Resistance Is Feudal


Thoughts about The Aftermath from the Lind shop.

Note the masthead.

No fooling.

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Good advice for wearers and watchers.

Israeli Think Tank: Don’t Destroy ISIS; It’s A “Useful Tool” Against Iran, Hezbollah, Syria

Militant Islamist fighters on a tank take part in a military parade along the streets of northern Raqqa province June 30, 2014. Militant Islamist fighters held a parade in Syria's northern Raqqa province to celebrate their declaration of an Islamic "caliphate" after the group captured territory in neighbouring Iraq, a monitoring service said. The Islamic State, an al Qaeda offshoot previously known as Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), posted pictures online on Sunday of people waving black flags from cars and holding guns in the air, the SITE monitoring service said.  REUTERS/Stringer (SYRIA - Tags: POLITICS CIVIL UNREST CONFLICT) - RTR3WJA0

From Salon magazine.

Can you imagine what Old Pissbag will have blazing over there within a year of her inauguration?


Maybe We Should Get A New Morale Officer


Via Sabo.


144:1 Sends


Pete – these were quite popular on your blog. I got them in OD and Coyote and some gray left. “take10” is available as a coupon code.

Line in the sand patches will be in late this week, I think.


Full catalog here.

Lee Greenwood Did Not Approve This Message


But…but…FUSA is the one indispensable nation.

A reckoning is long overdue.

And it will be awful.


Brushbeater: A SIGINT Report From The RNC


How to do it.

Listening – especially now to establish a baseline of activity – is much more important than talking.

Get on the air – even if receive only.



From over the transom.

Death Of Dollar Hegemony?

F1 dollar burning

Another work-around FUSA and the Fed.

How many FUSAns understand just how loathed the USG is around the world?

Of that number, how many grok the second and third-order consequences of same?


Club Orlov: A Thousand Balls Of Flame




…You see, Russia lost a huge number of civilian lives while fighting off Nazi Germany. Many people, including old people, women and children, died of starvation and disease, or from German shelling, or from the abuse they suffered at the hands of German soldiers. On the other hand, Soviet military casualties were on par with those of the Germans. This incredible calamity befell Russia because it had been invaded, and it has conditioned Russian military thinking ever since. The next large-scale war, if there ever is one, will be fought on enemy territory. Thus, if the US attacks Russia, Russia will counterattack the US mainland. Keeping in mind that the US hasn’t fought a war on its own territory in over 150 years, this would come as quite a shock.

Of course, this would be done in ways that are consistent with Russian military thinking. Most importantly, the attack must be such that the possibility of triggering a nuclear exchange remains minimized. Second, the use of force would be kept to the minimum required to secure a cessation of hostilities and a return to the negotiating table on terms favorable to Russia. Third, every effort would be made to make good use of internal popular revolts to create long-lasting insurgencies, letting volunteers provide the necessary arms and training. Lastly, winning the peace is just as important as winning the war, and every effort would be made to inform the American public that what they are experiencing is just retribution for certain illegal acts. From a diplomatic perspective, it would be much more tidy to treat the problem of war criminals running the US as an internal, American political problem, to be solved by Americans themselves, with an absolute minimum of outside help. This would best be accomplished through a bit of friendly, neighborly intelligence-sharing, letting all interested parties within the US know who exactly should be held responsible for these war crimes, what they and their family members look like, and where they live…

Poke the Bear enough…

Я покажу вам долбаный “кнопку перезагрузки”, товарисч …

Forward Observer: DHS to Roll Out New Orwellian Intelligence Program


Of course they are.

You expected any different outcome when GWB and your elected representatives launched this shitbag back in 2002?

And BTW, the correct name is Sicherheitspolizei.


Refugee Resettlement Watch: Reception and Placement Abstracts – Get Them And Use Them!


Important info from RRW:

“…these documents, prepared at the level of your local resettlement contractor with the help and guidance of one of the major nine federal contractors, are the blueprints for what is being planned for your town for the upcoming fiscal year.”

Starting point.

WeaponsMan: The Slide Is Real And The Army Is Flipping


Killer quote by WM:

“…So, are you still telling yourself that the people in charge of the military take their oath to the Constitution seriously? Nonsense. They stand ready to serve a government of men, not of laws…”

Time to shoot the colonels?

shoot colonel fascistii



Are you ready for Hillary?


SLL: The Choice, Part I – The Technology


Robert’s latest.


Thoughts On Z-Blog’s “On Being Revolting In The Modern Age”

loading mags

H/t to TSM for this link.

It’s short and precise.


NYT Asks Google to Censor Search Results Related to Hillary’s Health Problems and They Do It

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Do you understand yet?


Denninger On Low Carb


Save a hard copy of the links at the end.

For a friend.


An Awakening?


The money editor at Ms. Wolfe’s new place looks at the Fed’s recent attempt at social media outreach.

And scoffs.

New Woodpile’s Here!