Signs Of The Times

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This Is Fine

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WaPo: U.S. military likely to send as many as 1,000 more ground troops into Syria ahead of Raqqa offensive, officials say

MVT: Student Review – Defensive Concealed Handgun

Are you as competent as you need to be?

Tempus fugit.

The Latest From Webb Hubbell’s Kid

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Well, There’s An Indicator

Freedumb flags.


A Liberal Coup Is In Progress

Strong language from the usually-sedate PowerLine team.

Related, from Legal Insurrection.

Curtis has more, including this gem:

Leftist Judge Produces 43 Page Decision Within 2 HOURS of Hearing State’s Request for Block on Trump Refugee Ban

Not to worry.

Haven’t you heard?

The Reds have been defeated.

Interview With Based Stickman


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Salon: Open Borders ‘Only Way to Defeat Trump’

Of course.

‘We are also winners’ — Wilders admits DEFEAT to Rutte but hopes for coalition government

UK Daily Express coverage

NYT coverage

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More On “Moocher States”

Worth the read for those who are thinking after-the-split.

No matter the nature of the split.

What Are The Consequences Of Multigenerational Low-T?

A good question from Chateau Heartiste.

Look around.

Welcome To 2030. I Own Nothing.

H/t to Curtis for this look into the brave new future..

Choose to be one of the lost.

If you can still choose.

A Town Of Workers Decides To Give Wilders A Chance

On the eve of the Dutch elections, a profile of one electorate.

This election will have global impact.

Derbyshire: With Perez As DNC Chairthing, Democrats Go Full Anti-White

BLUF: This ain’t your father’s Democrat Party.

Do you think it will be that hard for the Reds to find 100,000 more fake votes next election?

K Blog: Are These People Really Dutch?

A/k/a “Turkish Delight”.

Good thing American borders are secure, and American immigration policy protects traditional Americans and their long-term interests.

New Woodpile’s Here!


The Coming Retribution

The latest from Jesse James.

The Reds are not defeated.

They have not yet even been hit.

Believers otherwise are delusional.

As are those who do not see (or cannot accept) that both incumbent political parties want the Dirt People crushed.

Doubters should read this Breitbart story:

Exclusive — Audio Emerges of When Paul Ryan Abandoned Donald Trump: ‘I Am Not Going to Defend Donald Trump—Not Now, Not in the Future’

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Feds out.

Commies dead.

Non-citizens back to their homeland.

MVT: Effective Tactical Training – Perceptions, Reality & The MVT Perspective

Train while you can.

Live hard.

Die free.

Which Is The Real Story?

Above or below?

NYPost: FBI finds Hillary emails on Weiner’s laptop, and they’re not duplicates

Hint: This guy knows.

Quote Of The Week

…It should be noted, however, that there is another powerful factor which works against the chance of any kind of peaceful reconstruction and which is equally negative for all levels of society. This is the extreme isolation in which the regime has placed both society and itself. This isolation has not only separated the regime from society, and all sectors of society from each other, but also put the country in extreme isolation from the rest of the world. This isolation has created for all from the bureaucratic elite to the lowest social levels an almost surrealistic picture of the world and of their place in it. Yet the longer this state of affairs helps to perpetuate the status quo, the more rapid and decisive will be its collapse when confrontation with reality becomes inevitable…

— From this excellent (as always) WeaponsMan post

Read the source post in its entirety.

Then consider the similarity/dissimilarity ratio between late-stage USSR, PRNK, and FUSA, from a career bureaucrat/Deep Stater perspective. If you wish, consider the impact (or lack of same) of disruptive technologies on that POV.

Discuss and show your work in comments.

A little thinking music to help you along:

SLL: Morons

Robert speaks to those who will not listen.

Politicals and otherwise.

Skate to where the puck will be.

Or else.

The Death Of Liberalism?

Via AmThinker.

Far too soon to pronounce the enemy defeated.

Bracken Sends

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Badthink: “We Can’t Restore Our Civilization With Someone Else’s Babies”

Why do Westerners elites believe they will survive the chaos they continue to unleash?

Pity they can’t just off themselves, rather than the whole damned civilization.

Simply Stated

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Fred: In Search Of The Super Race


No reference to Mexico.


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TL Davis: Waiting & Prepared

TL’s latest.

You can and should always improve your position.

Close intel gaps.

Stack more.

Enlist more.

These are the good old days.

And the lull before a terrible storm.

MDT: REAL ID – 12 Years On

JC notes the issues associated with the REAL ID ongoing implementation.

Insert obligatory Greenwood snark here.

The Empire Should Be Put On Suicide Watch

From The Saker.

Worth your time on a Sunday.