Loathsome Hatespeech

Z Blog: Why Did Women Go Nuts?

Women Gone Nuts

Two From Aesop

The 2018 Quincy Adams Wagstaff Lecture

Time To Get Down To The Rat Killin’

Quote Of The Week

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Another Great Design

Maybe for delivery to the SAC of your local BATFE office?

It is a holiday for them, after all.

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Buppert: 19 April 1775

A reminder that when people are intent on taking advantage of you, they ultimately will need to be shot if they persist.

How competent – in tools, skills, and mindset – are you for that task?

The Bad People are not going to stop.

They will need to be stopped.

Or they will win.

Winter Is Coming

Part I

Part II

Part III

Brushbeater: Updates on CommRadio’s CTX-10


You are working on your comms gear, right?

When You Put It That Way…

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War is a racket.

Bracken Sends

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144:1 Sends


Other swag

Git sum.

Never Forget

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Public Health Hazard




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Waco 25

Bovard wields the flamethrower.

Never forget the USG’s lessons learned from Waco:

1. There is no such thing as too much cover-up.

2. A massive fire solves many issues.

Remember both lessons for the Coming Excitement.

Suarez: 12 Gauge And Body Armor

Suarez 12 Ga Stakeout Versus Level IIIA Armor from Suarez International on Vimeo.

Z Blog: Nth Generation Politics…War…Both

Do not attack strength.

Live in their minds.

Exploit weakness.

Let’s win.

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ZeroGov: The Revolution Begins Between The Ears

Not just “no”.

But “No, and if you keep it up, you will die.”

DiGenova On Comey

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GoV: The Red Evolution – The Subversive Left, the Destabilising Left, the Antecedents of Generation Snowflake, and the Ultimate Surrender of Rationality

Part I

Part II

Part III