Personal freedom, political liberty, and free speech.

Defended by force of arms, if necessary.


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  1. Another Twilight Zone meme enroute today…

  2. Thompson Sub-machine gun…in your mailbox.

  3. So, You think the Truth is a Defense? Not in WAR!



    A normie learns the New Rules, the hard way…..Forecast?.More doxing with a chance of spiciness ahead!

  4. Woodpile’s down?!?
    Anyone know what may have happened?

  5. Woodpile’s gone?

  6. Robert Howard

    Any idea what is going on with The Woodpile Report

  7. Watch how crop losses play a part in the festivities

  8. Country Superstar Reba McEntire Says “No One Should Own ‘Assault Rifles’”

    Sorry, Heather Gummer.

  9. “Only dimwits and children believe that the modern police officer in FUSA protects anything than his job, his pension, and his political bosses – in that order.”
    That’s right folks there are no individuals anywhere. Just Group, group hate group think, group act. Like a well oiled machine.
    Even here at WRSA, we are all the same?
    We are One. now go out and viciously attack everyone?
    Yes friends that was and is sarcasm, but is it your Truth? Is it to be our takeaway?

    • There are always exceptions, but do you make assessments based on the exception or the usual behavior?

      • Here’s what i wonder,
        How many are basing their decisions upon anything except the fear driven and hateful divisive propaganda, including the cute little memes that have become so popular?
        How many of you actually served beside all of these people? How many have friends and relatives who are police?
        Are they all dishonest and corrupt, not a man among them worth saving?
        Perhaps we should make our own decisions as individuals towards individuals? i suppose only a dimwit would do this?

        • Alternatively, how many are basing their beliefs on the mythos they were taught as children versus the actual behavior of police in multiple incidents over the past 30 years?

          • Mythos?
            Mythos on both sides.
            In all aspects, not just police.

            • Police, as a class, have allowed themselves to be transformed into government enforcers, not peace officers.

              That is a fact, and there is no evidence that the enforcer class has any desire to relinquish either power or the institutional corruption (a/k/a the “thin blue line” cover-ups of bad actors) that is at the root of the problem.


              American police are a terrible hybrid of revenue collector and standing army.

  10. Another meme inbound….

  11. Check your WRSA email, boss
    Flagcode is today’s meme.

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