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Thoughts On Networking

Or, as the proverb goes:

Dig your well before you are thirsty.

If you aren’t networking in your immediate meatspace, you are wrong.

And come Friskytime, it will bite you in the gonads.


Strong Horse*

Via Gab.


SLL: Declining And Falling

Robert’s latest.

Sic transit gloria mundi.

For even the Indispensable Nation.

Stand ready for post-Imperial life.

The Great American Purge Of The 1940s

(Site of the future Joe Stalin’s Pal Memorial Public Urinal, circa 2027)

H/t to SLL for this Unz article on the antics of Frank The Cripple, our first Red president.

Sainted, my ass.

Consider this classic as well:

A Wonderful Socialist Life – Part IV

Read and spread this string.

FUSA is on the glide path to this fate today.

And you had better understand there is no voting your way out of this.

What Role Will Militias Play in the “Coming Unpleasantness”?

Thinking from the Culper shop.

Best to have your authority – from the current regime or from concrete say-so from your protectees – squared away.

Buppert: Pistol Carry Options

Solid info.

And BTW, you will be carrying – permitted or otherwise – once things move to Frisky status in your sector of FUSA.

Best to figure out now how best to achieve that.

More On The Eternal Glories Of Socialism

Read the whole thread.

Harden your hearts.

Toughen your bodies.

Sharpen your skills.

The Reds must be defeated.

Aesop: The Elephant In The Room

You won’t like what your neighbors will do as things get more sporty in FUSA.

Not at all.

Be mindful of those around.

And decisive.

GVDL: On Hate from the American Left and Hating the American Left

Reason, and a call for more.

May the prayers of good people be answered with peace.

And yet…

Lincoln’s assertion, cited by GVDL, that the inhabitants of North America cannot separate is mere rhetoric.

Of course, people can decide to redraw borders.

And on albeit rare occasions, such a redrawing can be done peacefully.

Compare and contrast the former Czechoslovakia with the former Yugoslavia.

See also the Norway and Sweden dissolution.

Which outcome do you prefer?

New Woodpile’s Here!



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The Foxfire series.

Get them.

Read them.

Do what you learned from them.

Practice makes competent.

Denninger: On The G-7, Tariffs, And Trade

Short and to the point.

Eff me, eff you.

Or not.

Z Blog: President BoomerCon

Z on Trump, immigration, and the President’s base.

Coulter has the best counterpoint:

Not Kosher

ACB draws a line between Elon Musk’s recent outburst, the implications of unified media control, and the fate of European civilization – both at home and across the globe.

No more National Review for you, fella.

Repeat after me:

All men are created equal.

Some men can serve two masters.

The holy Consteetooshun prohibits speech that offends those with a large enough bullhorn.

When Stalin Almost Conquered Europe

Things are not as they seem.

Or as you’ve been taught.

The same fact holds today.

(H/t FNC)

UPDATE 1645E 10JUN2018: See also The Chief Culprit: Stalin’s Grand Design to Start World War II, as well as this video:

The High Price Of Stale Grievances

Avoidance of self-ownership and accountability.

My reparations check is in the mail.

The cited debate:


Via GVDL at Gab.