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Just A Few Bad Apples

officer safety

Police arrested in August.

H/t BB via Twitter.

Sabo Sends


Get yours here.



New Woodpile’s Here!



Z Man: “What comes next, however, will be much worse.”

angry hillary

Thoughts on the aftermath of a Trump defeat.

And TL Davis looks at “the monsters of history”.

143 days.

Hillary-Oh-Right(Comrade Ushanka)

The Anti-Society: The Alt Right Is Tired Of Living In Mordor


Money quote:

…At this point, however, we have seen enough of the path ahead to realize that it heads down the mountain and not to another peak. Racial problems will not go away, Leftists will not stop until they go Full Communist, and the media cabal running our nations intends to harm us. “Normal” life is actually toxic.

When that realization hits, people can no longer just float along and go with the flow…

Resistance takes many forms.

By any means

Bracken: A Scenario For A Second Civil War



zoomie resist

Support Mental Health


Via Twitter.

Your Institution Might Have A PR Problem If People Are Drawing ‘Toons Such As This


From a reader.

Quote Of The Decade


“…All I’m saying is that Team Liberty needs to get a lot better at demonstrating reasons for people to side with it, rather than either dismissing it, or siding against it. The dedicated collectivists are a lost cause, but there are plenty of decent people who can be brought over. Simply offering greater contempt for the average person than do the leaders of the collectivist side just guarantees that most people will end up being more or less antipathetic to the Liberty side.”

— WRSA Commenter



A rational discussion of women voters and the related consequences.


Day By Day


From Chris Muir.

Population Substitution


Laugh at the Euros all you want.

What do you think is happening to traditional Americans?

Bring on the Congo-Montanans.

100,000 ignorant, low-IQ future Democratic voters can’t be wrong.


Grigg: Sheriff Zollman — What Will You Tell Jack Yantis’s Widow?


Good question.

Things will get much worse.

Bet on it.

The US Military Is The Enforcer Of Globalism


Enjoy this audio interview with Samuel Finlay, author of Breakfast With The Dirt Cult.

The backlash will be spectacular.

Internally and globally.

Going Full Cat-Lady


Interesting POV.

Going to have to go more directly at the millions of broken, bitter, barren females home alone with their CSI reruns and “just one glass” of box chardonnay to convince them that their fate was decreed by Friedan, Steinem, and the rest of the Angry Bint Squad.

It’s the home base of Rodhamism.


Sensing: How Artillery Will Ruin Your Whole Afternoon

Turn up the volume.

Sure glad no redlegs are gonna side with Old Pissbag.

Got fighting positions?


The Latest

app messenger header


SLL: The Choice, Part Two – The Biggest Challenge


Part II.

Part I here.


A Public Service Announcement

monica big

From over the transom:

If I were the PSYOP guy on Trump’s staff, I’d hire a herd of curly haired chubby women, put them in blue dresses, berets, and give them Hillary signs with reflective lettering.

I’d then salt them throughout every Hil rally. If she’s really prone to stress induced seizures, I’d have her locked up tighter than Obama’s transcripts inside of five minutes.

Distribution A, as you see fit.

Good plan for free-form improv as well.

monica cigar

Denninger: The Clinton Crime Family


Who’s Pulling The Strings?

More importantly, do you understand what these people are going to do once they move into the POTUS Palace?