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Derbyshire: “Ten years from now, China will be eating our lunch…”

No worries.

150 million+ mutant, ignorant, oversized children shrieking at the tops of their lungs will be no problem for the human species’ greatest mass murderers to date.

Z Blog: The Growing Darkness

Western Civilization is being murdered in detail, and the perpetrators are identifiable men and women with faces, vehicles, home/work addresses, daily routines, and associates.

Plan accordingly.


When the semi-legit Internet is gone and the only thing that can be accessed is government propaganda, do you know what to do?

Tempus fugit.

Aesop: Thanks, But…

Sober analysis on the net effect of the Project Veritas CNN insider.

And to those who think about the impact on the Normies, I ask:

What percentage of “the awakened” will fight?

Or even support those who are fighting.

Never forget the intended scope of this iconic meme:

Hint: It wasn’t just directed at the noodley-spined RNC leadership.

New Woodpile’s Here!


Would Be Consistent With Actions Thus Far

Via Twitter.

Herschel: Why Did BATFE Drop The Case?

ATF Drops Lower Receiver Case For Fear Of Doing Damage To Other ATF Regulations



Link source

Live link:

Veritas Bombshell Exclusive! CNN CEO Jeff Zucker & Others Caught on 100s of Hours of Tape!

See also:


You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Underestimating Them & Overestimating Us

A confession of error.

In which I share.

Build tribe.

Add provisions.

Learn new skills.

Teach others.

Everything else is a SWAG, at best.

TL Davis: They Want Rebellion

His latest.


VDH: Headed For A Train Wreck


And its aftermath.

Plan accordingly.

Open Thread

Have at it.

California Officials Move Against Ham Radio Repeaters


In today’s open thread, any hams in Cali with more info should share what they know.

UPDATE 1403EDT 14OCT2018: See here for more info.

On Havel


And others may join you.

On the Eve of the CNN Insider blowing the whistle on his own network…




NYT: Racists Are Recruiting. Watch Your White Sons.

Globohomo commie-mommy anti-het virtue-signaling bint POV.

Gen Zyklon rep nails the reply via Hatefrog:


The Extinction Of Reason

And thus, all that reason wrought.

Plan accordingly.

(H/t Joe Huffman)

Field Day Deployment

Got comms?

The Reds Are Serious – Are The Whites?

H/t to MB via Gab:

Last Night, We Saw Fascism In The Streets Of Minneapolis

Coverage at the link.

The Whites (traditional term for anti-Communist forces) are caught in a paradigm shift.

This will go to guns.

No shit.

Plan accordingly.