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The Religious War Has Begun


Actually, it never stopped; see also Fran’s linking piece.

And it is more than an open question if enough in the West retain the savagery needed to triumph over the Mohammedans and their allies, the secular collectivists.

Harden your hearts.

Toughen your bodies.

Get your mind and your spirit right.

Tempus fugit.

Just Stop


Whitehead notes that voting will not get you out of a corrupt, bankrupt, collapsing Empire.




144:1 sends; enter code “Take10” for a 10% discount.

See the whole line here.


Herschel: Semi-Automatic Versus Bolt Action For Precision Shooting


If you are good enough, the rifle will be good enough.

But the human is the weak link.



The Rightly-Guided One marks the occasion.





Brief but important POV from ChicagoBoyz.

Don’t trust.

Verify rigorously.

The Latest

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New Woodpile’s Here!



Freedom Of Expression


FNC: In protest of City Council decision, Virginia Flaggers raise largest flag yet

Money quote:

…One year later, to mark the anniversary of the cowardly decision [to remove a 3′ x 5′ Third National flag], the Virginia Flaggers, with the generous support of Danville area residents, will raise our largest Battle Flag to date THIS SATURDAY, July 23rd on private land adjacent to the 29 Bypass in Danville. It will be the 14th massive roadside Battle Flag raised in Danville in the 12 months since the tiny 3×5 flag was ripped down, and the 27th raised in the Commonwealth since the fall of 2013.

Sky High Poles of Danville installed the 119’ pole this afternoon, which will fly a massive 30’ x 50’ Confederate Battle Flag…

God bless you all.



La Diversité Est Notre Force

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 8.32.58 AM

UK Daily Mail: Elderly priest, 86, is ‘beheaded’ by two ISIS knifemen shouting ‘Daesh’ after they took nuns and worshippers hostage at French church: Police shoot both attackers dead then search for bombs


Ham Sandwiches, Prosecutors, And Grand Juries: The Tamir Rice Case


A senior New York State judge once quipped that “a grand jury would ‘indict a ham sandwich,’ if that’s what you wanted.”

Ha. Ha.

Read this account of the behind-the-scenes action in the police shooting of Tamir Rice, and you will understand how your patriotic activity will be presented to the citizens who supposedly offset prosecutorial power.

Know the District Attorney in your area.

Know the assistant DAs in your area.

Know every damned thing you can learn about them.

You are going to need that information.

Fred: White Nationalists & Practicality, If Any

border crossing sign

Fred asks a question.

Odds are that it is moot, sadly.

Advanced Wilderness Life Support Training – September 8-10 – Birmingham, AL

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 1.05.47 AM

From over the transom:

The Alabama Wilderness Medical Association is offering a three-day course in Advanced Wilderness Life Support (AWLS) on September 8-10 at Ruffner Mountain in Birmingham. Developed at the University of Utah School of Medicine, the course provides substantial and practical coverage of all major subjects in wilderness/austere/expedition/environmental/field medicine. Beginning with the initial assessment of the patient, we move onto field management of trauma, drowning, lightning strikes, hypothermia, envenomation, and more. Extensive hands-on and simulation components occur each day in order to apply the skills and knowledge discussed in classroom sessions. A full course description, schedule, and registration information is available at

Only a limited number of spaces remain available, and it’s first-come, first-served until the course is full. All course materials, supper on Thursday, lunches on Friday and Saturday, breakfasts, and coffee are included. The course will go forward, rain or shine.

In order to cover all of this material in three days, participation is limited to those with medical training (EMT, paramedic, RN, PA, MD, med students, etc.). Participants who successfully complete the class (including a written exam and demonstration of hands-on competency) will receive AWLS certification lasting four years. The following professional organizations grant 20.5 hours of continuing education credit (AMA, PRA-approved category 1) for this class: Wilderness Medical Society, American College of Emergency Physicians, American Academy of Family Physicians, and the American Association of Physician Assistants. The Alabama Department of Public Health has approved this class for all state EMS license holders. Other license holders should contact their governing entities regarding credit.

Questions should be addressed to

Brushbeater: SIGINT & The Guerrilla Radio



Two rules, at least in my mind:

1) Listening is much more important than talking, especially when “higher” stops completely one echelon above your patrol.

2) Radios can and do get you waxed if used unintelligently.

Amerikan Party Congress

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 11.40.34 PM

Via Twitter.



Now It's Getting In Tents 1

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 12.43.06 AM

Überraschung, Überraschung, Überraschung


German Authorities Find ‘Weapons Of War’ During Raid Near Radical Mosque

Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann: “I think that after this video there’s no doubt that the [Ansbach] attack was a terrorist attack with an Islamist background.”

german girls refugees welcome

The Firepit Is Already Lit And Will Be Ready For Roasting In About Six Months

Wolves and lambs.jpg~original

Consider deeply the second and subsequent order consequences of the events described.

There is no way out but through.


Now, It’s Getting In Tents

Now It's Getting In Tents 1

Stilton goes turbo on the DNC.

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 7.09.37 PM

Note also this piece from Bob Owens:

BREAKING: Democrat Delegate Confesses Clinton Plot to Ban All Guns

Close with Banzai:


And That’s That

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 9.53.56 AM

Via Happy Acres.

Remember: diversity is our strength.

In other words, your sex and your race matter more than intellect, accomplishment, or any other metric of objective merit.

The use of the term “objective” itself is a microaggression denying the personal truth belonging to each person and indicative of patriarchal, cisgendered, sexxxxxisss, waaaaacisss badthink.

Got it?

german girls refugees welcome

Two From MVT


Training Video: Commentary on Squad Maneuver and Attack

Student Review: Combat Patrol July 2016: Tango

MVT 2016 Training Schedule

Live hard.

Die free.