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Defended by force of arms, if necessary.


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  1. Meanwhile, in Ukraine (Donetsk Airport) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGq8lg5URmY

    An example for all.

  2. https://wikileaks.org/cia-hvt-counterinsurgency/

    Good to know that assassination programs don’t work against de-centralized insurgents.

    Seems ideal for highly centralized organizations.

    “Centralization, the institutional death wish”.

  3. http://boingboing.net/2014/12/19/mystery-over-square-shaped-fir.html

    Interesting attack vector, hard to defend against. Wooden buildings and serious lasers are the next step up.

    Impossible to believe our overlords are such idiots they think they can win our political dispute with force. There is no shortage of weapons or soft targets in a high-tech, expensive-infrastructure civilization.

  4. http://awealthofcommonsense.com/buffett-munger-hack/

    Buffett and Munger on How to be a Hack. A Wealth of Common Sense. “Most of us will get much more out of destroying our own wrong ideas than coming up with new ones every day.”

    “It’s extraordinary how resistant some people are to learning anything,” Charlie once said. “What’s really astounding,” Buffett added, “is how resistant they are even when it’s in their self-interest to learn.” Then, in a more reflective tone, Buffett continued, “There is just an incredible resistance to thinking or changing. I quoted Bertrand Russell one time, saying, ‘Most men would rather die than think. Many have.’ And in a financial sense, that’s very true.”

    Add in a few things like Twain’s “It is easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled” and you explain most of history. Well, hand-waving ‘explain’.

  5. I just sent you 2 docs via email.

  6. Remember that police chief who was posting those vids…?

    Looks like he wasn’t what he appeared to be:


    Not sure if it was his idea or if he was recruited – there are interesting holes in the article. Hopefully no real patriots got hurt by this guy.

  7. I just realized that I have used “Zimbardo/Stanford Prison Experiment and Milner” a couple of times recently. Stanley Milgram, not Milner. Sorry.

  8. sent you a file

  9. If you have an interest in melting steel or softer metals you should google cupola furnaces and go here http://gingerybookstore.com/ for home made machines that will get you making things that are not available during hard times or gov. bans. Some off the grid metal shops for making special parts and tools would come in handy.

  10. Email inbound.

  11. Sent you an email describing a recent concealed carry article I wrote I think would be perfect for your readers: http://www.holsterhero.com/the-absolute-concealed-carry-guide/

  12. Gentlemen:
    It would be really convenient if you fixed your website to open links in another window. While that window is opening, I can go back to your home page and read or open another window of interest. I, like everyone else, have a tremendous amount of work to do and this would be a real timesaver.


  13. Mail sent

  14. Nubbin-Finger Jake Roedell

    U-OPFOR vs N-FREFOR: http://youtu.be/3TZ9Q18HKlQ
    This is going on right now. Full scale combat in Ukraine.

    UAF storm Donetsk Airport and get their asses handed to them by NAF. FULL VERSION [Warning: Graphic]

    Ukraine’s Armed Forces try to storm Donetsk Int. Airport and get annihilated by Novorossiya Armed Forces headed by Givi, Motorola, and others. Full, uncensored version [not for the faint of heart].

  15. Its Time to give Obama along with the rest of his Upline Insomnia

  16. Thanks…. for everything. So much critical info to be gleaned from your site and I visit it daily. Just wondering, do you ever go to enenews.com? There’s shit there that will scare you white! (Ghostbusters reference). Seriously, the bottom line I see is that Fukushima is going to kill the Pacific. No joke. Kill it dead. Sigh….the fun hasn’t even started yet.

  17. Very efficient method of gardening. Having been doing raised bed gardening for the past six or so years in an urban setting this looks to be vastly superior.

    Rain Gutter growing – YouTube

  18. To the head guy here at WRSA.

    I have the maximum attainable funding

    If you’re interested drop me a note
    in the “The living room at Grahame
    House’ thread on my web-place.


    Brendan Guy McMahan

  19. You guys were referred to me by a good friend

  20. Sent an email with graphic for your consideration….thanks!

  21. CA – Email sent

  22. CA, when I met you at Redtop Mtn I didn’t realize you are WRSA. Thanks for the good work.

  23. Email sent w/ attachment. Thank you for your blog. LH

  24. Nubbin-Finger Jake Roedell

    Lord Haw-Haw, Sheriff of Habersham county Ga (head of recent Baby Burner Brigade), takes a bullet (literally) for his team from a former “disenfranchised” team member!!! Man, Karma comes soooo close, but she missed the mark and only got a flesh wound.

    From the article, “Sheriff Joey Terrell and the other deputy entered the garage after hearing gunshots, and Giaquinta fired again from a position to the side of the garage door, striking Terrell in the bicep. . .”

  25. Hi CA,

    Hosting a giveaway with a lot of great prizes. A few are:

    Sawyer mini water filter, Seeds for Security seed pack, Homesteading How-To DVDs, and several great books covering things from homesteading to canning to paracord projects to Navy SEAL mindset, most signed by the authors.

    Total value is $343.

    Think your readers might find it useful.


    Will email you also.

    Thank you, sir!


  26. CA,
    Sent you email, didn’t know if you saw the lastest “Taxicab Depressions”, the guy who wrote “The Pig Trap” which you linked to.

    Sent by email and also posting here.

    3 Billion to insurance companies.


  27. “They” can’t make you pay for health care…. “They” can’t make you do s**t! You choose what course you take. That is freedom. Free men do, they don’t ask!

  28. If Lindsey Graham becomes president, says he will use the military to compel the Congress to do his bidding. I’m paraphrasing his exact statement, but, this is what I understand and perceive as implicit in his words. And, I don’t accept that such a remark made at a public political event was a joke.http://www.globalresearch.ca/why-the-media-silence-on-lindsey-grahams-vow-to-use-the-military-to-force-vote-in-congress/5436557

  29. Is it just me or does the Operation Jade Helm Logo have a sabot in the middle of the crossing arrows? Is this telling us something about the July 2015 operation?

  30. 모든 공산주의자를 죽여.
    Kill all the communists!

  31. I am seeing Korean symbols below your Westernrifleshooters logo. Is it just me or is that supposed to be there and what does it mean if it is?

  32. Concerned Patriot

    Email heading your way for your comment

  33. Major Keith Butler (Former Delta/ killed in action while working for Alphabet agency). His words are powerful about where our country is…

  34. Sent an inquiry via email. Thanks for what you do here.

  35. Came across this article from Backwoods Home from 1998 and thought it was timely: http://www.backwoodshome.com/articles/silveira49.html

  36. THEBigFatPanda

    Sent u email link re: Jade Helm.

  37. Just testing. Comments are closed to me on other sections.

  38. Sent mail

  39. Silly moslems, taking credit for the inside job:


  40. CA,
    New Ordnance here. Just sent you an email with another post you can use, “Food Freedom.” Have a shot at anything that might whet your auxiliary palate. The road kill burgers (Secret #5) are pretty tasty.

    A tour de force for #foodfreedom.

  41. I am a retired EOD/TEU troop and I am currently working the UXO field. We have found something that look like the M46 WWI fuze, but it has is steel instead of brass. Way back when, sometime after 1969 as a troop I vaguely remember seeing part of an antenna mount/attachment that looked like this item for a M151, using a VRC-46/47 type of radio. I am likely off base but we are attempting to ID this turkey. Would one of your old time commo guys drop me a email so I can attach some photos, if for no other reason but to eliminate this trail.

    Thank you for your time.


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