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King of the Rich.

See also this vid via GoV (with transcript):

K Blog: The Struggle To Stop Hate

And the hating haters who hate hatefully.

See also Technical Notes On Destroying Universities From Space With Large Rocks.


Via Gab.

Aesop: Questions



Bovard On Poppy

Sing his praises, you damned filthy apes.

Jihad In Strasbourg

Seasonal violence by Muslims.

What a surprise.

Related: ‘Still At Large’ – Strasbourg Shooting Suspect Convicted 27 Times Before, Yelled “Allahu Akbar”

(H/t MB at FZ)

Derb’s “Unpleasant Truths” 16 Years Later

Read the post, the embedded links, and the comments.

Bumpy ride ahead.

With a light of indeterminate origin at its end.

Z Blog: Lessons Of The Fields Trial


From the git..

Holiday Cheer

Via FZ.

Aesop: Ebola Update – Lying With Statistics

Not good.

At all.

Mosby’s ‘The Guerrilla Gunfighter’: A Book Review

Review here.

Order the book here.

Practice shooting more often.

Especially with your sidearm.

New Woodpile’s Here!


Z Blog: Summer Of Hate

Looking ahead six months.

Hate there will be.

Meaningful violence from any side?



Give ‘Til It Hurts

Earl sends.

CZ P-07: The Six-Year Review

Via American Partisan.

How are your handgun skills progressing?

The Pence Rule, Applied

Via Gab.

The World Order of George H.W. Bush (1924–2018)

Honor him and exult him, you filthy damned Deplorables.

See also this excellent piece by Robert Gore:

Poppycock: Death Of A Resumé

Nice Empire you got there, Poppy.

Pity it barely lasted 30 years.

The Diplomad: On The Marrakech Agreement

Madness, barely disguised as diplomacy.

TL Davis: The Truth Remains

Grasping the nettle(s).

2/3rds or better of the Trump voters in 2016 are doing all they can to maintain denial about the current scene, starting with the voting scam.

Communist countries have elections.

Communist countries have consteetooshuns.

Communist countries have the word “Republic” as part of their official national name.

Here we are.

Imagine where we will be.

There Are Only NPC Women To Date

Cappy lays out the bitter truth of the Modern Era.

Make sure the younger bucks at least get briefed on this topic.

It will save them hundreds of thousands of dollars, along with years of frustration and heartbreak.