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Defended by force of arms, if necessary.


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  1. I was reading thru your repost about “Dealing with Winter” from 12-29 -17 and thought you might like to see this.
    As someone who has been to Ft McCoy in December I can testify this info is good stuff.

  2. arthur brogard

    i find i cannot make comments to the comments….

  3. Bonaventure (fka Randall Flagg)

    BTW… the “Christianity” to which he refers is Catholicism.
    –Italian Psychiatrist crushes the Islamic Postmodern culture which is destroying the West–

  4. Ahh… how sweet; they’re getting back together. I’m sure they’re just in love with one another, and has nothing at all to do with being generally unable to compel a spouse to testify against the other.


  5. Useful tips for urban combat, and levels of depravity I pray we never see here. Note the Chechen practice of hanging Russian prisoners in the windows of fighting positions, and lining streets with the severed heads of Russian soldiers.

    Russian Lessons Learned From the Battles of Grozny;

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