U.S NEWS Las Vegas Shooting Victim: ‘I Was Shot by a Gunman in the Crowd’

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City Of Brotherly Love

An anthropological expedition, courtesy of The Burning Platform.

Freedom Diagram

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TL Davis: “The Second Amendment is special, not because it protects guns, but because its violation signals a government with the intention to oppress its people…”

Absent an acceptable divorce mechanism, the break-up of FUSA will be profoundly ugly.

And the true pity is that the Inner Party wants the Outer Party majority to die, right along with the Deplorables.

Wretchard: An Unreal Existence

The Western Voluntary Existence Movement

In thought.


And ultimately, existence.


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Open thread; I’ll keep comments from piling up from the road.

200+ Paddock Financial Transactions Flagged As Possible Terrorist Financing

MDT: Survivalist Self-Assessment Checklist


Use it for yourself.

Help others use it for their situations.

Tempus fugit.


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Herschel: The Collapse Of The Government Narrative On The Las Vegas Shooting

The NKVDFBI and Vegas PD ain’t telling the whole deal.

And the hysterical media-circus aftermath – even if it was just Paddock taking the loud door into oblivion – is the entire point, in any event.

UPDATE 0905E 7OCT2017: John Robb says not to dismiss ISIS.

SLL: You’re On Your Own


Got skills?

And friends with skills?

Surprise Quote Of The Week

…I think a lot of Americans have guns because they’re fearful—and for damn good reason. They fear a coming chaos, and know that when it happens it will be coming to a nation that no longer coheres. They think it’s all collapsing—our society, our culture, the baseline competence of our leadership class. They see the cultural infrastructure giving way—illegitimacy, abused children, neglect, racial tensions, kids on opioids staring at screens—and, unlike their cultural superiors, they understand the implications.

Nuts with nukes, terrorists bent on a mission. The grid will go down. One of our foes will hit us, suddenly and hard. In the end it could be hand to hand, door to door. I said some of this six years ago to a famously liberal journalist, who blinked in surprise. If that’s true, he said, they won’t have a chance! But they are Americans, I said. They won’t go down without a fight…

— Peggy Noonan, The Culture Of Death – And Of Disdain

Four From TL

Why you should be checking TL’s place every day:

Gun Rights Fight Expose Left As Communists

Interview on 56 KLZ

Fact-Blindness & The Left

Is Stephen Paddock A Typical Democrat These Days?

New Training Resource

These folks contacted me before Vegas. Looked at their material, thought it looked good, put it on the back burner until I got back from vacation and had the bandwidth.

Now, in the wake of Vegas and its possible consequences, thought others should take a look and see what you think.

More on Monday.

The Madness of Saint Woodrow

Or, What If the United States Had Stayed out of the Great War?

The Twentieth Century’s tab has not yet been paid.

Not even close.

Trauma Course Upcoming October 27-29

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Aesop’s recent post “Gunshot Trauma and your IFAK” is a wealth of accessible and lifesaving information. While reading and watching YouTube videos is a great start, nothing replaces hands-on instruction and simulations with expert observation and feedback.

Your readers may be interested in an upcoming three-day class that will include training in hemorrhage control (evaluation, tourniquets, hemostatic dressings) in addition to more commonly encountered medical needs such as exposure, infection, and non-penetrating trauma. This class is limited to those with some medical training (EMT, MD, and everything in between) and would equip them to return home and train their friends and families.

The course guide, preliminary schedule, and registration information are available at

All questions should be directed to


From over the transom:

FBI should have a team on Benjamin Hoskins Paddock, the father of Stephen Paddock, who died in 1998. He was the bank robber. Got twenty years. Escaped federal prison c. 1969. On FBI’s Most Wanted List until he was caught in 1978. Right after the prison break he robbed another bank. But in ’78 the feds “paroled” him. I’ve never heard of anything like that. I think that if you find out what this was all about you might very well have a foundation for understanding Stephen Paddock.

It might be a very good idea to find out about Benjamin Paddock’s time in prison, who he got to know, and how he escaped — the entire story, not just the synopsis. And where did Benjamin Paddock get his “get out of jail free” card. Like I said, I’ve never heard of a fugitive with another federal bank robbery charge after his prison break being let go. That takes political connections. Where did those connections come from? And what did Benjamin Hoskins do to develop them? I think the answer to that will be found in his prison record — his associations in prison — and in his break.

Understand who and what the father was and you might very well get to what the son was up to — what he was up to will explain why he was so good at concealing it. That will require a deep forensic audit of his finances, including his interactions with casinos and who at those casinos he was interacting with.

Unapologetically Rise From The Ashes

Descent into national madness has its upsides.

One of which is that it is easier to get the car keys from Dad when he’s passed out on his pharma of the week.

Read The Thread – At Least Through #20

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A Modest Proposal

Climb on in, snowflakes…

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Schlichter: On Liberals And Their Rage

Irreconcilable differences.



To be resolved…

Buppert: Kill The Second Amendment – Let’s Get This Party Started

A modest proposal, designed to make explicit that which throbs just below the surface of every government stooge and their allies across FUSA.

Of course, there will be unintended consequences.

But there will be Progress.

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You Know, Like Every 64-Year-Old White Guy…

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FB page of KVVU Reporter

See also this comment from earlier this evening:

I have been posting this anywhere and everywhere; major news site to any blog I can find. This not a joke or a scam. Paddock was tasked by the Bureau to facilitate an undercover weapons buy to suspected IS operatives at the hotel. The IS members were tipped off and killed Paddock. They then commenced the Vegas shooting as a, “target of opportunity”, as it were. This is being covered up at the highest level. Paddock’s handler has been threatened and silenced as well. Operational documents as proof of this are forthcoming (hopefully)

From over the transom earlier today:

I told you they’d claim it was AR15s in Vegas. Look at the photos. Pure tripe — specifically going after Daniels Defense, after DD had the -nerve- to seek an advertising segment during half-time at the slobberbowl. Revenge as a secondary purpose, right there.

This OP has *every* hallmark of a FF/setup at this point – the “full monte” of lies and manipulation is on grotesque display.

And if you’ve been surfing at all, you’ll also notice that lots of veterans are saying that 1) there are definitely multiple shooters and multiple firing positions involved, and 2) that at least one of the guns was an M240/SAW. Both of which we concur with.

Here’s one other telling bit for you: if the lone shooter was on the 32nd floor, how were people safe behind a ~30 to 36 inch high wall less than 800 feet away? (estimated wall height from published photos, lateral distance of 780 feet via google-maps, see images)

Trigonometry doesn’t lie – if the shots were coming from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay (or the roof directly above the now-infamous Room 135), then the protected area behind such low cover as that wall provides would not have saved them. The protected area in ref to the 32nd floor (12 feet per floor X 32 floors is 384 feet height; lateral distance to the wall is about 780 feet from the MB hotel [at ground level – see annotated photo] to the base of the wall, so the hypotenuse angle is about 40 degrees at the low wall…. meaning that the protection would only have extended – at most – 42 or 44 inches out from the base of the wall. Not nearly enough of a safe space for roughly 35 feet of wall to have sheltered almost a hundred people from the entire attack, as stated by many witnesses, including several police officers who were ‘pinned down’ at that exact location throughout much of the shooting.

But if the gun shooting at them was on the 4th floor, or the apron-roof at 4th floor level [as shown by the taxi driver’s video], then this makes *perfect* sense, because the protected area would have
extended out from that wall almost 10 feet for a typical adult laying flat on the ground. (4th floor X 12 feet/floor = 48 feet height; lateral distance remains as ~780 feet, then the angle of fire would
only be on the order of 10~13 degrees downward) So, if a human laying flat is only 12″ high, then the protected area would have extended at least 8 feet, and possibly as far as 11 feet away from the wall (allowing for the multiple estimated factors). The area protected by the low wall would be almost as good if the main gun were much farther away, say 1500~1800 feet [i.e. on top of the Delano Hotel], even while 30+ floors in height, because the depression-angle of the gun from a more-distant rooftop [not a prepared firing position in a comfy suite] would have been excessive for the operator. This becomes relevant, below.

Further, the photos of the ‘shooters nest’ on the 32nd floor are all wrong – First, there should have been spent brass *everywhere* after such a fracas, but there’s almost none in the photos I’ve seen. I’d
love to see the final count on spent brass from the ‘Room 135’, because I believe it’s way too low to account for the carnage that was accomplished. I’ll bet its at least an order of magnitude low, compared to the following calculations:

We’ve got ~600 victims, right? Many were hit by multiple rounds. So lets say 750 hits as a *minimum*. Reality is probably closer to 900 hits, but that’s just another riff on the same theme, once you seehow to do the math.

Even in a packed venue like this, when firing full-auto the ratio of hits to rounds discharged would be low, most likely between 1:6 and 1:12 – especially once people started fleeing every which way. Let’s
say the “reasonable” range is between 1:5 and 1:12 hits-per-rounds-fired, just to be safe at the lower bound – Then 750 X 5 = 3750 minimum rounds fired. This is an extremely low bounding value; and 750 X 12 = 9000 probable rounds fired. Not the upper bound value, by any reasonable sense of events, but a very likely value.

So in total we *must* have at least 3,750 rounds fired, probably 9,000 rounds, and quite possibly more. So where in hell is all that spent brass? Not in Room 135, apparently.

I’ve been in situations where we [~ a dozen guys, ten M4s and two MGs] spent 10K rounds of ammo in well under 5 minutes. Ammo goes amazingly fast, when you’re engaging numerous targets at short to medium range! [And yes, 500 meters is ‘only’ medium range for any real machine gun] After such an event, the brass is so thick on the ground that its a real hazard to guys getting up from their fighting positions slipping and falling on the ‘rolling carpet’ of brass around them. I’ve shaken a dozen or more pieces of brass out of my shirt and webgear after such an engagement, and had no recollection of how it could possibly have gotten there. Brass goes *everywhere* wildly – it bounces and rolls around a lot.

So, either these photos of ‘Room 135’ are seriously sanitized, and therefore worthless, or there is another firing position (or multiple other firing positions) and again, these photos are the ‘horse and
pony’ show, just a distraction from the truth instead of an admission of it. Both assertions are very likely to be the case here – there’s the sanitized [or unused] ‘nest’ on the 32nd floor that they’re showing us, *plus* the other firing positions which we will never hear about, let alone see photos of.

Honestly, I don’t believe that they -had to- sanitize the room on the 32nd floor, because I don’t believe that many -if any- rounds came from there.

Just examining the site plan from above, the best firing positions are on top of the Delano hotel. That position has the clearest, most commanding view of the entire venue, by far. If I were going to do such a thing, that’s where I’d go to do it.

Second best positions are A) on the roof of the Mandalay Bay or B) a high window facing East in that building, as Room 135 has. The position on the 4th floor [or on the lower, apron-roof at about 3.5 stories in height] of the Mandalay Bay would really only have been useful for engaging targets backstage, or in the VIP area of the venue, as the rest of the area is too obscured by ground clutter at that lower elevation. The lower position does, however, command the Boulevard via which the anticipated police and EMS response will come, and command it very well. Or, in other words, this could have gone much worse for the First-Responders.

The only viable alternative is the roof of the Excalibur, another block away, but that doesn’t match any of the witness reports or collected video of the event. The Luxor pyramid and the building just north of the pyramid aren’t suitable [look at the upper fascia – above the roofline – of the building north of the Luxor, the building with the Chris Angle/MindFreak sign on it] is unsuitable because there is no gap between the roof and the fascia from which to deploy a firing position; whereas on Mandalay Bay and the Delano the above-roof fascia has a substantial gap through which a fire-team could easily be deployed.

This can all be seen on google-maps using satellite view and 3D – look for the signature strip of light on the roof, right at the base of the fascia – that proves theres a gap — and it’s usually about 2 feet high. You can’t see that gap from the ground, but it’s almost always there. It makes for a perfectly hidden firing position. Guys who work from a highrise roof with any regularity will know exactly what I’m talking about.

Anyways, the above are a significant subset of the reasons why I’m certain we’re being feed a colossal line of BS here, and that this is indeed a false flag operation to enrage the Right, to bait us into a fight that will -regardless of who “wins” – finish off our nation in terms of ever recovering a legitimate government, or even just stopping the political and racial violence. It’s an end-game play by monsters who don’t count the cost, only their ‘victories’.

UK Daily Mail: Stephen Paddock was brilliant, had an intimate knowledge of the Second Amendment and had a huge ‘gun room’, says friend, as it’s revealed he had made to order weapons that cost thousands of dollars

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Buppert: Better Red Is Dead

Near-term futurefic.

Unless the Bolshies recant and repent.

Molyneux On Vegas

There will be more attacks.

Things will get worse.

Powerful interests benefit from both.

Codrea: One Question About Las Vegas Shootings Evaded by Prominent ‘Gun Controllers’

Just one.

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I’m from the Government, and I’m Here to Kill You: The Human Cost of Official Negligence(and How to Stop it, Explained by a Former Government Attorney)

David Hardy’s latest work.

Amazon link

A must-buy, as is his classic account of the Waco massacre.

Z Man: The Fear Of Disbelief

Embrace the received wisdom, or die.

Socially or otherwise.

Bracken Sends: Black Pigeon On Speech Crackdown

“Hatespeech” or free speech?

Do you care?

Should you?