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  1. Another Twilight Zone meme enroute today…

  2. Thompson Sub-machine gun…in your mailbox.

  3. So, You think the Truth is a Defense? Not in WAR!



    A normie learns the New Rules, the hard way…..Forecast?.More doxing with a chance of spiciness ahead!

  4. Woodpile’s down?!?
    Anyone know what may have happened?

  5. Woodpile’s gone?

  6. Robert Howard

    Any idea what is going on with The Woodpile Report

  7. Watch how crop losses play a part in the festivities

  8. Country Superstar Reba McEntire Says “No One Should Own ‘Assault Rifles’”

    Sorry, Heather Gummer.

  9. “Only dimwits and children believe that the modern police officer in FUSA protects anything than his job, his pension, and his political bosses – in that order.”
    That’s right folks there are no individuals anywhere. Just Group, group hate group think, group act. Like a well oiled machine.
    Even here at WRSA, we are all the same?
    We are One. now go out and viciously attack everyone?
    Yes friends that was and is sarcasm, but is it your Truth? Is it to be our takeaway?

    • There are always exceptions, but do you make assessments based on the exception or the usual behavior?

      • Here’s what i wonder,
        How many are basing their decisions upon anything except the fear driven and hateful divisive propaganda, including the cute little memes that have become so popular?
        How many of you actually served beside all of these people? How many have friends and relatives who are police?
        Are they all dishonest and corrupt, not a man among them worth saving?
        Perhaps we should make our own decisions as individuals towards individuals? i suppose only a dimwit would do this?

        • Alternatively, how many are basing their beliefs on the mythos they were taught as children versus the actual behavior of police in multiple incidents over the past 30 years?

          • Mythos?
            Mythos on both sides.
            In all aspects, not just police.

            • Police, as a class, have allowed themselves to be transformed into government enforcers, not peace officers.

              That is a fact, and there is no evidence that the enforcer class has any desire to relinquish either power or the institutional corruption (a/k/a the “thin blue line” cover-ups of bad actors) that is at the root of the problem.


              American police are a terrible hybrid of revenue collector and standing army.

  10. Another meme inbound….

  11. Check your WRSA email, boss
    Flagcode is today’s meme.

  12. Check your snail mail boss…………………………………

  13. pedrothemerciless

    Boogaloo inbound to email…

  14. Texas Border meme in your box, sir.

  15. Hi C.A.
    Great job with your site, the 15 series is informative, as well as the rest. Keep up the good work.
    Perhaps you may want to see this and share this link, has succinct info especially near the end.


    Checks off a few boxes.

  16. CA, You asked about Ash cakes? Re: 15 Fighters. Eating Right
    In Cooking Ash Cakes – 18th Century Cooking Series S1E3

  17. Just wanted to drop a note and say thank you for the site. It really is the Central Terminal for patriotic/partisan thought. I make it a part of my daily routine and have for years, but rarely comment. Thank you thank you thank you.

  18. A Suggestion for the (great!) “15 Fighters” feature… Fuel. What will You Do when Rationing starts? Thoughts on Storage, Transportation, and Requisition of Fuels…

  19. DarkSideLawyer

    Good post from Reid Hendricks on the importance of local action.

  20. Now this is interesting. “Magic cards,” “World Peace Commitee,”
    “We are All One Family of Earth.”
    “German technology”

    i over the last few years have been led by the Holy Spirit (Ghost if you prefer) to recognise certain words for what they are and what they represent. (talents)
    Magic is but one, Witches, witchcraft, sorcery, “carnival, dragons etc. Your alarm bells should go off when any one attributes “Good” to these words.

  21. Check your WRSA email….boss.

  22. Sorry to bother, but I had a question and I sent you an email at the wrsa@hushmail.com address

  23. Good day,
    I figure we are on the same page.
    I hope you all the best. 
    This best sums it up.
    I am real Military, and I am a real Father.
    I gots the skin in the game.
    For Truth.
    I dare you to print this.
    I double dare anyone reading, to listen
    Brother Eckert.


  24. “Recruiting Office” just sent your way. Check your email.

  25. We are the only country in the world that has a Second Amendment.
    Find one government in all of history that banned it’s own ARMED FORCES from “Keeping and Bearing” ARMS.
    Find one government in the history of humanity that felt a need to document a “RIGHT” for it’s ARMED FORCES to possess ARMS.
    Oppressive Governments are ALWAYS banning the People’S RIGHTS to arms.
    The claim that the Founding Fathers wrote the 2nd Amendment to give Our ARMED FORCES a “right” to keep and carry ARMS is S-T-U-P-I-D.
    The only reason for the Second Amendment is to clearly spell-out the GOD GIVEN RIGHT of INDIVIDUALS to keep & bear ARMS.
    The only reason for the BILL(list) of RIGHTS was to codify INDIVIDUALS’ GOD GIVEN RIGHTS.
    Has there ever been a government that was not chock full of it’s “rights” up to and including declaring itself to be the Lord God Almighty?! (Rome, Egypt, Israel,etc)
    Does the 1st Amendment mean the GOVERNMENT is allowed to give speeches? Try shutting up any Politician. But THEY would LOVE to shut YOU up, hence the FIRST Amendment.
    Anyone who tells you the 2nd Amendment applies to the Army or State Militia, is telling you they think you are STUPID.
    There has NEVER been a government that felt it had to codify it’s army’s/soldier’s “RIGHT” to “Keep and BEAR ARMS” because there has NEVER been a government that refused to allow It’s own soldiers to KEEP and BEAR ARMS!
    The Second Amendment was written for the People, like the other 9 Amendments in the Bill of Rights. This was confirmed by the SCOTUS in the DC vs Heller decision, where they stated that the “People” in the Second Amendment were the same “People” that are mentioned in the First and Fourth Amendment.
    The 2nd Amendment clearly codifies the “right of the PEOPLE to keep and bear arms”, and certainly not “the Militia”.
    Why would “the Militia”, a type of army manned by citizen-soldiers as opposed to full-time “regulars”, need a constitutional amendment to guarantee they have the right “to keep and bear arms”?
    Is there any specific statement anywhere in the Constitution that the army Congress is empowered to raise has the “right to keep and bear arms”? Of course not. …………. That is assumed.

    the 2nd amendment,, specifies that the RIGHT to bear arms is the right of the people,, NOT the militia,,,, it is the people who will make up the militia,, but the right is not the right of a “well regulated militia” it is the right of the people, We the people were BORN WITH UNALIENABLE RIGHTS, meaning they come from GOD.

    Your Rights do not come from the Constitution. Your Rights come from Our Creator, and the Constitution was written to SUPERVISE, REGULATE, and CONTROL government actors. As it relates to firearms, the Heller “decision” was completely unnecessary, and likely a smokescreen to make it APPEAR that the USG retained some rights to regulate some firearms. Check out the relevant part of US v. Cruikshank:
    “[The Right to Keep and Bear Arms] is not a right granted by the Constitution. Neither is it in any manner dependent upon that instrument for its existence. The second amendment declares that it shall not be infringed;… This is one of the amendments that has no other effect than to restrict the powers of the national government,…”.
    U.S. v. Cruikshank Et Al. 92 U.S. 542 (1875).
    Res adjudicata – “the thing has already been decided.”
    The 9th and 10th Amendments help make it ABUNDANTLY clear to even the DENSEST of intellects that we truly have NO “Constitutional rights.” What we have(at the risk of being redundant) is Constitutionally-SECURED rights, but these rights are ONLY as secure as:
    a) the honor and integrity of those taking the oath, and
    b) the ability of the People to COMPEL obedience on pain of perjury charges and removal from office.


    The intention of the Founders and Framers was to keep our God-given rights secure by REQUIRING those who seek office to take the oath as an immutable predicate to taking office, meaning it is binding on THEM – not on US.

    Of course, most of the power brokers wish to keep us ignorant of our Rights and our Power. If possible, i highly recommend Thomas Paine’s “The Rights of Man,” which should help to educate Americans and illustrate to them the difference between Natural Rights, and what the 14th (never properly ratified, btw) wishes to change that to: “privileges and immunities.”

    It is implicit in the nature of all kinds of armies —- be they militia or regulars, volunteer, conscripted, or mercenary — to be armed.
    They are all “armed forces”.
    They all “bear arms”.
    They all carry guns.
    That is what they do.
    It certainly no more requires an amendment to the Constitution to state that “the Militia” has the RKBA , than a specific statement that the army Congress is empowered to raise may be manned by armed troops.

    Governments don’t have to document their “right” to bear arms, that is what governments ARE, they are naked force, George Washington said as much. Saying governments have a right to guns is like saying cars have a right to have wheels…

    “The [U.S.] Constitution is a limitation on the government, not on private individuals … it does not prescribe the conduct of private individuals, only the conduct of the government … it is not a charter for government power, but a charter of the citizen’s protection against the government.” Ayn Rand

  26. Any update/coordinating instructions for DSR? We’re pushing off next week.

  27. From American Thinker:

    For long, passersby could still see “the limbs of the fallen cast naked on the field of battle, scattered in pieces over the site of the encounter, lacerated and disjointed, with heads cracked open, throats split, spines broken, necks shattered, feet in pieces, noses mutilated, extremities torn off, members dismembered, parts shredded, eyes gouged out, [and] stomachs disemboweled.”

    Saladin’s work when he took back Jerusalem.

    But dead men feel no pain, and humiliation…well, that’s a lesson learned and cause for another and wiser try.

  28. Clint Ekert

    Please reprint, if you feel fit.
    Clint Ekert

  29. Clint Eckert

  30. Sir,
    Many great articles here. You are deeply appreciated.
    With all due respect.
    A Reader.

  31. The useful antenna finder tool is inop, suggest all call for replacement

  32. ….”Son Tay 18 reading”…

  33. I am unable to create an account on gab.com nor access the “explore” page on the site. Have they been de-platformed again?

  34. Family Brawls at Disneyland as Children Watch

    They need their own Disneyland. Wonder what it would be like.

    Watch at 0:30


  35. Hey Pete, saw the comments on long range 22.

    I have it reposted several weeks back at David’s place (I’m an associate over there)


    Remember, a suppressed subsonic 22 solid will penetrate 5/8 pine shelf board at 400 yards…

  36. Brazil- a frozen waterfall?
    Solar Storm, Hurricane Watch, Cali Ground Motion | S0 News Jul.10. 2019

  37. Email sent suggesting WRSA link to the…
    ‘Physicians for Civil Defense’ article;
    The Good News About Nuclear Destruction!

  38. Antifa claiming the attack at Tacoma ICE deportation facility
    30 minutes from here.

  39. Wanted to comment user DSR AAR but couldn’t get this form to come up.
    We have just returned to home plate and want to thank you and all of the rest of the folks again. While some of us are not within shovel and quicklime range the f2f was valuable and I appreciate those of my brothers and sisters who have made contact. As for the worriers and their exaggerated sense of PersSec go on and grow a pair, time to stand up and be counted.
    Gotta say one advantage to not being able to comment on the string is I don’t have to even think about responding to the trolls.
    Thanks especially to Lineman and Glenn for perspective. Aesop missed out on beverages specifically intended for him

  40. Thought this might interest you brother, on my 6.5C build


  41. One very short, 175 yr old book, first revealed & unleashed all my inherent God given freedoms, exposed all excessive govt for what it really is, and inoculated me for life against all things with any hint of socialism. Dare anybody to read first half dozen chapters and not also then eagerly embrace it all. This is one of those very rare books you’ll re-read a dozen or more times over your lifetime, as I have…

  42. how about a series all about infrastructure knowledge? by infrastructure all the utilities, commodity delivery systems, banking, internet, mail, and so on. saw one that was all about “poles”. what about highway instrumentation / cameras / data collection, radio towers, gas lines, fuel lines, different colors of money, laws, et cetera and whatever. plenty can contribute info. might be a worthwhile effort to keep collecting info, consolidate, plus some can contribute practical experience.

  43. CA, sent you an email.

  44. Archer Garrett

    Email sent, brother.

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