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Live hard.

Die free.

Fred: First Transgendered President – Trump Becomes Hillary

And so it goes.


The SJW Mind Virus

Dystopic’s post.

And Fran’s discussion thereof.


WeaponsMan Remembrance Details


Pass it on.

Podcast With The Z Man

Z Man on podcasts themselves




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Thursday Afternoon

Open thread, as I am running errands; start here:

UK Telegraph: Paris attack live updates – Two police officers and suspect shot dead on Champs Elysees with ‘several assailants on the loose’

Selco: An Ordinary Day

Insight into life during wartime.

May we have the strength and courage to learn.

K Blog: An Unboiled Frog

A look at this weekend’s French elections.

More to come.

WeaponsMan: In Memoriam

Aesop sends.

He will be missed.

FNC: Spencer’s Speech Last Night At Auburn

Brock has it posted.

A perspective inspired by same.

Finally, if anyone wishes to stand up for those who stood against the AntiFa, here’s your chance:

A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

We Few, We Miserable Few

Now read the work of these “scholars”.

There’s the future.

Neu Johannesburg.

Saker: The Ancient Spiritual Roots Of Russophobia


On multiple levels.

And didn’t history actually begin on some bridge in North America back in 1775?

“Trying to squeeze blood from a rotten turnip”

Malkin bludgeons the First Brat.

Deservedly so.

FMFY, Consumer Division

An answer to the “buy American, no matter what” crowd.

Do bad things.

Get bad results.

On Islam & Europe

H/t GoV, who has a transcript here.

Herschel: Disarmament & Your Enemies

Same as it has been before.

Know that there are millions who wish you and your family great evil.

RIP WeaponsMan



Just damn.


NR: HuffPo Fell for a Hoax Piece Demanding That White Men Lose Voting Rights

Bad editor.

No doughnut.


Via Twitter.

Via Twitter.

Live Opelika-Auburn News (local media) coverage from the Auburn campus

Occidental Dissent Twitter feed (on site now)

Forward Observer Twitter feed

Z Blog: Weimar, Or Not Weimar?

You make the call.

“Not yet”, I say.

Think of this stage as Little League.

Special bonus for anyone who can identify the key missing element for an American Weimar here in the 21st century.

PS: Anyone heard what’s happening at #Auburn ?

Open thread.


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Steyn: Who Lost Turkey?

BLUF: Turkey Going Full Muzzie Is A BFD.

Steyn says it more eloquently.

Schneier: On Electronic Surveillance And Insecure Network Infrastructure

H/t to PHS for this article.

Leave those electronics at home.

Just that simple.

Massive Father’s Day Discount! Force on Force June 17 – 18

A full 3-day weekend of practical training for only $400.

Live hard.

Die free.

Don’t Force Our Hand

An attempt at a final warning to the Reds.

They won’t listen.

So the issue will spread to the faculty lounges, the organic food markets, the coffee shops, the committee meeting halls, and so forth.

10,000 Dorners.

Each operating independently.

With a plan that has not been discussed anywhere.

With anyone.

Смерть коммунистам.

Political Violence (Of Sorts) Is Here – Who Can Do It Better?

Mike Cernovich looks at the scene.

My strong bet?

Lefties, backed by globalist money and domestic political eye-avoidance.

This thread suggests otherwise.

Talentless Entitled Bint For Congress

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Related tweet.

Webb Hubbell could not be reached for comment.

SLL: The Swarm

Robert’s latest.


Angle Shooting

An underappreciated skill.


Learn and practice now.