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This Is Fine

H/t to VD for these F-35 links:

The Pentagon is battling the clock to fix serious, unreported F-35 problems

F’d: How the U.S. and Its Allies Got Stuck with the World’s Worst New Warplane

Are you tired of winning yet?

Sabo: Agitprop

Support a good guy.

Other swag.

Inside The Jalisco Cartel Training Camps

To the non-state actors, you are what’s for dinner.

Plan accordingly.

On The Road/Open Thread

Intermittent posting for a few days, then a bit more up-tempo.

I’ll keep comments moderated to the extent possible with local comms.

Have at it.


From a reader.

This material will be part of the final exam.

CHS: There Is No Fixing The Present System


Money quote:

…Let’s review the central institutions of the nation:

1. Healthcare: a failed system doomed to bankrupt the nation.

2. Defense: a failed system of cartels and Pentagon fiefdoms that have saddled the nation with enormously costly failed weapons systems like the F-35 and the LCS.

3. Higher Education: a bloated, failed system that is bankrupting an entire generation while mis-educating them for productive roles in the emerging economy…

4. Foreign policy: Iraq: a disaster. Afghanistan: a disaster. Libya: a disaster. Syria: a disaster. Need I go on?

5. Political governance: a corrupt system of self-serving elites, lobbyists, pay-to-play, corporate puppet-masters, and sociopaths who see themselves as above the law…

Three From Mosby

Campfire Chat

From The Library

Developing an Effective Pre-Disposition for Violence


New Woodpile’s Here!



Very sad.

15 Fighters: Eating Right As You Train

What foods to avoid?

What foods to add?

How about supplements?

Usual routine: what, why, where, links.


Gear Review of the P-14 Gen II+ Night Vision Monocular

Deft Systems sends.

Open thread on night-vision gear.

Grinding Flax And Other Bread-Making Lore

A nice piece from Frank and Fern.

How do you make bread or its equivalent in your place?

Open food thread.

Practice Thoughts

Via AP.

How are you using the time remaining?

Welcome Aboard

The latest addition to the (sadly depleted due to death and fuggitall) WRSA blogroll gets a triple of links today:

Civil War II Weather Report: Spicy Time Coming

Big Swedish Coins, Italian Women Pole Vaulters, and the Future of Money, Part I

Currency Collapse Explained Using Sexy Bikini Girl Graphs, Part II

And while you’re at it, add Cold Fury to your daily web wanders if it’s not already there; Mike’s been at it a lo-o-ong time and still delivers the snark big-time on a consistent basis.


NYT: U.S. Escalates Online Attacks on Russia’s Power Grid

This will end well.


Buy lots of food this week.

Codevilla: The Tipping Point

Rise of the Permanent (Losing) War Class.

Fortunately, the PRC just faded away, along with MacArthur.

War With Russia?

ZH: Is The US Preparing For War With Russia?


Aesop: Latest Thoughts On Ebola

Where The Problem Is

Do The Math – 2019 Version

Scoff or incorporate into your plans.

Choose wisely.

The Leeches In The Limelight

Some great quotes here.


– We’re screwed
– There’s gonna be a fight
– No one is coming to save us
– Let’s win

Any questions?

Best To Have Some Alternate Plans For 2020

Via Gab.