Conglomerate Of Evil

JJ writes about atheism and communism.

“As gods” went the dark promise.


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Mosby: Hygiene

Just do it.

Or die because of your foolishness.

Get Yours


Consider also “Nation of Cowards” as well.

Ivan Is Coming

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It’s Time To Get Real About Our Enemies

Nice ain’t gonna make it.

Neither is delusion.

Tempus fugit.

Negotiating The Surrender In Afghanistan

The fruits of imperial overreach.

Never forget: the US Army has been fighting a counterinsurgency campaign for an entire generation.

Don’t underestimate their performance when the legions return here for the upcoming North American Serious Misunderstanding.


The Rightly-Guided One notices a resemblance.

Fred: Pussy John Bolton & His Codpiece Moustache

A little anti-imperialism for your Sunday AM.


GoV: The Past Is A Foreign Country

Was America evil at its core?

The modern answer is “Yes”.


Just Saying…

From Twitter via CH, appended to a guffaw-fest on Bezos’ boner boo-hoos.

This Will End Well

ZH: Pope, Sunni Imam Sign Historic Covenant

Place your bets.

Open Thread

You guys take the helm tonight.

What of note happened today?

Start here:

I’ll keep up with the moderation.

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Heartiste: The Tampon Mob Cometh

On gynarchotyranny.

This is gonna be great.

Radical Hatespeech

Courtesy of Jim’s Blog


A 4GW Reading List

Via American Partisan.

Make sure others are reading as well.

Upgrading Your PASGT Kevlar Helmet Suspension System

MDT does a request.

Here’s the thing:

This fight is going to be long and ugly.

There will be government forces (certainly domestic and likely foreign) involved in trying to wipe out the “domestic terrorists”.

You may well be facing more than just small-arms fire.

Why not have a little upgraded protection put together while the Big Supply Depots are still open?


Bonus question to the jump-qualified: What are “bunny ears” and why are they used?

Bezos’ Blog Blasts As Balderdash RBG Death Rumors

WaPo: Ruth Bader Ginsburg was seen in public Monday. Conspiracy theorists still insist she’s dead.

Ermagawd! It’s almost like these filthy Deplorables think that journalists would lie about something that would disrupt the globohomo culture of death they have erected over the past 55 years.

And then the Washington lifers would swear to it!

As if!

(Via Twitter; do read the whole hilarious thread)

Stacey Manatee Responds To SOTU


SOTU Transcript

PA gives a SOTU wrap-up.

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