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Qu’est-ce Que C’est?

Migrants-Crowds-Cross-Into-Slovenia-Getty-640x480From a reader:


(JTA ) — The Jewish resettlement agency HIAS is planning a national day of Jewish action on refugees with rallies planned in nearly a dozen states.

Rallies are scheduled to be held in New York, Washington, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, Denver and San Francisco, among others. The New York rally will be held in Battery Park, in view of the Statue of Liberty.

Sunday’s actions are being co-sponsored by a number of national Jewish groups, including the Anti-Defamation League, the American Jewish World Service, the National Council of Jewish Women, and the rabbinical associations of the Conservative, Reform and Reconstructionist movements.

“We – our local community, and the Jewish community writ large – are going to fight this, together,” says a planning document HIAS created to promote the Sunday action. “Our history and our values as Jews and Americans compel us to do so. We are a powerful force and will raise our voices together about what is right and just, and hold our elected officials and our government accountable.”

HIAS, formerly the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, has emerged as one of the Jewish community’s most vocal opponents of Trump’s executive order on immigration, which halted the U.S. refugee resettlement program for 120 days and suspended refugee resettlement for Syrian refugees indefinitely.

On Tuesday, lawyers from the American Civil Liberties Union filed a complaint in federal district court on the refugee agency’s behalf alleging that the order is unconstitutional because it gives preference to persecuted religious minorities once the refugee resettlement program is resumed.

“As an organization that has long partnered with the U.S. government, litigation is unprecedented for HIAS, but we feel we have no other choice,” HIAS President Mark Hetfield said in a statement. “We cannot remain silent as Muslim refugees are turned away just for being Muslim, just as we could not stand idly by when the U.S. turned away Jewish refugees fleeing Germany during the 1930s and 40s. Our history and our values, as Jews and as Americans, require us to fight this illegal and immoral new policy with every tool at our disposal — including litigation.”


But…But…Who Will Build The Roads And Make All Of The Rules?


Via Twitter.

Check your premises.

Are you a freedomista, or are you a “my rules are right” person?

And if the latter, what is your policy on dissenters?

Serious questions.

Repost: Highly Recommended On The Spanish Civil War


Much more relevant now than when originally posted here in May, 2016:

A reader sends:

Great series. Recently watched all 6. This covers politics, economics, and even tactics.

The military leadership initiated a nationalist coup. Police threw in with the socialists and raided the armories. Regions tried to split from Spain and in some places it also included Catholic vs. Catholic fighting.

Ask yourself why this isn’t taught in American schools?

Another background story:

“I was 6 years old in July 1936 when the war started,” remembers Ismael Virto, a U.S. representative of Spain’s University of Navarra. “There was a knock on the door, and it was the militia — self-appointed men and women, Spanish people, with guns.”

“They said, ‘Give arms to the people!’ Our house was modest, a middle-class house in the city of Valencia, which was controlled by the socialists. Why did this gang come to us? My father had a car, which was a problem — for us,” Virto continued.

“So, the militia searched our house. They took whatever weapons we had, a hunting gun and some ceremonial swords. But then they saw it and knew we were dangerous: My grandfather had a life-sized crucifix in his bedroom. And to these guys, the Church was their enemy,” Virto explained.



The Spy Revolt Against Trump Begins


Via Schindler.

Sequencing check:

1) A Communist-associate, dubious place of birth/citizenry, registered-during-education-as-Muslim, “nothing more beautiful than the call to prayer”, no-visible-means-of-support-throughout-college-and-law-school gets elected on racial grounds as POTUS twice and all is cool with the IC.

2) Trump becomes POTUS and a loud voice in the “former IC” is discussing open and ongoing insubordination amongst those folks.

Sure glad we’ve got a Consteetooshun to protect Americans citizens from governmental excess.


WeaponsMan: Big Sale At Brownells




Left Behind


Kunstler views and vomits over 40+ years of public education.

Extra credit exercise: Estimate as best as possible, showing your work, your best guess at the total number (in millions) of maleducated people in FUSA suitable only for cannon fodder and/or thug work.

More extra credit: Discuss the probability that said population was produced by design with the intent to create just such a populace.

El Presidente De La Mierda


Ay-yi-yi! Anything But Keeping These Peóns In Mexico!

Si, muchachos?


Related: Cartel-Felching Mexican Officials Meet In US To Conspire Re Immigration Law Violations


Only Half?


Via Twitter.

ZH: Interview With Jim Rogers


Tl;dr version: Not anywhere great again.

Keep an eye on cash restrictions here in FUSA.

That will be an important tell.

TL Davis: Update From The Super 8


TL’s latest is a status report on Lies of Omission.


Lind: The Kaiser’s Birthday


Anachronism, creatively applied.

Imagine the fine-print disclosure in 1776:

The process unleashed by this action will, within 250 years, lead to the conquest of all of Europe by the Mohammedan hordes, the destruction of much of North America, and the enslavement of hundreds of millions of souls.

Alternative history is a fascinating hobby.

Z Blog: Paging Tom Doniphon



Good news?

You didn’t waste all that money on training, equipment, practice, and recruitment.



Via Twitter.

Diversity is our vibrancy.

Codrea: Gorsuch Religious Influences and More Fair Game to Question

FILE - In this Feb. 1, 2017 file photo, Supreme Court Justice nominee, Neil Gorsuch is seen on Capitol Hill in Washington. resident Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Judge Neil Gorsuch, has made his judicial philosophy clear through written opinions, speeches and other writings. He is widely described as a federalist and an originalist.  (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite, File)

But Uncle Sweaty!

He’s such a dreeeeamy conservative.

The Lairds of Fairfax wouldn’t dissemble to us.

Would they?

Baugh: Observations


The Paleo-Shitlord opines and recalls.

Big smile.

Gary Hunt On The Hagmann Report – Now

Malheur-National-Wildlife-RefugeFrom over the transom:

I will be a guest on the Hagmann Report radio this evening, Friday, February 10, 2017.

The show will run from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm EST; 6:00 to 9:00 CST; 5:00 to 8:00 MST; 4:00 to 7:00 PST.

The first hour guest will be Gregg Jackson whose passion is the defense of the unborn
I will be the second and third hour guest, discussing Bunkerville, Burns, their respective trials, and my current dealings with the Oregon Court over Freedom of the Press.

TOPSHOT - Duane Ehmer rides his horse Hellboy at the occupied Malheur National Wildlife Refuge on the sixth day of the occupation of the federal building in Burns, Oregon on January 7, 2016. The leader of a small group of armed activists who have occupied a remote wildlife refuge in Oregon hinted on Wednesday that the standoff may be nearing its end. AFP PHOTO / ROB KERR / AFP / ROB KERR        (Photo credit should read ROB KERR/AFP/Getty Images)

144:1 Sends


Pete –

I have a bunch of the “dark” resistor v1’s left and a lot of the v2’s. Coupon code “spikedbat” is good for 10% off entire order. A customer submitted a image of the gray on his Arc’teryx softshell. It matches up pretty nice.

Post-Modernism As The Sharper Instrument Of Marxism And Its Consequences

VladTepes sends, with the following endorsement:

This is a truly excellent lecture on how Leftists are deluded, and how their delusion is destroying much of what is good in the world, as well as how it is trying to destroy all of what is good in the world. Please find the time for this. It is truly superb.

Culper: Review Of “GroundRod Primer”



Skills matter.

See CSG for more info.

Tempus fugit.

Draft Video For The To-Be-Created “American Party”


From GoV.

Best of luck to Mr. Wilders and the PVV.

United Nations Depends On US To Take Lion’s Share Every Year; Current Reduced Intake Is 50K/Year


The latest from RRW.


The reduced number.



First A Wall, Then A Filter


Rational policy towards immigration.

Not that anyone in the Elites is interested in same.

Well Said (And Consider The Downstream Consequences As Well)


Via Twitter.

Bracken Sends


Via Twitter.



Situational Assessment 2017: Trump Edition


H/t to TSM for this overview.

The Other Side is not going to quit.

Don’t you quit either.

Why The Left Wing Needs A Gun Culture


Read it, not to agree with the thesis, but to observe the level of delusion regarding recent events.

There is no reconciliation possible with the deranged.






…When politicians don black robes and seize powers they do not have, they should be called out for what they are – usurpers and petty tyrants. And if there is a cause upon which the populist right should unite, it is that elected representatives and executives make the laws and rule the nation. Not judges, and not justices…


Related: 9th Circuit decision

Herschel: Revisiting The NFA


FUBAR from the git.

Courtesy of Frank the Cripple.


PHS: Your Anonymous Browsing Can Still ID You


Online hygiene.

Important to know.

Important to share.

WeaponsMan: On Raids


Short and sweet CME.

More, please.

Z Blog: Stalin’s Children

stalin and children


Especially the final sentence.

Consider Your Entertainment Choices

Speaks for itself.

Request For Help


A reader sends:

This is one of my daughters.

She was on her way to work last Thurs. am and guy went left of center and hit her head on.

As you can see from pics- she’s lucky to be alive.

We were told at first that guy had insurance- have since found out he didn’t.

Just found out from police yesterday that guy had weed, meth, heroin, xanax in his car.

My wife and I have the two older kids-5 and almost 9- with us on days son in law works and take them to school and pick them up from school since their school is in another city.

She may get some $$ from guys “estate” but that will take at least 6 months according to lawyer.

We got bills, and groceries and stuff for baby covered for them for Feb. but no way we can keep covering.

One of the other kids set up the go fund me.

GoV: Coming To A Pre-School Near You


FGM in Germany: A 30% Increase In Less Than Two Years

Help me with the protocols, please:

Is this “vibrancy”, or is this “strength through diversity”?

I get so confused.