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  1. I just finished a handbook for small team radio signal ops.
    Link here:

    Feel free to pass it on.

  2. Did you see this CA? I don’t know the full details, but the interesting part is citizens standing up to police and them backing down. Police KNOW that if the entire populace turned against them, they would be powerless.


  3. Waco Biker, melee…Just want to add a video clip was run on AZ/PHX TV news. The personnel handling the seized weapons were wearing military uniforms, not law enforcement. The reporting was generic, no details.

  4. Vanita Jeans Aaron

    My husband is a biker in a mc club,he had a trial the day after all this happened in miller county Arkansas. They stereotyped and profiled him because he was in a club. Hes now serving a year in the county jail for defending his self against 3 rich kids who’s familys are in the system. I want his story out there.

  5. overseas counterparts:

  6. Good evening ~ I sent an email to wrsa@hushmail.com regarding your Waco article. Please take a look & get back to me. Thanks!

  7. Found on Denninger’s Blog, one of the most epic comment threads ever. Sent to you by email also. Read the article then the comment thread. I may even post myself, but much of what I want to say has been said in quadruplicate…only being a quarter of the way through them.


  8. Hi CA, Thanks for all you have been doing, are doing, and will be doing.
    With all the explanations, counter arguments, and propaganda about FedGov stockpiling bullets, JADE HELM, Trans-Pacific Trade, I have to ask 3 fundamental questions that I haven’t seen anyone else ask, or discuss…..
    First, FedGov says they want to pre-order ammunition to save money. Question is, since when did the gov care about “saving” money?
    Second, The gov is saying they want to train to “blend in” with local populations when doing covert ops. Question is, “blending in” is VERY culture specific. It is doing them NO good to try to blend in with America. We can’t even “blend in” in our own country. Behavior that is the norm in New York City will get you called out in the South. If they need to learn how to “blend in,”, they need to go to friendly overseas countries, not here. Third, the TPP…if it is so good, why does it have to be in secret?? NOTHING good ever comes from being so secretive. If the TPP can’t be read by any citizen, it needs to be scrapped!!! Thanks for listening.

  9. CA,

    Sent an email concerning this video which I think is worth sharing on WRSA.

    Secret Safari

  10. left an email, probably nothing.

  11. Check this red neck- makes some very good points and WRSA readers will like it. 12 minutes worth watching

  12. Hi, sent you an email, I’m the guy who talkedabout India at the NC PatCon.

  13. Sent another email

  14. Gentlemen, I’m sending this in case you hadn’t seen this. It’s right out of the Bracken Anthology. Keep up the great work!


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