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  1. The Epstein Saga…
    We have read all sorta of stuff..thanx to the commie msm.
    A question I have yet to see raised.
    “Why did all these parents allow there girls to hangout with, “work for” and go to this guys house and travel on his plane with him?”

    IMHO…the parents are as guilty as Epstein, Clinton, the Brit prince boy(now his sudden divorce makes sense), and all the other “Pizzagate” participants.
    Yup, i went there….

  2. Revealing interview today exploring our pandemic vulnerability with Dr Steven Hatfill, author of ‘Three Seconds Until Midnight’. He is the former researcher with the US Army Institute for Infectious Diseases at Fort Detrick studying nasty viruses like Ebola, Marburg and Monkeypox, etc. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mYOwq2_LB4U

  3. i disagree.
    ‘They’ are not ‘winning.’

  4. this shows everything wrong with murkin copz


    “33 minutes ago

    Killing innocents and also using them as shields… That’s what you get when low IQ retards go to cop college for a few weeks and are then handed a badge. The only thing more retarded than a cop are the bootlickers who worship them.”


  5. FAQ from Morbark
    “Know your feedstock, and what the end use will be”

  6. So you know, the House will be voting on articles of impeachment this Thursday.
    After the vote (in the affirmative) is concluded, they will immediately gavel out of session
    for 2019. By doing so, they will be repeating their actions of December 2017 and 2018. Their plan, once again, will be to avoid, counter, and make moot any counter and backlash to their treasonous bullshit. Through the mouthpiece of the batshit senility that is Pelosi, and her foot-soldiers, they will announce that they’ve gone home for the holiday break and will not reconvene the House for anything, unless republicans (House & Senate) guarantee they will capitulate to the treasonous and communists beforehand.

  7. Michael "The Big Man" Collins

    Regarding the .38 snubbie..no, but a finished 80% glock w non serialized, threaded barrel, oil can adapter and fram filter, loaded with sub sonic rounds makes a great “Fry the Brain,” implement, non traceable too…

  8. Ever wonder why you have to pass a lesser law to defend the highest law of the land? If they’re already gunna ignore muh constitution, why the fuck would they then obey a lesser law? Shouldn’t the anti-Constitution law just be struck down, or wilfully disobeyed?

  9. History repeats itself.
    This interview is very good:

    “Every man to his family and his possessions”

  10. And… email sent, via ProtonMail, complete with image macro and blank reaction image/template. Have fun!


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  12. theappalachianist

    See if this works.

  13. In case the above URL dies within the hour of its freshness date, The VA Gov Blackface meme: Top – What do you mean Bottom – I have “Skin in the Game”

  14. And… another entry for the Coonman thread, sent via ProtonMail, coming your way.


  15. Email just sent, regarding a juicy (yet largely unknown) tidbit I myself just discovered, concerning Waco. Can anyone confirm…?

  16. “The Raffensberger family was among 38,000 people who laid wreaths on headstones today at Arlington, according to Wreaths Across America, which each year holds the event at Arlington and at military cemeteries nationwide. Throughout the United States, some 3 million people volunteered to lay more than 2.2 million wreaths at 2,100 locations.”

    3 million volunteers.

    That’s about 1,000 times the size of a resistance rally.

    38,000 at Arlington alone.”

    Just about the size to retake the country.

  17. Check your email boss.
    Image inbound.

  18. “Remember….”

    • Milita should, thereby, establish its own roadblocks: Ensconce and cut off Richmond, entirely; MSRs, side streets, backroads, and all.

  19. (((Eric Tirschwell.))) Shocked.

  20. Check your email, please.

  21. Confederate monuments correction image headed your way…..

  22. Virginia is not the only place this has happened. i contend “they” are nudging you, and many of you (judging by the comments) are allowing yourselves to be nudged. Nudged into fear and violence. Or being nudged into being pawns in a false flag event.
    Heard this yesterday, made a few notes, so at least listen and consider these things.
    Guy Relford (The Gun Guy)
    To the right of the page see podcast: 12/21/19
    Listen to what he says about Virginia,
    85 out of 95 counties have passed 2nd. amendment sanctuary resolutions not to follow the governor and the leftist laws.
    Laws on the books yet they are not enforced is not that uncommon.
    What can the state do about it,and is this the only place (Virginia) that this scenero has occurred?
    This is not unique.
    Colorado was a red state, when it turned blue the Liberals and Dems passed a bunch of unconstitutional Gun control laws, 38 out of 64 counties responded by declaring themselves second amendment sanctuaries.
    Also see:
    Illinois 67 out of 102
    New Mexico
    New York
    etc. etc. etc.
    i would suggest watching the enemy, wait until they send in the national guard. i see this as a bluff.
    Have any of you played poker?

  23. Re: “Denninger: No, We Can’t Just Get Along…” post December 24, 2019 the “KD’s latest” link goes to an accuweather site. I’m guessing it should probably be: https://market-ticker.org/akcs-www?post=237718

    Also this YouTube video “Virginia 2nd Amendment Sanctuary County Speech: Moral Obligation To Fight Tyranny” at https://youtu.be/kigsFjdJrJI may be of interest.

  24. Merry Christmas. Thank you for sharing our material. We are very thankful.

    I am also thankful for the work that you do. We all know this thing is escalating quickly. Now is not the time to take down our guard.

    If you would, please consider our latest. https://thoughtsfromfrankandfern.blogspot.com/2019/12/merry-christmas.html

    Please pray for Ol’ Remus and his bride.


  25. December 24, 2019
    Impeachment is not a farce, but a HUGE distraction for the President and his supporters.

    1.What is the craziest thing happening right now, outside of impeachment?
    2.Why did Steve Mnuchin come out and give a silly excuse for the $100 bills disappearing from circulation?
    3. Why is the Repo Mkt. artificially pumping up our economy, just to make it appear as if it is breathing?
    4. Why is Nancy Pelosi holding up the articles of impeachment?
    5. Why have there been massive, non-nonsensical food recalls in the past six months.
    6.Why was there a “glitch” in the ACH Direct Depost (payroll) system last Friday?

    Let’s ask a few more questions: What would happen if, at the beginning of the year:

    1. The US Dollar/ Economy crashed. There simply was no money. It has disappeared. MSM: Trump’s fault, Orange man bad. Also, “Must be all them Trumpsters hoarding it, in their mattresses.”

    2. Where did all the food go? Global warming (Trump’s fault), hoarding (Trump supporters, preppers).

    3. How to deal with the outrage? Here’s all the addresses of the Trump supporters, go get ’em ANTIFA : https://donaldtrump.watch/ (That’s right, they have created a website, and doxxed every Trump donor).

    4. Talk about a distraction! Trump supporters would be so busy trying to survive…wouldn’t this be a great time for Pelosi to decide it’s finally time to carry through with impeachment?

    5. Does Trump know? I don’t think so. That is why there NEEDED to be this distraction.

    6. Can he do anything about it? I don’t know, but I think he holds some cards.

    7. Here’s what I do know: “I am confident if given all of the information (correct), Donald Trump will always make the right decision.”
    Roger Stone.
    If you know how to get a hold of POTUS, please let him know.

  26. Merry Christmas 🙂

  27. Advice from a former militia leader during the Clinton years on ZeroHedge last night.
    One of the money quotes regarding newbies: “I personally focused on gun safety, weapons familiarization, and marksmanship. Additionally, we worked on techniques for traveling safely during times of unrest, home defense, and survival.”

  28. Two stories inbound…..

  29. On a personal note, CA may you have a wonderful New Year to one and all in your Tribe.

    Thanks for all you do.

  30. Wa state new gun control laws currently in the house. Please sign and share.

  31. but. but. but.

    teh consteetooshun

    “The law would be retroactive, meaning that all current AR-15 and semi-automatic rifle owners would be in violation of law. So if you own an “assault rifle,” it would be a Class 6 felony. Worse more, the law remains a bit vague on what is or isn’t an “assault rifle.” It also includes all parts associated with the gun, not just the portion which requires the background check. For example, using an AR-15, the lower portion which feeds the rifle requires a background check to purchase. But the upper, the barrel, the stock, etc., do not. If you are pulled over with a barrel or stock, you don’t possess a firearm, at least in most steps. Virginia is changing that law to include “all associated parts.”


    Happy New Year!

  32. It’s on the internet so it must be true:

    Zero hedge reminder today. RTWT. https://www.zerohedge.com/political/we-were-warned-about-deep-state-refused-listen
    Watch the two minute video from the Obama days. Watch it in Youtube and read the 6 year old comments below it. Chilling and more relevant today. Especially those entertainment addicted sheeple who yawned at it.

    When spicy comes, I would not want to be working in this facility…

    Reminder of what they say about themselves, and what they really do.
    “We treasure the U.S. Constitution and the rights it secures for all the people.”

    This message has very definitely been recorded for QA.

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  34. Prepare yourselves for trouble and act accordingly; however, psychologically prepare yourselves for the inevitable compromise and rollover in Virginia and elsewhere, for that is what conservative liberals and libertoons always do.

  35. Happy New Year!
    In answer to your previous question which I didn’t get to in time.

    1) BLOAT
    2) TINVOWOOT so use your time wisely to complete preps
    3) Prioritized Targets — you know… for the range 😉

    Finally this:

  36. Boss, I just emailed two meme images. The 2nd will be of better resolution than the first.

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