Fred: An Impolitic Slumgullion

Teh Diversity is actually NOT our strength?

Who knew?

Thinking About The Future

Two pieces:

Diminishing Returns

Versatility For The Win

Followed by practice, practice, practice.

Under field conditions.

On both routine and challenging scenarios.

Use the weekend well.

Tempus fugit.

Reaping The Whirlwind

An excellent summary of the Parkland aftermath, suitable for both the woke and for normies.

Pass it along to both groups in your circle.

Totally Coincidental

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CHS: “[N]one of the promises that have been made to you will be kept.”

An explanation, followed by recommendations.

(H/t SLL)

A Modest Proposal From Miss B

Cut the Crap: We Need Full Constitutional Carry, Several Dozen Insane Asylums, and a FULL BAN ON ANTIDEPRESSANTS

And yet, none of these things will happen.

A Reader Sends

(Click to enlarge)

A little gift for duplication and display where the triggering will be greatest.

Anyone feel like making one up in Spanish?

How about Arabic?

Bottom Line

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Open Thread

WaPo: The FBI said it failed to act on a tip warning of the suspected Florida school shooter’s potential for violence

Comments will be handled asap.

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144:1 Sends

Latest, now in pre-order.

Resistor Ranger Eye

War Hand Shirt

More gear.

Bracken Sends

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Did the FBI Miss A Warning?

Meeting The Mission

Fixing what’s broken in your perspectives.

More on these ideas to come.

The Deep State Is The Deep Left State


Key concept: “Culling”.

TL Davis: NO!

On Parkland.

Not only “No!”, but “Hell no!”.

Why Are The Comey Memos Guarded So Carefully?

Good question.

Oh look! Another shitbird!

The Dog That Stopped Barking

Because its Master told it to stop.

You already live in a totalitarian society.

They simply haven’t fully tightened the restraints.


Z Blog: Hakuna Wakanda

Horrific badthink.

And no, you can’t wear a Black Panther mask.

(H/t Miss B)

Kangs Pyramid

You have been tried and found guilty.

Report for sentencing.


False Flag?

Where is Doctor Raoul X?

Two From DTG

In Praise Of “Old School”

Product Review: NikWax Cotton Proof


Open Thread

NYT: Dozens of Russians Are Believed Killed in U.S.-Led Syria Attack

This is fine.

Bloomberg coverage

Buchanan: Is US Getting Sucked Into Syrian War?

We Need To Shut This Man Down This Minute

“…Maybe what comes next is a new brand of political violence that meets the needs of the managerial state. Instead of people shooting political players, managerial class types will get snuffed out when going for their mocha latte…”

— Z Man

The Entitlement State Enters Its Deathbed

That which cannot continue will not.

New Woodpile’s Here!


Z Blog: Dealing With Lefty

Word games to play.

Before the chop.

Dear Trad Americans: The Media Loathes You

Or, Normies, there is work in the East. Good jobs. Fine conditions.

Media is a pain point.

Remember that.

You Need This Top

In varying styles/sizes for you ladies out there.

Buppert: The Law Is A Murder Weapon

Just remember that all of the powers needed to solve settle either side’s problems hash in the upcoming Yugoslavian Death Match reboot already exist in the extant Executive Orders.

Ladies, If You Would…

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Spread these images in meatspace via flyer everywhere they are most likely to offend.