More Battlespace Info Prep From The Enemy Media

NBC: Richmond Residents Worry About Another Charlottesville

Seattle PI: A look at expected participants in Virginia gun rally

NYT: What To Know About the Virginia Gun Rally

Slate: Why Are Pro-Gun Militias Descending On Virginia?

Fox5DC: They will take your guns away.’ President Trump speaks out ahead of Richmond rally

Washington Examiner: Virginia braces for unprecedented show of force by gun-rights activists


JC Dodge: A Man Chooses – A Slave Obeys

Man vs slave

On tomorrow, via AP.

Godspeed to all en route and already on set.

Day By Day

From Chris Muir.

GoV: Anti-Boogaloo Ops, Swedenistan Version

But I’ll bet those silly Swedes haven’t even thought about the Northam2020 Uppity Whitefolk Predeployed Killbox, right?

Maybe Coonman will license it to the EU government.

They do share a common endstate, after all.

TL Davis: Time To Think Of CW2

His latest, via NCR.


Right to fences

Bezos’ Blog Continues Battlespace Info Prep

WaPo: Richmond Braces For Enormous Gun Rights Rally

WaPo Editorial Board: Attacks on Virginia’s gun safety efforts are irresponsible overreactions

Know that GoodThinkers across the country and around the world are getting their minds right by absorbing their masters’ narrative in articles such these.

In the minds of the GoodThinkers, you and your family are already deplorable Nazi white supremacist haters who refuse to progress with the rest of society.

As such, you are already domestic terrorists needing to be handled harshly by LEOs, politicians, and judges alike.

And there is nothing you can do to make those GoodThinkers believe otherwise.

Nothing, that is, except to escape their clutches.

Godspeed to all.

GOA Sitrep 18JAN 1521EST

VA Supreme Court Punts, Still Keeps Gun Owners Disarmed at Lobby Day

Richmond: The Z Axis

Via Gab.

Link from screenshot above

See also:

CBS11DFW: FBI Behind Mysterious Surveillance Aircraft Over US Cities

From VCDL 0225EST Today


Godspeed to all.

Readers Send

devil's brigade

Traffic overnight:

For the mildly curious, just put the tail registration # into a search engine. You will see the registration data (who/what owns it) and where it is based out of. Like Infantry, if you see one, there are probably others around or where they came from. It is just good stuff to know so that the capabilities of what tax dollars are paying for are understood by people.


To flesh out what is seen over RIC, here is an undated, un-located pic of one on the ground.

Currently Airborne Military Aircraft


For those still on the fence over this, they need to understand that the security environment is not designed for their safety, it is designed to be stage managed to achieve whatever ends TPTB want.
The wisdom of Sun Tzu applies… to win without fighting is the apex of skill.

Vice: Why This Antifa Group Is Siding With Thousands of Pro-Gun Conservatives In Virginia

My Little Armalite, Virginia Edition

Use the vid for the tune, but sing MZW’s new lyrics going forward:

And it’s down in Blacksburg Forest is where I long to be
Lying in the dark with a Luau company
A comrade on me left and another one on me right
A mag of ammunition for me little Armalite

[Verse 1]
We were insulted by the governor, he said “You all are scum
Clinging to religion and your compensating gun,”
We tried to argue logically, our manners were polite
But all the time I’m thinking of me little Armalite

And it’s down in the swampland is where I long to be
Lying in the dark with a Boogaloo company
A comrade on me left and another one on me right
A drum of ammunition for me little Armalite

[Verse 2]
Well this brave State Policeman came marching up our street
Six hundred National Guardsman he had lined up at his feet
“Come out you cowardly criminals, come on out and fight”
He cried “I’m only joking” when he heard the Armalite

And it’s down in Appalachia is where I long to be
Lying in the dark with an Igloo company
A comrade on me left and another one on me right
A crate of ammunition for me little Armalite

An Open Letter To The Virginians (And All Other Remaining Trad Americans)

Link here; h/t Joe Huffman at Gab:

Open letter to the citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia:

The traitorous Democrats (but I repeat myself) in the governor’s office and legislature have announced their plans to disarm you and arrest your local elected officials. Whether they carry out those plans to completion over the next few months, or over a period of years, or decades, makes no difference. They have arrogantly announced both their hostile intent and their contempt for the Constitutions of both the United States of America and the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Do not be fooled by the standard Leftist tactic of “Let’s compromise. We’ll let you keep half of your cake. For now.” Whether you have your throats slit or die by a thousand cuts, the result is the same. Because the intent behind the actions of your enemies is the same, and unchanging. Rust never sleeps.

The Democrats want you dead and gone, and your culture not just destroyed but forgotten. To finish the job, they need to take your guns from you. They have already stolen your votes by importing millions of foreigners and federal government drones. They silence your voices from the media. They hide the crimes commit against you in the news. Their corrupt judges rule from the bench with an iron fist in a black robe. They bankrupt you with inflation and debt.

When the soap box has been burned,
When the ballot box has been stolen,
When the jury box has been corrupted,
That only leaves Pandora’s box.

May God have mercy upon their souls, for we must have none.
God help us all.

MLK Day Should Be Ended

Explained here.

Badthinking will get you nowhere in dying FUSA’s society.

But it will provide clarity.

TL Davis: Is Governor Northam Trying To Start A Second Civil War?


Know that after Monday, the narrative will be how Governor Babykiller stood up to the waaaaacisss nahzeees (or is it the ‘nahzee waaaaacissses’?) on behalf of all of the GoodThinkers in Virginia, be they in the People’s Republic of Northern Virginia or metastisizing elsewhere in the Commonwealth.

The narrative will also be that all white hetero gun-owning trad Americans, including you and your family, are forevermore deemed “hating nahzeee waaaaacisss haters”, whose sins can only be redeemed by a river of their own blood.

Especially if provacateurs and dimwits stick to the Communist script this Monday.

Alea iacta est.

Update To “Nice Toy”

Prior link

From over the transom:

Having driven Bobcats in construction and mining, they are very tippy due to short wheelbase. This one has tracks but the cage in front doesn’t help it any as far as being top heavy. Steep inclines and off camber slopes are your friend, then have a cocktail party. Short of actual Panzerfaust, a soft spring launcher like a PIAT would be a great invention, aimed fire with bottles, without somehow breaking them during launch.

Just thinking out loud, as an old Panzerknacker.


Via Gab.

Full spectrum tyranny.

This is American Communism in action.

Bravo Zulu

From here.

The action speaks for itself.

Day By Day

From Chris Muir.

Trading One Right For Another

Another POV.

When the Bad Man says you can only go here, don’t follow instructions.




founders would be shooting by now