Developing Popular Support To Take The Dissident Right To The Next Level

You don’t have enough allies.

Think about changing that.

Z Blog: Happy Homelands

Read the text, then watch the vids, starting here.

He Is Risen

Use the day wisely.

Usual hijinks after sundown.

What Went Up In Flames

H/t MB via Gab.

More will burn in the coming years.

Much more.

It is far easier to destroy than to build.

Never forget that the destruction of Western Civilization has been an intentional killing.

The Great Trade-Off

Thoughts on Communism, then and now.

Going forward, please cluebat any Greenwoodian who doesn’t understand the following from Z Man, via Heartiste:

There’s also the fact that America has been a social democracy for close to a century now. Mostly what the Right in America has done since WW2 is perpetuate a fantasy that is not based in fact. Just about every aspect of American life is socialized to some degree.

There is no area of American life where the state does not play an active role and there is no redistributive goal of their involvement. The core of both parties, both sides of the ruling class, is packed to the gills with central planners. Their only dispute is about the resulting patronage.

One other factoid, relevant for its media/government-school-produced inevitability, via VD:

UK Daily Mail: Half of Millennials and Generation Z want employers to prioritize diversity over ability when it comes to hiring; just 15% of Generation Z and 32% of Millennials believe ‘merit and competition supersede all, even if that results in a workplace that creates minimal diversity’

If you aren’t calculating how best to divorce you and yours from the ongoing civilizational failure across the West, you are wrong.

Buppert: BPWPTW*

*Because Private Weapons Prohibition – That’s Why.

The racket, in simplest terms:

– We, the government, have no duty to protect you

– Notwithstanding that fact, we insist on removing your ability to lawfully own and use the most efficient tools yet devised for personal protection from all lethal threats

– If you fail to comply with our laws, we will kill you

Any questions?

Just ask these guys.

Caption This

Via Gab.

Two extra beet rations to be awarded for best caption, as determined by popular acclaim.


Rome: Then & Now

H/t to NCR for this compare/contrast on imperial power, perogatives, and problems.

If Trad Americans do not see the prospect of martyrdom before them now, just wait a trifle longer.

TACB: 12 Years a Slave – The Making of a Modern Woman

Doom, intentionally imposed.

Leaving humanoid rubble in its wake.

It struck me the other day that the indoctrination/execution/betrayal cycle (girl is raised on today’s conventional wisdom/dreck, goes about her early adulthood according to its “Go grrrrl!” demands, and suddenly she is in her thirties, alone, herpetic, with one or more abortions on her conscience) is what fuels the batshitcrazy next phases of her life.

Unable/unwilling to take responsibility for the debacle that is her backtrail, the “white men that did this” to her must be destroyed.

Tragic for all.

And destructive.

Welcome to the Flaming Twenties.

Heartiste: “To disrupt an entrenched, corrupt establishment, you must first disrupt yourself.”

Another gem:

“…Perhaps more Heritage Americans need to understand that all this shit we think is so important – a career, a shitty condo, a car you make payments on are not things we should worry about losing, they are the yokes that keep us afraid to speak and live the truth…”


Clown World, Explained

April 17, 1975

“You-Know-Who-Tube REALLY doesn’t want you to see this movie. It’s a Vietnamese film about Cambodian communism.”

All vid links at postlink.

Year Zero, baby.

Every Commie’s dream.

ZH: 3-Day Precision Rifle Class/$525/Waco TX


It’s time to abandon hope and get squared away.

You can always take up PRS and three-gun as hobbies if The Inevitable turns out not to be.

AARs appreciated from any participants.

Good Morning

Via Gab.

This Kind Of Thing Is Just Not Who We Are

Unless, of course, you include the part about shooting all of the soft-palmed elected, appointed, and civil service Commies as they move through their cute little virtue-signaling lives.

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Via a reader.

Zero Standard-Capacity Mags Surrendered To NJ State Police

Quite droll.

Especially the multiple FOIAs to get NJSP to admit they had crapped their drawers.

RSM: Mueller? Mueller? Mueller?

Capital City nonsense.

Go do PT.

And work on your local bi-partisan accountability files.

Aesop: Range Report I – Ruger PC9 Carbine


The Saker Interviews Dmitry Orlov


To me, at least.