is there a time when that becomes morally imperative, but that it is a natural order of things — that the people decide. That the people are primary. That liberty is a primary. Liberty is not a privilege which exists at the pleasure of government, but that government is something that exists at the pleasure of a free people.
    Reflexively, too, the confiscation of firearms is a manifestation of exactly the type of tyranny the Second Amendment was designed as a check against.
    When the Australian government demonstrated such contempt for its citizens that it insisted they either not be allowed to own firearms, or be tracked and monitored in their efforts to do so, that should have signaled to Australians the true nature of how their government regards them.
    When someone insists I should not have a gun, I know how they regard me, which is why I get short with them, and why I do not even respect the rules of debate as to gun control: the very idea that someone else ought to have a say in petitioning the government to disarm me, suggests I want no sort of union with them politically. I neither respect them, nor their opinion. I respect their right to have the opinion, but I feel no solidarity, citizenship, or social contract with them. I would have no hesitation whatsoever to ignore any laws, regulations, or threats made against my right to possess firearms, and suggest that no obligation exists, no matter what the law or Supreme Court says. I know more than a few gun owners agree with me, and it is our tenacity in this regard which has blunted more and more efforts to monopolize firepower in the hands of the state.
    Gun control is contempt for the individual. The Second Amendment is the exaltation of the individual.
    Whatever our flaws, and we have many, and whatever ways I wish the US was like other countries in some respects, I view our Second Amendment as one way in which we’re better than any other country on earth which does not trust its citizens enough to bear arms. And I have no hesitation in saying that: in this one respect, our Constitution is superior to anything else that currently exists.
    That it is unfashionable in 2012 means nothing to me: the passion for surrendering basic freedoms to the government that so many of my fellow “citizens” seem to share is the best reason why I shouldn’t give a goddamn inch. I expect government to want to control arms. When citizens are falling over themselves to be less free, well, that’s a blaring klaxon of shit I can’t ignore.

  71. kletzenklueffer

    Just wanted to share a poem I heard/read today.

    It’s by Padraig Pearse, an Irish Patriot and it’s words speak true to the cause of liberty.

    In this link click “The Text” in the left side frame

  72. A good post for you:
    A COINTEL-PRO agent on how intelligence agents destroy protest movements:

  73. I’ve just sent you an email with a couple of links to relevant .pdfs

  74. Have you seen this? Gray State movie trailer. 2 min 40 sec

    And this? about 30 min

    There’s a whole lot more videos but these are the most important

  75. Adam Turing

    Hushmail, Cryptocat = illusion of security i.e. don’t bother.

    Wired discovered that the online encrypted e-mail company Hushmail had created a way for governments that had a Mutual Assistance Legal Agreement with Canada to subpoena Hushmail users’ accounts. Hushmail even created rogue downloadable software to help bust open encrypted accounts for the government, though it’s not clear the company was under any legal obligation to do so….


    Everyone is running full hard drive encryption right??? It’s free, and easy http://www.truecrypt.org/

    More resources here: https://securityinabox.org/

  76. Pingback: From A Reader | Western Rifle Shooters Association

  77. Fri Aug 17, 2012 8:00 pm

    Ok guys last night Aug 16, 2012 at 1930 (7:30 p.m.) a former marine, Brandon J raub was arrested for a patriotic facebook post here in chesterfield county. He is the founder of Richmond Liberty Movement group. He was approached by FBI and Secret Service and questioned about his facebook posts , He was then asked to come with them…. he was not read his rights and there is no record of his arrest. He was taken to John Randolph Regional Medical Center in Hopewell Va. This is serious guys there isn’t much info out there atm but we all should be ON THIS. If they are rounding up patriots over facebook post then they may come at our doors soon. DO NOT SIT ON THIS !!! His mother gave an interview on Josh Tolley radio show her name is Cathleen Thomas. This is where I got all my info and will continue digging into the wee hours tonight. We need to find out all we can guys this is in our AO and should be taken very seriously.

    This is the interview with his mother.

    Additional info

    Raub is the founder of the Richmond Virginia Liberty Movement and Works for Ron Paul Revolution.

  78. This is indeed serious.

    While some details are missing, for example why, if there was no warrant for his arrest, did he comply with their request?

    Why didn’t the relatives immediately retain an attorney?

    Last, I’ve read some of his posts. They came very close to the proverbial “threat on the life of the president” threshold, which shouldn’t exist, but it does and has existed for more than two decades.

    In short, never do that. Make plans to make the president’s existence irrelevant. It won’t matter if he’s alive and well if his activities are meaningless.

    Never, never, cooperate with the police, FBI, SS, or the lot. Don’t answer questions, do not go with them for any reason unless there’s an arrest warrant. Have an attorney on speed dial, for yourself AND your relatives and friends.

  79. The psychology of occupation from the occupier, and occupied:

    This is an extraordinary (and gut-wrenching) first-person account of what it’s like to staff an Israeli security checkpoint. It shows how power corrupts: how it’s impossible to make humane decisions in such a circumstance.


  80. More thoughts on .gov capability and encryption: http://www.schneier.com/blog/archives/2012/08/is_iphone_secur.html

    Simson Garfinkel writes that the iPhone has such good security that the police can’t use it for forensics anymore:

    Technologies the company has adopted protect Apple customers’ content so well that in many situations it’s impossible for law enforcement to perform forensic examinations of devices seized from criminals. Most significant is the increasing use of encryption, which is beginning to cause problems for law enforcement agencies when they encounter systems with encrypted drives.

    “I can tell you from the Department of Justice perspective, if that drive is encrypted, you’re done,” Ovie Carroll, director of the cyber-crime lab at the Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section in the Department of Justice, said during his keynote address at the DFRWS computer forensics conference in Washington, D.C., last Monday. “When conducting criminal investigations, if you pull the power on a drive that is whole-disk encrypted you have lost any chance of recovering that data.”

    Yes, I believe that full-disk encryption — whether Apple’s FileVault or Microsoft’s BitLocker (I don’t know what the iOS system is called) — is good; but its security is only as good as the user is at choosing a good password.

    The iPhone always supported a PIN lock, but the PIN wasn’t a deterrent to a serious attacker until the iPhone 3GS. Because those early phones didn’t use their hardware to perform encryption, a skilled investigator could hack into the phone, dump its flash memory, and directly access the phone’s address book, e-mail messages, and other information. But now, with Apple’s more sophisticated approach to encryption, investigators who want to examine data on a phone have to try every possible PIN. Examiners perform these so-called brute-force attacks with special software, because the iPhone can be programmed to wipe itself if the wrong PIN is provided more than 10 times in a row. This software must be run on the iPhone itself, limiting the guessing speed to 80 milliseconds per PIN. Trying all four-digit PINs therefore requires no more than 800 seconds, a little more than 13 minutes. However, if the user chooses a six-digit PIN, the maximum time required would be 22 hours; a nine-digit PIN would require 2.5 years, and a 10-digit pin would take 25 years. That’s good enough for most corporate secrets—and probably good enough for most criminals as well.

    Leaving aside the user practice questions — my guess is that very few users, even those with something to hide, use a ten-digit PIN — could this possibly be true? In the introduction to Applied Cryptography, almost 20 years ago, I wrote: “There are two kinds of cryptography in this world: cryptography that will stop your kid sister from reading your files, and cryptography that will stop major governments from reading your files.”

    Since then, I’ve learned two things: 1) there are a lot of gradients to kid sister cryptography, and 2) major government cryptography is very hard to get right. It’s not the cryptography; it’s everything around the cryptography. I said as much in the preface to Secrets and Lies in 2000:

    Cryptography is a branch of mathematics. And like all mathematics, it involves numbers, equations, and logic. Security, palpable security that you or I might find useful in our lives, involves people: things people know, relationships between people, people and how they relate to machines. Digital security involves computers: complex, unstable, buggy computers.

    Mathematics is perfect; reality is subjective. Mathematics is defined; computers are ornery. Mathematics is logical; people are erratic, capricious, and barely comprehensible.

    If, in fact, we’ve finally achieved something resembling this level of security for our computers and handheld computing devices, this is something to celebrate.

    But I’m skeptical.

    Another article.

    Slashdot has a thread on the article.

  81. kletzenklueffer

    Wanted to share this story coming from Tejas: Judge warns of imepdning civil war.
    He must be some kind of crackpot! 😉

  82. kletzenklueffer

    Sound familiar?

  83. You have mail sir!

  84. I know Bob Slimp, he lives down in Columbia, SC; he’s in his 80s now.

  85. Your phone is a tracking device:

    Several hours ago, the latest hacker group to gain prominence, AntiSec, a subset of Anonymous, disclosed that it had obtained the confidential user data contained in some some 12 million Apple units after hacking an FBI Dell Vostro notebook computer, “used by Supervisor Special Agent Christopher K. Stangl from FBI Regional Cyber Action Team and New York FBI Office Evidence Response Team was breached using the AtomicReferenceArray vulnerability on Java” which contined a file titled NCFTA_iOS_devices_intel.csv, which “turned to be a list of 12,367,232 Apple iOS devices including Unique Device Identifiers (UDID), user names, name of device, type of device, Apple Push Notification Service tokens, zipcodes, cellphone numbers, addresses, etc. the personal details fields referring to people appears many times empty leaving the whole list incompleted on many parts.” In other words, the FBI had the personal data of a substantial number of Apple device users, certainly all of which had been obtained without prior permission. Naturally the question here is why on earth does the FBI have this data, and as TNW suggests, “They published the UDID numbers to call attention to suspicions that the FBI used the information to track citizens. Much of the personal data has been trimmed, however, with the hackers claiming to have left enough for “a significant amount of users” to search for their devices.” AntiSec has subsequently released one million of these UUIDs and their associated data. Find out if your device is on the list as explained below.

    First, courtesy of WhatsmyUDID.com, here is a simple process to find out what the specific number is.


  86. Thank you. A good friend of mine has made me aware of your website by sending me a copy of “When The Music Stops”. Great article by the way; entirely plausible. Folks do not understand that within a few days of the first time no bidders show up at the U.S. Treasury Debt Auction, our U.S. economy will implode and your scenario will begin to unfold. Ditto an electric grid crash, an interruption to trucking fuel, etc.

    I have added a link to your website on my 1600 Watch Blogroll. If you’d rather I didn’t, just let me know and I’ll remove it. Some folks don’t care much for my blog.

    Thanks again,
    Bruce K.

  87. Hi, I sent you an email and I will also put it here becasue I think your readers will also find my books useful:

    I would like to bring two books to your attention. I think you will find them good resources. I am also interested in reviews or also any website listing or publicity you may choose to give them. Thanks.

    Contact! A Tactical Manual for Post Collapse Survival: http://www.amazon.com/Contact-Tactical-Manual-Collapse-Survival/dp/1478106697

    Rapid Fire! Tactics for High Threat, Protection and Combat Operations: http://www.amazon.com/Rapid-Fire-Tactics-Protection-Operations/dp/1478280514

    Here is my website: http://maxvelocitytactical.com/


  88. CA: Inbound message to Hushmail – would appreciate a moment of your time!

    Thanks again!

  89. Awesome. Thanks. Posted.

  90. Just wrote an email. Check mailbox !!!

  91. Hi,

    Any chance I get a link in your blogroll? I’ve got an unusual site/blog looking at politics as r and K-selected reproductive strategies in Evolutionary Biology. It kind of explains why our political ideologies look as they do, and unite things like monogamy with a desire for freedom, and promiscuity with drives towards welfare and single parenting. Basically you see the exact same thing in other species in nature, just without all the writing and arguing.

    As a shooter, I think the mechanistic mindset which shooters have will make the theory behind my site appeal to your readership.

    My site is at http://www.anonymousconservative.com

    Thank you for your time.

    Best Regards,


  92. Chuck Rienzo

    The original (or ONE original) link for “Ehr Kumt” is making the rounds again…

    Don’t remember if I saw it here or not…

  93. http://federalgovernmentjobs.us/jobs/Uas-Operator-327877200.html
    If you’re interested in a job…or at least what that job entails 😉

  94. Thought I would share this with you. It concerns the shooting in Mpls a few days ago, the local “paper” ran this story about the easy access to ammo on the front page. /sigh

  95. Sent you a copy of the sequel to The Western Front – Kratocracy. Giving you a heads up here since that email address is allegedly infrequently perused.

    Take Care Brother.

  96. Just wanted to you know that I find your site refreshingly honest. It encourages me to know that I’m not the only one to think long and hard about what the proper response is to the creeping evil that our government has become. One of the chief methods of the psychological warfare being levied against us by the media is isolating people like us and reinforcing the idea that we are isolated and alone in our opinions. May history vindicate us all…

  97. LMAO

    Pls send more “Doctrine Man” links if possible.

  98. C.A. Here’s a post for you:

    Despite the fact that there are many honorable soldiers and marines in the service. There are some that aren’t. Some are monsters, war criminals, and complicit cowards for NCOs and officers. What do you think which type of soldier would be of most use domestically by tyrants?

    Here is a disturbing documentary that gives a stunning display of what types of commands that are still serving, and probably have been promoted since. Watch it all, and remember, how empires conduct themselves overseas, eventually comes home: http://military.naturalrightsfoundation.org/a-soldier-in-the-shadows

    The Geneva convention, the US Constitution and UCMJ is only observed by the good guys, and we’re damn short of them…

  99. Simon Jester

    20 million hunters or 2 thousand determined people with .22lr revolvers? I wonder which would, theoretically of course, make the biggest difference in an insurgency type scenario.I don’t want to start any flame fests, I was recently pondering the capability of that tiny rat turd of a round to change the direction of history. How many “minds have been changed” thusly?

  100. Just a quick note to say that your link under “shooting resources” to surplusrifle.com should be http://www.surplusrifleforum.com due to domain ownership change. Same people running this great milsurp site

  101. Best simple explanation of why Obama is SOOO horrible and wrong.
    By a wise old black gentleman …


    With all due respect, I still say there is enough of a difference that your Obamney signs are misplaced and off-the-mark. Sowell has quite a litany there, it’s far worse than Bush II, who wasn’t great on basic Constitutional rights ..

  102. For we southern nationalists, Obama is the best weapon we have.

    Electing Romney, the non-Christian cult priest; solves nothing. There is no voting us out of the coming events. We southern nationalists want Obama to continue to polarize the south, we absolutely do not want anyone put to sleep, the danger of Romney.

    So, you either vote for one of the third party candidates, or you do what I’m doing, you vote for the state level candidates and stop validating the US government system by voting for them.

  103. General Petraeus just resigned, citing extra-marital affair. Convenient, hey? http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/news/2957639/posts?page=1

  104. An article you might be interested in:
    I remember seeing this in print in “Smithsonian” and being fascinated by it. Somewhere I have a photocopy of it. Johnny Hopper can teach us a lot. I’ll also send this to you by email. Keep up the good work.

  105. Dirty Modified

    I sent you an email.

  106. C.A.
    Here is an excellent and interesting video on the implications of the secession petition. These tactics have been used in the past under Maoist China, Vietnam, Venezuela, and Russia, to serve to create a target list of people to be captured, imprisoned or killed, under the pretense of “airing grievances”, and “reaching peaceful consensus”. Don’t be part of it, this is not the way.

    It’s an excellent video, I hope you post it. http://youtu.be/2_eZ1Uo3b9E

  107. not all in Govt are loyal to the chairman

  108. Sent an email

  109. charlie webster

    Hope ya’ll have backed up this site. WordPress is cracking down on “radical” groups which post to “secessionist” writings. Feel free to define the quoted words but since wordpress is your platform, you probably have about 48 hours…

  110. Maybe slightly OT, but Auster calls it cleary.


  111. I submitted an article link to your fine website. I hope it is considered as it exemplifies the “dependency” mind-think this government is promoting. Just in case, this is the link:


    Thanks for your consideration,

  112. I submitted to you via email an article for your consideration. I hope you find it worthy for publishing on your fine site.



  113. Thought this might merit a posting on the blog.

    Detroit isn’t like other places in the USA. It’s more advanced in decay, the central state has withdrawn further. Therefore you would expect the militia to be a little different there: And it is. Here are some clips from Detroit Threat Management – the movie.


  114. Francis Flandro

    Surrender Your Weapons – Every human emotion now classified as a mental disorder in new psychiatric manual DSM-5 http://www.naturalnews.com/038322_DSM-5_psychiatry_false_diagnosis.html

  115. Dudes. Since you nuked comments, I started a blog. Was lurking for a long time and never commented, but you spurred me on. http://IvyMikeCafe.wordpress.com. Stay in the fight.


    “All men are created equal.”

    What other nation proffers such a broad Egalitarian Clause—what academics should have called the 2nd Amendment of the Bill of Rights—in its foundational governmental documents?

    Egalitarian dispersal of State power is the intended purpose behind the “right to bear arms.”

    The Americans’ egalitarian sentiments expressed in the Second Amendment stem directly from close contact with the egalitarian, power-sharing Non-State eastern woodlands tribes, as documented in anthropologist Jack Weatherford’s Native Roots: How the Indians Enriched America (1992) and Indian Givers: How the Indians of the Americas Transformed the World (1988) and Jame’s Axtell’s The Invasion Within: The Contest of Cultures in Colonial North America (1986) (especially chapter 13, The White Indians of Colonial America.)

    America’s Constitutional Egalitarian Clause is confirmed by biology with how Christopher Boehm describes the evolution of egalitarianism in his Hierarchy in the Forest: The Evolution of Egalitarian Behavior (Harvard University Press, 1999) as a “reverse dominance hierarchy,” that depends on the less powerful to band together “to deliberately dominate their potential master if they wish to remain equal.”

    Don’t capitulate science–especially evolutionary biology and anthropology–to the Leftists, they’re wrong about it.

  117. Simon Jester

    The present situation reminds me of one of the great lines by Tuco in the good bad and ugly
    When its time to shoot, shoot don’t talk.
    Metaphorically of course…

  118. A friend sent me this website link without an explaination. Since this is out of character for this individual I checked to see if it was legit, and was assured that it was infact sent by him. As a courtousey I said I’d give it a look. After work today I did and holy smokes.

    I get the website domain name now. ‘Moon Battery’ is discribing the actions of “Moon Bats”, you know, nut cases. It is a term sometimes used to describe the liberals and progressives of society.

    The website is a collection of actual news stories and editorials that show just how freaking nuts the liberal left is. Although this can be funny at first it soon becomes apparent how dangerous the left truely is!

    Please set aside a few minutes to paruse this website.


  119. Worth a look: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gL63OFIdIIM
    “This video is a message to all Americans including those of you who are serving in the military and law enforcement. America is losing all of the freedoms that define it as America. The American dream will come to an end unless we draw the line.
    Everyone of you is going to have to make a decision. Obama is moving to become a dictator. In order to do that, Americans must be disarmed. Our government is preparing legislation to have firm arms confiscated beginning with semi-automatic rifles and military grade hand guns. I’m asking you to become public and vocal. I’m asking you to publicly state with me that IF anyone in any level of government uses physical force to remove our firearms, that you execute them as terrorists who are trying to overthrow our form of government and turn America into a police state modeled after Nazi Germany and Communist Russia. In this video I’m going to lay out the historical facts that show where are county is headed. Specifically, I’m going to compare the United States to the rise and fall of Nazi Germany so you can see the undeniable comparisons. “

  120. I printed out the office phone numbers of local congressmen and senators and I posted it at my local range/ gun store. A background check is enough time to make a call to representatives to let them know how you feel on the 2nd amendment.

  121. I’m glad to have found this blog. Thanks!

    Molon Labe!

  122. P.O. I. FISH

    For your Consideration
    As an LEO when confronted with a gang of thugs terrorizing an area, I have used this simple and effective strategy.
    1. Identify the Boss
    2. Make the Boss understand that unless he makes the thugs stop terrorizing the area, I will make his life miserable.
    3. It is called the “Slap & Pickle”
    In regards to the 2nd Amendment and Gun Control
    1. Boss: Banks and Wall street
    2. Thugs: Obama and anti-gun politicians
    3. “Slap & Pickle”: I will stop paying the mortgage on my house and business until Obama and anti-gun politicians restore my 2nd Amendment rights and stop trying to take them.
    Pros to Strategy:
    Money talks, it’s all about the money, it must flow
    Available to anyone regardless of age or physical condition
    Confrontation with authority averted at this point
    Re-election war chests negatively impacted
    Cons to Strategy:
    Credit rating lowered
    Look for a house to rent

    Respectfully submitted,
    P.O. I. FISH

  123. Michael Lamb

    Dunno where else or how to get this to WRSA.
    Concerning Beaufort County NC and the 2nd Amendment.
    Please go to Free NC per the link in your article. Read the comments. I am very well aware and have considerable experience in dealing with the ConCon as it concerns NC in the past. Read my comments there. You will know who I am and learn a ConCon is a very dangerous thing and shouldn’t have been included by the commissioners in the video and their resolution to the legislature. Just giving you a heads up in order to avert this in the future.

    Michael– Deo Vindicabamur

  124. Incoming email re an essay I’ve written, “Why do you need an ‘assault rifle’ or ‘high-capacity’ magazine?” Thanks gentlemen. Rob Olive

  125. Howdy! Thank you so much for sharing this! WRSA, When I posted that article I had under 300 views and had been blogging since December. Since you reblogged that post, I have had over 5000 hits, and I am excited! If you could, please share some of these other posts, perhaps one every other day? Also, I will have you on my Followed Blogroll! I appreciate it guys! Thanks!





  126. Colorado Pete

    Sir, email sent to you on your hushmail account.


  127. http://news.yahoo.com/drones-watch-over-us-highways-155240670.html

    Drones to fly over Georgia highways. Good luck with that

  128. watch it, spread it. Man talks truth.

  129. I have appreciated WRSA a lot. Two posts I wrote might be interesting to WRSA readers: http://newrhodesiadispatch.wordpress.com/2013/02/04/evading-asset-capture/
    Best wishes to all the American Rhodies – “John DeWitt”

  130. What time specifically tomorrow? Or just all day – like a yard sale? ; )

  131. sometime after 09 est through 15 est (or so). Feel free to jump in.

  132. Ok thanks – I saw your post before it was “technical difficulties”. No drinking and blogging my friend. : )

  133. What is an appropriate action, or reaction?

    Counter surveillance needs to be considered in depth, ahead of time.

  134. check your email for a photo of a Syrian sniper… women

  135. Not to be missed: “The State of the Revolution Address” by Dean Garrison:
    http://dcclothesline.wordpress.com/2013/02/12/the-state-of-the-revolution-address-february-12-2013/ Also check your email

  136. CA – this one might be fun for your readers – best wishes as always and thanks for all the work you do for the Resistance. John deWitt


  137. You posted My Country My Ass a couple years ago . I’m still working it because there is no shortage of opportunities. Now it is the 2nd amendment ..The song has been played some. Pushing it now as – .”Anywhere this song is played is claimed as Molon Labe territory.” Made a special New York page because they are standing up . Maybe not post again but Twitter or something?.You gun people have a way of reaching lots of folks.

  138. Hello from the Republic of South Florida. If you’re a frequent visitor to this website, like me, head on over to generate some support for my blog at: http://libertyandrock.weebly.com/index.html where I cover a lot of the same issues and other topics.

  139. CA: this one could be useful to readers, as yet another reminder that the Regime is going to use health care access as a weapon against us and we Rhodies need to prepare hard, now, for that: http://ow.ly/hS2Hr
    Thanks for what you do for the Resistance – John deWitt

  140. youve got mail 2/13

  141. I’ve sent you an e-mail (2/20/13) regarding the administration’s new policy on online resistance information.

  142. This might become valuable reading when the drones come a looking: http://gopthedailydose.com/2013/02/21/revealed-al-qaedas-22-tips-for-dodging-drones/

  143. A Cautionary Tale for the 21st Century (GUN CONFISCATION)

  144. A Cautionary Tale for the 21st Century (GUN CONSFICATION)

    On or about September 11, 1858 (interesting date) the Mormons pinned down the Fancher Train that was traveling from Arkansas to California, at Mountain Meadows in southern Utah. After about a week, the Mormons rode into the circled wagons with a white flag and told the people that they would lead them to safety but they had to give up their weapons and be led out. The Fancher train folk did not like that idea but this seemed to be the only way out. So they all threw their weapons into a wagon and were led out. Each adult was marched out by an armed Morman “escort” and after about walking a mile or so from the camp the Mormon leader told his men to do their duty, whereupon they turned upon their unarmed escorts and shot them dead. The Mormon’s indian friends came out of hiding and chopped down the few stragglers after which everybody looted the bodies and the wagons. The Mormons and Indians took about 800 or 900 head of cattle and horses and it was a fine day for killing and looting.

    Just replace the Fancher train with American citizens and our government for Mormons and think about this administrations recent gun restricting policies.

  145. CA: I’ve posted on the “recon in force” that the Regime is doing in its campaign to nationalize retirement plans. It goes more into economics and Rhodie personal finance than it does into pure-play Resistance, but it might be useful to the Auxiliary. I don’t think most WRSA readers might otherwise see stuff about this in their daily cruise through the FreeFor Internet circuit.
    Best wishes as always, John deWitt

  146. CA – Thanks for the heads-up on the prior retirement coverage – it is helpful to have the long view. I don’t know if you’d seen this but it could be one to inspire FreeFor – parallels between our situation and that of 1940 Battle of Britain pilots – nothing left to lose – live with clarity.


    Best wishes & thanks as always – John deWitt

  147. You close the main entry for today. Buppert is a good post companion. Thanks for your work

  148. CA – thanks – looks like our messages/posts crossed! I like how you wove it all together. Thanks very much to you – you have built the single best aggregator for useful FreeFor info, but it is far more than an aggregator – it’s an annotator and your curating, illustrating, and commenting adds a lot of value. Best, JdW

  149. He asked his listeners to imagine what would happen if the Popular Party (PP) were to lose its absolute majority in the next general elections, and the Catalan nationalists were to demand, in exchange for their support, a change of the Constitution to undo the doctrine of the “indissoluble unity” of Spain.

    “So what do the Armed Forces do?” he wondered, but gave no answer. “The rules are one thing, practice is another,” he said enigmatically. “If the defense mechanism of the constitutional order doesn’t work, by act or omission, then….” He didn’t complete the sentence. “The country is more important than democracy,” he said. “Patriotism is a feeling, and the Constitution is nothing but a law.”

    Rousing applause, a standing ovation, cries of “Bravo! Bravo!”
    Saw this at zerohedge. Happening in spain now. The comments are about state session. Here is the link. http://www.zerohedge.com/contributed/2013-03-02/dark-rumblings-coup-d%E2%80%99%C3%A9tat-spain
    I expect the same attitudes in the corporate military brass here.

  150. Nubbing Fingered Jake Roedel

    CA – can you clean up the Nubbin-Finger Jake Rodel post under GOP? What GOP? article of March 03? Posted same Pastor Manning Youtube three time by accident.
    Only meant to post two Youtubes: GOP says them must become O’s to win & White Man Ask Your Women to Come Back Home.

  151. Gear Head Patriot

    Enough talk. Our legislators have long since ceased to listed to their constituents. The time has come to remind them from where their authority is derived.

    Lets start by posting the names and home addresses of all the state officials, elected or appointed whose actions are in violation of the constitution. Initial focus should be on State and Federally elected representatives, followed by the key leaders in the DHS, ATF, and TSA. Much like roaches, they won’t like the light being shown on them. As public officials though I think it’s absolutely reasonable to release where they reside. Just posting their addresses will stir the pot.

    If those same individuals continue to ignore their responsibility to the tenets of the constitution up the ante. Collect signatures for recall elections of elected officials. Execute flash mobs at the their homes. Nothing violent, and it doesn’t have to last long. It does however have to receive media attention. Use their own instrument against them. Stage a flash mob, stay on site for no more than 1 hour, then simultaneously disperse. If you can coordinate that, you’ll have the tools necessary to carry the campaign to the next level, should it be required.

    Can/Will this website host a page to collect the names and addresses of those public officials acting in violation of the duty to the people? Sort it by state/agency.

    We’ve done enough talking. The sooner we act the more effective our efforts will be. If we continue to allow our nation to fall into the grip of socialism it will take deliberate, protracted violence to regain our liberty. It’s time to act.

  152. I am a recent subscriber and looking for a place to post a referral link, so maybe this is the place.


    “Protecting the Constitution”

  153. Independently Allied

  154. Independently Allied


    More ammo to share with any compromising appeasement minded morons you may know…

  155. Re: Jebadiah Heirloom Seed purchase

    I just sent this to PayPal:

    “I just want to see the price of an item. to do that I need to put it into a cart. You require a cookie before I can use the cart to see the price. The Vendor loses cuz’ I am NOT giving you a cookie. End of discussion.”

    FYI: I got to your site via Western Shooters web page. Are you aware of how rabidly anti gun Paypal is? I would offer that a lot of folks that get to your site via Western Shooters are gun people, right? Trust me, I would love to buy your products (heirloom seeds), but, like thousands of other firearm people, I will NOT ever deal with Paypal, period.

    If there is another way to purchase your products I will have another look, but you are really missing the boat here. AND you are losing a ton of business.

    Please advise.


  156. God Bless WRSA!
    I pass this on to you. Saw it yesterday. It is not for the faint of heart.

    It needs to be spread far and wide.

  157. Brandon Smith at Alt-Market.com has posted an excellent article, “The Real Reasons Why The Liberty Movement is Preparing to Fight” :

  158. CA: I am working on a post I think will be useful: adapting Bracken’s CW2 Cube to Asset Seizure Risk Analysis – in response to what is going on with Cyprus. I will give you a heads-up when it posts later around 0400 to 0500 Zulu on March 22. It could be a good part of your morning eastern time March 22 update to the Resistance. Best wishes, a worried John deWitt

  159. CA: it’s up, available in post form here: http://newrhodesiadispatch.wordpress.com/2013/03/22/the-lessons-of-cyprus-nrds-asset-seizure-risk-cube/

    and the Asset Seizure Risk Cube itself is here in large format here:

    Thanks for alerting readers if you think it’s warranted. Best wishes, JdW

  160. I sent you an email just now.

  161. Resistance, like life, always finds a way. Number 20 is especially interesting.


  162. Hey man,
    I found your site a couple of months ago and find it excellent and thought provoking. I am pretty much a lurker type without much to say. The strong silent type. Taking it in and planning accordingly. Please know your effort, energy and time is much appreciated.

  163. Independently Allied

  164. CA – something is up along the lines of your recent from Napolitano and what we hear from Ann Barnhardt. Best wishes for the weekend, JdW

  165. Embedded your post into the Judge Nap piece. Same to you and yours, sir.

  166. Sent email. Thanks.

  167. Sent email. Thanks!

  168. WRSA, I guess this is the best way to get in touch with you. I linked you on my blog, http://guncraft.blogspot.com/. I have some pictorials on Garand work you might be interested in. Keep up the good work! WRSA has quickly become a daily go to place.

  169. nuff' said

    moderator, I just sent you a confidential email about the Sandy Hook Promise.

  170. nuff' said

    I just sent the financial statement from Sandy Hook Promise to your email

  171. I just sent an email about American SOF snipers during Katrina – http://sofrep.com/19314/american-snipers-engage-us-citizens-in-new-orleans-circa-2005/

  172. Colorado Authorities Arrest Nursing Mother
    for “Grazing Animals in the Municipal Right of Way”

    by admin on April 15, 2013
    Abbotts_OneBadgerFarms-cowsPhoto Credit: One Badger Farm LLC

    Visit “Get to Know Your Farmer” on Facebook

    On Sunday, April 7, Colorado farmers Ethan and Renee Abbott were in their house with their two children, ages 7 and 4 months when law enforcement officers from Weld County showed up and eventually arrested Renee for an offense that had allegedly occurred several months earlier: “grazing animals in the municipal right of way.”

    Renee was handcuffed and taken off to jail. Ethan reported that the arresting officer said that she would be held without bail and would not be released until she appeared before a judge in the morning. Ethan was beside himself, as his 4-month-old son was exclusively breastfed and would surely need nourishment before the morning.

    Ethan called the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund Hotline and was connected to Attorney Elizabeth Rich. Attorney Rich could hear the baby crying in the background, and recognized the cry as one of a very hungry baby. She consulted Nourishing Traditions and read Sally Fallon Morell’s recipe for infant formula to Ethan.

    Elizabeth then called the Office of the Weld County Sheriff and lit into the deputy doing the booking for Renee about the officers dragging a nursing mother off to jail for a minor ordinance violation. She asked the deputy if there were any aggravating circumstances, such as resisting arrest, threats to the officers, or disorderly conduct. There were not. [According to the “Daily Arrest Report” on the Weld County Sheriff’s website (no longer listed), Renee was being held for “failure to appear on a warrant”. When questioned by Attorney Rich, the booking deputy did not mention this charge. The “warrant” in question, however, was based upon the “grazing animals in the municipal right of way” charge.]

    The deputy doing the booking told Attorney Rich that he did “not appreciate [her] tone,” but he did agree to release Renee from custody. Shortly after the call, Ethan was able to pick up Renee and she was able nurse her hungry son.

    According to Ethan, the incident giving rise to the charge occurred earlier this year when damaged fencing (which Ethan suspected was the result of vandalism) on the Abbotts’ property allowed their livestock to escape. The Abbotts were unaware that the livestock were loose until a deputy sheriff knocked on the Abbotts’ door and advised a very pregnant Renee that she needed to round up cows in the municipal right of way, she did so immediately—resulting in a fall and subsequent hospitalization. The ticket the deputy issued her for “grazing animals in the municipal right of way” formed the basis for the arrest on April 7th.

    Updated: 4/17/2013

  173. “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security…”

    Claire Wolfe talked about allies. How patriots can ally themselves with techies that are fighting for 1A online freedoms. There are others too.

    Three, unrelated but essential, defense funds to join (allies are everywhere, all are abused and usurped!):




  174. Check out this video on YouTube:

    Mike Vanderboegh encourages breaking unconstitutional laws in Connecticut
    CCDL Rally – Connecticut State House – Hartford CT – April 20, 2013

  175. Email sent 4-26-13 @ 1241 CST

  176. Trying that again.

  177. sent you a email

  178. http://www.savvysurvivor.com/survival_snaring.htm
    don’t know if there’s been a post on this, trying not to be selfish:)

  179. Dear CA,

    Please check your email box.

    All my best,
    Fran Porretto

  180. CA, email sent

  181. Riverside

    email sent on sheriff ric bradshaw, palm beach county nazi

  182. Heads up. Know your comm risks. F2F is still the best method. As WRSA always says, “local, local, local.”

    These guys build the tech to watch everything you do online. Take note…


    D Close

  183. sent a email

  184. Dear WRSA, you might be interested in my latest post:
    Today, truth is unacceptable.

  185. Email sent about Staples and a store in Nebraska that severely dissed the owners of a local gunshop…because they sell guns.

  186. Here’s one for the folks to consider . . .

  187. sent an email

  188. A few months ago, you posted links to useful websites for anonymous web browsing; things like search engines, etc. I looked for 2 hours, and can’t find them. …a little help?

  189. I hadent seen this here before. Thought somone might find some interest. Thanks for all the good work. http://www.sniperflashcards.com/index.php

  190. CA, email inbound.

  191. 2nd Amendment March, July 4th, Westcliffe, CO
    Folks: Sent you an email to the wrsa@hushmail.com site regarding a huge 2nd Amendment Rally in Westcliffe, CO on July 4th. It is an OPEN CARRY march and we expecting over 500 armed Patriots to show up. We even have various military vehicles and a cavalry detachment. Bring your evil black guns. The email has further details and a flyer. Got to the Southern Colorado Patriots Club website for details: scpatriotsclub.com/blog/
    Southern Colorado Patriots Club
    Westcliffe, CO

  192. butchcass223

    The NRA-ILA sent out a scaremail about the 54 bill gun control hearing in Mass. Now I know its our fault for living here but a word about our up coming doom would be appreciated. Hell we read the site we cant be all bad. They are having the hearing in Hyannis not Boston and its in the middle of the day so no pesky protesters

  193. What is to be done?

    How about calling for a nationwide general strike, in a month?
    For, say, two days?
    Think we might do that?

    “No liberty, no consent.”

  194. CA, after reading Sams post on the Syrian conflict, I felt inspired to write a short story. You can find it on my blog, http://guncraft.blogspot.com/2013/06/are-you-target-short-story.html

    Hope someone finds it useful.

  195. Butch Cass 223

    And the game begins –

    Thanks Valerie Jarred, you finally have broke cover and showed your cards.

  196. Natasha Montague

    Does this group ever meet up?

  197. Please, someone tell me if the guy who wrote the article “fool proof gun-grabbing” is a complete moron or not. I just read the article and was only able to get through it out of sheer curiosity of what the idiot would say next. Have a look at it. It’s ridiculous.

  198. Please watch this video as it contains footage of a Beckley WV police officer pulling over an older gentleman who obviously has no idea what he done wrong on July 10. The cop leaps out of his car screaming and threatening this guy and has his hand on his pistol acting menacing. This older guy is like WTF. How a cop can treat this guy like a threat and a gangbanger is beyond me. Just another hypervigilant douchebag that we have to encounter everyday.

    The video appears to have been made by a local TV newsteam that was in the cops car. You have to see what happens after the cop tickets the guy. The guy basically wants to file a report against the cop for being a Douchebag (which of course is a joke) but watch how the local TV reporter treats him. She starts acting like a bitch and defending the cop and his retarded behavior. This is a perfect example of a compliant state run media whore turning on the citizenry. Absolutely disgusting…

    Please watch this video and help make it viral. Its probably the best example of lap dog media. It will make you sick to your stomach

  199. JudgementComes

    I am falling behind because I cannot get connected to FreeFor. I have TOR and a key. But I am not able to put all the shit together to use IRC! Please get back to me if you can!

  200. Concerned American,
    If you ask me “Now that you’ve attacked the messenger, what specifically in the article did the author get wrong?

    Give details and show your work.”

    And then the reply system shuts down before I get back. You will never get your answer.

    This is not a complaint, just a statement. I understand and am grateful for the time that you put into this Blog.

  201. Sir: Put your answer here and I will put it into the right post. Sorry for software issue.

  202. As of 11:14 Mountain time 08-03-2013 only 40 views .. Really .. 40 views This should be over a million!!!!

    Tractor on

  203. CA,

    I’m a long time fan of your blog, thank you for your efforts and what you’re doing with spreading valuable information. Here are some links to 4th amendment issues that are becoming increasingly prevalent at airports across the country:



    I don’t believe I’ve seen any postings here on this issue, unless I’ve missed it. I thought you would find the information relevant.



  204. Concerned American,
    Sorry, I just got back today. I should have left these answers to your question here last week since you did ask them of me directly. It just did not occur to me to do so.
    In relation to:
    Why The US Is Building A Totalitarian System Posted on July 23, 2013

    Part one, the article undermines itself.
    For the first three paragraphs Mr. Raimondo spends his time quoting the third worst President in United States history. Which is interesting considering the Presidency of Jimmy Carter. That Mr. Carter is complaining about the state of Democracy in the U.S. after putting several despots in power by subverting democracy in favor of communists some still in power in several African nations is perverse to say the least.
    But first let us review the presidency of James Earl “Jimmy” Carter, Jr. (1977-1981). Carter was a notorious micro manager. Those stories of him personally reviewing federal public works project are if anything understated.
    I state this because I have a member of my family who was assigned to The White House during the Carter administration. He liked Carter as a man as most people who deal with him personally seem to.
    However this behavior undermines Mr. Raimondo’s theorem as stated in paragraphs Fourteen through sixteen that the vast surveillance state is the result of a deliberate plan.
    The National Security Agency’s ability to capture and record signal intelligence is a story with origins dating back to World War Two. However the big leap that would be showcased after the Soviet downing of ‪Korean Air Lines Flight 007‬ in September 1983 where later the intercepts of soviet radio transmissions were played to the whole world by the U.S. government. Would have to have been under final development and construction during the Carter Administration to be effective in 1983.
    This combined with the FISA courts 1978 establishment would mean that Carter would have to be the mastermind that at the very least started the construction of this vast surveillance state Mr. Raimondo asserts is deliberate.
    These surveillance systems were built separately over the last sixty years. All available evidence so far indicates that under the Obama maladministration recently unitized and unleashed on the entire population to create this Surveillance state.

    Part two it is not 1993 anymore.
    While we may all agree with Mr. Raimondo that the Big, Mainstream, State Run, Drive By, or lets be honest Liberal/Progressive/Socialist collectivist media does not report what will harm the Big Government collectivist agenda.
    He asserts in paragraph five, ten, and eleven that the Government has no way because of this state of affairs to measure public discontent. I suppose the government just can’t find Facebook, Drudge, Fox News, Breitbart, The Blaze, tens of thousands of personal blog pages, old fashioned newsletters, or this page so they have to read our e-mail?
    His proof of this is that not everyone hails Snowden as a hero saving particular scorn for Fox News commentators who don’t march in perfect goose step to Mr. Raimondo’s world view. Some people are waiting to see if Snowden is a hero or deliberately gave operations information to hostile parties like Manning.

    Part three Special privileges for the big political parties.
    In paragraph eight Mr. Raimondo asserts that the two big parties enjoy election privileges not afforded to other parties. “There are only two political parties in this country, and both of them are privileged by the state over all other political entities and parties:”
    While I do not doubt this may be the case in some states the two states election laws I am familiar with the election laws are the same for any group wishing to place someone on the ballot. The big parties just had enough people on their staffs to sign the petitions without any big effort. One state required less signatures if your party had run in the last election at the time. The Libertarian party (Apparently there are at least three parties.) had a little more trouble getting enough signatures but never failed to get their candidates on the ballot during the time I was involved in those states politics. I did not pay attention to any other political parties at the time but there were usually more than the big three.

    Part four to be a political prisoner.
    To be a political prisoner one must be One; a prisoner, and Two; it must be for political reasons. Of the four names in paragraph twenty nine only John Kiriakou can honestly be classified as such.
    Thomas Andrews Drake can be classified as such if we stretch the definition a bit. Edward Snowden is still free so can’t qualify yet.
    Bradley Manning if anything is guilty of greater offenses than he has been charged with. Calling him a political prisoner is a blatant lie at best.

    Part five the war of aggression propaganda.
    A war of aggression is usually defined as a military conflict waged without the justification of self-defense. So lets take a look at as Mr. Raimondo put it “America’s wars of aggression in the Middle East and elsewhere”
    Afghanistan. The primary defensive action to deny Al-Qaeda it’s primary base of operations.
    Iraq. The big push to remove a major supporter of terrorists who had failed to live up to the conditions of the 1991 cease fire. And fired missiles on day one of the ground operations that he was required to surrender thus invalidating the cease fire and the Progressive argument that the Iraq war is illegal.
    Libya. Whatever our involvement was calling it a war of aggression is a stretch.
    Syria. How would supplying the opposition be a war of aggression? Are we supplying them yet?

    In conclusion.
    Concerned American,
    I did not attack the messenger I defended Veritas from a dishonorable attack by proving him correct and the author untrustworthy.
    I could probably find more wrong, inconsistent, and contradictory but I am done with this article.
    I will not waste any more of your time on this.
    With apologies, Happy D

  205. WRSA – I just realized I posted with my real name, on accident. Hopefully you’ll change it to “anon.” Please?

  206. http://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2013/08/01/executive-order-improving-chemical-facility-safety-and-security

    Obama issued an Executive order on August 1, 2013 that will effectively ban Ammonium Nitrate in the USA. It will become to expensive and create too much possible civil and criminal liability to manufacture, store, or transport it. Clinton did the same thing to Anhydrous Ammonia dealers in 1999. It put most Anhydrous dealers out of business. Obama is imposing the same regs and adding explosives regulations on top of OSHA and EPA regulations. It’s all there if you know how to read bureacratese.

    Tannerite will probably be banned outright as soon as DHS & BATFE finish making policy based on this E.O. Whether or not they can criminalize it I don’t know. You can count on it being taken off the market though. The government has had it’s sights on Tannerite for a long time now.

    Food and Fuel prices will skyrocket because Ammonium Nitrate forms the basis for almost all nitrogen in granular fertilizers used in American farming. There are no cost and ease of manufacture/use equivalents for ammonium nitrate. Supply and demand economics are going to be the harsh lesson of the day. Crop yields will go down. Corn is the basis for the American food supply and the fuel additive ethanol. A.N. is critical in corn production. Hope everyone is ready for $12/gallon gasoline and $20 a box corn flakes.

  207. Pingback: From Over The Transom | Western Rifle Shooters Association

  208. A story of civil disobedience, the Windows War. Good read and a place to start. http://guncraft.blogspot.com/2013/08/the-window-war.html

  209. Lance Harris

    A Outstanding & Superb video
    “Feel of Poppies”

  210. Lance Harris

    Michael Hayden: “Probable Cause is not in the Fourth Amendment”

    Since when who knew….

  211. CA,

    Didn’t see anyone else posting this. Black DHS employee runs a website and has several videos calling for a race war with whites:


    It’s also been reported by some of the MSM outlets. His job includes purchasing weapons for ICE.

  212. Jimmy the Saint

    The Glorious Future Made Real

    Resisting criminals is now an invitation to murder, so sayeth the Spokane P.D.:


  213. MeatBrickSig

    Grenadier, I attended the first Suarez bootcamp back in ’09 and have been training ever since. I think we are in the same AO, drop me a line at issac dot vildin at hotmail dot com

  214. Sucking Chest Wound

    Saw an advertisement on an electronic billboard for a “Michigan Volunteer Defence Force”. Thought it was odd a militia would advertise like that. Checked it out. IT IS NOT A MILITIA. WTF?


  215. Sucking Chest Wound

    Billboard was in Grand Rapids MI

  216. SCW

    You told us what it wasn’t.

    Tell us what you found.

    It’s more helpful.

  217. Sucking Chest Wound

    It is a support unit for the National Guard. It us under the authority of the Governor. They are to be called up in emergencies. Supposed to be support but they do not allow conscientious objectors. They also have the same uniform and rank structure as the army. It is an unpaid position until activated.

  218. Sucking Chest Wound

    I think they are building the “civilian national defence force that’s just as strong, just as powerfr, and just as well funded” as our military.

  219. Pete….sent Hushmail re: Veterans Affairs using facial recognition at hospitals.

  220. E-mail sent compilation WWII

  221. Hi, does anybody know about this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/InfraGard
    This is a good read on it: http://powerofnarrative.blogspot.com/2013/09/when-state-floods-zone-reform-is-dead.html

    tl;dr FBI/US business, public/private partnership for information sharing

  222. sent email

  223. Sent you an email

  224. Jimmy the Saint

    A prayer from a H. M. Wharton’s book: “War Songs & Poems of the Southern Confederacy” – seems like this sentiment is becoming more and more common:

    Oh, God of Battles, once again,
    With banner, trump, and drum,
    And garments in the wine-press dyed,
    To give Thee thanks, we come.

    No goats or bullocks garlanded,
    Unto Thine altars go;
    With brothers’ blood, by brothers shed,
    Our glad libations flow,

    From pest-house and from dungeon foul,
    Where, maimed and torn, they die,
    From gory trench and charnal house,
    Where, heap on heap they lie.

    In every groan that yields a soul,
    Each shriek a heart that rends,
    With every breath of tainted air,
    Our homage, Lord, ascends.

    We thank Thee for the sabre’s gash,
    The cannon’s havoc wild;
    We bless Thee for the widow’s tears,
    The want that starves her child!

    We give Thee praise that Thou hast lit
    The torch and fanned the flame;
    That lust and rapine hunt their prey,
    Kind Father, in Thy name!

    That, for the songs of idle joy
    False angels sang of yore,
    Thou sendest War on earth – ill-will
    To men for evermore!

    We know that wisdom, truth and right
    To us and ours are given;
    That Thou hast clothed us with the wrath,
    To do the work of Heaven.

    We know that plains and cities waste
    Are pleasant in Thine eyes –
    Thou lov’st a hearthstone desolate,
    Thou lov’st a mourner’s cries.

    Let not our weakness fall below
    The measure of Thy will
    And while the press has wine to bleed,
    Oh, tread it with us still!

    Teach us to hate – as Jesus taught
    Fond fools, of yore, to love;
    Give us Thy vengeance as our own,
    Thy pity, hide above!

    Teach us to turn, with reeking hands,
    The pages of Thy Word,
    And learn the blessed curses there,
    On them that sheathe the sword.

    Where’er we tread may deserts spring,
    ‘Til none are left to slay;
    And when the last red drop is shed,
    We’ll kneel again – and pray!

  225. Sent you an email with hopes you will post the content. Thanks for what you do!

  226. Read email….in case you ain’t already seen the story.

  227. Please see email, “A Picture to Publish for your Consideration”. I hope you consider it for publication.

    Thanks and I enjoy your site…

  228. HempRopeAndStreetlight

    The “Movement” Suggested by Mike Hendrix is spreading – e-mail sent with info, same title as post basically.

  229. RE: Regime Operative, 9 OCT 13

    You have hushmail

  230. Just sent you an email with something I got a laugh out of. Glad we got to meet this past weekend.

  231. email inbound- link here-http://libertyhollow.weebly.com/1/post/2013/10/defiance-to-tyranny.html

  232. Longtime follower of the blog. Between the posts generated here and the wealth of info linked elsewhere, I can’t thank you enough.

    Had something I wanted to share. Sent via email.

    Best regards,

  233. gunnyginalaska

    Added you to my blogroll at The Anti Liberal Zone.

  234. Thanks; what’s your link?

  235. Worth spreading, I think. No surprise, though.



  236. An interesting format. It would take away from the presentation style that WRSA does so well, but kind of neat, just the same. Quite a few of these sources are a bit heavy on the “speculative sensationalism” side of things, in my opinion, but there are definitely some soild chunks of info that will be available here. Maybe they’d be interested in adding a WRSA feed?


  237. Forgot the link.



  238. That would be fine. Wanna ask ’em? I’d rather the ask come from a reader rather than some blog dude linkwhoring…


  239. Maybe the site’ll grow some contact info eventually, but as it stands, I can’t figure out who or how to contact the owner/operator. That’s too bad. Assuming that the site catches on with the Temple of Rawles purists (I initially saw it linked by survivalblog), there are a lot of folks out there that could stand to put aside the “prepper p0rn” for a bit and start thinking beyond the bunker a bit.

  240. Sent an email via Hushmail. Reporter’s house was raided by Maryland State Police searching for firearms according to the warrant.

    -John Langdon

  241. Came across this link, thought it appropriate to the WRSA readers.

  242. Given the NSA, FBI, and every other FedGov agency hoovering up our every conversation, clandestine meetings and drops might be the way we who love the Founders’ Republic might have to communicate in the future.

    The RESISTER, from The Special Forces Underground, back the 1990’s had some real knowledge nuggets, and this is one of them, reformatted and commentated by yours truly to cover the Age of the Snowden Job and the Omnivore.


  243. Mail sent entitled “BRILLIANT” – Photo gallery for WRSA readers

  244. Fellow MVT, Mosby, and WRSA readers,
    I’m trying to avoid coming across as a shill or a boot licker here, but for anyone who is one the fence about updating to the 2nd revision of Contact… Do it. Just friggin do it.
    And buy a spare, so when you loan it out (and you will), you can still count on having your primary copy in your possession to read and re-read.
    I have zero financial interest in the project, but we as a community needed this, and Max has delivered already with Mosby up on deck.
    FYI, I had previously picked up both the Kindle and the paper version of the 1st edition, and like Max has warned, you are doing yourself a great disservice if you buy the Kindle version or either edition (at this time, at least). Still, I simply can’t emphasize enough the overall improvements made in the 2nd paper edition over the first.
    I am not trying to knock the 1st ed., but it was written and organized with a lot more “Rawlesian wake up” kind material up front, causing me to scan, flip, and skip more of the first hundred+ pages than I care to admit. Plenty of good stuff in there, but it was slow going before getting into the sweet spot of Max’s personal expertise… small unit tactics. Think more “Patriot Dawn” how-to, rather than “Patriots”.
    Understand, this revision contains much of the same material, but it has been completely reorganized to flow neatly in with all of the hugely relevant and recently added blog posts. Max has evolved his understanding of what we face, much like most of us have over the last few years, and the second edition really and truly puts it together.
    Believe me, regardless of whether you have seen much of this stuff before (in the book or the blog), seeing it in a logically arranged, standalone package was worth twice the price he is asking, regardless of whether you have the first edition or not.
    Hey, If you buy it and feel I’m wrong, curse my name a hundred times over, but you’re still only out twenty bucks. I am highly confident you will not.
    I would strongly suggest that you post on your blog a copy of the table of contents. It would drive home the points I’m trying to make without you saying a single word of self-promotion.

    Very respectfully,

  245. Tonight,

    Director Jeffrey Travis and producers Matt Patterson and Steve Markham join us to talk about a sobering, maybe even a frightening new film that presages the possibility of a real life “DRAGON DAY”.

    9p ET on The ANDREA SHEA KING SHOW – Tuesday, Oct. 29th


  246. been reading this blog for over a year and have many family members and friends also reading this blog. as always, good though provoking material. I may not agree 100% with everything, but it’s good stuff.

    I though many here would love this song…. it’s from one of my favorite groups:

  247. Thank you and yours for being here.

  248. no problem.

  249. First, thank you. I subscribed a year ago after discovering you and have been reading ever since.

    Second, not sure how to “join” or “post” but thought my brethren here might enjoy this as much as I did – serious belly laugh.

    The PWS TFL – Tactical Forearm Lengthener (Spoof)

  250. ambiguousfrog

    Great alternatives to the proprietary services out there:


    You could add to resources links

  251. What’s more interesting than MRAPS? Narco Tanks.


    This is some serious Mad Max shit.

  252. If you haven’t seen it already, you may want to pass along this story on faked body armor for the Fla. readers:


  253. Looks like Glenn Greenwald is considering taking a $250 million investment from the founder of eBay, Pierre Omidyar, see here http://www.alexaobrien.com/secondsight/conversation_re.html

    I wasn’t aware of this, but it’s been talked about on Democracy Now since the end of October. (Good reason to scan other viewpoints’ literature for intel – think I might start doing that more).

    I think Greenwald wants to take the money and she’s trying to talk him out of it, because Omidyar didn’t do anything to prevent Paypal from banning Wikileaks. Omidyar claims he had no authority/influence to do so at the time and O’Brien thinks he is lying.

    In case people don’t know (but they probably do), Alexa O’Brien is the defense lawyer who usually gets hired to defend whistleblowers like Manning et al.; she tours with the Thinthread whistleblowers Binney and Drake to give speeches sometimes.

  254. whoops it called me Penny Pinchery Pincher
    It’s just Penny Pincher, but that’s funny.

  255. Let’s have a little lesson on the erosion of the middle class.

    In 1963, minimum wage was $1.25/hr. The average spot price of gold for the year was $35.09/oz. If a fellow worked 40 hrs/wk, 52 wks/yr he would earn the equivalent of 74.095 oz of gold.

    Today, the spot price of gold is $1,285/oz. That same 74.095 oz of gold would be worth $95,212.

    With a minimum wage of $7.25/hr with the above stated spot price, a year’s pay would get you 11.735 oz of gold. Which is just less than 16% of what it would get you 50 years ago.


  256. About to send off an e-mail. Got a project you all might be interested in…


  257. Could you please pitch the idea of a yard sign campaign, (get someone good with graphics) to say I will defend my neighbor! What a statement that one little sign would make. For the SS to pull onto a block and see those little signs scattered down the street! To know they would not kill and or terrorize they targeted homeowner and his family without taking some casualties!

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  259. Lindsay has retired, but his slack has been picked up:https://www.youroldtimebookstore.com/

  260. George Washington relied on 6 spies to turn the tide of Revolution. So should we.


  261. Publius Huldah

    In the last 3 days, your post “con-con con, encore” sent 1,163 viewers to my paper on Mark Levin at my website.

  262. Just a heads up, a Federal Judge has ruled that California’s 10 day waiting period is UnConstitutional.

    Blogged about it at The Vulgar Curmudgeon.

  263. Perhaps this may be of interest: “Censorship, surveillance, and Android phones: Syria’s tech revolution, from the cutting room floor”

  264. Another heads up gentlemen.

    NSA’s collection of phone data could be unconstitutional, judge rules
    Los Angeles Times | December 16, 2013 | 11:23 AM

    The National Security Agency’s vast program of collecting information on all telephone calls in the United States may violate the Constitution, a federal judge ruled today.

    The ruling by a federal district judge in Washington is preliminary and will not stop the program immediately, but it marks the first significant defeat for the government in court regarding the controversial surveillance program.

    For the latest information go to http://www.latimes.com.

    There is an article at the Times now, I pretty much just copied and pasted the first half of it over at The Vulgar Curmudgeon as I have to leave for work soon.

    Thanks for the link yesterday, ya made my day.


  265. Situation, Enemy (demoralizing propaganda):

  266. Francis Flandro

    A Devastating False Flag Attack Event Is Coming Our Way

    Dave Hodges

    December 21, 2013

    The Common Sense Show

    Peter Sutherland, at the heart of what happens in the Gulf.

    Peter Sutherland, at the heart of what happens in the Gulf. He knows!

    I have been very busy this week and have learned that the same Globalists Who Brought Us the Gulf Oil Explosion, Are Planning the Next False Flag Event. At present, I do not have all the facts, but a clear picture of what is coming is beginning to emerge.

    From two conversations I recently have had, along with almost three dozen emails from the Gatlinburg, TN. area, I believe we are on the precipice of a major false flag event which will be used as a beta test in order to test DHS’ ability to conduct citizen roundups, detentions and extermination procedures in response to a coming false flag event.The event will also greatly impact the ability for many to remain living in the Gulf of Mexico region.
    The Boston Marathon Bombing As a Precedent

    The Boston Marathon Bombings were used as a beta test to see how people and the DHS would respond to the order to forcibly evacuate an area based on a perceived threat. We are soon going to be witnessing the same thing in some undisclosed location in the US. However, before this article is completed, I believe I have been given enough information to give a general indication as to where this event will take place. However, I do not have a timetable and I think that is because we have caught this coming plot in the planning phase. Therefore, we have a chance to stop it by exposing it.
    The Background

    I have had a source for the nearly eight years that I have been broadcasting. He is a former high ranking Air Force General who was forced to retire because it was determined by his superiors that he would not carry out false flag controlled weather/earthquake attacks upon the American people. I serendipitously met this person because we had a previous political issue in common which was outside his role as a General.

    When he discovered that I had a radio show, first local and then national, he began to feed me information because he is very much opposed to what is coming. This is my source and he has proven impeccable time and time again. For example, he led me to the discovery that two of the top four commanders in the Middle East defied Obama and attempted to launch a rescue mission in order to save Ambassador Stevens. The attempt failed but was my first indicator that much, if not all, most of the military is not on board with Obama and a coup could someday be in the offing. I had this information within 96 hours of the Stevens death. I hesitated to publish this event for a couple of weeks, for fear I would be proven wrong. I changed my mind and was still the first in the country that reported this event and I vowed to never hesitate on reporting his information again.

    Have you wondered why over 200+ military command officers have been fired and not one has officer has spoken about what lies behind this unprecedented purge? Yet, many are secretly speaking to the alternative media that I know, including to yours truly. They are not publicly speaking out because my source tells me that their family members have all been threatened.

    My former Air Force General source introduced to me in the very early hours, of December 21, 2013, a General who was fired last Monday. His job, among other duties, was to coordinate the various national guard units into a cohesive fighting force and to uniformly respond to a national threat. His performance reviews have been stellar. However, he has seen an increasing DHS usurping of his authority over the past couple of years. As he related to me, the major problem started when he was ORDERED BY DHS TO STAND DOWN AND TURN OVER CONTROL OF THE NATIONAL GUARD EMERGENCY RESPONSE OPERATIONS PLANNING TO DHS. When he refused to sign off on the transfer of operational protocols, without the President’s or a Joint Chief’s signature ordering him to do so, he was fired. If he had been given these orders from the chain of command he said he would have uniformly transferred National Guard authority to DHS. HE WAS FIRED BY DHS! SINCE WHEN DOES DHS RUN THE MILITARY?

    As he was fired he stated that he and his family were threatened if he went public.

    After sharing this information, both Generals feel that a false flag weather/earthquake attack will come to America. A massive earthquake along the New Madrid Fault is their top guess as to the general location for a number of reasons that I am going to lay out in the following paragraphs.
    Frightening Consequences

    wackenhutFollowing the false flag event, selected local populations are going to be taken to public venues in the same manner as we saw in the Boston Martial Law drill and we witnessed in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

    Although this coming false flag nay only a beta test, this General said he was able to obtain information that DHS expects to test the resolve of the occupation forces in the upcoming drill. What does that mean?

    Do you remember at Denver’s Operation Mountain Guardian, DHS hired mock parents who were told to beg for get their kids from the guards at Sports Authority Field in Denver after they had been illegally taken by FEMA from the Denver Elementary Schools? The guards at the Denver event were desensitized through this drill. Now it appears that, perhaps, the executioners will be desensitized through the upcoming false flag event. Yes, you read the previous sentence correctly.

    Subsequently, this General speculates that real executions may be carried out in selected facilities and the public will be told that these people died as a result of the catastrophe. What this General has pieced together seems to follow the this scenario; A false flag event is carried out in the aftermath of the upcoming event in which localized martial law is declared. Roundups will subsequently begin and people are ordered to report or are forcibly taken to a public venue such as an NFL stadium or a shopping mall.

    Operation Mountain Guardian has already been carried out, therefore, desensitizing guards is not needed. All three of us agree that the next group to test and desensitize would not be the guards, but the executioners at these camps. Armed with NSA target lists obtained from the massive spying, selected people could be selected and terminated. The General said their deaths could be tied to the false flag event and the country would be none the wiser. The General said that since his departure, one of his subordinates discovered that some of the public venues have prepositioned military assets. Hence, the reasons for his speculation. I concur, the next event will be the extension, and bring this scenario to a whole new level, than what we saw at Operation Mountain Guardian.

    One other significant detail emerged from the conversation in which it was revealed that some Tennessee National Guard personnel secretly moved equipment in conjunction with DHS. These National Guard personnel are barred from speaking of this event, even to their field commanders. Were they prepositioning military assets? What kind of assets? I am not kidding when I state that speculation about the use of guillotines is being spoken of, although it remains a rumor at this point. The rumors about guillotines in official circles are, however, out there! Why guillotines? Why are Muslims in Gatlinburg? And what do Sharia Law beholding Muslims do to Christians? Just ask the Christians in Syria who are being beheaded by the thousands at the hands of al-Qaeda. Could they be practicing for what is coming here?

    This General also thinks the Russians will be involved, based upon several operations documents he has seen. I believe that Gatlinburg, TN. will be one of the sites from which this event will coordinated. The adjacent Smoky Mountains and the national forests in which massive helicopter sightings have taken place, are pointing to the fact that Gatlinburg is a staging area. It has all of the elements in that DHS has a presence as do Russians and Muslims. Let me put my speculation hat on. Are the DHS the masterminds? Are the Russians the transport agents and guards at the venues? Are the Muslims the presumed executioners? Please look at look at the 3 emails at the bottom of this article about Gatlinburg and please realize that I have almost 3 dozen emails just like these.

    Because this is a breaking story, the pieces have not fully fallen into place. However, there is more as I try and Air Force Owning the Weather As a Force Multiplier
    The Air Force 2025 Owning the Weather As a Force Multiplier

    I was provided a list of documents loosely entitled “… 2025 Owning the Weather…The Weather As a Force Multiplier.. The Manufacturing of Earthquake Causing Weapons” which details how the Air Force has long planned to enact earthquakes, hurricanes and other weather phenomena to bring part of any country to its knees. I am still processing these articles, however, at the conclusion of the article, I will post a copy and paste an Air Force document which details how earthquakes can be used as a weapons.

    Martial law will be declared and the real agenda of using a false flag weather event would be acted out. The Air Force General had his recently deposed general friend call me early this morning. I was told that a false flag weather event is being planned and the national guard coordinated response is needed. However, it is now clear to the General that the National Guard will not just be involved in just delivering food, they will be involved in roundups, gun confiscations and the Russians will be accompanying them. Do you remember the FEMA bilateral agreement which placed 15,000 Russian soldiers on the ground to train with FEMA for disaster preparedness? This connects a very big dot being proposed by the General.
    Russians Prepare to Deal With the American Public

    The Russians have been training for these kinds of events at Ft. Carson as they have been seen practicing policing activities at public events. In other words, they are being trained in martial law and the interaction necessary to deal with the American public. This is a very confirming piece of information as this is another large dot that can be connected.

    Although there is no timetable, however, my source felt it could not be over 90 days out. There is speculation that this is why Obama is in Hawaii for an extended time so he can be out of harm’s way.
    More Confirming Evidence Coming Forward

    I just completed a conference call and was told that there is sighting of Peter Sutherland and he had a meeting with the Army Corps of Engineers in Alabama. When I heard this, I almost swallowed my tongue. If this is true, the UN is going to be involved in what is coming.

    Peter Sutherland is the scoundrel that I identified as my chief suspect as to who was the mastermind behind the Gulf Oil Explosion. He is also the head of the UN Migration Council which means he would be involved in population transfers involving the US citizens under the auspices of the United Nations.

    Read these articles and you will see the dots begin to connect on the information that I have been provided. You must read this article. The relevant part begins with Peter Sutherland which is about 3/4ths the way down the page. As you are reading this, and if you are not a sheep in your level of awareness, your face will turn white as a ghost! If you don’t read the article, you will miss the underlying events and players.


    After reading this article, I think the readers will see quite clearly on why this event is likely to be the New Madrid Fault on the Southern end because it will greatly impact the Gulf. I think that this is the second punch of a one-two punch which started on April 20, 2010 which was designed to depopulate the Gulf. Did you note from the article that Sutherland is a Bilderberg Council Member and the former head of the European Division of the Trilateral Commission? He worked for BP and Goldman Sachs before the Gulf explosion. Goldman Sachs facilitated the money movement between the four major players prior to the event which demonstrates that this was a conspiracy of the highest order.

    In a conference call I was on, I thought I recognized the voice of one of the participants. Do you remember when Jesse Ventura interviewed SI Rees and her assistant from the Army Corps of Engineers on the show Conspiracy Theory? I am really good with voices and I swear that voice was that of the assistant.

    In Jesse’s interview, it was revealed that Jesse had a document from the Army Corps which showed that the Army Corps had been given $40 billion dollars to evacuate the Gulf. I found the document on the website of the Army Corps in Mobile, AL. However, the document is now classified. As I stated, one of the voices on the conference phone call sounded like SI Rees assistant. He refused to identify himself. This former Army Corps official stated that when he objected to the manner that the coming evacuation was going to be conducted, with none of the citizens being allowed to take personal possessions as they are ushered out of their homes just like they were in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon Bombing, he was fired. Doesn’t this match what many of us have been told about the fact that the Russians have been promised the booty from the homes that are evacuated? Another dot connected.

    I have long said that the Gulf was going to be depopulated to make room for the energy companies such as the Algae farms being invested in by Soros, Gore and company, that are being developed in the Gulf. I think that this coming event is a preemptive event designed to test evacuation and detention procedures as well as to test the entire scope of the operational plan including the plan to execute identified dissidents and allow the Russians to loot their homes. I would encourage everyone to read my seven part series on the Gulf as you will see how close I was too much of this three years ago. Simply google “Dave Hodges and Great Gulf Coast Holocaust”. You will also learn how the use of the oil dispersant, corexit, was used as opposed to other agents. It ties into the depopulation plans of the Gulf.

    Before you write to me and tell me that the New Madrid Fault Line is far removed from the Gulf of Mexico, you need to consider that it is not as far removed as you might be aware of. Jack Reed is a retired Texaco geologist-geophysicist who has studied the geology of the Gulf of Mexico for over four decades. Reed states that the Gulf of Mexico is tectonically active, and that the Gulf of Mexico is the source for most seismic activity along the New Madrid fault despite the fact that the New Madrid Fault is over 200 miles away at its most Southern point. Reed further stated that there is definitive evidence that the New Madrid fault zone is directly connected to “deeply buried tectonics” in the Gulf of Mexico. Therefore, an earthquake in the New Madrid Fault Line would have catastrophic consequences all the way out to the buried tectonics in the Gulf of Mexico.Clearly BP upset these deeply buried techtonics with the explosion and unleashed all that oil into the water table and sediment levels inland. This is a train wreck waiting to happen.

    After I discovered that the Gulf Oil Explosion was a false flag event, I said there would be a follow up event. This is that follow up event. And I think it is logical to believe that there will not just be one earthquake event, I would bet on several earthquakes with each being more severe than the previous. We already know that the salt domes in Louisiana are collapsing under the stress. See some of the evidence below.
    The Salt Domes are collapsing. There are parts of Louisiana that are already falling apart. What is coming could be the knockout punch.

    The Salt Domes are collapsing. There are parts of Louisiana that are already falling apart. The earthquake that is coming could be the knockout punch.

    Mix in a HAARP produced hurricane and you have quite a mess.

    The globalists don’t usually make one dimensional plans. What we see here is the beta test for evacuations, roundup and possibly worse. We also see a geographic area the globalists would like to depopulate, namely, the Gulf, so they can it make it their cap and trade energy hub in a brilliant plan. However, the evacuation plan is not yet implemented which means we can stop it by exposing this planned event. mommy i am scared of government If this is not the knockout punch for the Gulf, it is the precursor event.
    Make Plans to Bug Out

    run for your lifeMy advice to everyone is to prepare a “bug out bag” because we cannot be absolutely sure that this event will not take place as I have identified. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD YOU AGREE TO GET ON AN EVACUATION BUS AND REPORT TO A PUBLIC VENUE.

    In an article I wrote this morning, after I received this information and was attempting to gather more facts, I would ask you to read this article to see why you should never report to a public venue for help, or to get onto a bus which will take you to a public venue for help. If you go, you may not come out alive.

    Finally, the Air Force is clearly complicit in this. I was afraid of this development, in that the military would bifurcate and fight each other. This is bad, very bad. The Navy, Army and Marines are clearly opposed to Obama, but apparently not the Air Force. They have to know how these weapons are going to be used.

    Because this is a breaking story, it is not as coherent as I would like. However, I felt the importance and possible urgency of the message outweighed the need to professionally prepare the information. I think this event is in the planning stages, but one cannot be sure. You, however, have been warned.

    I Sample emails from the Gatlinburg Area which represents 3 out of 34 email such emails about or from this area.

    II Partial copy of the document, Air Force Owning the Weather (Earthquakes) in 2025. Using the Weather As a Force Multiplier.

    I. Selected Emails: RE: Gatlinburg


    I actually live in Bozeman MT. My mother’s family live there (grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc) and have confirmed that the Russian soldiers arrived in droves over the last 3 years. Also a large segment of the rural counties have seen the Russian mafia buy up land and homes. I told a DEA agent about the Russian mafia scaring the locals about 5 years ago and they successfully had a couple drug raids. Tennessee is becoming more Muslim. My parents lived in Franklin about 2 years ago and tried hard to fight against the Mosque that was being built in Murphysboro. They became disguised and moved back to Phoenix.


    Dear Mr. Hodges:

    We live some miles away from Gatlinberg, very close to the boundary of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

    Twice in the last two weeks we’ve heard VERY loud helicopters pass very low right over our house, on a heading thru a gap in the mountains on a heading directly into the park. This happened first around 9 PM, I did not manage to get a visual sighting. Several days later we had a very heavy fog, and around 4 PM a helicopter (same noise signature) flew through the fog at tree top level. I suspect this route was chosen to avoid the Tyson McGee airport radar.

    Next time this happens at night I will do my best to get a visual sighting.

    (name withheld)


    Just listened to the show on Hagmann and Hagmann. I am from Knoxville, Tn. and now live in Nashville but still have family that live there very close to Gatlinburg and some friends too. I have had many reports that there are Russians even working now in restaurants there and in Piegon Forge. They have also been known to stop people (driving) in the mountains and question them. This has been going on for a long time and they are still there. I have been in Nashville since 1970. Even before I moved here there were reports of things going on up in the mountains.

    I had friends that flew helicopter tours in the mountains and there were no fly zones and they said they knew there were troops of some kind up there back then that they didn’t want anyone to see. So we are talking 45 to 50 yrs ago, I am 71. Just thought you’d want to know about this and you may already know.

    God Bless and protect you and your family,


    II. Abstract from Air Force Owning the Weather

    This technology abstract is a submittal by the general public. The views expressed in this abstract

    are strictly those of the author and do not reflect the official policy, position, or programs of the

    United States Air Force, Department of Defense, or the United States Government.

    DISTRIBUTION A. Approved for public release; distribution unlimited.

    Document ID: 800062

    Technology Abstract Title: Earthquake Weapon

    Description: Ultrasonic or acoustic weapon to destroy runways, buildings, bridges. Weapon will

    generate a very strong acoustic wave that causes structures to resonate, and thereby destroy them. This

    has the advantage of being a destructive force that is not designed to kill people.

    Advantages: Destructive to structures and warmaking potential, but does not directly threaten people.

    Challenges: How to generate a strong enough acoustic field.

    Countermeasures: Acoustic wave cancellation methods (generate a wave out of phase with the

    weapon) standard earthquake protection methods, such as flexible structures, truss designs, reinforced


    Positive Counter Measures Attacking hardened, hidden structures. Airfield

    interdiction (destroy runways) Civilian application: demolition.

    References: None.











    Technology Areas:

    Directed Energy and Kinetic Energy Systems Technology (PRIMARY)

    Munitions Devices and Energetic Materials Technology

    Survivability and Hardening Technology

    Earthquake Weapon. Page 1 of 1

    http://csat.au.af.mil/2025/concepts/800062.HTM 12/11/2008

  267. From The Volokh Conspiracy:


    How a Talking Point Is Born: $1 Billion Against Action on Climate Change
    Posted: 23 Dec 2013 06:17 AM PST
    (Jonathan H. Adler)
    “Conservative groups spend up to $1bn a year to fight action on climate change,” reads the headline of an article in the Guardian on a new study, that purports to show the extent of foundation funding opposing action on climate change. Only the study shows no such thing.

    The study, “Institutionalizing delay: foundation funding and the creation of U.S. climate change counter-movement organizations” by Robert Brulle, was published last Friday in Climatic Change. For this study, Brulle identified 91 organizations that oppose the imposition of emission controls on greenhouse gases (the “Climate Change Counter Movement” or CCCM), and totaled up their entire annual operating budgets, without regard to whether climate or environmental matters generally represent a significant portion of each organization’s work. The study then trumpets the resulting number — $900 million per year from 2003 to 2010 — as if this represents the size and extent of think tank and advocacy group opposition to climate change policies. This is ridiculous, as many of the organizations listed, such as the American Enterprise Institute, Hoover Institution, and Heritage Foundation, spend only a tiny fraction of their budget on climate policy. AEI’s revenue in 2009, for instance, was $28.8 million. Yet AEI does relatively little on environmental issues, let alone on climate change. Moreover, during the period examined in Brulle’s study, AEI published work supporting action on climate change (see, e.g., here). The Brulle study also details foundation funding for these organizations, again as if every dollar given by conservative foundations to these groups has something to do with climate policy, when it is easy to show this is not the case.

    The point of studies like this is to sustain a narrative that environmentalist organizations are out-gunned by a sinister network of well-funded conservative organizations. Sure, outfits like AEI have sizable budgets. But consider that a single major environmentalist group, the Natural Resources Defense Council, has an annual budget over three times greater than AEI. NRDC devotes all of its resources to environmental matters, and has made climate change a priority. AEI, on the other hand, devotes the bulk of its resources to issues like tax policy, national defense, foreign policy and health care. At places like AEI, environmental policy is an afterthought. Add up the annual budgets of major environmental groups working on climate change and its easy to surpass the $900 million figure in the Brulle study — and that’s not even including the progressive counterparts to the AEIs of the world, such as the Center for American Progress, which had a $36 million in 2010. It would be one thing to argue that corporate lobbying expenditures opposing action on climate chance overwhelm the efforts of environmentalist groups (, but the Brulle study has nothing to say about that (and it’s not clear even that claim would hold up to scrutiny, as the data in this study shows).

    No matter. The Brulle study will serve its purpose, and the “$1 billion per year of climate denial” factoid will soon become a regular claim in the climate policy debate. Think Progress already has a story of its own: “Conservative Donors Pump $1 Billion A Year Into Climate Denying Groups, Study Finds.” The specter of a well-funded anti-climate action monolith — the CCCM –may console climate activists, but it diverts attention from the real obstacle to action on climate change. Meaningful GHG reductions are exceedingly costly. Stabilizing atmospheric concentrations of GHGs requires doing far more than the EPA has contemplated to date, and even that won’t be enough. Until meaningful GHG reductions are cheap and easy, they won’t happen. So until climate activists focus their efforts on reducing the costs of climate action, little progress will be made.

  268. Here is a link to the audio on Snowden Christmas: http://youtu.be/ubtMCzYqlps

  269. Your posted link and the ORIGINAL VIDEO IS BLOCKED WORLD WIDE!

  270. The system is working just the way it’s supposed to…

  271. i have nominated your blog for the Sunshine Award.

    Happy New Year! May there be a great awakening!

  272. CA….you have Hushmail.
    RE: Bateman and your latest posting on 1 JAN 14.

  273. Somebody started a III Percent Patriot mailing list for Bitmessage. This is the address:


    Bitmessage allows anonymous communication.

    This particular list will copy daily blog posts and send them out. That way patriots don’t need to use a web browser, thus their ISP cum NSA won’t know they are logging onto to certain sites.

    It will also allow patriots to anonymously share knowledge by posting to the mailing list.

    It is moderated for spam.

    No IP addresses are collected with BM.

    No IDs are exchanged with BM (unless patriot voluntarily discloses for person-to-person comm).

    Patriots can get a Bitmessage email address using:


    which makes them a little easier to use, but it uses a central server to keep track of the anonymous accounts. Best use a VPN to get an address, or just stick with the regular BM client.


    Feel free to email the address below for more info

  274. Contact email address omitted. Advise?

  275. Rog. Thanks. Will post info as a standalone and ping you when done. If you could field questions, it would be appreciated.

  276. Sure. I’m actually putting together a tutorial/walkthrough and an online meeting similar to the Lastbox encryption meeting last winter. I’ll post when ready; roughly 7 days for the tutorial and the meeting next month. I’ll post when available.

  277. Rog. Will hold til you advise via wrsa@hushmail.com. Then, if you are willing, we can have an online meeting per your note. To max attendance, can you make 2000-2200 EST/1700-1900 PST?

  278. Will do.

  279. Mountain Shepherd

    Do you still offer rifle courses?

  280. Not for a long time. What level are you seeking?

  281. Mountain Shepherd

    Thanks for your reply! I am looking to learn how to use my M4. A basic combat rifle course. I live in central Idaho.

  282. Google the Appleseed program for basic rifle marksmanship.

    Then go see Mosby once you have a sighted-in rifle, weapons familiarization, and basic field gear.

    There is a wealth of important info at Mosby’s place:



    Good luck.

  283. Mountain Shepherd

    Thanks for taking the time to help. We are looking to get Mosby out our way in August or thereabouts. Again thanks!

  284. Sent the primer to hushmail address.

    For all reading this: III mailing list has been updated to this address:

  285. Disregard the “new” III mailing list address. I got my wires crossed. The list is still set up and functional at:


    The current “Bitmessage Primer for Patriots” primer version number is 1.0a and can be downloaded here:


  286. Michhelle the 300 lb gorilla

    Civil war era book: ‘Jack Hinson’s One-Man War; A Civil War Sniper’ by Tom C. McKenney

    Although I will agree operating alone is not ideal, it can be done.

    This is not only proving to be an interesting read, but also has many good tactical and opsec tidbits for operating during an occupation.

    My point is it is not only entertaining by one can be left with some nuggets and food for thought.


  287. Just wanted to share a pro liberty YouTube series that is frickin hilarious. It’s called Conrad the Constitution by the Fox Brothers. Check it out, as I agree with Mark Twain, in that the only correct way to look at a politican is down.

  288. Michhelle the 300 lb gorilla

    So as I finish the meticulously researched Civil War era book: ‘Jack Hinson’s One-Man War; A Civil War Sniper’ by Tom C. McKenney; here is a summary of my take aways:

    1. Mr. Jack Hinson (he) was outwardly a political agnostic. He was pragmatic enough to do whatever it took to keep the eye of scrutiny off of him.
    2. He was meticulous in his planning, as he was well aware he had no QRF or security element.
    3. He took the better part of a year to gather the supplies that he would need for his one-man war without raising the suspicion of the occupying force.
    4. He knew his tools of his trade. He had detailed drop and windage charts.
    5. He valued intel. He had an extensive network of friends that not only provided material support but intelligence.
    6. He prepared multiple fighting positions in the areas of intended operations, layups, and hides.

    In general everything that you would delegate out, he did alone. He was a meticulous man by nature and very well connected in his AO so he survived to tell his tale (actually others told his tale).

    He was the exception to the rule. The author claims that this is the first and only time that an individual had successfully waged a one man war. After pondering the amount of effort, planning and resources (human and material) that was needed to pull this off I can see why.

  289. Pingback: Bitmessage – Anonymous “Emails” and “Blogging” Possible

  290. I hope this is the proper place to submit this.
    I couldn’t locate an email address where readers may submit contributions.
    The Insanity of Repeating Past Mistakes -or- Profits For The Military Industrial Complex By Any Means…Including Treasonous Suicide

    I figured this was only a matter of time.

    After the USA allowed the theft, sale, or transfer of basic modern assembly line manufacturing technology, computer component manufacturing technology, space vehicle launch and satellite deployment technology, to China, the inevitable appears to be happening.

    Now it’s just been reported “…that Chinese military advances will overtake those of the United States in as few as five years, a senior Pentagon official told Congress Tuesday.”


    The same thing happened with the USSR. The Russian Communist economy couldn’t even produce toasters-or much else-with the quality and reliability to enter the export market, yet somehow they were able to MIRV their nuclear missiles, manufacture modern military vehicles and hardware, as well as military aircraft that posed a credible threat to the USA. Well, they had help…from their supposed arch enemy…

    For example, President Nixon allowed specialized miniature ball bearing grinding machine tools (Bryant Centalign® Model B) to be sold to the USSR, despite testimony to congressional committees that 85% of the production of these machines in the US went to many critical military end uses-including for use in the miniature guidance systems required for MIRV (Multiple Independent Re-entry Vehicles) rockets with up to 16 separately targeted nuke warheads. The sale of these precision ball bearing grinders led to the USSR MIRVing their ICBMs, as well as greatly increasing their accuracy. Then, of course, the US had to spend big bucks on programs such as Star Wars in order to counter the Soviet threat, making for some more handy profits for the MIC (Military Industrial Complex).

    See the work of the late Prof. Antony C. Sutton for the documented research. The link below is Sutton’s research regarding the grinders:


    Then in 1989 the USSR collapsed (at least that appears somewhat to be the case-though the fact that that country is presently led by an ex-KGB guy can make one wonder) and the talk of a “peace dividend” reduction of military spending had the MIC quivering.

    Soon enough, 911 happened and the MIC became the MISC (Military Industrial Surveillance Complex) and military spending was rapidly greatly escalated.

    Apparently not satisfied with those enormously increased expenditures, we can expect more Fear Factor style warnings that we must counter this made-in-the-USA Chinese threat to national security with ever more spending on the military.

    In fact, such a Fear Factor warning is included in the article about the development of China’s new high-speed missile (link above):

    “Frank Kendall, undersecretary of defense for acquisition, technology, and logistics, said during a House Armed Services Committee hearing that he is concerned by large-scale cuts in U.S. defense spending that are undermining efforts to maintain U.S. military superiority.”

    No concern is noted, however, about the source of the advanced technologies required for the modernization of the Chinese military…

    Too bad that these Fear Factor tactics still seem to work despite the obvious paramount threat to the American way of life being posed by our own authoritarian government…

  291. Michhelle the 300 lb gorilla


    Pretty much sums up the chain of events.

  292. Your going to need good encryption for your CW rigs… Read this, all of it.


  293. Check this out!

    February 6, 2014 — (TRN) — Edward Snowden, the former contractor at the National Security Agency took with him multiple “Doomsday” packages of information when he departed the country and began revealing how intensely the US Government is spying on its own citizens. He has the personal home info for all Elected Officials, Law Enforcement, Judges, Bankers, Corporate Boards of Directors and more!

    At a classified briefing for members of Congress which took place on Wednesday, members found out that Snowden took with him:

    a complete roster of absolutely every employee and official of the entire US Government.
    * The names, home addresses, unlisted personal home telephone and personal cellular phone numbers, dates of birth and social security numbers of every person involved in any way, with any department of the US Government.
    * The files include elected officials, Cabinet appointees, Judges, and **ALL** law enforcement agency employees including sworn officers.
    * Similar files with the personal information of EVERY government contractor and all employees of that contractor!
    * Similar files with all the personal information of EVERY Bank Corporation, their operating officers and their Boards of Directors, including all current and former members of the Federal Reserve
    * Similar files with all the personal information about anyone holding any type of license from the Government such as Doctors, Lawyers, Stock Brokers, Commodities Traders . . . . and many more.
    * Similar files with all the personal information of EVERY non-bank Corporation in the U.S., including their operating officers and Boards of Directors.

    Snowden has made it clear that if he is arrested, if he vanishes, or if he “dies” from any cause whatsoever, ALL of the information in his possession will be published publicly.

    TRN has confirmed that, working through Julian Assange and his “WikiLeaks” organization, copies of the encrypted data have already been distributed to more than one-thousand, two hundred (1200) web sites around the world. Those sites have agreed to conceal the information until such time as contact with Snowden is “lost.” Once contact is lost, the sites have been told they will receive the Decryption keys via CD ROM, E-mail and P2P / Bit-Torrent file transfer. Once the decryption keys are sent, the sites have been instructed to wait a specific amount of time to confirm Snowden’s disappearance, arrest or death and upon expiration of that time period, to publish the decrypted materials.

    Making the situation all the more dire for the government is that Snowden has made clear he will release some of the information under certain “other” circumstances. For instance, if Martial Law is declared in the US or if any elections are canceled for any reason, all the government employee info goes out. If an economic collapse takes place, all the Banker/Stock Broker/Commodities Trader information goes out. If Corporations start hyper-inflating prices, all the information about them, their officers and Board of Directors will go out.

    Snowden literally has the most powerful people in the United States in an inescapable stranglehold. If any of the things articulated above take place, everyone throughout the country will know exactly who to blame and exactly where they live. One can only speculate that under the right conditions, it might not be long until those responsible for the problems of our country, faced consequences for their actions; consequences delivered one at a time, in the dark of night, when there is no help . . . . and no escape.

    Leading members of the House Armed Services Committee emerged from the classified briefing “shocked” at the amount of information he reportedly took with him beyond the NSA surveillance programs.

    Rep. Mac Thornberry (R-Texas), chairman of the Armed Service panel’s Intelligence, Emerging Threats and Capabilities Subcommittee and also a member of the House Intelligence Committee, said the briefing on the defense consequences of Snowden’s leaks was “very highly classified,” and therefore details couldn’t be discussed.

    Thornberry did say that lawmakers “left the briefing disturbed and angered” after hearing that the leaks by the former Booz Allen Hamilton employee “went well beyond programs associated with the NSA and data collection.”

    He characterized the leaks as so severe that they “compromise military capability and defense of the country” and “could cost lives” — while they “will certainly cost billions to repair.”

    “His actions were espionage, plain and simple,” Thornberry said.

    Armed Services Chairman Buck McKeon (R-Calif.) read his statement rather than making comments on the fly “because of the seriousness of this issue and the sensitivity” of the information they’d just heard.

    “Ed Snowden isn’t a whistleblower; he’s a traitor,” McKeon said.

    No matter what opinion people hold of the data collection programs, he added, people should be “shocked and outraged to find that a substantial amount of the information has nothing to do with the NSA.”


    Partial sourcing from: http://pjmedia.com/tatler/2014/02/05/lawmakers-disturbed-and-angered-after-classified-briefing-reveals-extent-

  294. Thanks, Dick Lawson, for your 9 Feb. 2014 post.

    Naturally, the congresscritters would be disturbed by the notion that mountains of data regarding the ruling class (including elected officials, bankers, Wall Streeters, gov. contractors and the like) can potentially be made public.

    A classic example of ‘do as I say, not as I do’…

    Well, fiddle…they be just about as vulnerable as we rabble…

    The quote-of-the-day at the top of the WRS page-9 Feb. 2014, is appropriate: Violence is the ultimate answer to brutality and corruption. (at least when repeated petitions and pleas for relief are disregarded, and we seem far beyond that point…)

    As for the possibilities of how useful such a data base as described above could be…I just watched a good flick on DVD from Netflix:

    Assault on Wall Street-Power. Greed. Justice.

    Interesting portrayal of the damage just *one* fed-up, pissed-off, pushed to the wall, military vet may unleash on suit & tie predators…

    The plot:

    In the midst of the financial crisis, a portfolio-manager instructs his employees to neglect the best-interest of clients in order to increase company profits.

    Meanwhile, Jim Baxford (Dominic Purcell), a former soldier and armored car driver, lives with his wife, Rosie, in New York City. Rosie is in the process of recovering from a near-fatal brain tumor. Their health insurance has reached its limit, and Jim finds that he is unable to afford her treatment. He decides to cash in the pension he earned from serving in the military, but learns that much of it is lost as a result of bad investments on the part of his financial advisor. In addition, he finds himself in a $60,000 lawsuit as a result of bad real-estate investments on the part of his investor. Jim borrows $10,000 from a colleague to pay for an attorney to sue his financial advisor, and arranges a meeting with an assistant district attorney to discuss wrongdoings on the part of his financial advisors. However, the attorney he hired claims that he is unable to do anything and the assistant district attorney is unwilling to meet with him. Jim becomes frustrated at the loss of his money and his inability to pay for his wife’s treatment and their mortgage. Because of his financial situation, his employer reluctantly fires him, as the company is not willing to trust him with large sums of money.

    Rosie feels guilty for the financial strain that her illness has put on Jim and, unable to cope, commits suicide. Jim blames Wall Street financiers for ruining his life. Seeking vengeance, he purchases various firearms and grenades from an arms dealer, and begins a one-man army shooting spree on the Wall Street bosses that lost his money and contributed to the death of his wife. One by one, he kills those that have wronged him.

    A nice twist awaits at the end of the film.

    Not surprisingly, reviewers were negative and gave it 1 star, Netflix customers gave it 4+ stars, I give it five.

    Well worth a look.


  295. The Real Drug Problem

    70 million Americans taking mind-altering drugs

    Exclusive: David Kupelian tells untold story of nation’s rapidly escalating drug dependence

    ‘Fastest growing drug problem’

    So with more than 22 million Americans stupefied on illegal drugs and another 58 million with a serious drinking problem – that’s 80 million souls – and 40 million of them driving under the influence of intoxicants, the nation undeniably suffers from a massive “substance-abuse” problem.

    But there is another parallel drug problem, the devastation of which is arguably just as severe and detrimental to American society as that involving illegal drugs and alcohol abuse – and some would say it’s actually worse.

    And that is the astonishingly vast, and rapidly increasing, number of people taking medically prescribed but poorly understood, mind-altering psychiatric drugs. Indeed, today one in five adults – approximately 50 million Americans – take prescription psychiatric drugs.

    Ironically, after marijuana (which is rapidly becoming legal), the most-abused drugs in America are prescription drugs, obtained and used “non-medically,” that is, without a prescription from a doctor.

    As revealed in a recent report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in one recent year “approximately 27,000 unintentional drug overdose deaths occurred in the United States, one death every 19 minutes.”

    “Prescription drug abuse,” announced the CDC, “is the fastest growing drug problem in the United States.”

    The skyrocketing rate of drug-overdose death rates “has been driven,” says the report, “by increased use of a class of prescription drugs called opioid analgesics” – drugs like hydrocodone (brand names Norco, Vicodin), hydromorphone (Dilaudid, Exalgo), oxycodone (OxyContin, Percocet) and morphine (Astramorph, Avinza).

    “Opioid analgesics suppress your perception of pain,” explains WebMD, “and calm your emotional response to pain by reducing the number of pain signals sent by the nervous system and the brain’s reaction to those pain signals.”

    For the last decade, “more overdose deaths have involved opioid analgesics than heroin and cocaine combined,” reports the CDC. In addition, “for every unintentional overdose death related to an opioid analgesic, nine persons are admitted for substance abuse treatment, 35 visit emergency departments, 161 report drug abuse or dependence, and 461 report nonmedical uses of opioid analgesics.” In other words, it’s an epidemic.

    America’s traditional drug paradigm has long been something like this:

    On the one hand is the respectable, legal, medical world where enlightened doctors prescribe their patients wonder drugs that relieve their symptoms and make them feel more comfortable – OxyContin, anti-anxiety drugs (Valium, Xanax), sleeping pills, stimulants, mood stabilizers and, more recently, marijuana, hallucinogens and so forth.

    On the other hand is the sleazy, criminal world of drug pushers who supply low-life users and addicts with drugs to satiate their habits, make them feel better and relieve their stresses, troubles and anxieties – drugs like OxyContin and other illegally obtained psych meds, marijuana, stimulants, cocaine, hallucinogens and so forth.

    If the distinction between legal and illegal seems disturbingly indistinct and fluid – in some ways even unreal – keep reading, because it gets much more bizarre.

    Creating ‘zombies’

    A recent news story originating at The Fix, which features coverage on addiction and recovery, had this interesting headline:

    “America’s Number One Prescription Sleep Aid Could Trigger ‘Zombies,’ Murder and Other Disturbing Behavior.”

    The report includes true stories of murderers and other offenders who had taken the popular sleeping pill Ambien – classified as a “hypnotic” drug – and relates how their defense lawyers successfully argued that adverse drug effects from Ambien should be considered a mitigating factor. The drug reached national notoriety in 2006 when then-Rep. Patrick Kennedy, D-R.I., had a bizarre nighttime car crash, telling police he was running late for a vote (which actually had occurred six hours earlier) and that, because he took Ambien, he had no recollection of the night’s events.

    The current Ambien label reads as follows (see Page 20):
    What is the most important information I should know about AMBIEN?
    After taking AMBIEN, you may get up out of bed while not being fully awake and do an activity that you do not know you are doing. The next morning, you may not remember that you did anything during the night. You have a higher chance for doing these activities if you drink alcohol or take other medicines that make you sleepy with AMBIEN. Reported activities include:

    •driving a car (“sleep-driving”)
    •making and eating food
    •talking on the phone
    •having sex

    Let’s be clear: This is not fine print about “rare adverse events” (negative side effects that occur in less than one in 1,000 people taking a medication). These are instructions given to users of Ambien describing what they should expect.

    So, drugging people into becoming sleepwalking, sleep-driving, sleep-eating, sleep-talking and sleep-sexing zombies with no memory of what they have done while in a hypnotic trance, this is a good thing?


    In case that went by too fast (or in the event you were on Ambien and slept through it), we are talking about “sleep-driving”!

    The frequency of motor vehicle accidents caused by people on Ambien is reportedly why the FDA is now recommending women take lower doses of such sleep aids, which were prescribed for Americans 60 million times in 2011.

    School shooters

    Although psychiatric drugs take various forms – antipsychotics, antidepressants, hallucinogens, mood stabilizers, stimulants, anxiolytics (anti-anxiety drugs), hypnotics (for inducing sleep) – by far the most prescribed psych meds in America are antidepressants.

    In fact – and this will perhaps be hard to swallow – according to the CDC, in 2010 more than 250 million prescriptions for antidepressants were written for Americans.

    Of all the disturbing side effects of antidepressants – and the irony here is profound – the most notorious is that this ubiquitous medication for depressed people can cause the user to want to kill himself. Indeed, every single antidepressant sold in America today, regardless of manufacturer or brand, bears a mandatory “black box” warning label – the FDA’s most serious drug warning – of “increased risks of suicidal thinking and behavior, known as suicidality, in young adults ages 18 to 24.”

    Sadly, among U.S. soldiers and veterans, there are on average 22 suicides per day, and astute physicians have been asking how big a role psychiatric drugs might be playing. After all, as Time reported in 2008, “about 20,000 troops in Afghanistan and Iraq were on such medications,” roughly half on antidepressants and the other half on Ambien and similar sleeping pills. Add to that the fact that antidepressants’ suicidality warning label is aimed at “young adults ages 18 to 24″ – the core age group for the military – and the only reasonable conclusion is that the stresses and traumas of war, along with the hazards of the drugs, can be a lethal combination.

    Even more ominous is the fact that, where there are suicidal thoughts, homicidal thoughts may not be far behind, especially in a particularly deranged and angry person – which brings us to one of the most disturbing correlations between psychiatric drugs and violent behavior.

    It is well documented that most perpetrators of school shootings and mass murders in our modern era were either on – or just recently coming off of – psychiatric medications, most commonly antidepressants.

    link to entire article:


    Something else that is far beyond absurd, is that this situation regarding these truly mind-bending psychotropic drugs is largely skating along under the radar, vastly under-reported by the ‘news’ media, while a ridiculously absurd amount of attention and effort of the War on *some* drugs is still-Colorado and Washington notwithstanding-directed towards ‘marijuana & marihuana’ eradication.

    It doesn’t require a tinfoil hat in order to be suspicious about governmental priorities, as it should be obvious that taking these weird psychotropic meds produces zombie-like citizens that are unlikely to become aware of the dangers of the current trends towards unlimited government power, much less do anything about it.

    But, we cannot disturb the profit stream of big pharma…

  296. This is outside the Northwest Homeland, but Whites in Ohio should see this: Really Ugly.
    Please note: “Instructors Course”. So they can train the thousands more.


  297. Hello, I’ve been a long time reader and first time contributor. This is an article a dear friend of mine posted on a new blog called Practical Opacity (http://www.practicalopacity.com). The comment and questions below are mine. Please feel free to share broadly and publicly.

    As we continue to find out more about the programs our tax dollars and votes are supporting, I find myself wondering when we will start to broadly, publicly, and carefully question question a few things:

    – Is there a case for killing a person, a US Citizens nonetheless, because they have or are near a phone, with a SIM that may be associated with someone who may be supporting a group who may be planning to do something bad?
    – If someone launches a rocket with the intent to kill, from a drone that is flying miles up in the sky, controlled by an anonymous person sitting at a computer screen, in a hidden command center, with orders from some unknown military commander, who’s receiving orders from an anonymous politician, based on hidden law written by a secret court, based on what is called evidence gathered by the NSA, who are the murderous terrorist?
    – How many people need to be killed in this manner before it is atrocity; one, one hundred, one thousand, one million?
    – If one can even remotely justify any of the above questions because these programs make us ‘safer’, my final question is; how many people need to be killed before we achieve the safety which is being promised?


  298. Hi, I shot you an e-mail asking you to add my blog to your blogroll. You can see it at burningarrows.wordpress.com

    I have been reading WRSA for several years (3?). I decided to quit effin off and start my own. Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Regards from AK,

    III Bonepile III

  299. I don’t know if asking for another spot on your blogroll is reasonable, but I created another post as a follow on to the last one I did. Comments from your readers have been really encouraging and I got a crapload of traffic. Thanks, and if you see fit to give my newest post a moment in the sun, here is the link:


  300. You’ve got hushmail.

  301. I found this to be encouraging.
    Indiana passed a law that legalizes the use of “reasonable force” against public servants (the cops) if they are attempting to enter your home or vehicle illegally.
    Up to and including Deadly Force.

    “The law states:

    (i) A person is justified in using reasonable force against a public servant if the person reasonably believes the force is necessary to:
    (1) protect the person or a third person from what the person reasonably believes to be the imminent use of unlawful force;
    (2) prevent or terminate the public servant’s unlawful entry of or attack on the person’s dwelling, curtilage, or occupied motor vehicle; or
    (3) prevent or terminate the public servant’s unlawful trespass on or criminal interference with property lawfully in the person’s possession, lawfully in possession of a member of the person’s immediate family, or belonging to a person whose property the person has authority to protect.”

    I wasn’t too thrilled about the style and tone of the original article but I am leaving the link for the information.
    Thanks for what you do.



  302. Hank Curmudgeon

    Kiev 2A graphic email inbound…

  303. Hank Curmudgeon

    Kiev 2a resent…

  304. Hank Curmudgeon

    Email inbound re 2014 videos.

  305. CA, did you change your blog settings? Yesterday and today, on the home page, the links in the left margin are missing, but they’re visible on the about page.

  306. Not intentionally. Let me try to fix it. Thanks.

  307. Hank Curmudgeon

    Email inbound.

  308. http://benswann.com/video-jogger-arrested-after-jaywalking/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=nl


    Every instance like this is a) agit prop gold, and
    b) a recruitment opportunity…

    Who’s AO is Austin? Who’s going to check up on this recently awakened one and bring her into the fold?

  309. You’ve got a lawyer released video of police killing an innocent man in your inbox.

  310. I just sent you an email.

  311. Emailed you a motivational pic.

  312. WRSA seems to be on a bit of a fire/flame kick lately so I offer you this bucket of whatever you’d like to call it. No research or crimes committed or contemplated on my end yet…

  313. Pingback: A Kiev Kocktail?

  314. Simon Jester

    From the movie Warriors of the Rainbow: Seediq Bale: “In 20 years, all of our children will be Japanese”.

    What will become of our children in 20 years? 5 years?

  315. Thought you might be interested to see the banner on this cop footwear supply company’s website: http://www.originalswat.com/

  316. Hank Curmudgeon

    Email inbound…

  317. Your linky on the blogroll is bad for Art Of The Rifle,
    Heres his new one.

  318. Michelle the 300 lb gorilla

    Just a random thought as I watch the Ukrainian/Russian crisis: I think that when things get sporty here in FUSA it will happen somewhat like in Crimea.


    They came in in mass, not giving anyone reason to resist. By the time they realized what was happening, it was too late, the troops were in strength and had taken control of key infrastructure and removed the ability to move freely.

  319. Being a baby-boomer, and not a very technical one regarding the how and why of the workings of computers (I love ’em when they work perfectly-when they don’t I sometimes wish they’d never existed and am often tempted to toss mine out on the road, as an 18-wheeler rolls by…), I have a question or two regarding some scary theories I hope can be answered here.

    I know-correct me if I err-that computers are digital binary systems, that everything-images, music, text-is merely arrangements of ones and zeros, though I admittedly fail to fully grasp the concept.

    Bear in mind that we currently-and for some time-have plenty of occurrences of police lies and the fabricating and planting of evidence being used to incriminate and convict the innocent…

    Now, in our current police/surveillance state, where all or nearly all personal digital information is sucked up and stored in data bases, I have a serious worry that the ones and zeros might be able to be rearranged by those with the access and technical abilities.

    The scenario I envision is that the government would target, say, WRSA participants, Bill of Rights adherents, and the like-apparently already automatically considered to be potential domestic terrorists-and hack into their personal computers, and place in those computers fabricated child-porn, bomb-making plans, digital communications regarding planning of ‘terrorist’ acts and such.

    One would appear quite silly claiming that “yeah, that stuff is on my computer but I didn’t do it”.

    I have the same sort of concerns regarding government DNA data bases (I’m unsure whether these are digitally computerized).

    Though DNA has led to many exonerations of the wrongfully convicted, I suspect that government could target an individual, claim to have analyzed DNA found at a crime scene and found a match in the data base…
    They subsequently apprehend the targeted individual and while in custody have access to and the ability to forcefully take and/or extract actual DNA (hair, skin, bodily fluids, etc.) and, in post hoc fashion, place it in the evidence locker, and label it as having been collected at the crime scene and then having been matched to the data base.

    Again, one would look mighty foolish making claims of innocence…especially when fabricated computerized digital information could appear to provide solid-appearing additional evidence such as cell phone GPS coordinates placing the targeted individual in proximity to the scene of the crime, cell phone records of having communicated with the victim, and the like, could be added to the DNA ‘evidence’.

    Am I just overly paranoid or are these sorts of scenarios possible now, or in the near future?

    Whether possible or not, the circumstances I described would make for an interesting basis for a Hollywood film. Maybe it already has-if anyone knows of such films, please share the titles.

  320. Email sent with pics from Clinton library.

  321. Concerned,

    Not sure if you have seen this, but here is a short video about the nonsensical laws in Connecticut. Feel free to share the link. More people need to know exactly what so-called “common sense gun regulations” really mean to innocent gun owners.

    Also, if you could send me your email I can let you know when there are more videos like this.


  322. You have Hushmail.

  323. This is not the video I wanted to post. It was a specific video from Project Veritas. It was about gun laws in NY. It appears that the first video in the playlist is showing up. You do not need to post this. It is not likely applicable here. Sorry. I will try to find another way to post it.

  324. CA, I want to thank you for posting my “Death and Burial” links, it raised our short-term page views ten-fold. Just a note to let you know that Part 3 is posted now (http://bluecollarprepping.blogspot.com/2014/03/death-and-burial-part-3-spirit.html), Part 4 will be a month or two out- heavy research for a part-time blogger
    Chaplain Tim.

  325. I just sent an email to hushmail.

  326. Have you read/reviewed this book yet? I think you would like it.

    The author grabs your attention immediately, as he explores the dark and frightening scenario that could become our reality in America, if the spirit of tyranny and the growing governmental control of our lives is not confronted and put down. The reader of this thoughtful novel meets men and women from many walks of life, who are at first merely troubled, but then come to the realization that freedoms are slipping away so quickly that their lives will never again be the same. As the oppression against all dissenting views escalates, they ponder the possibility of armed resistance and finally conclude that this is their only patriotic and moral option. The characters are developed nicely as the story progresses, set in the Pacific Northwest of America. There is intrigue and treachery as well as heroism and valor. Not all the main characters survive. Finally, as so often in life, the book leaves us a bit unsure as to how it is all going to end, but provides some hopeful signs, because of those who stood strong for freedom, even at the cost of their own lives. It is noteworthy that the author is also the artist who created the cover painting of a weeping Statue of Liberty. This is not an easy book to read, as it prods us to consider the survival of our “Once Proud Nation,” but I sincerely recommend it as very worthwhile and timely, for any and all who truly love this United States of America. Paul


  327. Another cop-shoots-dog story:



    The first site seems sort of left-leaning… but the second link has basically the same details. Maybe you could post this and see if we could get the story out.

    Thanks –

  328. Looks like Anonymous brought a bunch of folks together in Albuquerque for a little fireworks. It seems that Albuquerque’s “Finest” have had their way recently in Serving the Sh*t out of alot of people…to the point of death.

    SWho knows where this will end.


  329. 300lb gorilla






  330. CA,

    You might find this amusing, a take on one of your perennial themes: “Fried Frogs and Commissars” http://rockymountaincorn.com/blogs/the-rocky-mountain-corn-project/12863121-fried-frogs-and-commissars

    Reaching a new demographic and building the Auxiliary one frog at a time. http://RockyMountainCorn.com
    PayPal-free at last!

  331. Too tired to bore down into the D/L. Write up a post on the Concept, then I will link both. OK?

  332. That was me and I cant believe you folks are missing out on the fun. I loved the open carry in CT its was a big difference from when the NY State troopers confiscated my “wooden prop GUN” at the

    2nd amendment Albany NY rally april 1st 2014 as I was spanking the Governor for being a oath Breaker.

    7,600 views say it “bull shister”

    The first video of the same incident is at 20,400 plus.

    Thats 28,000 in a week and counting…… had enough yet?

    Heres the fun in Ct that Sat the 5th ..enemy drone spies on patriot spanking Ct Gov “Danny Boy” Malloy

    People are waking up! Good morning and welcome, finally!

    Lets bump it up a notch shall we…..we can all make a difference.

    “Everybody’s right where they want to be in life” Mountian 127

  333. Martin Schultheis

    If this is already common knowledge, I apologize for being behind the curve.

    Tor is not safe:

  334. You have mail.

  335. Current events from the front seat of a taxicab…

    The Pig Trap


  336. You have mail, some new posters.

  337. Damn. That is very, very good.

  338. Hi all, please check your wrsa hushmail. there are 4 emails i sent of an mrap delivered to a southern calif PD recently. the pics show some areas of interest. hope this info is useful to someone. if they lose coolant they shut down when they overheat. if the air system loses air, the brakes lock and they don’t move. i was surprised how open critical systems are.

  339. singlestack

    I emailed you a pic you might like. The subject line is “meme”.
    I forgot to sign my name to it.

  340. Larry Johnson


    A great analysis on what’s coming by a true expert.

  341. RECON: Federal agents, Rangers and F.B.I. now staging by hundreds in Vegas, possibly for massive armed raid of Bundy Ranch


  342. David Mudkipz

    Some agitprop from the video of the disinterring of some of Cliven Bundy’s cattle. If you don’t know what “disinterring” means, you might want to look it up before clicking any of these links.


    Tasteless Image Macros:

  343. CA,
    Just sent you an email with the post you requested.
    Reaching a new demographic and building the Auxiliary one frog at a time. http://RockyMountainCorn.com
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  344. Dear CA,

    I think this article might be interesting to your readers http://www.ggriflescopes.com/rifle-scopes-how-to-choose/.

    I also run blog about rifle scopes. Your readers might find some interesting info here http://riflescopesinfo.wordpress.com/

  345. CA,
    Glad you liked the Commissar post. Just sent you an email with another short post on Building the Auxiliary. “The Invisible Republic” is a case study on laying the foundations for the Seed-Corn Auxiliary—stirred around with a little OPSEC poetic license.
    Feel free to use whatever strikes your fancy.
    Reaching a new demographic and building the Auxiliary one frog at a time. http://RockyMountainCorn.com
    PayPal-free at last!

  346. Leatherneck556

    The message from this is clear: We have such disdain for you peasants and your “rights” that if you insist we abide by our Constitutional limitations, then we will make you wish you had just submitted to the illegal search in the first place.

  347. UNODA (United Nations Office of Disamament Affairs) – UN Disarmament Commission – Civilian Weapons Confiscation Study Group – New York, 29-31 July 2013

  348. CA,
    Something interesting breaking on Zerohedge right now:


    Check your email for a new post.

    Reaching a new demographic and building the Auxiliary one frog at a time. http://RockyMountainCorn.com
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  349. Alexander

    Would banning firearms reduce murder and suicide? : A review of international and some domestic evidence (Straight out of Harvard Law and worth a read)


  350. Hi there! Just commenting to say that I’ve sent mail. 🙂

  351. Anonymous

    While our gov’t releases murderers and rapists, and talks of legalizing a bunch of criminal aliens, this Marine rots in Mexico for an honest mistake.



  352. While our gov’t releases murderers and rapists, and talks of legalizing a bunch of criminal aliens, this Marine rots in Mexico for an honest mistake.



  353. Paul H. Lemmen

    You may be interested in these three posts on my blog “Dead Republican Party”:
    Placing you in both my blogroll and graphic link in sidebar.
    Sed neque me paenitet, patriae vitam dare.

  354. David Mudkipz

    In case you were having a pleasant day and hadn’t seen this yet:


    Yeah the URL pretty much sums it up but the link has picture which will raise your blood pressure. Please consult your doctor before reading.

  355. 300lb gorilla

    Inside the Ring: Directive outlines Obama’s plan to use the military against citizens

    This seems appropriate:

    Psalm 18

    31 For who is God, but the Lord? And who is a rock, except our God?—

    32 the God who equipped me with strength and made my way blameless.

    33 He made my feet like the feet of a deer and set me secure on the heights.

    34 He trains my hands for war, so that my arms can bend a bow of bronze.

    35 You have given me the shield of your salvation, and your right hand supported me, and your gentleness made me great.

    36 You gave a wide place for my steps under me, and my feet did not slip.

    37 I pursued my enemies and overtook them, and did not turn back till they were consumed.

    38 I thrust them through, so that they were not able to rise; they fell under my feet.

    39 For you equipped me with strength for the battle; you made those who rise against me sink under me.

    40 You made my enemies turn their backs to me,e and those who hated me I destroyed.

    41 They cried for help, but there was none to save; they cried to the Lord, but he did not answer them.

    42 I beat them fine as dust before the wind; I cast them out like the mire of the streets.

    43 You delivered me from strife with the people; you made me the head of the nations; people whom I had not known served me.

    44 As soon as they heard of me they obeyed me; foreigners came cringing to me.

    45 Foreigners lost heart and came trembling out of their fortresses.

  356. Michelle the 300 lb gorilla

    The Invincible Establishment (FROM: http://moonbattery.com/?p=46478)

    Here’s a gem from among the many wise quotes of George Orwell:

    “Whoever is winning at the moment will always seem to be invincible.”

    Imagine how invincible the oligarchical collectivists who called themselves fascists must have seemed in their heyday. They fell hard:

  357. personal flame thrower http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D5_ogU4Jzt4
    this guy’s a hyperkinetic genius!

  358. Social science is being militarised to develop ‘operational tools’ to target peaceful activists and protest movements:


    So, give up your weapons and then…

    Knock-knock at your front door
    It’s the suede/denim secret police
    They have come for your uncool niece

    Come quietly to the camp
    You’d look nice as a drawstring lamp
    Don’t you worry, it’s only a shower
    For your clothes here’s a pretty flower.

    DIE on organic poison gas

    – The DK

  359. Hi CA,

    Just emailed.

    Thank you for sharing one of my articles.

    Your readers might find this useful:




    Thanks again!


  360. 300lb Gorilla

    Reality check…

    Shocking Videos: The Post Collapse World Will Be Violent and Brutal *EXTREMELY GRAPHIC IMAGERY*


    Shocking Videos: The Post Collapse World Will Be Violent…
    There will be no law. There will be no order. There will be no outside help coming.

    One thing that has become quite common in discussions about the possible collapse of our society is for people to romanticize what the world will look like. With the government gone, people think they’ll be free to do as they they please. They assume that, while the world as we know it will most certainly change, the system will remain fairly stable. Most of us want to believe there will be trading posts to replace grocery stores, that we’ll be able to produce our own food without being bothered, that community groups will defend our interests, and that our home defense armaments will be sufficient to repel looters.

    Various theories exist on how the world will look in a post-collapse environment, much of them rooted in historical perspective.

    One such scenario that has been presented in recent years is the breakup of the United States as we know it into several zones or regions. It’s a concept presented by Russian KGB analyst Igor Panarin, who believes such an eventuality is inevitable:

    It would fall into six parts, and I back this up with several factors. First of all there are the ethnic, economical and geographic factors… totally different ethnic groups and ethnic interests.
    Texas and the Gulf of Mexico coast are the fuel and energy complex. California is Silicon Valley and high tech. Considering New York, Washington and the Atlantic coast, they’re all financial centers first of all. And the northern states of the U.S. are basically the depressive states of the U.S., close to Canada in their mentality and economic development. This is how I divide these parts.

    Considering this as a possibility, how would such a scenario take place?

    If history is our guide it won’t be through peaceful negotiations. In fact, current events suggest that when a country breaks up, law and order collapses, and different factions vie for power, humans will show their true predatory nature and brutality.

    Putting geopolitics aside for a moment, we need look no further than Iraq to understand just how bad things can get.

    For those who hope that this collapse just “gets going” and that the system resets so we can start anew, understand that no global or national paradigm shift will happen without violence – extreme violence.

    It’s the only way we humans know how to function, apparently. And it’s something we’ve seen time and again.

    The following compilation of videos highlights just how brutal human beings can be and how far they will go to ensure the success of their agenda.

    Men, women, children – all will become victims just as has been the case throughout human history.

    Militias will be formed, armies will be raised, and the innocent will be pillaged and murdered.

    In Iraq, an army of reportedly 12,000 strong is seizing cities across the country. Along the way they are killing anyone who stands in their way, and as some of the videos depict, they’re killing even those who are trying to get out of the way.

    This is the reality of a post-collapse world.

    ISIS army randomly targets vehicles and people trying to flee war-torn cities:

    Executions are the order of the day:

    ISIS – execution


    Video Claiming To Show Children Executed By ISIS in Syir…


    Perhaps the above photo was some sort of pay-back, as the circumstances are not exactly clear. But even innocent civilians are convicted of crimes when the judge and jury become the attacking or occupying force. The following video shows civilian farmers (including children) who have been accused of cooperating with the national Army, a crime punishable by death insofar as ISIS rebels are concerned.

    Executions are fun, at least to these English speaking ISIS members who like to play with the heads of those they have decapitated:

    Make no mistake. Children will not be spared.

    Reportedly thousands of men, teenagers and boys being lead to an unknown fate. It’s reminiscent of the images we’ve seen of World War II concentration camps, where people were ferried off to gas chambers en masse.

    Given the brutality we’ve already seen from this organization, in all likelihood these people are already dead, as this video was shot several days ago.

    This is the kind of world we will be facing should the system as we know it today collapse.

    There will be no law. There will be no order. There will be no outside help coming.

    Even a short trip to a marketplace or to trade goods with someone could, as was shown in the first video, lead to you being randomly killed or executed.

    As great as a “system reset” may sound, the reality will be starkly different.
    Please Spread The Word And Share This Post

  361. 300lb Gorilla

  362. Father’s Day — Open carrier illegally detained, gun seized in Indiana

  363. Just sent you a message through hushmail.

  364. Iraq03USMC

    As a nearly 3 decade Peace Officer and Marine Officer with two wars behind me, Desert Storm and Iraq…I weep for this nation. The Peace Officers (not all) that were our shields have betrayed their Oaths to The People and have become their oppressors and murderers. The tenor out there is coming to a crishendo and reading this Intel picture……is gotta retire. There’s not enough grasshoppers to keep the pissed off ants from rebelling. Good. Semper Fidelis, Vigilio et Paratus.

  365. In Jacksonville, Florida, Larry Murphree — a 73-year old Vietnam-era Air Force veteran — has been fined $100 a day for displaying a small American flag on his front porch. Now he is being told that he owes $8,000 in fines and fees. According to Michelle Haines (Florida attorney # 105,968) :

    if payment is not made within 30 days, the law office can move forward with foreclosure on Murphree’s home.

    Earlier this year, armed FREEFOR flocked to Nevada to protect ranchers from the Bureau of Land Management in a dispute that involved cattle, desert tortoises, a U.S. Senator, and a Chinese solar-power farm. This was extensively reported about by WRSA and other conservative and libertarian media. In contrast, Mr. Murphree’s plight has not been mentioned on this site, Reason, Instapundit, Cato, Claire Wolfe’s blog, etc. Nobody has taken up arms to protect his property.


    Maybe now that Fox & Friends picked up on this story yesterday, it will gain some more traction. But judging by the comments on the Fox News site (and reaction to similar incidents in the past), I expect a lot of FREEFOR types to support the taking of Mr. Murphree’s home.

    Six years ago, Captain Michael Clauer’s $300,000 house — which was paid for free-and-clear — was legally stolen by an organized crime extortion racket while he was serving in Iraq with the U.S. Army. The only national media outlet to report this was left-wing Mother Jones, just before Memorial Day weekend 2010 (and NPR’s “All Things Considered” a few weeks later). The “we support the troops” and “property rights” pundits were silent then. I expect history to repeat itself, with the Tea Partyin’ disciples of Ayn Rand and Ronald Reagan choosing, as usual, the interests of collectivism over the individual American.


    Larry Murphree

    Veteran May Lose Home Over Flag Fight
    WTEV-47 : June 24, 2014

    Veteran Fights Condo Homeowners Association
    WJXT : June 25, 2014

    Florida Vet Says ‘Bring It On,’ As He Faces Eviction Over Flower Pot Flag
    Fox News : June 27, 2014

    Michael Clauer

    Soldier In Iraq Loses Home Over $800 Debt
    Mother Jones : May 28, 2010

    Not So Neighborly Associations Foreclosing On Homes
    NPR : June 29, 2010

  366. You have hushmail.

  367. ATV caltrops in AZ.

  368. The Great American Slowdown http://truthserium.myftps.org

    First let me say that we will consistently be staying within the law /Constitution pushing the limit but not going beyond that limit. Believe me what I am about to suggest will attract a lot of Attention from the media. It could backfire or it could promote what you’re trying to get across to the public.

    One thing I know for sure it will draw a lot of attention. Let’s start with some numbers. The idea here is to employ the smallest amount of people as you can and get the largest benefit .from those people. You will need between five to ten people. We will start with signs for your vehicles. Not every vehicle needs to have signs on it. But the ones that do have signs need to be large and clearly visible, preferring trucks over cars because you can build an A Frame sign in the bed of the truck. The following is the entire recipe for the Great American Slowdown aka Rolling Slowdown. Now whether it is the immigration issue, or a gun issue, or just a Liberty issue the signs have to have a clear and direct message that is easy to read. The bigger the better. What we’re looking for is between 8 and 10 people with their cars. For the lack of a better description we’ll call it a rolling blockade. The idea behind this rolling blockade is to slow traffic down on the main arteries into whatever large city that you may choose. Pick you city of choice. I live in Florida so I would pick a city like Fort Lauderdale West Palm Beach Miami Tampa Jacksonville these vehicles would show up unannounced during rush hour traffic and begin to rotate their vehicles in the lead positions so as not to be able to put the blame on anyone person.

    Again we are trying to stay within the law. So going at the minimum speed and taking up all the lanes we will begin to draw attention to our cause. Again I repeat this could backfire. But we won’t know until we try. We may have other people begin to join us as we put the word out. The lines will hopefully get bigger. I believe now that it is better to have a little bit of civil disobedience than a civil war to get our point across. The lawlessness that goes on in this country now by our government is horrendous. The acts of tyranny against the people are also horrendous so it is time now for us to make a stand. If you are a law enforcement officer and you have enforced the laws but not the Constitution you are wrong. I repeat if you are a law enforcement officer and you have enforced the law but not the constitution there is a major problem. Maybe it was peer pressure, maybe it was a go along to get along, or maybe you didn’t take the time to really read and study. To breathe in the life and truth that’s in this one of a kind God inspired, freedom inspired, and liberty inspired document. The bible says you will be accountable for what you know .Now that you know begin to stand up to prove that you are a man or woman of character and a real patriot, and a God fearing person. You took an oath to uphold the Constitution it was the first thing you did when you became employed as a police officer in the simplest of ways you can have a clear conscience and know me and millions of others will stand with you. If you choose not uphold the oath you took and choose to violate ours then we will remember .The founding fathers sacrificed much more than we have. Their lives their fortunes their families their time. You should know by now that sooner or later these techniques will have to be used let’s get started let’s do something now. Let’s not contemplate but let’s act. How will history record who you were, will it say that Tom was scared and hid in the woods, will it say that fear ruled his life? Will it say that he cares only about himself? Will it say that he did not protect the Liberty that was handed down with blood from the prior generations? What will it say about you? Are you comfortable and cozy where you are now in your home knowing that the country is falling apart? What kind of weak signals have you put out for your children and grandchildren? If you feel the system has failed and you’re running out of time and options. Start planning for the next obvious move CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE.

  369. Sent hushmail this AM.

  370. LinkedIn Groups

    Group: Linkin Transportation Professionals

    As a former New York Department of Transportation Motor Carrier Investigator who used to perform Federal Level Three Driver Inspections throughout New York State, I am astonished to hear stories of how local law enforcement officers routinely wake up interstate drivers who are engaged in Federally-mandated rest under the Hours of Service (HOS) section of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSRs) and demand identification for no legitimate reason and under color of law. In most instances, this practice essentially amounts to an unlawful vehicle stop and constitutes unwarranted harassment in violation of the trucker’s civil and due process rights.

    During my years in state government DOT service, I would have never even thought to wake a driver up merely to conduct a DOT inspection. Our normal operating procedure was to stop vehicles already in motion at a weight station in the normal course of state government business and deal with them one-by-one as they rolled in. Waking drivers up was not something we were ever trained to do and it appears such a practice is being engaged in by rouge law enforcement officers in an arbitrary and capricious manner, constituting an abuse of power.

    Recently, thanks to veteran professional driver & trucker advocate Allen Smith (and his partner-in-time wife Donna) of Truth About Trucking, this issue has been getting special attention in the context of the more broad issues being discussed by members of the Industry such as: safe truck parking, driver pay, HOS, driver harassment, and E-logging proposals. Indeed, drivers are quick to point out the sheer hypocrisy of a police officer waking a driver up in the middle of their sleep period to perform such a DOT inspection to determine if the driver is in compliance with HOS.

    Imagine, if you will, how that conversation must go:

    Officer: “OK, boy, rise and shine… time for a DOT Inspection.”
    Trucker: “What? Now? I’m in the middle of sleeping”
    Officer: “That’s right, son, it’s inspection time… so break out that log book so I can see if you are in compliance…”
    Trucker: “Well, I WAS in compliance… until you woke me up! Now I’m in violation because I am talking to you.”

    Sometimes, it’s not so toned down and there are downright verbal confrontations… and in certain instances, the trucker even gets arrested for “obstruction of justice” if he protests the timing of the enforcement action. That’s “justice” you ask? Well, not really. But usually either the courts or the more reasonable administrators of police agencies have a way of sorting things out and setting things right… but only after much unnecessary stress and frustration that could have been easily avoided with a little common sense and, well, courtesy. It’s an understatement to say addressing this issue is a long time coming…

    As most of us in the Industry know—especially the professional OTR truck driver, under 49 CFR Part 395, operators of property-carrying commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) over 10,000 lbs, with certain exceptions, may not lawfully drive a CMV more than 11 hours following 10 consecutive off duty hours and they may not drive after having been on duty for more than 14 hours. The HOS rules have been in a state of flux for years but this has been the essence of HOS for some time now.

    Police officers reading this article should be familiar with the concept of “Community-Oriented Policing, ” which has been around for a few decades now. According to the U.S. Department of Justice:

    “Community Policing is a philosophy that promotes organizational strategies, which support the systematic use of partnerships and problem-solving…

    Visit SBTC online: http://www.smalltransportation.org

    Read the rest of the article here:

    Posted By James Lamb

  371. Basically dup of the email I just sent:

    Subject: Denninger has an article about deliberate shoddy Apple security

    Cell phones are not often a consideration but you might want to steer clear of iPhones. Apparently there is an Apple-installed back door:


  372. https://www.facebook.com/Rollupcase
    I sent a email with this link.
    I was wondering if you folks will help get the word out on these roll p cases for the 10-22 take down rifles.

  373. FYI – Rep. Honda announces bill to ban civilians from military-grade body armor

  374. Hush mail en route via unseen. Regrets and such.

  375. Hello CA,

    Email inbound.

    Your readers might find this useful.
    Info and videos on building a DIY rainwater catchment system:


    Thank you for all that you do!!


  376. Francis Flandro

    Fed Gov Orders – Open Fire on Un-Armed Protesters during Civil Disturbance

  377. Francis Flandro

    Fed Gov Engages Civil Disturbance: Escalate gradually, starting with a small caliber, single round and work up to a large caliber, automatic https://info.publicintelligence.net/USArmy-CivilDisturbances-2014.pdf

  378. Hi, I’m new here and found your blog via the following comment at HotAir.com:

    I wanted to leave a comment on your post https://westernrifleshooters.wordpress.com/2014/08/20/bracken-the-islamic-jihad-conquest-formula/, but it appears that comments are no longer allowed on that post?

    My comment is in reply to your statement:

    In the Islamic context this submission is exemplified by the fresh converts repeating the Shahada prayer

    You are correct, but the only thing I would add is that it is repeated in Arabic, and you are merely showing the English translation of what the convert would say in Arabic.

    But, even more importantly, we need to take very seriously the FACT that Barack Hussein Obama has repeated those very words in Arabic.

    Far too few Americans understand that Barack Hussein Obama took Shahada!

    And his wife’s trip to Spain was not “tone-deaf”, it was pitch-perfect to the Cordoba Initiative.


  379. Nubbin-Fingered Jake Rodell

    Has it begun? BLOOMING GROVE, Pa. (AP) – Investigators on Sunday returned to scour the woods across from a state police barracks where two troopers were ambushed, leaving one fatally shot and another critically wounded.
    The probe comes as a nonprofit group offered a $50,000 reward for tips about Friday’s deadly assault at the remote post in northeast Pennsylvania.

    State Police Commissioner Frank Noonan said a “very dangerous, armed criminal” eluded quick capture. “This attack was an ambush. Our troopers were … shot without warning and really had no chance to defend themselves,” Noonan told reporters Saturday afternoon. “It’s a cowardly attack. It’s an attack upon all of us in society.”

    Read more at http://www.philly.com/philly/news/20140914_ap_936b061624964c1bbdc689f9f4316028.html#PLymu45z3rikfR33.99

  380. In regards to Raymond Maxwell, former State Department deputy assistant secretary walking in on the shredding of Benghazi documents to protect hillary,etc… all copiers have hard drives…………

  381. Hello CA,

    Email inbound.


  382. Hey CA,


    I noticed that there is not one male student in this picture? Is this editotrial from the photo taker, or are the men missing altogeather?

    Now I’m not the best one to ask this question because this is happening in my back yard.


  383. CA,
    Inspired by recent events, I’ve written the first chapter of an unfolding story you might find interesting: “The Deep Creek Corn War”
    Check your email for a post you can use.
    Feel free to use whatever strikes your fancy.

  384. Anyone know what’s going on with surival blog?

  385. Here is a header-quote for ya: “In the Book “Rambo” John Rambo dies.”

  386. David Mudkipz

    Dr. Frieden’s response when asked by Congressman Burgess (R-TX) why the CDC’s PPE recommendations allowed for exposed skin when he himself wore a far more complete suit while in West Africa:

    Source: http://www.c-span.org/video/?321976-1/hearing-us-response-ebola-outbreak [skip to 1:36:00]

  387. Excellent introduction by the author Jack Donovan to his book “The Wa y of Men”. Never more important to build tribe based on masculinity.


  388. http://www.obxiron.com on Greenspan comments

  389. Why is it WRSA has disappeared from my regular feed? I didn’t “unsubscribe”. In fact I’m more vested than ever.

  390. WordPress is quirky. Try re-subscribing. We didn’t do anything intentionally.

  391. Am I the only one who’s lost the SMS feed from WRSA? I know I didn’t unsubscribe.

  392. Thank you for posting my Straight Line Logic blog pieces. I follow the WRSA on WordPress. It’s nice to know there are so many people on the same page. If you like my writing and freedom-loving themes, I suggest you check out The Golden Pinnacle, my novel of the Industrial Revolution–the period when America was most free. Obviously I’m promoting The Golden Pinnacle, but I am promoting it because I think many members of the WRSA would love the book and would review it favorably to alert other members to it. Again, thanks for reading Straight Line Logic.

  393. I just posted on Straight Line Logic an article, “The Economics of Debt, Deterioration, Deflation, Depression, and Disorder,” that lays out how the economy works, or doesn’t work, now, and what’s in store for the future.

  394. I just posted “A Clear and Concise Guide to U.S. Policy in the Middle East” on Straight Line Logic that will clear up (in only four paragraphs) any confusion readers may have regarding that policy. The link is: http://straightlinelogic.com/2014/11/20/a-clear-and-concise-guide-to-u-s-policy-in-the-middle-east-by-robert-gore/

  395. For some reason email updates have stopped

  396. I think WordPress broke something. I did not do anything different.

  397. Two new ones on Straight Line Logic, “The Hazards of Telling an Idiot He’s an Idiot,” and “Dull and Deadly,” offer some comic relief.

  398. Flintlockshooter

    Check this out…

  399. I just posted “Cruelly Unrequited Love,” which is a welcome antidote to a week’s worth of Ferguson. The link: http://straightlinelogic.com/2014/11/29/cruelly-unrequited-love-by-robert-gore/

  400. CA,

    Here’s a chance for FREEFOR to get a good mil-spec RDS for their rifles for under $400.

    Fully tested and fielded by the IDF. It’s built to IDF standards.

    Mine’s inbound. I plan to see what it can handle.

  401. I just posted on Straight Line Logic, “Oil Ushers in the Depression.” The link: http://straightlinelogic.com/2014/12/01/oil-ushers-in-the-depression-by-robert-gore/

  402. Vg

    Let us know your results when received.

  403. LOL! Hey, are y’all still parts from the same RWVA breakaway from 2004-2005-2006 ish that formed around one of the best message boards ever, but then got heel-stomped by Appleseed on-high? It’s been too long and I’m trying to reconnect.

  404. Could be, rabbit…could be.

  405. “Do not give in to evil but proceed ever more boldly against it.”
    Ludwig von Mises?

  406. Of interest from Puma’s blog and I say yeah…….commie terrorist and I be calling this kettle black, a spade is spade and maybe he needs to be wearing a COONskin hat. O h wait, he was and is.


  407. CA, have you changed your tune on encryption? Have a public key to share?

  408. Virgil, from The Aeneid, but adopted by Mises as his personal motto during the war.

  409. Hey CA, FWIW…..my site is back up and running. Just been a crazy year for me….
    – K@CSG

  410. Rog. Glad you’re back safe.

  411. Shot you an email

  412. Thx for the info.

  413. http://motherboard.vice.com/read/a-top-pr-firm-promised-big-oil-software-that-can-convert-average-citizens
    We can expect that social technology to be used against patriots. Divide and conquer has to be their main strategy, they are very vulnerable to a III% minority that decides to bring the house down, to ruin the oligarch’s investments.
    So they have to keep a good proportion of us opposing the activists, and the way to do that is this kind of political group.
    That won’t work, long-run, but will make the effort to trim our government to that specified by the Constitutional a lot more costly.
    If those idiots in ‘our’ government start shooting, Afghanistan 1000X. Everyone has to understand that, way to terrible to contemplate, and screwing the screws tighter is precisely the wrong direction. They have to convince us that they are starting to roll things back before some idiot starts the shooting.

    And, btw, never join any organization intended to do anything less than legal or allow yourself to be recruited for such. Every org with any anti-gov tinge will have an FBI informant, an ATF informant, at least one from state, county or local police. The FBI has lots of kinds of people, so just being able to verify professional qualifications doesn’t mean they aren’t FBI. This is on slashdot.org today :
    Tracking the Mole Inside Silk Road 2.0
    The arrest of the Silk Road 2.0 leader and subsequent seizure of the site was partially due to the presence of an undercover U.S. Department of Homeland Security agent, who “successfully infiltrated the support staff involved in running the Silk Road 2.0 website,” according to the FBI.

    Referencing multiple interviews, publicly available information, and parts of the moderator forum shared with me, it appears likely that the suspicions of many involved in Silk Road 2.0 are true: the undercover agent that infiltrated the site was a relatively quiet staff member known as Cirrus.

  414. Fed Gov’s covert $900 million mercenary training ring surrounding DC http://www.hagmannandhagmann.com/archives/1266

  415. Shocktroop0351

    Hey, I was wondering if you could help get the word out to help a friend of mine.
    Here is his story.

  416. Shinmen Takezo

    Evil Shinmen just sent you a link to a vid that everyone should watch.
    Good narration. Relevant subject.

  417. If the Islamic State can use a plumber’s truck as a weapons platform, then I can use my truck as a weapons platform. Good to know.


  418. Here is an excellent editorial written by a french soldier who served a couple of U.S. infantry companies in Afghanistan. http://www.warriorlodge.com/blogs/news/16298760-a-french-soldiers-view-of-us-soldiers-in-afghanistan
    Those young men he writes about will be our both compatriots and opponents. I thought your readership my enjoy it.

  419. Meanwhile, in Ukraine (Donetsk Airport) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGq8lg5URmY

    An example for all.

  420. https://wikileaks.org/cia-hvt-counterinsurgency/

    Good to know that assassination programs don’t work against de-centralized insurgents.

    Seems ideal for highly centralized organizations.

    “Centralization, the institutional death wish”.

  421. http://boingboing.net/2014/12/19/mystery-over-square-shaped-fir.html

    Interesting attack vector, hard to defend against. Wooden buildings and serious lasers are the next step up.

    Impossible to believe our overlords are such idiots they think they can win our political dispute with force. There is no shortage of weapons or soft targets in a high-tech, expensive-infrastructure civilization.

  422. http://awealthofcommonsense.com/buffett-munger-hack/

    Buffett and Munger on How to be a Hack. A Wealth of Common Sense. “Most of us will get much more out of destroying our own wrong ideas than coming up with new ones every day.”

    “It’s extraordinary how resistant some people are to learning anything,” Charlie once said. “What’s really astounding,” Buffett added, “is how resistant they are even when it’s in their self-interest to learn.” Then, in a more reflective tone, Buffett continued, “There is just an incredible resistance to thinking or changing. I quoted Bertrand Russell one time, saying, ‘Most men would rather die than think. Many have.’ And in a financial sense, that’s very true.”

    Add in a few things like Twain’s “It is easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled” and you explain most of history. Well, hand-waving ‘explain’.

  423. I just sent you 2 docs via email.

  424. Remember that police chief who was posting those vids…?

    Looks like he wasn’t what he appeared to be:


    Not sure if it was his idea or if he was recruited – there are interesting holes in the article. Hopefully no real patriots got hurt by this guy.

  425. I just realized that I have used “Zimbardo/Stanford Prison Experiment and Milner” a couple of times recently. Stanley Milgram, not Milner. Sorry.

  426. sent you a file

  427. If you have an interest in melting steel or softer metals you should google cupola furnaces and go here http://gingerybookstore.com/ for home made machines that will get you making things that are not available during hard times or gov. bans. Some off the grid metal shops for making special parts and tools would come in handy.

  428. Email inbound.

  429. Sent you an email describing a recent concealed carry article I wrote I think would be perfect for your readers: http://www.holsterhero.com/the-absolute-concealed-carry-guide/

  430. Gentlemen:
    It would be really convenient if you fixed your website to open links in another window. While that window is opening, I can go back to your home page and read or open another window of interest. I, like everyone else, have a tremendous amount of work to do and this would be a real timesaver.


  431. Mail sent

  432. Nubbin-Finger Jake Roedell

    U-OPFOR vs N-FREFOR: http://youtu.be/3TZ9Q18HKlQ
    This is going on right now. Full scale combat in Ukraine.

    UAF storm Donetsk Airport and get their asses handed to them by NAF. FULL VERSION [Warning: Graphic]

    Ukraine’s Armed Forces try to storm Donetsk Int. Airport and get annihilated by Novorossiya Armed Forces headed by Givi, Motorola, and others. Full, uncensored version [not for the faint of heart].

  433. Its Time to give Obama along with the rest of his Upline Insomnia

  434. Thanks…. for everything. So much critical info to be gleaned from your site and I visit it daily. Just wondering, do you ever go to enenews.com? There’s shit there that will scare you white! (Ghostbusters reference). Seriously, the bottom line I see is that Fukushima is going to kill the Pacific. No joke. Kill it dead. Sigh….the fun hasn’t even started yet.

  435. Very efficient method of gardening. Having been doing raised bed gardening for the past six or so years in an urban setting this looks to be vastly superior.

    Rain Gutter growing – YouTube

  436. To the head guy here at WRSA.

    I have the maximum attainable funding

    If you’re interested drop me a note
    in the “The living room at Grahame
    House’ thread on my web-place.


    Brendan Guy McMahan

  437. You guys were referred to me by a good friend

  438. Welcome. Feedback always welcome here or at wrsa@hushmail.com.

  439. Sent an email with graphic for your consideration….thanks!

  440. Citizen Delta

    CA – Email sent

  441. CA, when I met you at Redtop Mtn I didn’t realize you are WRSA. Thanks for the good work.

  442. Email sent w/ attachment. Thank you for your blog. LH

  443. Nubbin-Finger Jake Roedell

    Lord Haw-Haw, Sheriff of Habersham county Ga (head of recent Baby Burner Brigade), takes a bullet (literally) for his team from a former “disenfranchised” team member!!! Man, Karma comes soooo close, but she missed the mark and only got a flesh wound.

    From the article, “Sheriff Joey Terrell and the other deputy entered the garage after hearing gunshots, and Giaquinta fired again from a position to the side of the garage door, striking Terrell in the bicep. . .”

  444. Hi CA,

    Hosting a giveaway with a lot of great prizes. A few are:

    Sawyer mini water filter, Seeds for Security seed pack, Homesteading How-To DVDs, and several great books covering things from homesteading to canning to paracord projects to Navy SEAL mindset, most signed by the authors.

    Total value is $343.

    Think your readers might find it useful.


    Will email you also.

    Thank you, sir!


  445. CA,
    Sent you email, didn’t know if you saw the lastest “Taxicab Depressions”, the guy who wrote “The Pig Trap” which you linked to.

    Sent by email and also posting here.

    3 Billion to insurance companies.


  446. “They” can’t make you pay for health care…. “They” can’t make you do s**t! You choose what course you take. That is freedom. Free men do, they don’t ask!

  447. If Lindsey Graham becomes president, says he will use the military to compel the Congress to do his bidding. I’m paraphrasing his exact statement, but, this is what I understand and perceive as implicit in his words. And, I don’t accept that such a remark made at a public political event was a joke.http://www.globalresearch.ca/why-the-media-silence-on-lindsey-grahams-vow-to-use-the-military-to-force-vote-in-congress/5436557

  448. Phill Knapp

    Is it just me or does the Operation Jade Helm Logo have a sabot in the middle of the crossing arrows? Is this telling us something about the July 2015 operation?

  449. 모든 공산주의자를 죽여.
    Kill all the communists!

  450. I am seeing Korean symbols below your Westernrifleshooters logo. Is it just me or is that supposed to be there and what does it mean if it is?

  451. Supposed to be there. Google translate.

  452. Concerned Patriot

    Email heading your way for your comment

  453. Major Keith Butler (Former Delta/ killed in action while working for Alphabet agency). His words are powerful about where our country is…

  454. Sent an inquiry via email. Thanks for what you do here.

  455. Came across this article from Backwoods Home from 1998 and thought it was timely: http://www.backwoodshome.com/articles/silveira49.html

  456. THEBigFatPanda

    Sent u email link re: Jade Helm.

  457. Just testing. Comments are closed to me on other sections.

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    Short comment cycle due to other demands on my time.

  459. flying blind

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  460. Silly moslems, taking credit for the inside job:


  461. CA,
    New Ordnance here. Just sent you an email with another post you can use, “Food Freedom.” Have a shot at anything that might whet your auxiliary palate. The road kill burgers (Secret #5) are pretty tasty.

    A tour de force for #foodfreedom.

  462. I am a retired EOD/TEU troop and I am currently working the UXO field. We have found something that look like the M46 WWI fuze, but it has is steel instead of brass. Way back when, sometime after 1969 as a troop I vaguely remember seeing part of an antenna mount/attachment that looked like this item for a M151, using a VRC-46/47 type of radio. I am likely off base but we are attempting to ID this turkey. Would one of your old time commo guys drop me a email so I can attach some photos, if for no other reason but to eliminate this trail.

    Thank you for your time.


  463. Hi CA,

    I’m New Ordnance’s daughter – I did that Photoshop job on Harry Reid at a calf branding – as the calf.

    My dad sent you a link to his latest article on Food Freedom (everything from shotgun seed to roadkill burgers) a week or so ago.

    We know how busy you are, so we’ve created a short excerpt “Guerrilla Rations” for you to post if you’re interested. Check your email – sent yesterday evening.

  464. We would appreciate it if you would read Frank’s recent article.

    Winter of Our Demise


    Thank you.


  465. posted.

    good work. anytime.


  466. Hi Pete,

    I have been trying to get an email to you. please drop me a note regarding your project.

    Thank you.


  467. I just finished a handbook for small team radio signal ops.
    Link here:

    Feel free to pass it on.

  468. Did you see this CA? I don’t know the full details, but the interesting part is citizens standing up to police and them backing down. Police KNOW that if the entire populace turned against them, they would be powerless.


  469. Waco Biker, melee…Just want to add a video clip was run on AZ/PHX TV news. The personnel handling the seized weapons were wearing military uniforms, not law enforcement. The reporting was generic, no details.

  470. Vanita Jeans Aaron

    My husband is a biker in a mc club,he had a trial the day after all this happened in miller county Arkansas. They stereotyped and profiled him because he was in a club. Hes now serving a year in the county jail for defending his self against 3 rich kids who’s familys are in the system. I want his story out there.

  471. overseas counterparts:

  472. Good evening ~ I sent an email to wrsa@hushmail.com regarding your Waco article. Please take a look & get back to me. Thanks!

  473. Found on Denninger’s Blog, one of the most epic comment threads ever. Sent to you by email also. Read the article then the comment thread. I may even post myself, but much of what I want to say has been said in quadruplicate…only being a quarter of the way through them.


  474. Hi CA, Thanks for all you have been doing, are doing, and will be doing.
    With all the explanations, counter arguments, and propaganda about FedGov stockpiling bullets, JADE HELM, Trans-Pacific Trade, I have to ask 3 fundamental questions that I haven’t seen anyone else ask, or discuss…..
    First, FedGov says they want to pre-order ammunition to save money. Question is, since when did the gov care about “saving” money?
    Second, The gov is saying they want to train to “blend in” with local populations when doing covert ops. Question is, “blending in” is VERY culture specific. It is doing them NO good to try to blend in with America. We can’t even “blend in” in our own country. Behavior that is the norm in New York City will get you called out in the South. If they need to learn how to “blend in,”, they need to go to friendly overseas countries, not here. Third, the TPP…if it is so good, why does it have to be in secret?? NOTHING good ever comes from being so secretive. If the TPP can’t be read by any citizen, it needs to be scrapped!!! Thanks for listening.

  475. CA,

    Sent an email concerning this video which I think is worth sharing on WRSA.

    Secret Safari

  476. left an email, probably nothing.

  477. Check this red neck- makes some very good points and WRSA readers will like it. 12 minutes worth watching

  478. Hi, sent you an email, I’m the guy who talkedabout India at the NC PatCon.

  479. Sent another email

  480. Gentlemen, I’m sending this in case you hadn’t seen this. It’s right out of the Bracken Anthology. Keep up the great work!


  481. You have an award over at Cry and Howl. When you get time stop by and pick it up.
    Thank you for all you do here!

  482. CA-
    Knuck and I are working on the mass feeding project,I’ll be sending my part of it to him a week from today,and we’ll go from there.

  483. Here a little something that won’t run $30k and up.
    I’d say this is an “Over the Transom” piece. I believe I could make this…


  484. I am a regular visitor to this site I am not, however, a regular commentator. I just wanted to say that I definitely approve of the new look, rebel flag and all.

  485. Where, oh where, will we find a freedom loving HACKER when we really need one! Read this to understand why my lament: http://nypost.com/2015/07/18/obama-has-been-collecting-personal-data-for-a-secret-race-database/

  486. I got to thinking today of Mike Vanderboegh’s novel, Absolved. Haven’t heard anything about it in a long time. Mike declared years ago that it was done, but he doesn’t appear to have ever done the last little things to get it published.

    So I collected a list of existing chapters, this time in the order that Mike posted, with links for chapters that were in Codrea’s list on his old Examiner site (which I had to find at archive.org).


    Does Mike still plan to publish the whole thing? I’d love to have it.

  487. Love the new pic at top of WRSA site.

    Johnny Reb.

  488. Pete, my wife is making some cool embroydery designs on T-shirts. Please take a look at my blog. I’d appreciate the bump if you’d care to.


    Thanks, LB

  489. Thank you, Sir!

  490. 300lb Gorilla in the room

    When Shooting Starts:

    1. First and foremost, DON’T LOSE YOUR HEAD! Think.
    2. When the shooting starts it is too late to go buy a weapon and/or ammunition. Have what you feel you need NOW.
    3. It is too late to go to the range to site in your weapon. Keep weapons zeroed at all times.
    4. Know where you stand. Your cause must be moral and it must be just.
    5. A shot fired in haste is a shot fired in waste.
    6. Before you squeeze the trigger make sure that you are prepared for the consequences and the repercussions.
    7. Your family and loved ones should already know what to do. Training and more training, what to do should become second nature.
    8. When you squeeze the trigger you are taking a human life, no matter who it is, prepare for that event.
    9. Be willing to die for your cause but try not to. You must survive.
    10. Be reluctant to start the shooting but be ready to end it. Start only if you must, but end it quickly.

  491. I’m thinking that while the Federal Government refuses to allow the soldiers working at recruitment centers to be armed when there are plenty of Mohammeds willing and waiting for a chance at an easy target but if you walk into any IRS office there will be an armed security guard there eyeballing your every move. I just think Fed.GOV needs to move those guards to the recruitment centers if they won’t allow the soldiers to guard themselves. Nobody is at war, at least not openly, with the IRS. When was the last time a Mohammed opened up at an IRS office. Never.

  492. Sent email regarding blogroll addition.

  493. notmyrealname

    Questions concerning black Americans. Like, how did shit end up like this?

    Planned Parenthood has been shown to be the worst kind of ghouls by the films about their body parts harvesting business. Other ghouls, maybe as bad, maybe worse, are the Democrats who come to their defense. Normal people who are not overwhelming moralistic are still disgusted by the idea of less crunchy harvesting methods, maximizing profit from dead bodies, and dehumanizing babies in the final month before birth. Old news, I know.

    The surprising thing is that nobody is discussing race in this issue. According to the libs at Atlantic, blacks are five times more likely to have an abortion than whites. They may be high, but the picture is the same. Black women are walking into PP offices to provide the raw materials for their body parts business. To make matters worse, PP encourages them to carry their fetuses/unborn babies/raw material for the meat market longer to make the process more profitable. “Oh, yeah, we’ll snatch that thing out for you, but if you could carry it for just a few more months, it would be so much better.”

    Let’s deal in stereotypes for a minute.

    – Black women have five times more abortions than white women.
    – Because the abortions are PP are easier, cheaper, subsidized by government and “charities” and “women’s organizations”, and the fact that more PP offices are located in black neighborhoods, I’m guessing that the ratio of black to white showing up at PP is higher than five times. Maybe a lot higher.
    – Poor uneducated women are more easily persuaded to do stuff like this than educated middle class women. Black vs. white?

    This is a great ad for PP. A kindly black grandmother who is only interested in the welfare of poor black girls. I’m here for you, let me help. Vampire.


    I doubt that the body parts side of PP is new. They have probably been doing this for years, and they just now got caught. After all, they have demand for their product, and they have a never-ending supply, encouraged by a corrupt degenerate culture, and subsidized by governments, socially conscious businesses, and women’s group pretty good at using gender guilt to get people to donate money. And, of course, it’s hard to ignore that Margaret Sanger, hero to Hilldog and many other important women, wanted to keep the black population under control by killing them. The main difference between Sanger and Hitler was that the Planned Parenthood ovens needed to destroy the evidence are a lot smaller.

    Now the following is speculative. I can’t prove any of it. But it’s almost like the liberals decided that society could profit from all of these people getting welfare, CHIP, school breakfast/lunch/dinner programs, free medical care, housing, basically all of the requirements for life. It’s a never ending supply of body parts and the women to carry the body parts. They are black, so who really cares? We have moved from rented wombs to the production of body parts. Planned Parenthood makes money coming and going. They get all kinds of donations. They charge some small amount to make it look like they are being responsible, and they sell the product. It’s one big assembly line for body parts.

    Have you figured out who cares? Conservative christofacists. Rightwing terrorists who want to keep the black woman down.

    Blacks don’t care. You never heard Jessie Jackson or Al Sharpton criticize PP. You don’t see blacks protesting the largest loss of black life ever experienced on this earth. There are sympathetic caring black grandmotherly types to help the producers of body parts and tell you how brave they are. The black Attorney General of the United States is going to investigate PP, but what do you think the results of that investigation will show? Like her boss says, “God bless Planned Parenthood.”

    It’s almost like LBJ had a good idea when he decided to subsidize the destruction of black society. Body parts for everyone.

  494. notmyrealname

    And right after I posted the above, we learn what the Attorney General is looking for.


  495. CA- sent equipment and recipes for MKT to wrsa@hushmail.com

  496. 300lb Gorilla

    You cannot begin training for a battle as you march into it, but must made ready before that time is at hand.

  497. CA,
    E-mail sent in re MKT

  498. Concerned Patriot

    Emailed you a link to an article you should post

  499. Here is a pic you can use CA. I whipped it up last night. That’s my flagpole 🙂

  500. Please consider Frank’s latest article.

    Brace for Impact


    Thank you,


  501. The cry

  502. This is an except from an essay at Iron Legion:
    Now, listen to me. A nation of weaklings that begs its government to do something is not worth saving. The gods laugh at you. Your ancestors are disgusted. If you are not prepared to do what it takes to save your nation then you do not deserve to have it and it will be taken from you, even under the auspices of democracy.

    My thoughts are:
    This IS happening RIGHT NOW in our lands. R nor D will stop it. It is by design. We need men to STOP thinking in terms of voting for the right guy to fix (fill in the blank), we need men to stand up and fix it.

    In. Your. Own. A.O.

    You don’t have to go to Texas to fix something. Be THAT GUY in your own neighborhood. Be the crazy guy who stops crazy driving on your street. Know who is who and be on speaking terms with every family close to you. Look out for your neighbors. Be prepared to defend your neighborhood. Don’t call the cops for every minor thing, fix things yourself, face to face. Be responsible not passive. Your A.O. Is an investment, treat it as a valuable commodity.

    This is where to start. Small.

    Then we’ll go from there.

  503. Please consider Frank’s latest article.

    Daddy, I’m Hungry………..


  504. What happened to http://www.rightfullibertyreport.com/? It started well, but has been stuck for months.

  505. Three months ago I thought I knew that I was prepared for anything. I have a water system not dependent on the grid. I have a large firewood supply with many years in log form. I have guns and enough ammo to get me through pretty rough times and I have taken tactical instruction. I have food stored and I use what I store. I know how to garden, hunt, and in general live off the land. I know how to process all sorts of food. I have medical supplies, I took a basic EMP course. I understand herbology and can make my own salves, ointments, and tinctures. I smugly thought, “Bring it on. I’m ready for about anything.”

    Then came fire season in the rural west. Less than 5 miles from an active fire. Made it through due to a lack of heavy wind one day. Went to meetings, one very important put on by real experts. My eyes were opened. I am in trouble. Fire in my general area would have wiped me out. I am not prepared because my forested land is not prepared. Since the active fires, I have been putting in 6-8 hours a day trying to improve my chances of survival. Tough work for a 70-year old, but absolutely necessary for future survival.

    Looked at future fire scenarios in the west, along with drought, El Nino, low winter snowfall which has preceded ever major fire wildland fire season. Began looking at Intra-Agency Fire site and finding how many acres were burned in the west in the last 20 years. No relief ahead.

    I read a lot of prepper sites where folks are so eager to move to an isolated forested area in the great American West. I have read nothing about the problem of fire. People seem to be worried about government or Muslims. Even if lightning isn’t the cause–maybe bad guys of any kind want to take us out–what would be easier than to start a fire on a hot, dry, windy day?

    So if you live in the rural west, you had better think real hard about how well you are prepared and if you have a chance, drive through some of those burned-out areas, and imagine how you would survive, even if your home made it through. Sterile soil, destroyed trees, and underbrush for years to come! Hard to sell home and move because no one would want to live in such an area.

    I am now working on real survival preparations.

  506. Will post tonight. Good luck w your defensive measures.

  507. An interesting history account worth reading: https://archive.org/details/Blockade-TheDiaryOfAnAustrianMiddle-classWoman1914-1924
    If you read the first few pages you will want to store enough food to feed your family for years.

  508. Why are comments closed on the main page again Pete?

  509. A time-out for folks to reconsider their recent behavior in lieu of me pulling the plug entirely.

  510. What did I miss LOL. Oh well, here we go again. -55six

  511. Please consider Frank’s latest article, A Collage of Comments. We’re all in this together.


    Thank you,

  512. Life is not fair. Thank God. Really…thank Him. It took being helped out of the gutter 19 years ago for that simple truth to dawn on me. Victor Davis Hanson drops some truth:

  513. This is a fucked up world. People go to jail for killing a nuisance animal, but others are praised for having an abortion. “I had a great experience at Planned Parenthood…””every woman should have at least one abortion.””


    James Kopp raised the Black Flag.

  514. I recently watched this movie, Body of Lies. It was entertaining. This quote is about Medieval, fanatical Muslims, but applies to our own Meatspace.

    “Our enemy has realized that they are fighting guys from the future. Now, ahem, it is as brilliant as it is infuriating. If you live like it’s the past, and you behave like it’s the past then guys from the future find it very hard to see you. If you throw away your cell phone, shut down your e-mail pass all your instructions face-to-face, hand-to-hand turn your back on technology and just disappear into the crowd No flags. No uniforms. You got your basic grunts on the ground there. They’re looking going, “Who is it we’re fighting?” In a situation like this, your friends dress just like your enemies and your enemies dress like your friends. What I need you to fully understand is that these people, they do not wanna negotiate. Not at all.”, Ed Hoffman – Body of Lies

  515. Please consider Frank’s latest article.
    Survival Radio Net #1
    Thank you,

  516. A few thoughts about exercise and incremental improvement, shared via email.

  517. My findings about a new water treatment option sent by email CA

  518. You have mail

  519. Mike Bishop

    Pete, some interesting hardware you may want to share:


    Take the targeting/radar/optics/software away, and you have nothing more than an extremely focused directional antenna and a high-output signal.

  520. http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2015/10/was_the_oregon_mass_shooting_an_islamist_attempt_to_assassinate_alek_skarlatos.html

    So they may have targeted one of the heroes… then today in the news…


    That’s two… anyone remember the saying… “Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action”

    Hope we don’t see three, or maybe someone should tell the other guy to “duck; or not to take a knife to a gun fight.”

  521. A short list of what the root problem with humanity is, the desire to control.
    Anyone who thinks arms are not needed in “modern” society is simply fooled.


  522. In reference to the homebrew Jungle antenna

    Hopefully this makes things simple.

  523. Numbers stations warming up; likely nothing, but would be interested in Sparks31/ DanMorgan/ Sam Culper’s thoughts:


  524. A response to strong criticism of NVIS in an EMCOMM exercise:
    Doused with a healthy amount of training philosophy.

  525. I had some thoughts I think relative and in need of expression and discussion.

    I admit it, I am a Dead Head. What I mean is that I am a huge fan of the TV show The Walking Dead. I have watched it evolve and characters develop (and die) and while some things require a suspension of your reality based mind, some things are pretty readily useful and easy to grasp if you are looking for them.

    I notice the weapons, and how they are carried and used. In the world of zombies, weapons are never out of arm’s reach. This to my mind is much like it would be after a breakdown of society or “failure of civility” (love that book). I notice the decisions and how they affect the tribe as a whole vs. individuals. I notice how being in condition red 24 hours a day wears on the characters. I notice how while zombies are a threat, the real danger is other people.

    What has struck me lately however is the persona that one character has adopted of late. Carol was an abused and damaged housewife who has evolved into a fierce and at times incredibly capable part of the tribe. She is small and not particularly strong, but what Carol has is WILL. Shear willingness to do whatever is needed to secure the best outcome for the tribe.

    She also possesses a coldness in these decisions that warrants a “wow” from the viewer. It’s not that Carol doesn’t feel, indeed she is tender inside and things DO break her in terrible ways, but they never stop her from doing what has to be done. She does these things right now with no hesitation. In her world hesitation will kill you or someone you love. We may face such a time soon.

    Carol is now in a community with her tribe where people have been relatively protected from the ugliness outside the walls. Her tribe is grisly and hard in comparison to these people they now live among. The exception, is Carol. While she is a stone cold killer inside, her outward appearance to these she now lives beside is that of a soft motherly person who is a follower. She bakes cookies, she is polite and even shrinks from ugly things….all on purpose. You see, Carol is being the “grey man”, the person who seems to fit in. She seems to be no particular threat to anyone. She has gained trust of everyone in the new community and they have confided in her and let her in their circles.

    This gives Carol a serious advantage in the hard world. She can go from motherly to savage in the blink of an eye and then morph back before anyone even notices. She recently donned a hoodie and used blood to put a “W” on her forehead when the community was attacked by outsiders called “wolves” who have this same “W” marking them. She moved among the attackers killing them at will because she gained instant trust by her dress and movements. Carol is adaptable, Carol can use whatever is around her to her advantage and with no hesitation takes care of business.

    What can we learn here?

    Be grey. Don’t run around in camo and have stickers all over your vehicle stating your various positions. Don’t wear overtly political shirts and hats. Subtlety is the name of this game. Keep your options open by not putting yourself outwardly in a particular corner. Get along with people, be a person people trust rather than a whacko who people avoid. Remember a nail that sticks up is hammered. A fox who does his damage and then disappears lives to do it again.

    Get your mind right as to what you believe and what you will/can do and what you will not/can not do. Once this is nailed down and unmovable, do not hesitate to act when needed. Be a machine who looks docile but can become a monster in a moment if a situation calls for it. Be WILLING and don’t be a hesitating pansy.

    Protests, stickers and shirts WILL NOT change any liberal mind. They will not cause this ship to realize it’s treacherous path and change course. Being a loudmouth and bragging about how you are ready to step out in your battle rattle and overthrow the US government will not win friends and influence people (at least not people who you want around you) and will simply make you a target and ruin your ability to be a doer. The red flower in a field of yellow ones is easily picked out and plucked.

    While I am all for outward expression in the right moments, the people who win what is coming will NOT be those who shout the loudest and brag about their skills and preps. The people who win will be the Carols. Be grey, be subtle, be willing, be a savage in street clothes, be smart.

    Keep your mouth closed, learn from anyone who has applicable knowledge and live to have many victories rather than dying an ineffective martyr.
    -55six of the decommissioned Liberty and Lead

  526. What perfect timing. “Never let a crisis go to waste.” Expect more Mexicans…Guatemalans…Syrians.

    Patricia Becomes Strongest Hurricane Ever Recorded; Catastrophic Landfall Expected in Mexico Friday


  527. This article is worth posting,imo. It struck like a knife in me and I am a historian………

  528. Of interest to readers:

    License plate readers

    Big brother will never hurt ‘us’, right??


    Will send to mail.

  529. HHH Old Vet.

    why can I Not post now? far as I know I have not pissed anyone off.

  530. Body-Bags & Small Caskets for Firearms (that are UN-Dead)
    Un-dead firearms cleaned and oiled, then laid to rest in a ZCORR Body Bag, Air removed, then sealed. Carefully laid into a custom built casket with 2X6 Walls and 16″X48″ 3/4″ CDX floor and lid. Included is everything it will ever need to return to peak performance. Everything.

    Peacefully they wait for snow, and the long sled ride, ever deeper into the quiet wilderness.

  531. Trump said, “Hillary is running for a lot of reasons—one of ‘em is because she wants to stay out of jail.”

    Yep, same reason Bruce started wearing dresses after he killed somebody with his car.

  532. A monthly publication by the US Army’s Foreign Military Studies Office named OE Watch, focusing on Foreign News & Perspectives of the Operational Environment can be read and downloaded from here: http://fmso.leavenworth.army.mil/products.html

    There is a lot here that you will never read in the lame-stream media

  533. Wow. Read the gizmodo link for more detail… we can trust CBS news.

  534. The train is completely off the tracks…but somehow keeps going.

    Wait! First it was Playstation 4…now it’s “Encrypted Super-Secret Spy Phones”.

    Puhleez. TPTB are so fucking pathetically predictable it isn’t funny. These assholes need a new narrative. 15 years, give or take, and its the same old shit, rinse and repeat.

    The takeway for FREEFOR is that, if “they” want to outlaw/ban/crack/have cheat codes for/remove encryption…it must be pissing someone off.


    I wish that the writing below was NOT true, but sadly it is too true.

    Time is like a river. You cannot touch the water twice,
    because the flow that has passed will never pass again.

    Franklin Graham was speaking at the First Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida a few weeks back when he said America will not come back.

    He wrote:

    The American Dream ended (on November 6th, 2012 ) in Ohio.
    The second term of Barack Obama will be the final nail in the coffin
    for the legacy of the white Christian males who discovered, explored,
    pioneered, settled and developed the greatest Republic in the history of mankind.

    A coalition of Blacks, Latinos, Feminists, Gays , Government
    Workers, Union Members, Environmental Extremists, The Media,
    Hollywood, uninformed young people, the “forever needy,” the
    chronically unemployed, illegal aliens and other “fellow travelers”
    have ended Norman Rockwell’s America. The Cocker Spaniel is off the
    front porch… The Pit Bull is in the back yard.
    The American Constitution has been replaced with Saul Alinsky’s
    “Rules for Radicals” and Chicago shyster, David Axelrod,
    along with international Socialist George Soros will be pulling the strings on their beige puppet to bring us Act 2 of the New World Order.

    Our side ran two candidates who couldn’t even win their own home
    states, and Chris Christie helped Obama over the top with a glowing
    “post Sandy ” tribute that elevated the “Commander-in-Chief” to Mother
    Teresa status. (Aside: with the way the polls were run, he didn’t need
    any help!) People like me are completely politically irrelevant, and I
    will never again comment on or concern myself with the afore mentioned
    coalition which has surrendered our culture, our heritage and our
    Traditions without a shot being fired.

    You will never again out-vote these people. It will take individual
    acts of defiance and massive displays of civil disobedience to get
    back the rights we have allowed them to take away. It will take
    Zealots, not moderates and shy not reach-across-the-aisle RINOs to right
    this ship and restore our beloved country to its former status.

    Those who come after us will have to risk their lives, their fortunes
    and their sacred honor to bring back the Republic
    that this generation has timidly frittered away due to “white guilt”
    and political correctness…..

    ~From an email circulating

  536. Completely agree, it must be pissing someone off. That’s why I encourage everyone I know to use encryption for emails, etc. Statists hate it when they cannot control, or have access to any and all information.

    Next it will be the evil guns… oh, snap. They are working on that. lol

  537. R.L. Wurdack

    What happened to the Sipsey Street Link?

  538. Google “Sipsey Street”

    It’s still right there

  539. Yeah, what happened to the Sipsey Street link? Sure it is still up on the net, but the link on this page is gone. WTF over??

  540. R.L. Wurdack

    I was looking for it on the “Blogroll” sidebar. It was there a week ago.

  541. A bunch of old links went; a bunch of new links entered.

  542. A bunch of old links went; a bunch of new links entered.

  543. Got Food? For How Long?

    If you can’t produce it, sooner or later you will run out. Then what?


  544. I listened to the Colorado incident last night on the scanner feed for 3 hours. It was a cluster. Could hear the SWAT team screaming for medics as they retreated. Then they sent in the robot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=enxVNok0q6M
    These are the types incharge.
    Confidence inspiring.

  545. CA- email inbound

  546. For your consideration, The folks Mr. Obama compares to the Pilgrims on the Mayflower.


  547. I came across some magazines on the net titled “Smoke Trails” published by the F-4 Phantom II Society (http://www.f4phantom.com/drupal/). Old issues can be found here, along with many military and firearms books and magazines free for the cost of your DSL connection. Go here. http://avxhome.se/magazines/military . These old workhorses are now relegated to target drone work in the US, while the Iranians have active squadrons, at least until they run out of parts. http://www.iiaf.net/aircraft/jetfighters/F4/f4.html.

  548. Folks:

    I continue to be impressed with these NiZn rechargeable batteries I’ve been trying out. I haven’t seen much discussion of this on the webs, so here we go.

    As most of you know, the normal plain Jane NiCd and NiMh batteries are rated at 1.2V, topped. This puts them at a disadvantage when matched against regular batteries that come topped off at 1.5V (alkalines can be pulse recharged/floated at 1.75V many many times, but that’s another story…). So, for a three battery pack example; 4.5V for regulars; 3.6V rechargeable; Big difference. Especially for handhelds. Think percents here.

    NiZns top off at a rated 1.6V. They actually float at a much higher voltage, upward of 1.8V–your mileage will vary. Anyway, for a three battery pack, that means the rechargeable NiZns actually start out at a higher voltage, as compared to alkalines.

    Think about the fact that Power = E x I. That may go into your antenna, maybe not.

    Now, that higher voltage could present a problem for some unregulated circuits, but, most circuits have a regulator stage if they port to a AC wall charger. But, what you can do if you don’t want to blow your pussy circuit is mix and match the NiCds and NiMhs with NiZns to get to the correct-ish voltage in your pack from the rechargeable. That’s street legal.

    There are some reported difference in the linearity of the discharge “curves” with NiZns, but most of these reports come from folks that are using them in monster photo flash/high discharge current functions. There are also some reports of limited charge/discharge cycles that vary according to *individual* batteries. Again, you have to experiment.

    Even better is the price…you can pick up 4 AAA NiZns PLUS a charger on ebay for about 10 bucks.

    Damn well worth your time (now) for those pesky situations when the lights go out…for a long time.

  549. Hi, here is a link to a site that I hope you will consider linking to. The blog goes inactive for large chunks of time, but when she does post, what she posts is inspirational and educational (at least to me). I started reading a few years ago when her rant, Rebuttal to a Progressive to told me to play nice, went viral.

    Anyways, I think her most recent piece on comparing Islam and Progressives and starting to put the dots together is a good read. I think in a few short words, she lays out the problem. As part of my efforts I’d like to encourage everyone to share information that helps explain our enemy in an easy to understand way. I think this piece is one of those.

    “Clear as a Bell: Islam is at War with Individual Liberty”

  550. I don’t know how to post here, since I naively thought it would never be necessary. Awhile back you had shared a commentary…something along the lines of “there is a guy training to kill me…” do you recall what I reference? Parts of it stuck with me, but i would appreciate having something better worded to share with my family. I’ve already told the family (and they get this part) that in a warehouse somewhere are the rounds that will kill them. And that the shooter is out there, training for us…and that’s why we dry fire daily, do blindfold & maintenance drills and skip the batting cages for live fire at the range.

    Thank you, and God Bless & Keep You…


  551. Oldanddecrepit

    Following in the “Masks Off” line of reporting, there’s this from the New Republic. One wonders how high they are willing to stack the bodies to achieve their stated goals….

  552. Thanks for posting that article from plata.com. You’ll also like: http://catalogingthedeclineofthewest.tumblr.com/

  553. Sent an email. Nuke map 3d. 1 MT warheads on every city with Pop. 500k+ from Algeria to Pakistan. Was going to include Morocco, Turkey, Sudan, Somalia, and A-Stan but the website bogged down. A cropped version is my gravatar.

  554. Thank you for posting Stop Shouting’s post about Islam. I think you will also like her post she just put up tonight.

    “Warning: The “No Buy” List travels a well trod road to Tyranny

    IMHO, people have GOT TO WAKE UP and stop believing “It Can’t Happen Here”.

  555. Hi all,
    I thought you might be interested in a piece I posted that was written for me by a retired G-2 type (I can’t take credit) about the snatch & grab of 2 members of the Qatari Royal Family in Iraq. Things are going to get even sportier in the sandbox.


    Yours in Liberty,

  556. Suspicions confirmed – the warhawks haven’t stopped lusting to push an invasion of Syrian since the Sept 2001 attacks on the WTC. Back then, they were repelled by the Pentagon and didn’t get their wish. Now? It appears that both sides want to create the fictional cover story they need to justify increased action and “anti-terror” freedom restrictions here.

    US House Terror Report Review – Setting Syria up as the fallguy for WWIII

  557. Hello,
    I just noticed something funny. When I navigate to https://westernrifleshooters.wordpress.com/, then go to some story on the site, I see the URL https://westernri–eshooters.wordpress.com/whatever.

    I looked it up, and “westernri–eshooters.wordpress.com” actually is an alias for westernrifleshooters.wordpress.com:

    [warthog@snooper ~]$ host westernri–eshooters.wordpress.com
    westernri–eshooters.wordpress.com is an alias for lb.wordpress.com.
    lb.wordpress.com has address
    lb.wordpress.com has address

    What’s up with that?

  558. Colorado Pete

    Regarding a recent post from Sparks31 about winterizing kit, would you be interested in having me write an article about personal winter outdoor preparation? Some of the non-mil/non-winter-sports types may find it helpful. Let me know here or at peter.lessler@gmail.com.

  559. It’s Firefox 38.4.0 on CentOS 7.2. Here’s the User Agent string:
    Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64; rv:38.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/38.0

  560. I meant to ask why the hostname has a CNAME record in the DNS for “westernri–eshooters”, with two hyphens in place of the letters “F” and “L”.

  561. no clue

    can you venture a guess?

  562. Silence Dogood

    Please check your hushmail account – Silence.

  563. Happy National Bacon Day.

  564. 4JeffLiberty

    No way you haven’t heard about this already, but just in case, the Hammond saga in Oregon is heating up.
    Hope it can be resolved peacefully. From what I can discern, sending the Hammonds back to the pokey would not serve justice.

  565. Wtf?
    They fired a mortar in San Francisco?
    The bipod makes it an AW.
    Where were the Kalifornia Gestapo?


  566. Hi,
    Lots going on, almost too many wave tops of craziness – saw this headline earlier, but when you get in to the weeds in this story, it’s jaw-dropping. “Serve and Protect” indeed.


  567. We have a sleeping bear awakening over this TX/NV/OR BLM Land grabbing thuggery.
    It is a major National scandal, as well as a Constitutional Crisis.

  568. Concerning President Obama’s recent musings on gun control this guy’s link has a useful perspective. I have known this guy for years and he is on target.


  569. Pete, This is the best thing I have written lately. If you care to, please share it.



  570. Please post something about S.2123 – Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act of 2015. It contains serious restrictions to posting any technical data about firearms on the Internet (even via email).

    Read about it at http://weaponsman.com/?p=28687

    Sponsors listed here: https://www.congress.gov/bill/114th-congress/senate-bill/2123/cosponsors FYI, Texas Senator John Cornyn (Cornholio, if one prefers) is one of the usual RINO co-sponsors of this bill.

    Text of bill (Section 108 is what is of concern here): https://www.congress.gov/bill/114th-congress/senate-bill/2123/text Note that the text, including cross-outs, is complex to follow (DC legislative lawyers at their worst), but the bottom line is that they are trying to criminalize the dissemination of information about firearms (i.e. legalizing the prior restraint of us exercising our 1st Amendment rights in support of our 2nd Amendment rights). It is an attempt to put into legislation what Obama tried to do via Executive Order – and to do so as an “afterthought” in a bill dealing with sentencing of criminals, not guns. IOW, yet another DC snowjob by the statists.

  571. Sorry for this 2nd posting – I can’t see if it went through the first time:
    Please post something about S.2123 – Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act of 2015. It contains serious restrictions to posting any technical data about firearms on the Internet (even via email).

    Read about it at http://weaponsman.com/?p=28687

    Sponsors listed here: https://www.congress.gov/bill/114th-congress/senate-bill/2123/cosponsors FYI, Texas Senator John Cornyn (Cornholio, if one prefers) is one of the usual RINO co-sponsors of this bill.

    Text of bill (Section 108 is what is of concern here): https://www.congress.gov/bill/114th-congress/senate-bill/2123/text Note that the text, including cross-outs, is complex to follow (DC legislative lawyers at their worst), but the bottom line is that they are trying to criminalize the dissemination of information about firearms (i.e. legalizing the prior restraint of us exercising our 1st Amendment rights in support of our 2nd Amendment rights). It is an attempt to put into legislation what Obama tried to do via Executive Order – and to do so as an “afterthought” in a bill dealing with sentencing of criminals, not guns. IOW, yet another DC snowjob by the statists.

  572. Pingback: From A Reader | Western Rifle Shooters Association

  573. https://westernrifleshooters.wordpress.com/2016/01/15/from-a-reader-19/


    don’t think Cornolio had made an appearance at WRSA before this


  574. So I see the latest bullshit out of DC is that the riverboats in the gulf suffered a “navigational error” WTF! Are they using SURI or Google maps? X2!
    I thought they said it was a “mechanical failure” X2!?!?!
    And the Lt apologizing profusely…..
    WTF! In my navy his career would be over but since the LGBT/PC bueracrats run everything now he’ll probably get promoted!
    Damn near makes me want to stop wearing my US Navy ball caps everyday!

  575. I see Jeff Flake (R-AZ) is a co-sponsor. I intend to take it up with his office.

  576. We want to thank you for the links to our blog and wish everyone the very best in the coming tumultuous days.

    Fare Well, from Frank & Fern


  577. Interesting, a cast at home AR lower

  578. Not sure if this link will work, but a very interesting take on Iran’s capture of the two USN boats. Love this blog by the way !!


  579. I do not know another way of contacting you so here is something I read this am & wanted to pass it on to you. EXCLUSIVE: Navy Uses US Citizens as Pawns in Domestic War Games http://www.truth-out.org/news/item/34367-exclusive-navy-uses-us-citizens-as-pawns-in-domestic-war-games

  580. To add to the banner? 杀鸡儆猴

  581. Pingback: FUSA Vignette | Western Rifle Shooters Association – The Americanist

  582. Hi, you might be interested in this posting. It was at Brock Townsend’s blog…

  583. Mailbox chek….bobbyg…gobob……

  584. There’s a post at Brock’s blog, Free North Carolina, that has an article about a message from the Finicum family statement. It re-directs to “Outpost of Freedom”

  585. Hey Pete, I am taking my tech license the 22nd. It’s easy. After one night of study guide reading


    and online flash cards


    I could take it right now and ace it. Everyone who wants to get serious about comms needs to do this. My whole tribe has made a goal to be 100% tech licensed by summer. You gotta train and to train you gotta have a ticket. Get busy folks.

  586. This is an article from Boiling Frogs post, Todd McFarlane is the lawyer for the Finicum family. I will post it for all to read, it’s not long …
    A View from the Trenches – from my Perspective by Todd Macfarlane

    Guest | February 2, 2016 11 Comments

    This past week has been one of the hardest, saddest weeks of my life.

    As many know, I am an attorney, and I represent the family of LaVoy Finicum. On Tuesday, LaVoy was ambushed and killed by the FBI and Oregon State Police in a roadblock as he was attempting to travel to an adjoining county.

    Oregon Governor Kate Brown just couldn’t wait any longer. So after less than a week of attempted negotiations, the agencies involved were out for blood. To that end, from what I understand, Governor Brown authorized the use of any force necessary to end it – regardless of the consequences.

    What she and others, including federal officials and local Harney County officials obviously don’t understand is that if they had just simply ignored Ammon Bundy and his followers at the refuge, eventually the whole thing would have just shriveled up and died. But an approach like that would require too much common sense. So instead, they pretended that it was some kind of really big thing — that by being at the refuge the occupiers were allegedly “impeding federal officers” in their duties, and “disrupting local community,” when in reality it seems fairly clear that it is the government’s own actions and personnel that are causing virtually all the disruption.

    And what a mess their decision to escalate has now caused. Does anyone remember the movie “First Blood?” Now there are literally legions of federal agents and “contractors” in Burns. Someone I know, a local rancher, tried to strike up a conversation with one of the fancily uniformed agents in a sandwich shop. He was clearly a big husky federal operative. The rancher first asked him what he was doing here, the agent said “security” then he was asked “for which side of the fence” to which the agent answered “the right side, I hope” he was then asked if he was a 3%er?. “no”, national guard?, “no”, OSP? …Uh, “yes”. When asked where he was from he said “Up North.” The rancher said, “where, Hermiston or Pendleton?, ”the agent said uh, Hermiston, yes. The rancher said, “that’s interesting because I grew up in Hermiston, and my mother still lives there. At that the agent stuttered and stammered around and said no more. End of conversation. The rancher then thought, “right!!. . that’s why there’s a half dozen black stretch suburbans with Minnesota private plates out front that you guys got out of. And why did you look me in the eye and have to lie about it. Is that what this is coming to?”. The rancher thought , “how stupid do you think we are here and if you aren’t subversives, then why do you need to lie?

    After weeks of people being able to come and go at the Malheur Wildlife refuge for weeks – from what I saw, I swear the federal employees could have gone out there and done whatever work really needed doing — now that there are only four people left, there are heavily armed, militarized check points on all the roads around the refuge. And you should see what happens at those checkpoints.

    From what I understand, it’s not just a matter of showing your papers and explaining your business. If you approach one of the checkpoints, you are warned that you will be shot if you do anything other than exactly what you are told. From what I understand, these checkpoints are fortified with multiple vehicles, including Bearcats, with .50 caliber machine guns. To determine whether anyone who approaches a checkpoint has any business there, they make people get out of their vehicles – obviously at gunpoint, with the .50 cals always ready. Then they make people lay down on the ground, and they handcuff them before engaging in invasive, heavy-handed searches for weapons and other contraband.

    That’s what another rancher I know encountered when he tried to go feed his cows. When he pulled up to the checkpoint, someone on a bullhorn threatened to shoot him if he made any misstep, before searching him as described, before finally allowing him to pass to do his chores. This is what locals are experiencing at the hands of the fully militarized police forces restricting their travel and activities in the area.

    And thanks to the spin the government is putting on all of it, with the help of the mainstream media, this heavy-handed approach is all more than justified because a bunch of batshit crazy nutjobs camped out at the wildlife refuge.

    Thanks to all the distortions, even if the protestors have any legitimate points – like the injustices to the Hammond Family – it’s all lost in the spin, and they don’t stand a chance in the court of public opinion, or in the court system.

    Which reminds me, I was arguing a case last week before the Utah Court of Appeals in Cedar City. They were visiting Southern Utah University for this court session, so it was kind of a special occasion, and a big deal (at least to some). A number of local attorneys and judges were present to observe the proceedings. A couple of them are very good, long-time friends of mine. One is a guy I went to college and law school with who is now a vice president at SUU. The other is one of my former law partners, who is now a judge. He was one of my mentors as an attorney, and one of the best lawyers I have ever known. I have always had a lot of respect for him, and hold him in high regard. They were sitting together.

    Afterward, as I was visiting with my law school buddy-turned-university administrator, he said that while I was arguing or during my comings and goings associated with the proceedings, our friend the judge leaned over and asked him if he had been seeing me on TV. My friend had to admit that he hadn’t and asked what that was all about. Our friend, the judge said “he’s been up there with those ‘nutcases’ in Oregon.”

    Now, let’s just think a little bit about all of that. I think it’s fair to say that his statement probably reflected the views of about 90% of all Americans. It’s all about labels. By letting labels do most of the thinking, it keeps things a lot simpler in most people’s minds. That way they don’t have to try to understand the real issues.

    But here’s the even bigger concern: it’s probably the view of about 99% of all judges. So, can you imagine anyone involved in this whole affair getting any kind of fair and impartial hearing before any judge — state or federal? What a comforting thought.

    In the meantime, I’m going to be working on a piece about the realities of the Federal Court System when it comes to Western land & resource use cases.

    # # # #

    Todd Macfarlane is an attorney, rancher, writer and political activist. He and his family own and operate the Turkey Track Ranch, near the small town of Kanosh, Utah. Todd is a veteran from earlier dust-ups in the sagebrush rebellion, having represented Mary Bullock and other ranchers in long-standing struggles with the federal government. He currently represents the LaVoy Finicum Family.
    – See more at: http://www.boilingfrogspost.com/2016/02/02/a-view-from-the-trenches-from-my-perspective-by-todd-macfarlane/#sthash.X2j5Fjxr.dpuf

  587. Sultan Knish writes about The Traditionalist Rebel; worth a read:


  588. Downloaded this from the comment section following an article in about 2009. Have read it many times since to keep me focused. A must share with your readers:

    When you are an oligarch, born into an aristocratic family, you think in the
    l o o o o o o ong term; you think in terms of multi-generational spans of time.

    You do this because you want your progeny, and their progeny, to live in the oligarchical class when they grow up.

    You do this because although your net worth may go up or down, you are always very wealthy, and these small swings don’t mean much over a long span of time.

    You do this because you understand that the struggle to keep the peasants down is an eternal one (just as the peasants realized that their struggle for liberty and to keep the fruits of their labor is an eternal one).

    And when you think in terms of multi-generational spans of time, your moves to consolidate power and thwart the will of the peasants are like the moving of chess pieces in a game of chess. You can move a piece with great patience, knowing that it may not bear fruit for twenty or fifty years.
    No matter, you are wealthy now, and the move will benefit your children.

    The peasants, however, do not think in the long term, and, in fact, they are taught, and reinforced by their “culture” to think in the short term. Always the short term. And they are taught to enjoy distraction, so they don’t notice their miserable lives, or how they never get ahead, like their parents never got ahead.
    They are not taught about money, so they don’t notice how inflation steals their wages. They only live for distraction and momentary pleasure, as an antidote to their hopeless lives. They need the distraction like an addict needs heroin, to keep from noticing the truth of their lives.

    So, over time, the peasants have little defense against these long-term chess moves. They are like the frogs in the pot of boiling water, who only notice the lethality of their situation when it is too late to act, and they have been too debilitated to be successful.

    The chess pieces are now coming together, in our lifetime, where the “damn” peasants will finally lose the protection of that “cursed” piece of paper – the Constitution – which protected them for so long…so long that they forgot its importance.

    The chess pieces are coming together in that quick moment of realization that ‘Checkmate’ is almost upon you. The pieces are set up infallibly, and there is no way to save your King, for, like the frog, you passed that opportunity a long time ago.

    So, are the government and the oligarchy preparing for a collapse, and a return to debt-serfdom?

    You bet your ass they are.

  589. Have you seen the video of the FBI press conference in Burns, OR, yet? It is posted at From The Trenches, here is a link…

  590. KMS-4, a N. Korean “weather” satellite, was hurriedly launched February 7 after a successful(ish) nuclear test the day before. It is now in a high-inclination orbit 300 miles up, crossing the US a couple of times a day. This Tuesday is daddy Kim Jong-il’s birthday, and dutiful son may want to celebrate with fireworks followed by darkness in the US.
    If this satellite carries a nuke and Jong-un is crazy, then watch out for possible trouble Monday night at 1907 or 2041 CST.
    See n2yo.com
    Disclaimer: invested in galvanized garbage can futures

  591. WRSA,
    One email to wrsa@hushmail.com for publication at your discretion.

  592. http://www.maxvelocitytactical.com/2016/02/diz-sends-mvt-versa-chest-rig-development/

    “…Back in ’07 my buddy made his first deployment and discovered going out patrolling looking like robo-cop wasn’t such a good idea. “…

  593. Been watching your communications series. Been working on replicating something like this, over a two county area in the midwest…. Based on a nationwide comm network set up by the Mexi Narco trafficers…… thought it would be handy. http://www.popsci.com/article/technology/radio-tecnico-how-zetas-cartel-took-over-mexico-walkie-talkies

  594. Just saw this on IsraelNationalNews and thought you might find it interesting. They are among us already back East.
    Know thy enemy:

  595. Interesting. Apple encryption and the Federal Eve:

  596. Did you see this?

    Cliven Bundy case: Nevada rancher denied bail in 2014 standoff case
    By Michael Martinez, CNN
    Updated 8:12 PM ET, Tue February 16, 2016

  597. Thank you for creating this blog. It is chock full of very valuable information.

  598. This article makes some compelling (IMHO) arguments against the Golden Hoard theory i.e. mass, destruction migration of urbanites into rural areas during a grid-down crisis: http://www.timgamble.com/2016/02/survivalist-myth-golden-horde.html

    Might be worth a discussion.

  599. Hi, a really good piece from Outpost of Freedom, Gary Hunt’s site, that has a real good series of articles concerning Malhuer. Here is a link to article #9, the latest.

  600. A thought occurred to me just now of several respected, liberty-minded, influential, and responsible bloggers coalescing to form a central site.. You, of course, would be included.

  601. Gonna get real fuckin sporty/Bracken-esk soon.


    Blue against Red team. Don’t know which one has the ISIS shit on the hoodies.

  602. I am trying to raise a bit of side money, selling T shirts, etc. at
    How much would it cost to do some advertising on WRSA?
    I am hoping the messages will resonate with many people all across these United States, but need to get the word out.

  603. Just another reader share: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AGARVPYRDMs

    vintage preparedness.

  604. Hi, there is a nice summation of the ‘myths’ surrounding Malheur that will be of interest to most, I think. It is at SeekingRedress, here is the link.

  605. Sorry, above link was not the one I meant, but this one is.
    Also, I’ve been finding some good stuff at BoilingFrogsPost, and at SeekingRedress.com/
    Thanks for sharing

  606. A potentially interesting development in the Polish military, file away in “Hmmm” …

  607. Robert A Hall

    I am a vietnam vet, navy corpsman that served on ship, in country and with marines, and a patriot that believes in the constition I swore by oath to defend from all enimies foreign and domedtic. An oath once taken is forever.
    Never has this contry been more in danger than today from enimies from within. Your blog and commentary should be a must read for every american that loves this country. I have two sons that are also vets and my oldest sends me your blog. They both served honorably and stand by that oath to this day.
    Keep up the good work.

  608. Hey. I’ve been following WRSA for years now. You posted my blog about 2 years ago, and I promptly fell flat on my face and quit writing. I’m back at it again, trying to shine some light on my network. Would you please take a peek at my blog and consider running 1 article. You will see some familiar content… I could use the boost. Thanks for your time and consideration, and for what WRSA has done for my sanity.


  609. This has been discussed here previously, but the article below is highly readable. Yes, it is from Bloomberg News, but the information is just as sobering.

    money quote:

    ” The signals that phones send the devices can be used not just to locate any phone police are looking for (in some cases with an accuracy of just 2 meters) but to see who else is around as well. IMSI catchers can scan Times Square, for instance, or an apartment building, or a political demonstration.”


  610. Found this document when searching anti-access/area denial (A2AD) to be enlightening: http://dtic.mil/doctrine/concepts/joint_concepts/jceo.pdf

  611. I believe James Perloff to have an extremely good head on his shoulders and is someone to pay attention to. He speaks of the 2016 “selection” here… https://jamesperloff.com/2016/03/21/the-2016-presidential-election-do-our-votes-matter/ … as to whether or not our votes matter at all and believe it is worth sharing with your readers. It is excellent and informative commentary. One of few I follow.

    grace and peace…

  612. How about a 20 meter DX with 65 w at ground level on a measuring tape? You can get a MFJ loop tuner for about 55 bucks (not the one used). Get a tape, pre drill all of the holes for the bands and party on.

    Check out that 1:1 match right out of the gate.

    Throw that dipole away.

  613. Virgil Kane

    What is special about the loop tuner? Will an LDG tuner tune a loop?

  614. Having just received the small MFJ portable tuner yesterday, and promptly tearing it down, It’s not the same–basically because of the very low closed loop resistance. There are two variable capacitors in it only, with the capacitors only in the loop input/output path. It does not have a “pickup” buried inside across the loop terminals, like a magnetic loop setup would. It does not have an inductor component to ground, like a plain jane “T” antenna tuner circuit. It’s basically a resonator with a BNC connector. It also likes to be outside. One of my receiver’s tested quickly yesterday benefited slightly, one did not (SDR). Like all things SDR, It doesn’t benefit from matching/tuning etc.– it actually did much much worse than a small discone 8 ft off the ground. I was not testing at 40 or 80m. I was up in the 18-28 mHz neighborhood. Your mileage will definitely vary on this one, but it is an alternative for a backpack. (they ship a wad of wire and eyelet crimp connectors so you can pre construct various lengths of loops for the bands)

  615. Why am I not getting the emails? I am on the list….?

  616. Butch Cass

    So not to be pimping another show apologies in advance – but Episode 500 of the Caravan to Midnight with John B Wells had a lengthy chat with the Bundy women (The Gubmint did not jail them) . It is posted on the YouTube

    Why is this important to WRSA, a primer of what unfortunately is likely/possibly on a path to us all that wonder by the WRSA Ranch, plan accordingly.

  617. Pete, email sent regarding classes…

  618. Dear Concerned American: Could you cut and paste this into the Comment section of the “Badthink…Gender traitor” post? Much appreciated as I am still “missing” the comment box and really wanted to thank all for the comments and for re-blogging.

    To mtnforge: “These people like this author and whom she writes about are arrogant beyond words…” I am not an arrogant feminist; can’t believe you didn’t gather my disdain for the stupidity/recklessness of the entire feminist movement. I do like your concept of “dirt people.” It’s not what I suspected.

    To GS: I may write more on abortion, not only from the personal, but from the political, as I’m flabbergasted at David Daleidin’s arrest and that his jaw-dropping expose mentioned in the essay has had such a small impact. The stone-wall of the MSM is magically strong, it seems. In the meantime, “enjoy” Ann Coulter’s 20 page chapter, “The Holiest Sacrament: Abortion,” in her 2007 book, “Godless.”

    To QuietMan: I HATED “Mad Max: Fury Road,” for the blatant feminist-conditioning, BUT…it was a story of young women needing rescue from a harem(i.e. sanctioned rape) and I see it as oddly apt for Hollywood to “accidently” reference the Islamic threat on the horizon.

    To Walter Zoomie: I’ll take “screed” in the loving way I’m sure you intended it. 😉

    To Sean: She was “merely” taking the easy path. While I’m no mechanic, though I have changed the oil in a car a few times, back in 1989 or ’90 when I lived in Dallas, my “previously abused” 1978 Volvo just sort of died on I-35 just before the exit to Commerce Street/Dealey Plaza. Well, I got “her” off to the right side, asked myself What Would Steve Callahan Do, as I’d recently read his amazing book, “Adrift.” I could see the accelerator-cable just out there, in the breeze you might say and thought that didn’t look right, so I took the big safety pin I kept on my key ring and clipped it back “together” and gingerly drove the car straight to my mechanic’s place. Can you tell how pleased I STILL am with myself over that?

    To socabill: Yes, men “going Galt” would really only need to be for a day or two at the max. Fully agree.

    To the Catechumen Jonah: It doesn’t get much more nihilistic that women wanting to be “just like” men. Who will want to be The Women? That’s right, nobody, because that’d be double-Badthink.

    To LeGrandeGuy: Sad to say, I’m even failing to make this case to my 23 year-old (home schooled!) daughter. And it’s not like she has a high five-figure- six-figure career she’s “married to.” p.s. I have the turn-of-the-20th century high school dance-card, literally, wherein my grandparents met! It is precious to me, yet will likely end in the trash at a future date, when our daughter “sorts through” things…

    To Stealth Spaniel: Ditto on loving the 1950’s family values, Americanism, belief in hard work, etc. Yes, segregation of facilities, water fountains, buses, etc. were not lovely, but the cohesiveness of the Black-family is still to be coveted and made worthy of emulation again.

  619. I’ve sent you an email.

  620. nategray79

    What was the book written by two SF guys about defending a neighborhood? I had a copy of it and it seems to have walked away. Thank you.

  621. A Failure of Civility