Suprynowicz: Three Weeks To Go

A midterm overview by an old fighter.

What a time to be alive.

For What Are You Willing To Die? And Why?

Lind: A Second Reformation?

Some Thoughts On The Clergy And Christian Revival

Serious questions.

Serious times.

K Blog: This Update Corrects Improper Autonomous Behavior

Porter on the social operating system.


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An Example Of The Current State Of The American People

NAXALT* caveat, but do read this short piece and apply its lessons to your life:

A short version of Gregory Kay’s experience during Hurricane Michael. Mr. Kay had moved to the Florida panhandle in the spring of 2018. Gregory informs me that he’ll be writing up a more extensive piece on his experiences.

“4 of us men (out of a hallway full of people) were desperately trying to tie doors shut in the shelter in the middle of a category 5 hurricane, with a 140-160 mph wind ripping down the breezeway right in front of it in a storm of debris, doing its best to suck those doors open, which would have resulted in people being sucked out.

We need to cut cord, so I produce a Leatherman. Two people gasp, “I didn’t think you were supposed to have THOSE THINGS in a school!”
In sheer disbelief, but in the interests of not escalating the situation, I went with my second-best response of “It’s a tool, not a knife, just a set of pliers with an auxiliary blade,” rather than my first instinct of, “Who gives a fuck, you fucking idiot! What are they gonna do, expel me?”
It turns out that my daughter and I were the only ones with knives in the place. Go figure.

Meanwhile, a woman is asking, “But how can the rescue squad get to us if the doors are tied?”
“The rescue isn’t coming until the wind stops and it’s over, lady, and we’ll untie it then.” The “if any of us are still alive to do it, and if not, it won’t matter, will it?” was left unsaid.

Another woman was whining, “You need to leave those doors open; it’s hot and stuffy in here, and we need a breeze.” No, I’m not lying.
She kept complaining about it to anyone who would listen, until she was finally silenced by a rawboned redneck woman who suddenly shouted, “Bitch, there are little kids in here handling this shit better than you are! If you don’t shut the hell up right now, I’m going to knock the fuck out of you!”
End of complaints.

Lessons learned:
1. Be prepared with basic tools (like knives).
2. Something like 90% of people are passive observers in an emergency, only a few will take action without being told directly, and tiny number are so incredibly stupid their mere presence can threaten the survival of the entire group.
3. The best way to deal with that tiny percentage is with the real threat of violence, complete with the full intention of following it up if necessary.” – Gregory Kay


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See also the NYT piece.

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Too, too funny.

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Bracken Live 1500E Now

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The USG’s View On Censorship



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Heap big bullshitters.

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Recruiting Film

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From the mindset that brought the world Drag Queen Story Hour for elementary school kids.

Bracken Sends: On Free Speech &

Keeping Nazis, Communist and Islamists Out of FreeZoxee: Censorship or Sanity?
By Matt Bracken was created to provide an integrated set of social media platforms minus the left-wing bias of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, but also without repeating the grave error of the conservative Twitter clone Gab began with the premise of providing absolute free speech posting rights to all users. This sounds wonderful in theory but, in actual practice, Gab became a happy home for hundreds, if not thousands, of neo-Nazis. Gab’s remedy for this Nazi infestation was to provide mute and block features, but it can only be guessed how many first-time visitors simply turn away, rather than wading through the Hitler-worshipping Jew haters, blocking them one after the other.

FreeZoxee’s policy is to welcome all views in an open and honest discussion forum. Subjects that are taboo on liberal social media are fair game. However, we will not allow idiots with screen names like “I love Hitler” to goose-step aboard FZ waving Nazi Swastikas. In the same manner, we do not welcome those arriving under the hammer and sickle or the crescent moon. We will not amplify the messages of totalitarian ideologies with proven records of destroying free speech and committing genocide when they come to power. We will not pass ammunition to would-be tyrants, or hand rope to our future hangmen.

Free speech must not become such a fetish that it is held up as a higher virtue than defending one’s own people, nation, religion or culture from attack. FreeZoxee welcomes all rational intelligent discussion, but not the wholesale importation of totalitarian propaganda. There can be no honest debate with totalitarians who arrive programmed with immutable zombie marching orders derived from the Koran, the Communist Manifesto, or Mein Kampf. We can learn from the current situation in Europe where, in the name of absolute tolerance even for the intolerant, thousands of mosques have been built for the millions of Muslim immigrants who will, over time, destroy every last vestige of freedom there.

Intelligent people cannot, under the rubric of absolute free speech, permit screaming fascists to invade their debate halls. Black-clad fascists from any of these totalitarian ideologies add no more to intelligent discourse than feces-throwing howler monkeys add to a picnic. These fascists don’t come to support free speech, but to kill it. Tolerating their intolerance is suicidal.

Uncounted millions of innocent people have been murdered by Nazis, Communists and Mohammedans. Their modern adherents promise to continue their demonstrated mass murder programs if they rise to power. We are not going to help them achieve their goals on FZ, a platform dedicated to defending freedom and opposing tyranny. Pornographic images and the gratuitous display of graphic carnage for the sole purpose of causing horror and disgust are likewise disallowed on FZ. The #Gabstapo Nazis may term this policy censorship, if they like, but we don’t care. There are many other websites where pornographers, gross-out artists, Nazis, Communists and Mohammedans will be welcomed, but they will not be tolerated on

WRSA note: The whole subject, IMHO, is handled by the “your place, your rules” baseline. Speech and property rights are both essential, but in the event of a conflict, the private property rights of the space-owner must be primary. Absent such a rule, you would have the insanity of private actors being forced to lodge guests in their hotel contrary to the owners’ wishes, or bakers being forced to make and decorate cakes contrary to their beliefs. And yes, I am crapping on consteetooshunal restorationists with that snark.

FZ is another watering hole for anti-tyranny types. That itself is a good thing. I signed up yesterday (in < 5 minutes using one thumb on my handheld), and am exploring the possibility of mirroring WRSA there as well as other places. I plan to keep supporting Gab as well, notwithstanding Matt's legitimate criticisms of that platform.

Diversity actually is our strength – in our comms, in our weapons, and in our thought processes.

Funny, right?

Hope to see you at

“After Me, The Sharia”: AfD Slags Merkel And The Other German Traitors

GoV and allies continue their important international work on the European Replacement project.

Existential struggle it is.

K Blog: Think Different

Insights on the belief set of TWWHYAYMFDEWTMSSYSD*.

*Those Who Would Have You And Yours Murdered For Doing Exactly What Their Marketing Slogans Say You Should Do

Funny thing about city folks.

People who live in a concentrated area which produces no food or power and which cannot excrete its own wastes should be more introspective and polite.

But they won’t.

Sorry, meet not sorry.

Buppert: On Men & Masculinity

Solid advice – plus two movie recommendations.

If you want to destroy civilization, destroy its builders.

Well on its way.

Compare/Contrast: Old vs. New AR Platforms – Part II

More on the improvements over the past 50+ years.

Part I here.

New Woodpile’s Here!


Hillary Clinton Releases DNA Test Results Proving She’s Only Half Lizard Person

What a relief.

On the other hand, this chick looks to be just about pure alien:

More On The NPC Meme

ZH: NPC Meme Triggers SJWs & Twitter Ban

See also Vox and Breitbart.

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Who’s On Call: Medical Care When The Lights Go Out

Good questions.

To say the least, 9-1-1 will not be operational.

The medical care you have will be what you can piece together, both now and then.

Tempus fugit.

Z Blog: Our Struggle

Goodthink on not pissing off or pissing on our natural allies in the trad American crowd.

I always have to keep near front of mind just how much of a statist, aspirational asshole I was – even before I was given felony prosecutorial authority in six major metropolitan counties.


If I can recant my heresies and assholeries, I should know enough to be patient with those who are just awakening.

See related piece and comments on LeeGreenwoodism.

You really don’t have enough armed, trained, provisioned allies with hard hearts and the infrastructure to support them.

Keep at it.