A Public Service Message

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From Boortz via Twitter.

A nation of “feeeeeelers” cannot stand.

And it won’t.

The Plan


From over the transom.

We win.

The collectivists lose.

By any means

From A Reader


What a country!

Selco: Three Things To Know About Killing



An essential part of preparation.

Tempus fugit.


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Via Twitter.


SLL: In The Name Of Tolerance, Kill The Curmudgeons

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A kinder, gentler totalitarianism.

Just remember:

You and your family are not on the guest list.

So sorry.

Be The Best Saboteur You Can Be



Or otherwise.


No matter what.

However you can.

Max Velocity Tactical Lite Litter



Tell me you’re not planning to fireman-carry a casualty to the aid point.



Pepper spray_AM

Got training?

These guys do.

Vanderboegh Hospitalized

Codrea has all that is known, and will update as more is available.

UPDATE 0955 EDT 1 JUL 2015: Just received from David:


Mike just called to update me on his condition, which is a good thing, him being in a condition to call ‘n all.

He is frustrated because the hospital wifi system blocks SSI, so he cannot post updates himself.

In terms of what’s going on, at this point things are speculative. He is scheduled for more tests this morning.

Officer Safety Wants One


From a reader.



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Examples of the phrase “they’ve dropped their masks”:

Insty: Feds Seize Cash From Passenger At RIC Airport – No Arrests, But Twitter Gloating

Insty: Feds Seize Cash From Passenger At JFK Airport – No Arrests, But No Twitter Gloating

Grigg: Road Pirates – Assemble!

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The Coming Persecution – Ten Steps To Take In Preparation


AmRRON’s John Jacob Schmidt sends.

There is no going back.


Quote Of The Week


From the crew at jsmineset.com:

…Beginning immediately it is important to understand any institution can seem healthy one day yet announce insolvency the following day. This is NO JOKE and I am not grandstanding. We just do not know who owns or is obligated to “what”. The financial markets and the individual players are so levered in various directions, volatility as we are now seeing can easily bankrupt the underfunded overnight. I believe this has already happened over the last few years but clandestine funding has kept it hidden. The recent volatility may have been too sharp, sudden or violent to keep the evil genie in the bottle, we will soon see.

I cannot stress how important it is now for you to be on guard for anything at any time. A market closure, though likely over a weekend can occur during ANY WEEKDAY! Do not allow yourself to be lulled to sleep by any rallies from here or stories of how “the storm has passed”. It is ONLY BEGINNING! Greece is absolutely nothing compared to what is to come. Even the Chinese market has entered bear market (-20%+) from just a month ago and the leverage in that market is huge with an unwinding due. Ultimately however, this will end up taking out most all of the major money center banks worldwide. To see London, Frankfurt, Washington D.C. and even Basel Switzerland buckle under the coming CDS/derivatives meltdown will not be a shock to me. As this progresses, it may take weeks or months to unfold but be aware 48 hours is truly all that’s needed…


As is this story.

Interesting times.

You’re living in them.


The Appalachian Messenger – June 26, 2015



Grigg: Begin The Yezhovschina!

yezhov and uncle joe

Thought-crime, kicked up a notch or ten.



Either git, or git ready to build anew.

The old place is condemned.

Into The Breach – Dan Almond For Georgia State Representative, 159th District

banks of the potomac 19 april 2010

Remember this guy?

He was the brains and spark behind both the 2010 Armed March on the Potomac and the several Rifle Open Carry rallies at the Georgia Capitol.

He’s now running for the state legislature.

Support him however you choose.

He’s a good ‘un.

Denninger: What The Hell Is Wrong With Your Head, America?


Good question.

One answer?

Aggregate effect of dumbing-down via government schools and cultural no-accountability deterioration.

Actions have consequences.

Even if you don’t believe that statement.

Montani Semper Liberi: The Art of Being Free in the Back of Beyond


Buppert sends; read it all.


Lo Hace Mejor


ZH: Puerto Rico Says “No Mas!”, Seeks Restructure Of Its Unpayable Government Debt

Consider the downstream effects.

We’re gonna need a bigger printing press.