Modern Warfare: A French View Of Counterinsurgency

The classics never fade.

AK-47 Use & Maintenance Manuals


Via Gab:

USMC AK-47 Operator’s Manual

USMC AK-47 Maintenance Manual

Print copies of each today; added to the Practical Resources roll in the left (heh) margin.

You do know how to run an AK, da?

ak rifle is fine

Z Blog: Never Forget

Whether the NRA or any other bastion of Conservatism, Inc., it was always a Long Con.

Traitors before enemies.

GoV: Brexit Fail Or Not?

GoV link

The UK is < 10 years ahead of FUSA.

Plan accordingly.

Police Mentality

Read/view these accounts of the Miami “innocents are bullet shields” shootout:

Miami ups shootout wrong kiddo

Then watch this piece:

Now read PA’s article, plus comments:

All of that was your preparation for this question (and of course, all of this speculation is moot, given that Mr. Greenwood has assured us that we shall be eternally free because of ‘Murka and the Consteetooshun):

What should be the default Deplorable attitude towards popo in the Big Igloo?

The simple and wrong answer is the obvious one.

Consider the spear analogy seen periodically in these parts:

– The spear point (popo) is the action element of Executive Branch power (and, by derivation, Legislative and Judicial Branch power as well).

– But the spear point does not travel to its destination and mission on its own accord. It cannot do so, nor, as a single purpose tool, does it have any inclination to attempt (especially dangerous) unilateral action.

– The spear shaft (logistics, transport, and comms) enables the spear point to be effectively dispatched on its pointy-stabby-killy mission, and thus is an essential (read “vulnerable”) element in any assertion of government power.

– However, the spear itself must be launched and targeted – at least at a concept level – by the hierarchy of Exec/Leg/Judicial government actors. The spear shaft/point assembly does not ever launch itself on any serious action.

Once again for emphasis:

The spear shaft/point assembly does not ever launch itself on any serious action.

Ergo, there is no reason whatsoever to have as a Boogaloo objective the destruction of the spear points, unless in particular situations, such is unavoidable.

Instead, degrade/destroy the spear shaft.

And focus in your initial campaign on the morally-culpable spear launcher/targeters (See? I didn’t call them “spearchuckers”. 🙂 ) who started the whole damned mess.

Local, local, local.

Bi-partisan accountability files, updated as the orchestra finishes its warm-up.

And whatever you do, don’t expend your very limited resources impaling yourselves in an unsuccessful frontal attack on the most dangerous, cohesive actors on the .gov stage.

Places, everyone.



Initial Thoughts On Impeachment

Via AP.

Read this as well:

Revolutionary (and counterrevolutionary) times.

It appears that training time is over.

Plan accordingly.

Stand Strong Sends

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As he notes, it’s kind of a 2A Christmas:

Other swag

Order early to make it for Christmas.

VA Attorney General’s Response To 2nd Amendment Sanctuary Resolutions: ‘Gun safety laws will be followed’


Attorney General’s response to 2nd Amendment sanctuary resolutions: ‘Gun safety laws will be followed’

Virginia Sheriff: ‘I Will Deputize Thousands of Citizens To Protect Their Gun Rights’

CHS: Suppressing Dissent Guarantees Disorder And Collapse

But The Big They know that unless dissent is suppressed, the Big Con will be blown.

They have made their decision.

Have you?

From A Reader (Or Two)

From over the transom.



(3) arrested for questioning because they were FILMING THE ATTACK.
This has shades of “The dancing Israelis” all over it.
The basis of any forward cooperation/inclusion with Saudi students is questionable at best.
Expect in the next few days an official statement from the Navy that touches upon:
-This is not who we are
-As bad as the tragedy was, at least we have diversity (a hat tip to the execrable Army GEN Casey)

The 2nd & 3rd order effects will be MOAR diversity training mandated, this will function as a social filter to encourage rational people to depart the military. I assure you that based upon my own observations, they will sell out that which carries the load in order to promote, fellate and cheer degenerates and race hustlers.

The article on zerohedge states that the student was early in the training. That would place him in what is termed “API”, or aviation pre-flight indoctrination. He would have been assigned to VT-10 or VT-4 under Training Wing 6. VT-86 is advanced strike training. As he was in API, this kid had not yet even graced the seat of a primary trainer.

Now, consider the following… did the kid just “snap”, or was he selected for this role in a long game? If it was a long game and this was a mission he was sent to perform, the roots of the problem lead back to Riyadh. One would logically wonder which strain of the Royal Family he belonged to, and if that family had been squeezed by MBS for the Aramco IPO, or was a “guest” of the ministry of interior forces (Mukhabarat) during the crackdown.


A mental and emotional manipulation tool.

For rejection upon discernment.

SLL: How’s That Alternative Reality Working Out For You?

Robert’s latest.

Money quote:

“…The Party has morons on its team: those who still believe its narratives. It doesn’t matter if true believers are PhDs, Mensa members, or billionaires, in real-world intelligence they’re not the sharpest tools in the shed. The problem with having morons on your team is that they’re, well, morons. They’re the Party’s allies, but that’s like a military alliance with Haiti…”


And keep prepping.

Lind: The Anti-White Party

Naming the anti-Americans.

In other words, hatespeech.

With the prospect of much more en route.

Plan accordingly.

Three From Aesop

Each worth the time:

Idiot Savants

Hunger And Starvation Are Powerful Teaching Tools…

Final Ebola Report For 2019


How to Avoid Civil War: Decentralization, Nullification, Secession

And note that the biggest step in secession is the individual commitment to clear thinking.

Which includes the hardened heart needed to stop those who oppose you.

FUSA is finished.

Plan accordingly.

Seeing The Spiral

This is fine.

Just wait ’til 2021.

Ãœber Quote For The Flaming Twenties

“What this [collusion ‘investigation’/impeachment scam/Deep State coup d’état/Red putsch] has shown is that the covenant is broken. We agreed that we would vote, and whoever won got to set policy and whoever lost would abide by it. We kept our end under Obama, even as we suspected there was major corruption, criminal activity, and treason. But then it was violated by Democrats with Illegal Alien sanctuaries. We retaliated with Second Amendment sanctuaries, and would have let it go there. But now the Democrats have shown they will not do the same, as they have tried to overturn the election for the highest leader in the land. Impeachment is the turning point, beyond which the national covenant has broken. Unless Q and Trump break out something amazing, Boogaloo it is.”

Anonymous Conservative

A Reminder

Via Gab.

President Blutarsky Will Eat The Peach Mints


Nothing is over until we decide it is.