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Deep State Still Winning

A reader sends:

Do you understand yet?

From Over The Transom

I know you all don’t want to read this but you should. It’s not a Assault Weapons Ban it’s a complete GUN BAN.

My sources the Corporation is desperate & expect a Big False Flag when school starts to spark the Safety & Welfare of Children just like Germany.

Remington 870 Shotgun & Remington R700 Bolt Action are included it’s a complete irradication of all guns. In other words it’s UN Gun Ban …

The Road To Hell Is Paved With Virtue-Signaling

And there’s no way out but through.

Keep bashing on.

Firearms For Freedom & Forage – Part I

Got sustainability?

You’d better.

The Shootings, the Stats, and the Violent War Against the Deplorables

You are either at the table or on the menu, as Billy Beck used to say.

Hint: Trad Americans aren’t at the table.

Plan accordingly.

Spicy Time Approaches

From over the transom:


An interesting counter perspective. Sun Tzu stated words to the effect that one should know the enemy as one knows oneself. It is likewise important to read how the enemy views himself, or wants to portray that he/she/it/xhir/zirple views itself.

Political Violence is a Game the Right Can’t Win

It is also interesting that this June 14, 2017 article is resurfacing now a mere blink away from the staged event of Portland antifa riots.

The source where this was viewed is:

There are PLENTY of pics in there that are useful for what I perceive as your purposes.

PA: A Meme & Three Photos

Explained; also read the comments.

Herschel: And Trump Isn’t Finished Yet On Guns


Oathkeepers Update

We will not be participating in the August 17 rally in Portland

Buppert: Irish Democracy – The Balancing Act


Open Thread

How’s all that MAGA shit going?

Also, any interest (meaning you will make it happen in your AO) in DSRs in 2020?

If so, who and where?

Sabo Sends

Via Gab.

In WW2, The Americans Allied With The Greater Mass Murderer To Kill The Two Lesser Mass Murderers

Thereby creating the global system for the past 75 years, which today is falling into chaos as we speak.

But hey…

Greatest Generation.

And Boomers.

Senate Dems Give Bizarre Warning To SCOTUS: Change Or Face ‘Restructuring’

Frank the Crippled Commie would be proud.*



Via HateFrog.

Fight, Win, And Survive – Part II

More essential material for the upcoming Final Exams.

Part I here.

Z Blog: Process Conservatism

A/k/a learning to love the bite stick.

Go ahead and vote at the Red tide.

Good luck with that.


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Two From Z Man

Post-Soviet America

The White Fright