The Problem

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Homework Assignment

Read the masthead.


Then, consistent with OPSEC and PERSEC:

– Share what you are doing in that space,

– Share your questions re that space, and

– Make constructive suggestions on how the Boomers-with-a-clue can distribute their knowledge and experience effectively to those even 40 or more years younger than themselves.

Phrased alternatively, does anyone here have anything of substance to say to the young men behind the message below?

If so, what?

If not, why?

Show your work.


Source (with much more)

Hate When That Happens



Coinkydink, I’m sure.

Unconventional Wisdom, Trust Hierarchies, And Internal Secession

The latest from Wretchard.

You have not seen anything (but the beginning) yet.

Got intel?

Even more importantly:

Can you imagine a future in which self-organized producers trade with self-organized consumers in mutually-agreeable transactions without a whit of central government interference?

Fred On Slavery: “We Drift In A Sea Of Historical Fraud”

Worth your time.

Billy Yank, Johnny Reb, or anywhere in between.

NB: Under the USC and BoR as drafted, enacted, and ratified, chattel slavery was legal.

The Elites Have No Idea What Is Coming

Just ask those who have survived civilizational collapse, even on a relatively small scale.

You don’t have enough hard-hearted allies.


(H/t GVDL)

Bastille Day Celebratory Values

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Stupid olden-days people.

Don’t they know about the Miracles of Democracy?


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Comey’s Homey

Codrea’s take.

And another from TL Davis.

Secret police.

Abhorrent to any free society.

Being Owed

Porter on the entitlement mindset.

Whitelandia is dying, across the globe.

Melaninistan is ascendant.

Culture matters.

But not as much as will.

Does the West have what it takes to prevail?

Taleb: The Intellectual Yet Idiot



Don’t be the fool.

Quote of the Month

From a commenter:

…Go watch Stefan Molyneux, Jarrad Taylor, Jordan Peterson, and other great thinkers like them on YouTube. Tons of videos. They make some damn fine points. Memorize them. Slip them in conversation. Ask your family, friends, and acquaintances these questions. If each of us spent the weekend trying to explain these concepts to a friend who’s on the bubble, we would double our numbers in a matter of days…

The New Normal

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K Blog: Meddling Made Agreeable

Unspeakable badthink.

Don’t you dare read it.

Simple And Accurate

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How A 1950s CIA Program Can Lead The Way For Anti-Communist Propaganda Today

From the Culper shop.

Codrea: Repurposing A Meme

Do it.

MDT: On Gear

A thorough review of concepts and kit.

And consider the possibilities at UW Gear.

The Case For Continentalism

(Get yours at 144:1)

Defend your civilization.

Be called a “racist” as a result.

So be it.

Z Blog: Think Michael Collins

Break the cosmopolitan destroyers of traditional America by implacable resistance at every possible opportunity, while rebuilding traditional values.

Long-term civilizational preservation and extension.

Query: What are those traditional values?

MTF Sends

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Bracken: The Deep Pockets Behind The “Migrant” Rescue Program

From GoV.


And their Quisling allies.

New Woodpile’s Here!


Glad It’s Only The Bloody Aussies That Would Pull Such Stunts

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Insert reference to traditional ‘Murkan freedumbs.

The Resistance

The latest at VFS.

Assuming that “there is no Right” as is conventionally understood, what does the Anti-Bolshevik face of the dodecahedron have to offer the uncommitted indigenous population?


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Memes are waaaaacisss.

Sensing On The Warsaw Speech

Sad, but true.

Demographics are destiny.

Related: Steyn’s take.

Your Betters Look At You

And sneer.

Funny thing is that most of Team Derision live in normal places and have no personal security.


Jordan Peterson On Virtue Signaling

Via Maggie’s Farm.