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  1. I just finished a handbook for small team radio signal ops.
    Link here:

    Feel free to pass it on.

  2. Did you see this CA? I don’t know the full details, but the interesting part is citizens standing up to police and them backing down. Police KNOW that if the entire populace turned against them, they would be powerless.


  3. Waco Biker, melee…Just want to add a video clip was run on AZ/PHX TV news. The personnel handling the seized weapons were wearing military uniforms, not law enforcement. The reporting was generic, no details.

  4. Vanita Jeans Aaron

    My husband is a biker in a mc club,he had a trial the day after all this happened in miller county Arkansas. They stereotyped and profiled him because he was in a club. Hes now serving a year in the county jail for defending his self against 3 rich kids who’s familys are in the system. I want his story out there.

  5. overseas counterparts:

  6. Good evening ~ I sent an email to wrsa@hushmail.com regarding your Waco article. Please take a look & get back to me. Thanks!

  7. Found on Denninger’s Blog, one of the most epic comment threads ever. Sent to you by email also. Read the article then the comment thread. I may even post myself, but much of what I want to say has been said in quadruplicate…only being a quarter of the way through them.


  8. Hi CA, Thanks for all you have been doing, are doing, and will be doing.
    With all the explanations, counter arguments, and propaganda about FedGov stockpiling bullets, JADE HELM, Trans-Pacific Trade, I have to ask 3 fundamental questions that I haven’t seen anyone else ask, or discuss…..
    First, FedGov says they want to pre-order ammunition to save money. Question is, since when did the gov care about “saving” money?
    Second, The gov is saying they want to train to “blend in” with local populations when doing covert ops. Question is, “blending in” is VERY culture specific. It is doing them NO good to try to blend in with America. We can’t even “blend in” in our own country. Behavior that is the norm in New York City will get you called out in the South. If they need to learn how to “blend in,”, they need to go to friendly overseas countries, not here. Third, the TPP…if it is so good, why does it have to be in secret?? NOTHING good ever comes from being so secretive. If the TPP can’t be read by any citizen, it needs to be scrapped!!! Thanks for listening.

  9. CA,

    Sent an email concerning this video which I think is worth sharing on WRSA.

    Secret Safari

  10. left an email, probably nothing.

  11. Check this red neck- makes some very good points and WRSA readers will like it. 12 minutes worth watching

  12. Hi, sent you an email, I’m the guy who talkedabout India at the NC PatCon.

  13. Sent another email

  14. Gentlemen, I’m sending this in case you hadn’t seen this. It’s right out of the Bracken Anthology. Keep up the great work!


  15. You have an award over at Cry and Howl. When you get time stop by and pick it up.
    Thank you for all you do here!

  16. CA-
    Knuck and I are working on the mass feeding project,I’ll be sending my part of it to him a week from today,and we’ll go from there.

  17. Here a little something that won’t run $30k and up.
    I’d say this is an “Over the Transom” piece. I believe I could make this…


  18. I am a regular visitor to this site I am not, however, a regular commentator. I just wanted to say that I definitely approve of the new look, rebel flag and all.

  19. Where, oh where, will we find a freedom loving HACKER when we really need one! Read this to understand why my lament: http://nypost.com/2015/07/18/obama-has-been-collecting-personal-data-for-a-secret-race-database/

  20. I got to thinking today of Mike Vanderboegh’s novel, Absolved. Haven’t heard anything about it in a long time. Mike declared years ago that it was done, but he doesn’t appear to have ever done the last little things to get it published.

    So I collected a list of existing chapters, this time in the order that Mike posted, with links for chapters that were in Codrea’s list on his old Examiner site (which I had to find at archive.org).


    Does Mike still plan to publish the whole thing? I’d love to have it.

  21. Love the new pic at top of WRSA site.

    Johnny Reb.

  22. Pete, my wife is making some cool embroydery designs on T-shirts. Please take a look at my blog. I’d appreciate the bump if you’d care to.


    Thanks, LB

  23. 300lb Gorilla in the room

    When Shooting Starts:

    1. First and foremost, DON’T LOSE YOUR HEAD! Think.
    2. When the shooting starts it is too late to go buy a weapon and/or ammunition. Have what you feel you need NOW.
    3. It is too late to go to the range to site in your weapon. Keep weapons zeroed at all times.
    4. Know where you stand. Your cause must be moral and it must be just.
    5. A shot fired in haste is a shot fired in waste.
    6. Before you squeeze the trigger make sure that you are prepared for the consequences and the repercussions.
    7. Your family and loved ones should already know what to do. Training and more training, what to do should become second nature.
    8. When you squeeze the trigger you are taking a human life, no matter who it is, prepare for that event.
    9. Be willing to die for your cause but try not to. You must survive.
    10. Be reluctant to start the shooting but be ready to end it. Start only if you must, but end it quickly.

  24. I’m thinking that while the Federal Government refuses to allow the soldiers working at recruitment centers to be armed when there are plenty of Mohammeds willing and waiting for a chance at an easy target but if you walk into any IRS office there will be an armed security guard there eyeballing your every move. I just think Fed.GOV needs to move those guards to the recruitment centers if they won’t allow the soldiers to guard themselves. Nobody is at war, at least not openly, with the IRS. When was the last time a Mohammed opened up at an IRS office. Never.

  25. Sent email regarding blogroll addition.

  26. notmyrealname

    Questions concerning black Americans. Like, how did shit end up like this?

    Planned Parenthood has been shown to be the worst kind of ghouls by the films about their body parts harvesting business. Other ghouls, maybe as bad, maybe worse, are the Democrats who come to their defense. Normal people who are not overwhelming moralistic are still disgusted by the idea of less crunchy harvesting methods, maximizing profit from dead bodies, and dehumanizing babies in the final month before birth. Old news, I know.

    The surprising thing is that nobody is discussing race in this issue. According to the libs at Atlantic, blacks are five times more likely to have an abortion than whites. They may be high, but the picture is the same. Black women are walking into PP offices to provide the raw materials for their body parts business. To make matters worse, PP encourages them to carry their fetuses/unborn babies/raw material for the meat market longer to make the process more profitable. “Oh, yeah, we’ll snatch that thing out for you, but if you could carry it for just a few more months, it would be so much better.”

    Let’s deal in stereotypes for a minute.

    – Black women have five times more abortions than white women.
    – Because the abortions are PP are easier, cheaper, subsidized by government and “charities” and “women’s organizations”, and the fact that more PP offices are located in black neighborhoods, I’m guessing that the ratio of black to white showing up at PP is higher than five times. Maybe a lot higher.
    – Poor uneducated women are more easily persuaded to do stuff like this than educated middle class women. Black vs. white?

    This is a great ad for PP. A kindly black grandmother who is only interested in the welfare of poor black girls. I’m here for you, let me help. Vampire.


    I doubt that the body parts side of PP is new. They have probably been doing this for years, and they just now got caught. After all, they have demand for their product, and they have a never-ending supply, encouraged by a corrupt degenerate culture, and subsidized by governments, socially conscious businesses, and women’s group pretty good at using gender guilt to get people to donate money. And, of course, it’s hard to ignore that Margaret Sanger, hero to Hilldog and many other important women, wanted to keep the black population under control by killing them. The main difference between Sanger and Hitler was that the Planned Parenthood ovens needed to destroy the evidence are a lot smaller.

    Now the following is speculative. I can’t prove any of it. But it’s almost like the liberals decided that society could profit from all of these people getting welfare, CHIP, school breakfast/lunch/dinner programs, free medical care, housing, basically all of the requirements for life. It’s a never ending supply of body parts and the women to carry the body parts. They are black, so who really cares? We have moved from rented wombs to the production of body parts. Planned Parenthood makes money coming and going. They get all kinds of donations. They charge some small amount to make it look like they are being responsible, and they sell the product. It’s one big assembly line for body parts.

    Have you figured out who cares? Conservative christofacists. Rightwing terrorists who want to keep the black woman down.

    Blacks don’t care. You never heard Jessie Jackson or Al Sharpton criticize PP. You don’t see blacks protesting the largest loss of black life ever experienced on this earth. There are sympathetic caring black grandmotherly types to help the producers of body parts and tell you how brave they are. The black Attorney General of the United States is going to investigate PP, but what do you think the results of that investigation will show? Like her boss says, “God bless Planned Parenthood.”

    It’s almost like LBJ had a good idea when he decided to subsidize the destruction of black society. Body parts for everyone.

  27. notmyrealname

    And right after I posted the above, we learn what the Attorney General is looking for.


  28. CA- sent equipment and recipes for MKT to wrsa@hushmail.com

  29. 300lb Gorilla

    You cannot begin training for a battle as you march into it, but must made ready before that time is at hand.

  30. CA,
    E-mail sent in re MKT

  31. Concerned Patriot

    Emailed you a link to an article you should post

  32. Here is a pic you can use CA. I whipped it up last night. That’s my flagpole :)

  33. Please consider Frank’s latest article.

    Brace for Impact


    Thank you,


  34. The cry

  35. This is an except from an essay at Iron Legion:
    Now, listen to me. A nation of weaklings that begs its government to do something is not worth saving. The gods laugh at you. Your ancestors are disgusted. If you are not prepared to do what it takes to save your nation then you do not deserve to have it and it will be taken from you, even under the auspices of democracy.

    My thoughts are:
    This IS happening RIGHT NOW in our lands. R nor D will stop it. It is by design. We need men to STOP thinking in terms of voting for the right guy to fix (fill in the blank), we need men to stand up and fix it.

    In. Your. Own. A.O.

    You don’t have to go to Texas to fix something. Be THAT GUY in your own neighborhood. Be the crazy guy who stops crazy driving on your street. Know who is who and be on speaking terms with every family close to you. Look out for your neighbors. Be prepared to defend your neighborhood. Don’t call the cops for every minor thing, fix things yourself, face to face. Be responsible not passive. Your A.O. Is an investment, treat it as a valuable commodity.

    This is where to start. Small.

    Then we’ll go from there.

  36. Please consider Frank’s latest article.

    Daddy, I’m Hungry………..


  37. What happened to http://www.rightfullibertyreport.com/? It started well, but has been stuck for months.

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