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John Williams: The Dollar Will Blow Up And Collapse

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This event will also be the demarcation line between “worse, better” and Spicy.

Tempus fugit.

Certainly This Government Of Knaves, Predators, Perverts, And Perjurers


Kent McManigal: Long Past Time To Reject Government

Food for thought.


Fred: The Mask Comes Off – Putrefaction Most Foul


Fred uses the clue-bat without mercy.

More, please.


Well, There’s That…


Via Happy Acres.

A Reader Asks: “What’s With The Lee Greenwood Hate?”

greenwood cccp

A commenter asks:

Dude, what’s the backstory on the Lee Greenwood hate? The song’s overplayed, but there’s gotta be something I haven’t noticed in the last few months of reading this blog.

My reply is below.

I plan to put this post into the margins for future reference, so please include with full citations those works that have awakened you from the Greenwoodian delusions of your past.

Thanks in advance.

My slightly-edited response:

I used to listen to That Song, and it had all of the emotional effects on me that it does on others.

Then I started to learn how, since the founding of the American Republic, the promise of individual freedom had been dialed back with the intent of extinguishing it forever.

I learned about the Anti-Federalists [ ].

I learned about the foundations of judicial tyranny in Marbury vs. Madison [ ].

I learned about the early rebellions against Federal power [ and ], as well as earlier rebellions against “lawful government” such as the North Carolina Regulators [ ].

I recognized that, despite the cries of today’s Constitutionalists about the Divine inspiration of the US Constitution and the accompanying Bill of Rights (USC/BoR), both of the foundational documents of American governance were drafted by mere humans based on the political accommodations necessary at the time (e.g., chattel slavery) and had no effective provisions for enforcement when violated.

I realized that, even if one does not fully accept the “intentionally fraudulent from the beginning” premise of Royce’s Hologram of Liberty, the institutions established by the USC/BoR have failed in preserving individual freedom and American sovereignty.

I learned the real causes of what Northerners call “the Civil War” and what Southerners properly call “the War of Northern Aggression ” [e.g., and and ].

I learned about the real Abraham Lincoln in an essential book [ ] by an essential professor [ ].

I learned about the Trail of Tears [ ] and the “Indian Wars”/genocide of American Indians by the US Government [ e.g., ].

I learned of the Great Progressive Sweep via the founding of the private Federal Reserve System [ ], the elimination of state selection of US Senators [ compare with ], and the implementation of the Federal income tax [ ].

I learned the truth about FDR and his New Deal in Garet Garrett’s essential The Revolution Was, along with the works of John T. Flynn [see and ].

I learned about Rose Wilder Lane and her The Discovery of Freedom: Man’s Struggle Against Authority.

I started to read Billy Beck, and I learned of The Endarkenment, along with its various and sundry applications.

I learned that what I had been taught and what I had believed all my life was wrong.

And I knew that the lyrics to That Song were wrong as well.

So I mock Mr. Greenwood and his anthem, not for themselves, but as symbols of the intentional disinformation that is poured down the throats of Americans every day.

And I hope that you will, too.

The truth shall set you free.

But it will hurt along the way.

Spiritual Advice


From a reader.

GoV: Caption Contest




The Latest

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SSI: Kit Perez On How Your Nature Works Against You


Food for thought and possible action.


SLL: You Say You Want A Devolution?


Robert’s latest.

Centralized control versus consent-based individual arrangements.



Or freedom?

One Point Of View


From over the transom.

Don’t forget, though: Team Collectivist has most (all?) of the organs of government and media at its beck and call.

Tempus fugit.

Sparks31: Down-Grid Communications


The third edition of Sparks31’s guide to comms in disrupted times.

Lots of value for your $10, especially if you haven’t been able to make his class.

Wishbook: From A Reader


If you don’t know Lehman’s, you are missing out.


FO: Introduction To Counter-Intelligence


Welcome to another essential aspect of the mind game.


Ignore it at your peril.

Bracken On AJ Yesterday

Bracken cola

Start at 53:00:

Stop Shouting: Review of Max Velocity’s “Patriot Dawn”

patriot dawn-1


A Modest Proposal

image1 moral authority

From over the transom.

Brushbeater: A few items to invest in…NOW



On a somewhat related note, anyone want to do a similar piece on traps (i.e., Conibear, etc.)?

Pretty sure the hardware store is going to be depleted.

‘Pervasive Army’ Of Gov’t Lawyers Hits 25,000 Strong, Costs Staggering $26.2 Billion

Now include the lawyers working for the state and local branches of dot-gov.

Varmints, left unchecked, breed to unsustainable levels.

Losing The Authority To Govern

Governance-legitimacy (3)

From ChicagoBoyz comes this thoughtful letter on the importance of legitimacy and the consequences of its loss.

Although written in the context of British politics, concepts such as a new Act of Union translate to any nation beset by a burgeoning State.

Incompetence, madness, and greed beget more of the same.

Until reason – or collapse – prevails.

The moral collapse has already happened.

More to come.