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Quote Of The Month


“A generation is now growing old, which never had anything to say for itself except that it was young. It was the first progressive generation – the first generation that believed in progress and nothing else…. [They believed] simply that the new thing is always better than the old thing; that the young man is always right and the old wrong. And now that they are old men themselves, they have naturally nothing whatever to say or do. Their only business in life was to be the rising generation knocking at the door. Now that they have got into the house, and have been accorded the seat of honour by the hearth, they have completely forgotten why they wanted to come in. The aged younger generation never knew why it knocked at the door; and the truth is that it only knocked at the door because it was shut. It had nothing to say; it had no message; it had no convictions to impart to anybody…. The old generation of rebels was purely negative in its rebellion, and cannot give the new generation of rebels anything positive against which it should not rebel. It is not that the old man cannot convince young people that he is right; it is that he cannot even convince them that he is convinced. And he is not convinced; for he never had any conviction except that he was young, and that is not a conviction that strengthens with years.”

G.K. Chesterton, Illustrated London News of July 9, 1921

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Memorial Day


And remember:


A Message From AmRRON HQ


AmRRON Corps,

I didn’t want to alarm you with the term ‘Warning Order’ in the subject line. From my handy dandy Army leadership ‘Troop Leading Procedure’ guide, an explanation of terminology is in order:

1. Receive the Mission

The leader may receive the mission in a warning order, an operation order (OPORD), or a fragmentary order (FRAGO). He immediately begins to analyze it using the factors of METT-T:

2. Issue a warning order

The leader provides initial instructions in a warning order. The warning order contains enough information to begin preparation as soon as possible.

The leader issues the warning order with all the information he has available at the time. He provides updates as often as necessary.

So, I’ve (step 1) ‘received the mission’, and here’s your Warning Order (and some background information):

Background Information:

As some of you know, there is an event (Washington Arms Expo) in central Washington State, sponsored by Liberty For All, on Sat/Sun (June 20th – 21st). The event will include activities such as multiple patriot speakers, Patriot musician Jordan Page, an open air gun show, and many workshops from first aid, to tactics… and comms. I will be speaking to leadership (Mutual Aid Groups, Assemblies and Committees of Safety, Militias, etc.) about communications as it relates to command and control. Sam Culper will be teaching a workshop on intelligence.

Warning Order:

There will be a scenario-based FTX that will span across several western states, involving several mutual aid groups, preparedness groups, and militias. Due to the inadequacies in reliable communications capabilities, the leadership and organizers have asked for communications support from AmRRON (specifically AmRRON Corps). Most patriot groups who are otherwise very well organized, suffer major deficiencies when it comes to non-conventional communications, especially when it comes to reaching beyond their immediate AO (Area of Operations). So, here’s a bulleted list of key areas I am planning around, with the help of a few others.

· The scenario will not be ‘dirty rotten government’ resistance scenario. It will be based on a realistic social order collapse with disruptions in conventional comms/power infrastructure.

· We will be customizing a communications plan that will deviate from the SOI to a certain degree.

· This scenario is being ran ‘as if’ the entire AmRRON Network were activated, and following the SOI, but with this ‘parallel’ operation being conducted simultaneously, providing command and control to leadership elements in the patriot community, to include sheriffs and other elected officials, community leaders, and security/militia leadership.

· DEPLOYMENT: There will be an element which will be part of a comms support element which will practice deploying to the central WA location to establish a communications center (COMCEN). More details about the deployment team below.

· Non-DEPLOYMENT: The bulk of the AmRRON Corps operators will provide static comms support (your home or other location of your choosing). Some of those duties may include:

o Initiating SITREPS/SPOTREPS to insert into the scenario, providing practice in message handling.

o Relays – Act as a relay to pass traffic between stations, including Corps to Corps, and Corps to non-Corps

· Most all traffic will be conducted using HF digital modes, to include flmsg forms and RMS.

· We will also be working with Sam Culper to develop an intelligence/communications integration plan for this exercise, and future operations.

Please let me know if you are interested in participating, either as part of the Deployment Detachment or as a Static Station.

This will be a great training opportunity for Corps, leading up to T-Rex 2015 in August.

I am still working persistently (albeit small bites) on the great (and valuable) feedback from our February SET, and will be incorporating several of those recommendations into our pre-op training and future protocols.

The next several weeks will be the ‘train-up’ cycle, where I’ll be giving additional (and overdue) guidance in several areas, to include message handling, message precedence, non-conventional nets (deviating from the SOI), and the use of ‘tactical’ (stripped down) forms (those forms we use in flmsg, but lightened up and streamlined for down and dirty message traffic).

Any correspondence related to this FTX (Field Training Exercise), please put ‘June FTX’ in the subject line, so I can start a separate email folder to keep related correspondence organized.

ARIZONA AND NEW MEXICO Corps operators needed (20m HF and digital capable – especially helpful if you also have CB with SSB)

Deployment Detachment:

Many more details to follow, but the preliminary information

· Travel/food is at each operator’s expense (vendors are supposed to be on site, but plan on being self-reliant and living out of your pack (it’s 48 hours, I mean, c’mon). It’s an adventure!

· Camping spaces will be available, but for the Detachment, we may actually have quarters available since we’ll be ‘operational’. Still pinning those details down.

· Commercial power is supposed to be available, but plan on being grid-down capable if you have it

· HF and digital capabilities (to include field or man-portable antennas, if you have them)

· Preferably Multicam pants if you have them, otherwise earth-tone cargo pants, and an earth-tone operator cap (baseball-style, low profile tactical hat – with Velcro patches if you have it).

· We are working up a design for Corps T-shirts for those who deploy

· Sidearm and combat rifle? You bet. (not mandatory, but just in case you didn’t want to be ‘that guy’)

· You may be assigned to a tactical team conducting field operations (for those of you with proper packs and field equipment and portable comms)

· Many patriots and leadership attending have heard great things about AmRRON, but have never directly interacted with AmRRON operators, so you will also be an ambassador. Utmost cool-headed professionalism, display of confidence and competence (and humility), and a consistent ‘can-do’ attitude are ‘must have’ qualities. No complaining, moaning, or grumbling. If you’re not sure you meet those requirements, just ask your wife. She’ll give you honest feedback.

Once I get a roster of interested Deployable Detachment operators, I’ll work with you separately on that portion of the exercise.

That does it for now. Corps operators located anywhere in the country are welcome and encouraged to participate! Thank you all for being out there.



Pass the word; AmRRON home website.

Note the radio operators on the Deployment Detachment will consist only of AmRRON Corps operators.



WeaponsMan tells a tale of non-standard acquisition.

Long live The Scrounger.

The US Department Of Commerce Officially Jumps The Shark, Will “Double Seasonally Adjust” GDP Data

goalseek image

And the beat goes on, economic statistics version.

Do you understand yet?

(H/t SLL)

Profiles in Resistance – Major Lewis Redmond


Enjoy this piece on real-life partisan resistance to government oppression by taxation, via ZeroGov.

If you’re not ready to be an outlaw, you’re not ready.

Tempus fugit.

RITR: Adjustable Gas Blocks for the AR Pistol


Good suggestion.

Try it on yours.


Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 7.24.13

Snapshots from Spring, 2015.

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 7.27.12

The Appalachian Messenger – May 22, 2015


The latest.


Got samizdat?

FBI Confirms No Major Terrorism Cases Cracked via Unconstitutional Patriot Act Phone Spying


H/t SLL for this piece on duplicity and Stasi-emulation, FBI style.

Somewhat-related look into FBI behavior during court-ordered wiretaps.

But…but…Fourth Amendment!


Lee Greenwood!


lee greenwood spiffy flag jacket grrrrr

So We’re In For an Economic Collapse. NOW What?


Capitalist Eric builds on his last post.

Stuff – for your use, for storage of value, and for trade goods.

Time is short.

Mosby: Arizona in Autumn – Rifle and CQB



Train more.

Keyboard less.

Tempus fugit.

Sparks31: A Crypto Classic


Necessary reading.

Other suggestions in the field?

Insert Caption Below


Via Kevin at The Smallest Minority.

Make sure you’re training this weekend.

See ya!

Stockman: The Bubble Is Dying


Consumer demand down, untrustworthy accounting, creation of dollars from thin air…

What could go wrong?


SLL: Cat Food Dinners


Corporate shenanigans, corrupt monetary policy, and devastated returns on safe investments.

Pass the Friskies.

“Groups warn Oregon mine militia dispute threatens democracy”


Drippy-chinned statesuckers need WAAAAHMBULANCE stat re Americans acting like Americans.

Money quote?

“It is a rejection of any kind of democratic compromise and the endorsement of the use of weapons and violence to get your way,” said Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center, a coalition member.


Sinclair: Truth Bombs


June is almost here.

Greece will be the spark.

The war planned to mask global bankruptcy could start anytime thereafter.

Acceleration and prioritization would be wise.

Tempus fugit.

Hogwarts: Cheap Ultrasound Machines


Read it all.

Thanks, Doc.

Denmark Preparing To Be The First To Eliminate Cash


…We stand on the verge of Economic Totalitarianism that will lead to the total control of money by the state. No one will be able to buy or sell without government approval…

Deposits accepted in gold, silver, and lead.

First They Came For The Bikers…

Authorities investigate a shooting in the parking lot of the Twin Peaks restaurant Sunday, May 17, 2015, in Waco, Texas. Authorities say that the shootout victims were members of rival biker gangs that had gathered for a meeting. (AP Photo/Jerry Larson)

Will Grigg:

…The bloody incident at Waco’s Twin Peaks restaurant was not a “biker shootout.” At present there is no evidence that any of the nine victims were killed by fellow bikers, rather than being “taken out” by the scores of police — including snipers — who had effectively turned the parking lot into a kill zone…

Then from over the transom:

“First they came for the bikers, but I wasn’t a biker. I hated bikers.”


It was a well known fact by all bikers, citizens and yes, WACO police (which includes FEDS) that the COC [Confederation of CLubs] meeting would be held on Sunday. All of the above groups, 1%’s, MC’s and Biker Orgs attend these meetings. Again the COC is a way to let others know about upcoming legislation, events & rides as well as discuss Patch issues. (Patches are the symbols that each group wears on their leathers, letting others know what group they represent).

There are several “theories” floating around ~ Let’s get rid of the first one, it was NOT a fight over a parking space! Bikers rarely if ever fight over a freaking parking space! They don’t need to, they can fit 2-3 bikes per space!

The second we hear is that it started in the bathroom, that could be the case as per other reports there was an issue that occurred. However, the weekend before the planned COC meeting there was an issue that may have spilled over to the fight that occurred. BUT the fight broke our PRIOR to meeting time.

What we DO know is that the place was already surrounded by FEDS, WACO Police and ATF LONG before any biker showed up! WHY were they there? Literally HUNDREDS of biker meetings between the various 1%, MC’s and Org’s had met there in the past ….ALL peacefully! The PD states it was because of the dispute the previous week. HOWEVER, there was a fight that started inside Twin Peaks and made it’s way outside! Those fighting had KNIVES …NOT GUNS when they took the fight outside.

NO GUNS were shown as the fight made it outside from our understanding, but that is when the police started firing. WE DO NOT know if someone pulled out a gun from within the groups OR if the police were just too quick on their draw! Either way, ALMOST all shots fired came from police…not the ones fighting. ***again this is from we are getting from those there***


WACO PD have not been very friendly towards bikers and the FEDS TOTALLY despise Bikers! Why? Because we are not afraid of them or their agenda! We are a threat to them! Remember folks we were able to organize in 24 days 800,000 -1.2 million bikers to DC! We did it WITHOUT their permission or support! They even SHUT DOWN the traffic cams…had the news NOT flown over the scene there would have been NO proof that we rode! Yes, folks, like it or not even 1%’s rode with us! They set aside their territories and rode peacefully! JUST like they do at ALL COC meetings!

Bikers stand up to them, to their Christian hate, their muslim agenda and whatever else they want to throw at us! BIKERS ARE PRESENTLY THE BACKBONE of PATRIOT AMERICA! WHAT BETTER WAY TO BRING THEM DOWN THAN WITH BAD PRESS SUCH AS THIS!

OUR question to WACO PD & FEDS ~

WHO’s bullets killed the 9 who died and those taken to the hospital?

Where is all the video from that surrounds the TWIN PEAKS and all the other businesses?

WHY have no charges been filed yet EACH of those in custody have a $1,000,000 bond?

WHY were those who had LEGAL carry permits arrested?
WHY are so many being held in jail that do not have records, were not part of the OMG’s they (PD) were targeting?

WHY are ALL BIKES of those in jail being confiscated via Civil Forfeiture? Civil forfeiture is supposed to occur if someone is found GUILTY of a crime while that “property” was in use or used to commit the crime!

WHY are bikers that had NO association with their targets being held on $1,000,000 bond? MANY are Christian Bikers and Veteran Bikers who committed no crime other than being on the scene?

Now as a whole this group does NOT condone police bashing, FED bashing YES….but WACO PD seems to be part of the FED agenda! So America, ask yourselves this…WHEN SHTF (and it will) WHO do you want on YOUR side? BIKERS OR FEDS? We KNOW where the FEDS stand and we KNOW how much they hate bikers!

LAST NOTE: There was NEVER EVER any threats made to WACO PD! That was TOTALLY made up!

Related here and here from Free North Carolina.

UPDATE 2315EST 21 MAY 2015: CNN: PO-PO SAY OH-OH – Report new threat against police by bikers

UPDATE 2025EST 22 MAY 2015:

UPDATE 2359EDT 24 MAY 2015:

2Q15: A Decent Summary

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 22.30.01

Even if Jade Helm is BAU, the optics are terrible given everything else on the gameboard.

Including Greece.

Got priorities?

Tempus fugit.



Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 21.40.06

Global banksters.

What would do without them?

JC Dodge: My Choice For A Rifle System And Caliber


Let the tooth-gnashing begin.

Next week: Ford versus Chevy.

PS: Go to 100 yards on steel. Spank it with 5.56, then ditto 7.62. YMMV.

We Are All Foreigners Now When It Comes To Surveillance


Thomas Drake, a pre-Snowden NSA whistleblower, on the Patriot Act, the USA Freedom Act, and other atrocities.

And guess what?

Searchable records retention is the key element – so even without legislative reauthorization and/or executive defiance, the spooks have enough on you already to plot you and your associates on their threat matrices.

Got Stasi?