Black Pigeon Speaks: A Generation Of Red-Haters Will Arise

Are you redpilled?

Are those around you?

Molyneux: What Do I Do?

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Book: Special Counsel Mueller Did Exactly What Comey Accused Trump Of Doing

On Waco, better yet.


Karen M. Andolina Scott, Esq.; details here

RRW: Buffalo, NY refugee contractors jumping for joy as refugee arrivals pick up

Money quote:

…Now Buffalo stands poised to welcome a growing number of refugees in the next few months. That’s because the State Department last month quietly abandoned the weekly refugee admission quotas that had been in place earlier in the year…

Do you understand yet?

Combat, Orders, and Judgment

Insufficiently-told stories.


You won’t like losing.

Fred: General Lee Had It Figured Out


Enjoy today.

The Reconstruction and related aspects of the aftermath will be most unpleasant.

Totally Legit


I love when the fix is in.

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Brushbeater: Context Is Crucial

On handhelds, who you are vs. who you aren’t, survivalist comms vs. tactical comms, and other important topics.




Z Man: The Coming Boomercide

Grandpas keyboarding about grandpa-shytte with other grandpas is exactly the “opposition” that the Reds want.




Face hard facts.

Don’t be a useless cuck geezer.

A Rootless, Traditionless Race

A sober look at national politics, circa 2017.

Put another way: you, your family, your frames of reference, and your way of life is opposed – viciously – by the mainstream of your countrymen via the organs of state despotism.

For confirmation, doubters of the premise above can raise issues such as race, gender, and the proper role of governments with co-workers and neighbors.

If you dare.

An Empire Without Barbarians

A guest post at VFS.

Do not trust a single extant American institution.

Buppert: Orwellian Britain and the Muslim Ascendency

Bil’s latest.

Remember: Team Mo is just the cutting edge.

It is your countrymen who are importing them into your cities, towns, and villages.

Codevilla: The Cold Civil War

H/t to Maggie’s Farm for another quality essay from Professor Codevilla.

Sadly, the Left is dead set (heh) on forcing all into its template.

And the Elites are only too happy to have their lessers subjugated.


What always happens when large numbers of out-thinkers conclude that there is no other way.

Keep working on your local accountability folders.

The tyrants-in-training are not going to stop on their own

Actually, It’s Just One Of The First Answers

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There are others, of course.

Enemy Of The State

Tommy Robinson, with Stefan Molyneux.



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Moar Winning!

Washington Times: Trump backs permanent snooping powers he once criticized as abusive

“It Will Come To Blood” – What Spain’s Civil War Can Teach America’s Patriots


If they are willing to listen and learn.


Some Assembly Required

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Queen and Country, God and Guns

Cf. this comment.


From the Rightly-Guided One.

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RTWT and think.

Did the opposition to the Mighty Kenyan have such a mechanism during his regime?

In what ways did the Republican Party effect any meaningful opposition to that President?

Why is that?

Frank Pinelander Sends

While the Children, Amateurs, Mosh Pit, and Bloviators alternately wring their hands, wail, gnash teeth, and pound their chest – there are those of us that are stepping back and looking at things.

The Bolsheviks have been playing this drama out for decades. When they started using certain words, we took notice.

Words have meaning. What all should be concerned about is the meaning as described in the legal sense. Last I knew, SCOTUS used Bouvier’s. The military has theirs.

The Bolsheviks have a Grand Strategy, as opposed to no strategy of the “conservatives”. Start with the Grand Strategy, and work backwards. In doing that, you will see the various sub-strategies and the tactics that go along with it.

Two From Brushbeater


The Motherlode: All the Radio PDFs You Didn’t Even Know You Wanted

Codrea: Without Personal Consequences, Oversight Fast and Furious Report Brings No One Closer to Justice


How’s that Consteetooshun working out for you?


And balances.


Look Mom! I’m A Star! They Love Me! They Really Do! And I’m Brave! Really!

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Do You Understand Yet?

From TSM, with a recommendation (seconded here) to read all of the source material:

All of this points to a basic, obvious truth of contemporary American politics: the Republican coalition is going to lose. Republicans are clumsy with power; they can’t seem to hold it for long, or ever use it to achieve any vision that fundamentally opposes the Democrats’. Republicans have been fatally outmaneuvered, flanked, and divided. The key institutions, the high ground, belong to the Democrats. Therefore, the Republican base is not going to get what it wants. The Democrats may offer a few expedient compromises along the way, but the state is well and truly caught up in the engine of “progress.” The total transformation of American social and civic life to align with the Democratic vision of the common good is a foregone conclusion.

And this basic truth, in turn, points to another. It’s this second truth that has become my singular political concern in the last several years. And this truth is one that the left has studiously ignored, because if they admit it, they will have to let go of their beloved vision of the common good. The truth is this: the right is not going to accept the left’s victory.

The left has treated politics like a game, like a matter of points and position, like a matter of scoring goals and blocking returns. It isn’t a game. There are neither rules nor referees. At its base, the Republican coalition is furious, outraged, boiling. They will not quit the field gracefully. We are not heading into the fourth quarter. We are heading into an explosion. We are heading into civil war.

Everyone who is paying attention to politics knows this, by the way. It’s just something we don’t speak of. But if we want to survive, this silence has to stop. Each side has reasons for staying quiet, but it’s the left’s reasons that matter most.

The left remains quiet about the civil war we all know is coming … because they think they are going to win it.

Support Your Local Dirt Person

Wisdom from the Z Man.

If you are not involved in transgenerational and cross-factional skills and knowledge transfer – whether by teaching, funding, attending classes, arranging link-ups, or any other means – you are wrong.

Quote Of The Week

“Politicians are power addicts. Just like some people are addicted to drugs or gambling or porn, these people are addicted to the high they get from exerting power over other people. It burns them up that somewhere, there’s someone who they can’t control. They’re willing to murder billions and destroy society just to gain more power over more people. Addicts are not rational, they will do anything to feed their addiction, even if it destroys them and everyone around them.”

— From over the transom

Kek Mit Uns

And other irritating (to the Bad People) swag.

Kek Republic flag

Don’t Think The Elites Aren’t Planning For This Nonsense Here In FUSA

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