Fran surveys the scene.

Interesting times.

To the horizon.

In Praise Of Defenestration


Brock explains.

Think about the impact (heh) of a single flying local councilcritter.

Explain Again How Your Vote For Individual Freedom, Private Property, And Limited Government Isn’t Trumped By Votes Of The Parasite Class?


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deutsche bank teaser

Moody’s Downgrades Deutsche Bank’s Debt Two Notches Above Junk

I would suggest that DB is a structural wall for the entire building.

But what do I know.

Maestro, would you play us out, please….

Words Not Necessary After This Picture


Read if you must.

Culper Sends


From Sam:

Starting to look into the Baltimore riots tonight. We’re spinning up the Virtual ACE to battle track, just in case we have another few nights of riots.

If you wanted to put it out on WRSA, folks can meet me in the “Baltimore ACE” chatroom on Unseen. In the event that anything happens, we’ll be battle tracking it. It’s great training opportunity for folks to experience the battle rhythm of a fairly high optempo, not to mention good training for when/if they have to do it for themselves.

I’m ForwardObserver on Unseen. Request contact with me, and I’ll drop them into the “Baltimore ACE”.

Herschel: Irrational Christian Bias Against Guns, Violence, And Self Defense


Reason and Scripture in support of self-preservation.

Only an utterly-depraved society doubts the sanctity of innocent life.

Things will get worse.

Each week.

Gurkhas & The Kukri

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 2.04.53 PM

Stormbringer sends.



Valediction Of A Three Percenter

>III Flag Sale Completed

Mike says farewell.

The Rockets’ Red Glare


Partyzantski discusses non-model rocketry.

Asymmetry is a bitch.

Even if you are a rocket scientist.

von braun

Bovard: The High Price Of Security Theatre – Where Did $4 Trillion Go?


You know there’s more coming, right?


Codrea: More On “It IS Happening Here” Front – Gender Expression Madness

fuck you shut up do what you are told

Opposite Day, indeed.

Money graf:

…See, it’s not about “live and let live.” It’s about sticking it in your face and ramming it down your throat. It’s about a form of rape. Ultimately it’s about dominance by those who hate (and who once more demonstrate the Opposite Day truism by painting victims who protest the abuse as “haters.”)….

Here we are.

Imagine where we will be.

Just Sayin’

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 12.09.42 PM

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Brushbeater: New From Elecraft


Small, effective, low-power-use, from a reputable manufacturer.

Worth considering.

And NB – save scads of $ by haunting the equipment bazaars at QRZ and eHam to pick up what gets sold to raise funds for the latest Dayton Hamvention rigs-of-the-dance.

The Tyrant Mindset

de leon

…Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon, D-Los Angeles, said he’s also concerned that presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s campaign will drive more right-leaning voters to the polls and imperil the gun-control initiative.

“I think it’s too risky to put a lot of hard work, decades of hard work, before the voters of California. We don’t know if it passes or not,” de Leon said. “But if we can get it done in the legislative body, the question is, why not do it?”

California Senate approves sweeping gun-control measures

Bernie Brew


From over the transom.

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 10.35.19 AM

Two From Popular Mechanics


A reader sends:

U.S. Crews Fail To Place in NATO Tank Competition

The U.S. Government Is Buying 100 Drone-Jamming Radio Rifles

Civilizational Selfie Suicide

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 10.05.20 AM

Via Twitter.

Those stupid Europeans.

Only self-destructive cretins would import homicidal maniacs just to preen and claim moral superiority.


Greetings, Slaves


Whenever someone says, “It’s not about the money” – it’s about the money.

It’s always about the money.

Not to worry.

Consider it job security.

So Sorry


ZH: Teamsters Pension Plan FUBAR

I’m sure it’s the only one.

Just like there’s no problem at all with those rock-solid public pension plans.

But wait!

Teresa has a plan!