Of Course They Are

ZH: Incoming House Judiciary Chair Planning To End Probe Into FBI, DOJ

Blood Transfusions, Reactions, and More

From a reader.

Thoughts from the medical types?


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From A WRSA Reader

Ambitious types might sketch out the Local Reform 8-chop model.

Add in a Morbark 5048, and you’ve got REAL government reform:

Transcript: Comey Doesn’t Know & Can’t Recall

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What do expect from a disgraced political police chief?

Having A Free Speech Moment

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Are we having fun yet?


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Live From Paris

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See also en Anglais:


RT live feed:

UPDATE 1345E 8DEC2018:

ZH: Watch Paris Burn

UPDATE 1350E 8DEC2018:

Tweet with material from Paris, Netherlands, Belgium



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Deutsche Welt: Macron scrapping fuel tax is ‘not enough,’ says man who inspired Yellow Vests

Got vests?

Trump is almost certainly a lame duck.

AG-to-be Barr is not good at all.

How is your post-FUSA plan coming along?


ZH: Clinton Foundation CFO “Spills Beans” To Private Investigative Firm; Billy Jeff Becomes Incontinent


Aesop: A Cunning Plan

Reax to yesterday’s post.


And note the constructive criticism at the end.

Barr For AG

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Politico coverage

GoV: MLP On The UN’s Marrakesh White Elimination Treaty & Its Consequences

Transcript and commentary at GoV.

BTW, if you can spare it, the hard-working couple who run GoV are passing the hat.

Help them stay on the air as a voice for freedom around the world.

Denninger: **** You, Mr. President

Border security, my ass.

PT, inventory building, and skills development are the key paths going forward.

January, 2021 is just around the corner.

Herschel: DA Clears Cop Who Shot Vietnam War Veteran Minutes After The 73-Year-Old Had Killed An Intruder Who Had Stormed In And Tried To Drown His Grandson

Nearly unbelievable, until you accept the reality of the meme above.


You and yours are truly on your own.

Is Paris Churning?

The Diplomad asks and answers.

Do check NO PASARAN! as he recommends.

UPDATE 1135E 7DEC2018: Via Twitter; see also linked story:

Video Resources Galore




Vlad Tepes:


Lots of others with solid content.


Yellow Vests & The West

One POV.


Honor Him And His Heroic Achievements, You Filthy Deplorable Bastards

Brimelow: Did GHWB Enable Illegal Immigration Surge?

Go read that Dalrymple quote again.

And again.

The ongoing Planting Poppy shitshow is designed to lull the rubes back to their sportsball, SSRIs, Brawndo, and GigaPorn5G-A-Rama – while all of the Deep State courtiers take notes on who was and wasn’t properly fawning.

See through the programming.

It was a straight-up murder of your country.

And GHWB was one of the shooters.

The Offended Majority

They have bad feelz.

They blame you.

They hate you.

They have more political power than you do.

And they want you dead.