Bring Everyone To FUSA

State Dept. Considering Large-Scale TPS Program For Venezuelans, Others

Worse is better.

Up your PT.

Extermination war is being executed against you.

These are the early stages.

Two From Mosby

The Lie Of “Off-Grid” Living

Off-Grid Education


Five Insane Provisions In The Tiny-Wall Amnesty 2019 Bill

It is to laugh.

Or puke.

Sailer: The Scramble For America

Unlimited fertility, massive dependence on exogenous food sources, and Western suicidal altruism.

Aided by barely-covert social engineering at the meta level to disempower and then displace Western native populations.

What possibly could go wrong?

Couldn’t Find This In The Hallmark Rack

Via Twitter.

Quote Of The Week

“Nobody wants dangerous people to have access to firearms, which is why the NRA supports risk protection orders with adequate due process protections and ensure those adjudicated to be dangerously mentally ill receive treatment,” Jennifer Baker, a spokesperson for the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action, said. “The NRA believes that any effort should be structured to fully protect the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens while preventing truly dangerous individuals from accessing firearms. We will only support an [Emergency Risk Protection Order] process that strongly protects both Second Amendment rights and due process rights at the same time.”

– Via Herschel


Codrea: FOIA Seeks ATF Documents after Technical Expert Admits ‘Machinegun’ Ruling Political

But…but…the President said in El Paso the other night that he would never do anything to violate our great Second Amendment.

PSA: Use This Material To Ensure That Your Home Is Safe

Everything in here is bad.

You shouldn’t have or do anything in this bad book.

If you read it – or worse yet, print hard copy of it, use it only as a checklist to ensure that you do not have or do anything that is bad.

Certainly, you should not under any circumstances think about how the bad things in this bad book could be used against bad people.

Because that would be bad.

Don’t be bad.


And do not taunt Happy Fun Ball.

Coulter: Guest Columnist Donald Trump On Donald Trump’s Pre-Election Wall Promises

Maybe the Algerians could help?

SVBIEDs And Heavy Construction Equipment

Tonka toys for insurgents.

Food for thought and planning accordingly.

The Twenties are going to be spicy in North America.

Buppert: Because We Knew Mordor Was Real

Bill’s latest.

TINVOWOOT has several corollaries.


Pronounced “yakt-sak-PESS-mik”.

You Are Going To Shoot And Kill People, Even Some You May Know.

Harden your hearts.

The Reds have already done so.

Plan accordingly.

The Great Replacement, Skilled Division

Breitbart: Elites And Politicos Agree – Bring In The Chinese And Indians

This is so good for the country.

And for opioid sales.

Just keep voting.


Via Gab.

Someone Wants To Know How Much Socialism Will Be Retained If FreeFor Wins The Upcoming Extermination War

In all likelihood, far too much.

Go here and opine.

“There’s Nothin’ Here”

Trump’s lawyer predicts the outcome of The Big Investigation.

If so, there will be Sad Pandas and much screeching.

Pity that.

Welcome To The Third World

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RSM: ‘Social Justice’ Is For Homos

Sound familiar?

Help some kid to not be an insufferable doucherocket.

He or she will thank you some day.

By Special Request

Aesop: February 2019 Ebola Update, Cheery Thoughts Edition

“Cheery”, that is, if you dig the hemorrhagic blowshits.


Related: ZH – Sex-For-Vaxx Scheme Uncovered As 2nd-Largest Ebola Outbreak Rages On

On The Non-Existence Of Soft Power In Certain Groups


The Intercept: On AIPAC And Its Power

Fox: AIPAC Tweet Doubleplusungood Badthink


This place can be depressing.

The topics are generally dark, and some of the commentary oscillates between “not helpful” to “likely a product of mental illness”.

Most days, I am reconsidering the comments on/off decision.

But when something like yesterday happens, in which a Muslima congresscritter gets spanked into submission within 24 hours by all sides after daring to assert that Israel pays US powerbrokers to advance its interests, my free-speech zealotry is reinvigorated.

Ditto to SJWs and their howling.

Ditto the poor Greenwoodians who still think that “Rwanda times Bosnia on steroids” can be avoided.

Why is it that those who claim to be above criticism are demonstrably part of the global push to destroy Western Civilization?

And why do they froth so profusely when someone raises that issue?

In the meantime, never, ever give up your guns.

Nor your speech.


15 Fighters: The Dry Layer(s)

Continuing the concept of “good enough but cheap enough”, what do you (or should you) carry in your ruck to keep from getting soaked and hypothermic?

As always, links are very useful.

And please, don’t exclude good-quality hunting gear from your considerations.