Permanent Coup

Or, more correctly, a cold (thus far, to our knowledge) war between the legally-elected head of the Executive branch and the self-righteous permanent staff that is supposed to work for the President.

Never forget that Trad Americans do not have a large group of civilian supporters in the Federal government.

In fact, most DC denizens scorn TradAms as ignorant, racist rednecks who drive pickup trucks and don’t understand “how things really work”.

Best to have water, power, nutrition, comms (especially listening), and defense capabilities stacked and racked.

The good old days are coming to an end.

You ready?

Are the people around you ready?

As you think things through, do watch this vid:

GVDL: When The American Began To Hate

Read the whole thing.

Then pass it along.

Your Tax Dollars At Work

Or why you should be leery of anyone who works in any capacity for any level of the gubmint:

Weapons of War On Our Streets: A Guide to the Militarization of America’s Police

A rare look inside the unmanned aircraft program helping to secure our nation’s borders

You, as defiant Traditional Americans, are the target of these programs.

Not Team Mo.

Not the invading hordes of fecund low-IQ barbarians.


And your family.

Know the soft-skinned pols and bureaucrats who are responsible for these programs in your area.

Know everything you can about them.

Know that it is truly you or them.

Plan accordingly.

GoV: Extinction For Thee But Not For Me

More madness from the Soros machine, certainly headed throughout the West.

Watch the whole thing.

Bracken Sends

Via Gab.

“When the next American Civil War starts…”

More musings, with h/t to GVDL.

Got hard-ass friends?

You’d better.

See also: Correction and extension by Donald Sensing

New Weapons and the New Tactics Which They Make Possible

Can’t wait until The Indispensable Nation meets The Undefeatable Nation.

3Green Sends

Three From Herschel

The Evolution Of America’s Best Service Rifle

‘Ghost’ Handguns And ARs Confiscated

How Many ‘Bump Stocks” Were Turned In?

Recommended AK Mods

Reasonable and effective.

Consider also swapping the stock pistol grip for a SAW grip.

Ergonomics are much better after, IMHO.

Two Worth Your Time

Listen To What The Enemy Does Not Say

The Crisis

Good Commie Anniversary

Noted by Aesop.

Cool T-shirt idea, too.

A Review Of Robert Gore’s Latest Book



Get yours today.


Best Presidential election ever.

GVDL: South Park, Snark Apologies, And Pooh-Bear Slaughter

GVDL posts:

Band In China: South Park Apologizes to China for Saying (Among Other Things) It’s a Gilded Concentration Camp with Winnie the Pooh Leading It

The creators’ non-apology:

And the NBA cave that started this:

Over this:

Do you understand yet?

What Time Is It, TradAm Boys And Girls?

Via HateFrog.

Assess the behavior of the Reds towards traditional Americans.

Then plan accordingly.

Canada: Dumpster Fire Election

H/t MB via Gab.

The politics of Canada matter.

Especially in light of the coming war with Communist China.

What – you thought Spicy Time was going to be limited to factions within CONUS?

Quote Of The Century

“…I loved America as a mother, but as she dies, it’s time for us to grow up and build something new with the lessons we learned rather than to squabble incessantly over an ever dwindling inheritance.”

— Tom Kawcynzski, via Gab


Via Insty; see also story link.

What if someone lights a fire while the power is off?



Wilder: Civil War Update #5

Latest in the series.