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  1. Yeap…this might just be the last election…
    Buppert has interesting foresight coming up.

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  2. Email sent.

  3. Here’s a video from Patriot Nurse that I can support:

  4. ZeroHedge.com …headline today FYI
    John Podesta’s Best Friend At The DOJ Will Be In Charge Of The DOJ’s Probe Into Huma Abedin Emails
    Oct 31, 2016 4:36 PM

  5. “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  6. Dear Guys,

    Trump announced defunding of Sanctuary cities on his website:


    The Second Amendment is highly restricted by states such as CA, NJ, NY and IL. If threatened by loss of Fed Funds, they would have to seriously consider repealing their unconstitutional laws to stave off severe economic collapse.

    I propose that we gather The Second Amendment Community to ask Trump to announce this ASAP. His website has a suggestion box where we can all let him know:


    Let me know what you think, who to contact and let’s get this rolling!!!


  7. Don’t let the door hit you: http://www.yescalifornia.org/blog

    We should do everything we can to encourage this.

  8. Thanksgiving Was A Triumph Of Capitalism Over Collectivism:
    “In the New World, they wanted to erect a New Jerusalem that would not only be religiously devout, but be built on a new foundation of communal sharing and social altruism. Their goal was the communism of Plato’s Republic, in which all would work and share in common, knowing neither private property nor self-interested acquisitiveness.

    What resulted is recorded in the journal of Governor William Bradford, the head of the colony. The colonists collectively cleared and worked land, but they brought forth neither the bountiful harvest they hoped for, nor did it create a spirit of shared and cheerful brotherhood.

    The less industrious members of the colony came late to their work in the fields, and were slow and easy in their labors. Knowing that they and their families were to receive an equal share of whatever the group produced, they saw little reason to be more diligent their efforts. The harder working among the colonists became resentful that their efforts would be redistributed to the more malingering members of the colony. Soon they, too, were coming late to work and were less energetic in the fields”
    In its entirety at:

  9. I just received this in my email and wanted to share it. It is a good “intro” to people on the NWO:

    “My film, The Conspiracy Project, has won several awards (including Best
    Score) and been an Official Selection in over 8 film festivals.
    Because the world is going a bit crazy now I thought it was important to get the message out as widely as possible.
    The film deals with what’s really going on in the world, but puts it in a way the average person can have. It uses entertainment, art, humor, music to get the message out.
    So I thought it was important to post it for free for all to see. We can’t just keep preaching to the choir. We need a bigger choir.
    Here’s the link. If you like the message and think people need to know this, please share it all over the place.”

    https://youtu.be/-sDSv5WQ1m0? list=PLAw6tJQa5d1M8P_ KsfANRuTpCJv76fQlK

  10. Dear Editors of WRSA,

    Would you please add a link to The Burning Platform? It is a like-minded site.

    I repost a lot of articles I grab from WRSA on TBP.


  11. Also in an emergency, read around some good ideas, whereby
    one can get, for exmple a piece of black tape and punch a smooth
    hole and place tape to glasses in area needed to focus through.

    Have a little fun if you want now -Take a minute at this time and just
    poke a little hole through a piece of paper and try to read type otherwise could not read before without your seeing eye glasses🙂

    Found this video but suggest to raise your volume:

    I think it is great for emergencies

    • Loose or misplace seeing eye glasses?
      In emergency, one can even grab a leaf and poke some
      holes. Maybe lick it and stick it on shooting eye?🙂
      Or, punch holes on black tape and stick to regular
      protective eye glasses?

      Bottom line – “Neccesity is the mother of inventions”

  12. Heehee…

  13. “Strike the root while the irony is hot”


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