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  1. This is an article from Boiling Frogs post, Todd McFarlane is the lawyer for the Finicum family. I will post it for all to read, it’s not long …
    A View from the Trenches – from my Perspective by Todd Macfarlane

    Guest | February 2, 2016 11 Comments

    This past week has been one of the hardest, saddest weeks of my life.

    As many know, I am an attorney, and I represent the family of LaVoy Finicum. On Tuesday, LaVoy was ambushed and killed by the FBI and Oregon State Police in a roadblock as he was attempting to travel to an adjoining county.

    Oregon Governor Kate Brown just couldn’t wait any longer. So after less than a week of attempted negotiations, the agencies involved were out for blood. To that end, from what I understand, Governor Brown authorized the use of any force necessary to end it – regardless of the consequences.

    What she and others, including federal officials and local Harney County officials obviously don’t understand is that if they had just simply ignored Ammon Bundy and his followers at the refuge, eventually the whole thing would have just shriveled up and died. But an approach like that would require too much common sense. So instead, they pretended that it was some kind of really big thing — that by being at the refuge the occupiers were allegedly “impeding federal officers” in their duties, and “disrupting local community,” when in reality it seems fairly clear that it is the government’s own actions and personnel that are causing virtually all the disruption.

    And what a mess their decision to escalate has now caused. Does anyone remember the movie “First Blood?” Now there are literally legions of federal agents and “contractors” in Burns. Someone I know, a local rancher, tried to strike up a conversation with one of the fancily uniformed agents in a sandwich shop. He was clearly a big husky federal operative. The rancher first asked him what he was doing here, the agent said “security” then he was asked “for which side of the fence” to which the agent answered “the right side, I hope” he was then asked if he was a 3%er?. “no”, national guard?, “no”, OSP? …Uh, “yes”. When asked where he was from he said “Up North.” The rancher said, “where, Hermiston or Pendleton?, ”the agent said uh, Hermiston, yes. The rancher said, “that’s interesting because I grew up in Hermiston, and my mother still lives there. At that the agent stuttered and stammered around and said no more. End of conversation. The rancher then thought, “right!!. . that’s why there’s a half dozen black stretch suburbans with Minnesota private plates out front that you guys got out of. And why did you look me in the eye and have to lie about it. Is that what this is coming to?”. The rancher thought , “how stupid do you think we are here and if you aren’t subversives, then why do you need to lie?

    After weeks of people being able to come and go at the Malheur Wildlife refuge for weeks – from what I saw, I swear the federal employees could have gone out there and done whatever work really needed doing — now that there are only four people left, there are heavily armed, militarized check points on all the roads around the refuge. And you should see what happens at those checkpoints.

    From what I understand, it’s not just a matter of showing your papers and explaining your business. If you approach one of the checkpoints, you are warned that you will be shot if you do anything other than exactly what you are told. From what I understand, these checkpoints are fortified with multiple vehicles, including Bearcats, with .50 caliber machine guns. To determine whether anyone who approaches a checkpoint has any business there, they make people get out of their vehicles – obviously at gunpoint, with the .50 cals always ready. Then they make people lay down on the ground, and they handcuff them before engaging in invasive, heavy-handed searches for weapons and other contraband.

    That’s what another rancher I know encountered when he tried to go feed his cows. When he pulled up to the checkpoint, someone on a bullhorn threatened to shoot him if he made any misstep, before searching him as described, before finally allowing him to pass to do his chores. This is what locals are experiencing at the hands of the fully militarized police forces restricting their travel and activities in the area.

    And thanks to the spin the government is putting on all of it, with the help of the mainstream media, this heavy-handed approach is all more than justified because a bunch of batshit crazy nutjobs camped out at the wildlife refuge.

    Thanks to all the distortions, even if the protestors have any legitimate points – like the injustices to the Hammond Family – it’s all lost in the spin, and they don’t stand a chance in the court of public opinion, or in the court system.

    Which reminds me, I was arguing a case last week before the Utah Court of Appeals in Cedar City. They were visiting Southern Utah University for this court session, so it was kind of a special occasion, and a big deal (at least to some). A number of local attorneys and judges were present to observe the proceedings. A couple of them are very good, long-time friends of mine. One is a guy I went to college and law school with who is now a vice president at SUU. The other is one of my former law partners, who is now a judge. He was one of my mentors as an attorney, and one of the best lawyers I have ever known. I have always had a lot of respect for him, and hold him in high regard. They were sitting together.

    Afterward, as I was visiting with my law school buddy-turned-university administrator, he said that while I was arguing or during my comings and goings associated with the proceedings, our friend the judge leaned over and asked him if he had been seeing me on TV. My friend had to admit that he hadn’t and asked what that was all about. Our friend, the judge said “he’s been up there with those ‘nutcases’ in Oregon.”

    Now, let’s just think a little bit about all of that. I think it’s fair to say that his statement probably reflected the views of about 90% of all Americans. It’s all about labels. By letting labels do most of the thinking, it keeps things a lot simpler in most people’s minds. That way they don’t have to try to understand the real issues.

    But here’s the even bigger concern: it’s probably the view of about 99% of all judges. So, can you imagine anyone involved in this whole affair getting any kind of fair and impartial hearing before any judge — state or federal? What a comforting thought.

    In the meantime, I’m going to be working on a piece about the realities of the Federal Court System when it comes to Western land & resource use cases.

    # # # #

    Todd Macfarlane is an attorney, rancher, writer and political activist. He and his family own and operate the Turkey Track Ranch, near the small town of Kanosh, Utah. Todd is a veteran from earlier dust-ups in the sagebrush rebellion, having represented Mary Bullock and other ranchers in long-standing struggles with the federal government. He currently represents the LaVoy Finicum Family.
    – See more at: http://www.boilingfrogspost.com/2016/02/02/a-view-from-the-trenches-from-my-perspective-by-todd-macfarlane/#sthash.X2j5Fjxr.dpuf

  2. Sultan Knish writes about The Traditionalist Rebel; worth a read:


  3. Downloaded this from the comment section following an article in about 2009. Have read it many times since to keep me focused. A must share with your readers:

    When you are an oligarch, born into an aristocratic family, you think in the
    l o o o o o o ong term; you think in terms of multi-generational spans of time.

    You do this because you want your progeny, and their progeny, to live in the oligarchical class when they grow up.

    You do this because although your net worth may go up or down, you are always very wealthy, and these small swings don’t mean much over a long span of time.

    You do this because you understand that the struggle to keep the peasants down is an eternal one (just as the peasants realized that their struggle for liberty and to keep the fruits of their labor is an eternal one).

    And when you think in terms of multi-generational spans of time, your moves to consolidate power and thwart the will of the peasants are like the moving of chess pieces in a game of chess. You can move a piece with great patience, knowing that it may not bear fruit for twenty or fifty years.
    No matter, you are wealthy now, and the move will benefit your children.

    The peasants, however, do not think in the long term, and, in fact, they are taught, and reinforced by their “culture” to think in the short term. Always the short term. And they are taught to enjoy distraction, so they don’t notice their miserable lives, or how they never get ahead, like their parents never got ahead.
    They are not taught about money, so they don’t notice how inflation steals their wages. They only live for distraction and momentary pleasure, as an antidote to their hopeless lives. They need the distraction like an addict needs heroin, to keep from noticing the truth of their lives.

    So, over time, the peasants have little defense against these long-term chess moves. They are like the frogs in the pot of boiling water, who only notice the lethality of their situation when it is too late to act, and they have been too debilitated to be successful.

    The chess pieces are now coming together, in our lifetime, where the “damn” peasants will finally lose the protection of that “cursed” piece of paper – the Constitution – which protected them for so long…so long that they forgot its importance.

    The chess pieces are coming together in that quick moment of realization that ‘Checkmate’ is almost upon you. The pieces are set up infallibly, and there is no way to save your King, for, like the frog, you passed that opportunity a long time ago.

    So, are the government and the oligarchy preparing for a collapse, and a return to debt-serfdom?

    You bet your ass they are.

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