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  1. CA-
    Appendix A of the proposed bill specifically exempts, by name, the 870 and 700. Still a steaming pile of horse pucky.

  2. Please consider our latest.
    Thanks, Fern

    And, by the way, thank you for what you do.

  3. Jes Passinthru


    You recently posted a link to a Jacobite article (Political Violence is a Game the Right Can’t Win), framing it as an article written by a leftist. Jacobite is not a leftist outfit, it’s a neoreactionary (NRx) outfit. They write in a style similar to leftist college professors, but they are anything but.

    Being skeptical about political violence on the right isn’t an unusual position for NRx folks to take; Moldbug made a similar point 8 years ago:

  4. Always enjoy your site. I have recently noticed that new articles show “leave a comment”. If I click on that link most, if not all, of the subsequent page show comments are closed.

    So you can’t leave comments. Any idea why. Always have had the option before

  5. Every link you posted in your ‘1619 Project’: Unfit To Print’ story was excellent. Thanks, CA!
    The other morning, Rush talked about what the NYT was trying to pull off here. I’m glad their attempt to rewrite history is getting the reaction it is.

  6. Special warfare training being staged all over NC??
    Getting ready for something? 8-21-19


  7. “You are on your own.”

    Unbeknownst to most, from the day one is weaned from the breast, you ARE on your own. That is the default state of man.

  8. You may have already seen this, but an object lesson on what happens when you do not have weapons readily accessible during hostilities. And this was during the first Civil War, so maybe they should have known better. I am guessing that in the event of future unpleasantness the women and children will not be spared.
    I know, PBS, but whatever.
    Long time lurker, thank you for this site.

  9. Make this Traitor Famous.
    His twitter page says all “the right stuff”
    But he is a spy and a traitor.
    What is it with these AH’z!


  10. CA, noticed Kakistocracy was deleted. Any word on that? I enjoyed his posts, even though it had been a while.

  11. A new prepper handbook by Leigh Tate that we recommend.

    Thank you for what you do.



  12. Wie viel zeit?

  13. You folks are always welcome at WRSA.


  14. CA, just an FYI. Woodpile’s up as of about 10 min ago

  15. “Project Pogo.”

    “Project Zyphr.”

    …the White House has a project to “tag, track and identify” (“T, T & Id”) opponents of Zionist world government.

    They plan to eliminate these people: The “high-value people” through extermination; the “low value” people through viruses… …Trump is totally on board. He has been promised the title “King of Israel” and his family will have the highest status.

    Trump recently referred to himself, in the trade context, as “the Chosen One,”…the “King of Israel.” Trump has called for the death penalty for all antisemites. The Noahide Laws say that people who worship Christ and refuse to serve the Jews should be guillotined.

    3. Trump has been a conscious agent of this conspiracy for years. The script — “Make America Great,” Build the Wall, etc. — was all drafted five years ago. The election indeed may have been hacked …by Israel. The Russian collusion is all diversion.

    “Trump loved the script,” Goldberg said. “He’ll be President. He’ll be able to do a lot of things he was already predisposed to do.”…

    David Goldman Psyop: Phoney Messenger Discredits the Truth
    August 31, 2019
    Posted Aug 31


  16. https://www.americanpartisan.org/2019/09/dear-mr-security-agent-when-it-comes-to-gun-confiscation/

    Matt’s reiteration to the cops of their role in the coming festivities. Plus a reference to WRSA. Thanks CA.

  17. Fishing? You might enjoy this series of three posts http://eatonrapidsjoe.blogspot.com/2018/12/cletus-and-zeke-in-eastern-carolina.html

    The human mind and willingness to step up is the ultimate weapon.

  18. CA – sent u comms

  19. Anyone there catch this little gem?

    Nothing like signaling the best move, or at least what they really have in mind.

    Bill Cthulhu

  20. Good morning 🙂

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