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TACB: A War For Survival

only good commie

More sharp analysis on the epochal scrum betwixt the Builders, the Destroyers, and the Ferals.

At most, two will survive – and exist in constant existential struggle.

Let’s win.


“No one will be comfortable under diversity, and no one will be safe”

The latest at the Amerika blog.

Diversity + Proximity = War.

Heartiste’s aphorism will outlive us.

SLL: Thoughts On How To Survive An Economic Collapse

Thanks to Robert for his time and thoughts.

GoV: “Populism is the cry of peoples who don’t want to die”

A vid with English translation on the state of Europe today.

When the destroyers have finished Europe, they will come and finish FUSA.

Count on it.

Tinker, Tailor, Journalist, Spy: Jamal Khashoggi And The Story Not Being Told

Via NC Scout at American Partisan.

The Middle East is a cesspit.

And very few Westerners understand it, or the reasons for its seemingly irrational importance in world affairs.

Including me.

One Year Later

Still fishy as hell.

Orange Man Bad: Black Pigeon And TACB

Black Pigeon above; TACB below:

Orange Man Bad Outrage

Hillary As Domestic Enemy

A long but worthwhile explainer.

HRC is the poster girl for the Deep State.

Her evasion of criminal liability, if continued through expiry of the statutes of limitation, will permanently delegitimize both the current Administration and all that come after it.

Big stakes.

And the smart money is on the omnisurveilling Deep State.

What then, FUSAn?

TL Davis: A Hot Civil War Is The Plan

You and your property are on the dinner menu.


Orban: “Say Goodbye To The Entire Elite Of ’68”


Then pass it along.

Viva Visegrad.

Suprynowicz: Three Weeks To Go

A midterm overview by an old fighter.

What a time to be alive.

For What Are You Willing To Die? And Why?

Lind: A Second Reformation?

Some Thoughts On The Clergy And Christian Revival

Serious questions.

Serious times.

K Blog: This Update Corrects Improper Autonomous Behavior

Porter on the social operating system.


ZeroGov Shirts



An Example Of The Current State Of The American People

NAXALT* caveat, but do read this short piece and apply its lessons to your life:

A short version of Gregory Kay’s experience during Hurricane Michael. Mr. Kay had moved to the Florida panhandle in the spring of 2018. Gregory informs me that he’ll be writing up a more extensive piece on his experiences.

“4 of us men (out of a hallway full of people) were desperately trying to tie doors shut in the shelter in the middle of a category 5 hurricane, with a 140-160 mph wind ripping down the breezeway right in front of it in a storm of debris, doing its best to suck those doors open, which would have resulted in people being sucked out.

We need to cut cord, so I produce a Leatherman. Two people gasp, “I didn’t think you were supposed to have THOSE THINGS in a school!”
In sheer disbelief, but in the interests of not escalating the situation, I went with my second-best response of “It’s a tool, not a knife, just a set of pliers with an auxiliary blade,” rather than my first instinct of, “Who gives a fuck, you fucking idiot! What are they gonna do, expel me?”
It turns out that my daughter and I were the only ones with knives in the place. Go figure.

Meanwhile, a woman is asking, “But how can the rescue squad get to us if the doors are tied?”
“The rescue isn’t coming until the wind stops and it’s over, lady, and we’ll untie it then.” The “if any of us are still alive to do it, and if not, it won’t matter, will it?” was left unsaid.

Another woman was whining, “You need to leave those doors open; it’s hot and stuffy in here, and we need a breeze.” No, I’m not lying.
She kept complaining about it to anyone who would listen, until she was finally silenced by a rawboned redneck woman who suddenly shouted, “Bitch, there are little kids in here handling this shit better than you are! If you don’t shut the hell up right now, I’m going to knock the fuck out of you!”
End of complaints.

Lessons learned:
1. Be prepared with basic tools (like knives).
2. Something like 90% of people are passive observers in an emergency, only a few will take action without being told directly, and tiny number are so incredibly stupid their mere presence can threaten the survival of the entire group.
3. The best way to deal with that tiny percentage is with the real threat of violence, complete with the full intention of following it up if necessary.” – Gregory Kay


Via ZH.

See also the NYT piece.

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Too, too funny.

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Bracken Live 1500E Now

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Here’s the vid via FreeZoxee:

The USG’s View On Censorship



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Heap big bullshitters.

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Recruiting Film

Via Dave Cullen at Gab.

From the mindset that brought the world Drag Queen Story Hour for elementary school kids.